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Best Betting Quotes By Ingrid Newkirk

The best bet for the horses would be to stop betting on the Derby and other horse races, and to stop breeding, racing and killing thoroughbreds altogether — Ingrid Newkirk

Best Betting Quotes By Mikhail Lermontov


It's Hell for us to draw the fetters
Of life in alienation, stiff.
All people prefer to share gladness,
And nobody - to share grief.

As a king of air, I'm lone here,
The pain lives in my heart, so grim,
And I can see that, to the fear
Of fate, years pass me by like dreams;

And comes again with, touched by gold,
The same dream, gloomy one and old.
I see a coffin, black and sole,
It waits: why to detain the world?

There will be not a sad reflection,
There will be (I am betting on)
Much more gaily celebration
When I am dead, than - born. — Mikhail Lermontov

Best Betting Quotes By Jean-Dominique Bauby

In that hothouse atmosphere, criminal records bloomed like orchids all around us. — Jean-Dominique Bauby

Best Betting Quotes By Lisa Shearin

The guys were taking bets on the winner. Half were betting on the old woman." Yasha nodded in agreement. "The babushka is a biter." "Though nice style points there with the hat," Calvin added. "We've never considered using hats as weapons. Maybe we should add it to our training." "I'd break every bone in my hand if I punched you," I said. "You realize that's the only thing saving you, right? — Lisa Shearin

Best Betting Quotes By Immanuel Kant

The usual touchstone of whether what someone asserts is mere persuasion or at least a subjective conviction, i.e., firm belief, is betting. Often someone pronounces his propositions with such confident and inflexible defiance that he seems to have entirely laid aside all concern for error. A bet disconcerts him. Sometimes he reveals that he is persuaded enough for one ducat but not for ten. For he would happily bet one, but at ten he suddenly becomes aware of what he had not previously noticed, namely that it is quite possible that he has erred. — Immanuel Kant

Best Betting Quotes By Jojo Moyes

I stared at them. 'Every time what?' I said, as Nathan put the money into Will's hand.
'He said you'd be reading a book. I said you'd be watching telly. He always wins.'
My sandwich stilled at my lips. 'Always?
You've been betting on how boring my life is? — Jojo Moyes

Best Betting Quotes By Catherynne M Valente

Everything in the world is a boxing match in your heart, between Boldness and Not-Boldness. You let them holler inside you and wallop each other with Arguments For and Against. Then you end by betting on one or the other and that's how things get decided." He thought about it for a moment. "If you're my father you bet — Catherynne M Valente

Best Betting Quotes By Paulo Coelho

She was betting on the fact that people were basically good, despite all the Evil in the world. — Paulo Coelho

Best Betting Quotes By W.C. Fields

Horse sense is the thing a horse has which keeps it from betting on people. — W.C. Fields

Best Betting Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

I say - I don't mind betting this is the most popular thing Campbell ever did. Nothing in life became him like the leaving of it, eh, what? — Dorothy L. Sayers

Best Betting Quotes By Phil Ivey

The biggest thing when you're playing live is that you're sitting across from the player and can get a detailed impression of how they're acting, and whether they're expressing strength or weakness. Online, it's much more about betting patterns and you're using a much narrower range of cues to what they're holding and thinking. — Phil Ivey

Best Betting Quotes By Charlaine Harris

Fiji, I'm betting you don't drink a lot," he said, trying to suppress a smile.
"I don't," she confessed. "How did you know?"
"Just a lucky guess."
"You think he'd like my phone number?"
"Feej, that guy is tough as nails, and he's not only been around the block, he's run a marathon. He could eat you for breakfast," Olivia said, half smiling.
"And wouldn't that be a great way to wake up?" Fiji said, with a broad wink. Manfred laughed; he couldn't help it. — Charlaine Harris

Best Betting Quotes By Jeffrey Kluger

There aren't a lot of ironclad rules of family life, but here's one: No matter how much your parents deny it - and here's betting they deny it a lot - they have a favorite child. And if you're a parent, so do you. — Jeffrey Kluger

Best Betting Quotes By Merle Shain

The day you spend hoping, the day you spend waiting, the day you spend in despair, is a day in your life as much as the tomorrow you hope for, but which may never come, so betting today on tomorrow is always a bad bet. — Merle Shain

Best Betting Quotes By Zhuangzi

When you're betting for tiles in an archery contest, you shoot with skill. When you're betting for fancy belt buckles, you worry about your aim. And when you're betting for real gold, you're a nervous wreck. Your skill is the same in all three cases - but because one prize means more to you than another, you let outside considerations weigh on your mind. He who looks too hard at the outside gets clumsy on the inside. — Zhuangzi

Best Betting Quotes By Karel Capek

You never realize a dog is a man's best friend until you start betting on horses. — Karel Capek

Best Betting Quotes By Seth Godin

Yes, I think it's okay to abandon the big, established, stuck tribe. It's okay to say to them, You're not going where I need to go, and there's no way I'm going to persuade all of you to follow me. So rather than standing here watching the opportunities fade away, I'm heading off. I'm betting some of you, the best of you, will follow me. — Seth Godin

Best Betting Quotes By Pete Rose

I'd be willing to bet you, if I was a betting man, that I have never bet on baseball. — Pete Rose

Best Betting Quotes By Gary Vaynerchuk

I am aware of the talent I was gifted and had to execute against it. It is just being very self aware and betting on your best strength. — Gary Vaynerchuk

