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Last Priority Quotes By Mark Edmundson

To be happily married, as I've been fortunate enough to be, is to be a partner in a conversation that can last a full adult life. To have a true friend is to be able to test your hypotheses against someone who's receptive, but who won't give ground forever, and then let your friend try his wares out on you. At its best, friendly conversation is about giving up all claims to property and priority and engaging in collaboration--so that, at least for the two of you, something like an improvised musical composition in two parts is taking place. You do some rhythm to his lead; he lays down a bass line when you want to run the thing out into space. You both wind up saying things and thinking things that, alone, you never could have. This kind of hybrid mixing, this collaborative creation, is greatly to be treasured: it's one of the best parts of life. — Mark Edmundson

Last Priority Quotes By Oswald Chambers

We tend to use prayer as a last resort, but God wants it to be our first line of defense. We pray when there's nothing else we can do, but God wants us to pray before we do anything at all.
Most of us would prefer, however, to spend our time doing something that will get immediate results. We don't want to wait for God to resolve matters in His good time because His idea of 'good time' is seldom in sync with ours. — Oswald Chambers

Last Priority Quotes By Neale Donald Walsch

Life is about your soul, not about your body and not about your mind. Most people work hard to keep the body happy. Then they seek to stimulate their mind. Then ... if there is time ... they look after their soul. Yet the most beneficial priority has it just the other way around ... When was the last time you paid attention to your soul? — Neale Donald Walsch

Last Priority Quotes By Patricia Crisafulli

On the last Saturday of every month, Rwanda goes to work for itself: clearing land, building classrooms, making roads. On these national days of community work, known as umuganda, most shops and businesses are closed. Umuganda is a national priority, and everyone is expected to participate. — Patricia Crisafulli

Last Priority Quotes By Michael Pollan

While it is true that many people simply can't afford to pay more for food, either in money or time or both, many more of us can. After all, just in the last decade or two we've somehow found the time in the day to spend several hours on the internet and the money in the budget not only to pay for broadband service, but to cover a second phone bill and a new monthly bill for television, formerly free. For the majority of Americans, spending more for better food is less a matter of ability than priority. p.187 — Michael Pollan

Last Priority Quotes By Trey Gowdy

These last few years we've seen an unacceptable abuse of power, having a president whose priority is expanding his own power. — Trey Gowdy

Last Priority Quotes By Ronald Reagan

I believe with all my heart that our first priority must be world peace, and that use of force is always and only a last resort, when everything else has failed, and then only with regard to our national security. — Ronald Reagan

Last Priority Quotes By J.K. Rowling

You want to give it a look, Xeno is printing all the stuff the Prophet's ignoring, not a single mention of Crumple-Horned Snorkacks in the last issue. How long they'll let him get away with it, mind, I don't know. But Xeno says, front page of every issue, that any wizard who's against You-Know-Who ought to make helping Harry Potter their number-one priority."
"Hard to help a boy who's vanished off the face of the earth," said Dirk.
"Listen, the fact that they haven't caught him yet's one hell of an achievement," said Ted. "I'd take tips from him gladly; it's what we're trying to do, stay free, isn't it?"
"Yeah, well, you've got a point there," said Dirk heavily. "With the whole of the Ministry and all their informers looking for him I'd have expected him to be caught by now. Mind, who's to say they haven't already caught and killed him without publicizing it?"
"Ah, don't say that, Dirk," murmured Ted. — J.K. Rowling

Last Priority Quotes By Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

That in morals, as in all other branches of knowledge, the gravest errors are the dogmas of science; that, even in works of justice, to be mistaken is a privilege which ennobles man; and that whatever philosophical merit may attach to me is infinitely small. To name a thing is easy: the difficulty is to discern it before its appearance. In giving expression to the last stage of an idea, - an idea which permeates all minds, which to-morrow will be proclaimed by another if I fail to announce it to-day, - I can claim no merit save that of priority of utterance. Do we eulogize the man who first perceives the dawn? — Pierre-Joseph Proudhon

Last Priority Quotes By Veronica Purcell

Writing, unfortunately, takes last priority for my time but it's the first priority in my heart I wish I had all the time for. Such is reality. — Veronica Purcell

Last Priority Quotes By Holly Robinson

Even for women without children, trading hours that produce income for hours that produce "only" art seems like a foolish decision. What a loss for the world, though, to have women's voices silenced because art is our last priority. — Holly Robinson

