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Yeah, I'm a physical kind of guy. I've always liked being physical. It takes a stuntman to really say, 'Look, we don't want you to do this. No, no, I'm serious, you're not going to do this' to get me not to do my stuff. — Dominic Purcell

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I don't watch TV dramas. I watch ESPN, HBO boxing, National Geographic Channel and I kind of like to get some DVDs, movies that I haven't seen and I just pop them in. — Dominic Purcell

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People have asked me why are Australians and Brits so good at American accents, and it's quite simple. We grew up listening to the American sound on our TV. That's why American actors have a hard time with foreign accents. — Dominic Purcell

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I'm very appreciative and humbled by the success of 'Prison Break.' — Dominic Purcell

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I'm a hands-on dad. I love my kids more than anything. It's very important to me. I'd give myself a 10 out of 10 for being a dad. — Dominic Purcell

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My fighting style, if you will, is a combination of mimicking, cowboy films and boxing that I have done throughout my life. — Dominic Purcell