Last Priority Quotes By Glynn Harrison

So which is it to be, Benedict or Wilberforce? I think it needs to be both. Realistically, in the short term, most of our energy will need to be expended on preserving confidence in our own communities. As we saw in the last chapter, there is much work to be done in transforming our own communities in ways that will buttress and nurture what we believe. But while sustaining and nurturing these beliefs must be our short-term priority, our hearts, together with our heads, must remain orientated to the welfare of the city where we have been exiled. Clearly, — Glynn Harrison

Last Priority Quotes By William J. Clinton

The Information Age is, first and foremost, an education age, in which education must start at birth and continue throughout a lifetime. Last year, from this podium, I said that education has to be our highest priority. I have something to say to every family listening to us tonight: Your children can go on to college ... Because of the things that have been done, we can make college as universal in the 21st century as high school is today. And, my friends, that will change the face and future of America. — William J. Clinton

Last Priority Quotes By Pierre Alex Jeanty

You deserve more of their attention than their phone does.
You deserve quality time, not just time.
You deserve effort, not just routines.
You deserve to be treated as if you are a priority, not the last thing on their checklist.
You are special and you deserve to be the only option.
If that is too much to ask, you are asking it from the wrong person.
If begging ever becomes your last approach to receive those things which ought to be freely given, it's safe to say, you are out of your dang mind.
Begging to be loved is suicide.
It's like going sky diving from the Eiffel Tower naked of proper equipment, and expecting gravity to overturn the outcome. — Pierre Alex Jeanty

Last Priority Quotes By Rachel Zoe

It's hard for me to take care of myself, let's put it that way. I am my last priority. — Rachel Zoe

Last Priority Quotes By Kate McGahan

God should always be our first thought, not our last resort. — Kate McGahan

Last Priority Quotes By Mary Jane Remole

Make prayer a top priority rather than a last resort. — Mary Jane Remole

Last Priority Quotes By David Albert

My kids only come around once in my lifetime, and they (hopefully) won't be with me forever. I chose to have them, and I choose, freely, to make them and my family a priority in my life. This stage of life won't last forever. While it does, I've climbed on for the ride. — David Albert

Last Priority Quotes By Franz Kafka

Well, anyway- then came the sixth hour! It was not possible to grant every request to watch from close-up. In his wisdom, the commandant decreed that children should be given first priority. By virtue of my office, of courser, I was always nearby; often I was squatting there with a small child in either arm. How we drank in the transfigured look on the sufferer's face, how we bathed our cheeks in the warmth of that justice- achieved at long last and fading quickly. What times those were, my comrade! — Franz Kafka

Last Priority Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

It's interesting that penny-pinching is an accepted defense for toxic food habits, when frugality so rarely rules other consumer domains. The majority of Americans buy bottled drinking water, for example, even though water runs from the faucets at home for a fraction of the cost, and government quality standards are stricter for tap water than for bottled. At any income level, we can be relied upon for categorically unnecessary purchases: portable-earplug music instead of the radio; extra-fast Internet for leisure use; heavy vehicles to transport light loads; name-brand clothing instead of plainer gear. "Economizing," as applied to clothing, generally means looking for discount name brands instead of wearing last year's clothes again. The dread of rearing unfashionable children is understandable. But as a priority, "makes me look cool" has passed up "keeps arteries functional" and left the kids huffing and puffing (fashionably) in the dust. — Barbara Kingsolver

Last Priority Quotes By B.J. Kibble

My priority as a writer is that my reader's entertainment comes first, second, and last. — B.J. Kibble

Last Priority Quotes By Mack Tomlinson

Do you have a weekly prayer meeting in your church? Your answer reflects how spiritual you are and how much you are depending on God or on human ability and organization. The first thing the early church did was pray. It's the last thing the modern church does today. The early church saw mighty things in answer to prayer. We see little today because of the neglect of prayer. Prayer was their first choice. Today it's our last resort. Before the early church did anything else, they prayed. We do everything else but pray. It was their first priority. It's our last priority. The New Testament saints had divine enduement without any equipment. Today we have the equipment but not the enduement. If we are weak in prayer, then we are weak everywhere. — Mack Tomlinson

Last Priority Quotes By Richard Carlson

The key to a good life is this: If you're not going to talk about something during the last hour of your life, then don't make it a top priority during your lifetime. — Richard Carlson