Best Betting Quotes By Hunter Shea

This was a part he didn't like. It made him feel like a jailer, or a kidnapper.
"Another sin, another string of Hail Marys," he said, sitting on the edge of the bed. So much was riding on this. It could all blow up in their faces. If he was still a betting man, that's where he'd lay his money. Too many moving parts that weren't in line with one another.
Praying wasn't an option. God didn't have time for deceivers. — Hunter Shea

Best Betting Quotes By Nora Roberts

You should be up celebrating."
"This is part of it." She ran her hands carefully up the gelding's leg before pinning the wrapping to the line. "Finnegan and I are going to congratulate each other while I clean him up.But you could do me a favor." She pulled her ticket out of her pocket. "Cash in my winnings."
Brian shook his head. "At the moment I'm too pleased to be annoyed with you for betting my money." With one hand on the horse he leaned over to kiss her. "But I'm not taking half the horse."
Keeley hooked an arm around Finnegan's neck. "You hear that? He doesn't want you."
"Don't say things like that to him."
She laid her cheek against the gelding's. "You're the one hurting his feelings."
As two pairs of eyes studied him, Brian hissed out a breath. "We'll discuss this privately at some other time."
"He needs you.We both do."
The muscles n his belly twisted. "That's unfair."
"That's fact. — Nora Roberts

Best Betting Quotes By Clarence Jordan

Now faith is the turning of dreams into deeds. It is betting your life on the unseen realities — Clarence Jordan

Best Betting Quotes By Laura Atchison

Truth is always wilder than fiction. Hold on to your hats and enjoy this page turning
look inside the world of sports betting from a good girl gone bad for love.
Laura Atchison, Author of What Would A Wise Woman Do? — Laura Atchison

Best Betting Quotes By Quinn Loftis

Jacque leaned over and whispered in Sally's ear, "I give it two days before he lays one on her."
"You're being generous. I say less than twenty four hours."
"Is that a bet?" Jacque asked, eyebrows raised.
"Better believe it," Sally answered. Her lips eased into a crooked smile.
Jen leaned around Sally and glared at her two best friends. "What are you two betting on?"
"Good grief. What, does she have eagle ears or something?"
"No, you dork. Your whisper is just you talking in normal volume but making your voice raspy. Really, you sound more like a chick who's been smoking for thirty years."
Jen shrugged. "I'm just throwing that out there. You can take it and apply it at your leisure."
Fane was chuckling at Jen's words when Jacque elbowed him, causing him to cough."You don't get to laugh, wolf-man."
Jacque turned back to Jen. "Thank you for that observation, Sherlock."
"Always glad to help a friend in need, Watson." Jen grinned at Jacque's irritated look. — Quinn Loftis

Best Betting Quotes By Joseph Connolly

Try to avoid your house catching fire, as this does no good at all. And while your house is still intact, it is a sound idea to persuade all babies and animals to live in another one - and if you really value your books, only offer hospitality to illiterates who won't persist in bloody touching them all the time. Mind you, you will have to tolerate them telling you you could open a shop with all these books (people have suggested this to me - in the shop) and betting that you haven't read them all. — Joseph Connolly

Best Betting Quotes By Harold Prince

You can't just keep recycling revivals. And you can't keep betting on the efforts of guys like me who've been around. You have to take the next step and bet on the next generation. — Harold Prince

Best Betting Quotes By Jessica Valenti

And really, how insulting is it that to suggest that the best thing women can do is raise other people to do incredible things? I'm betting some of those women would like to do great things of their own. — Jessica Valenti

Best Betting Quotes By Danny Barker

Everything in New Orleans was competitive. People would always be betting on who was the best and the greatest in everything. That's where the battles of music came in. — Danny Barker

Best Betting Quotes By Charles Platt

As cyberspace matures into a totally immersive experience, I'm betting it will turn out to be fully odor-enabled. — Charles Platt

Best Betting Quotes By Kresley Cole

He curled his finger under her chin as he rasped, "I'm goin' tae get it right this time, you know."
"I believe that, Scot." She gazed up at him with all the love she felt. "That's why you're still the dark horse I'm betting on. — Kresley Cole

Best Betting Quotes By Quinn Loftis

Jen leaned around Sally and glared at her two best friends. "What are you two betting on?"
"Good grief. What, does she have eagle ears or something?"
"No you dork. Your whisper is just you talking in normal volume but making your voice raspy. Really, you sound more like a chick who's been smoking for thirty years." Jen shrugged. "I'm just throwing that out there. You can take it and apply it at your leisure."
Fane was chuckling at Jen's words when Jacque elbowed him, causing him to cough.
"You don't get to laugh, wolf-man." Jacque turned back to Jen. "Thank you for that observation, Sherlock. — Quinn Loftis

Best Betting Quotes By Georgette Heyer

I'll tell you something else too; by the time we're through we shall have had all we can stand of this North woman. I wouldn't mind betting she thinks we have nothing better to do than run around in circles while she gets on with this three-act problem play of hers. — Georgette Heyer

Best Betting Quotes By Greg Ip

Mr. Soros, the chairman of Soros Fund Management, is best-known as a speculator, philanthropist and political activist. He made a fortune by doing things such as betting against Britain's currency in 1992 and Thailand's in 1997. A Hungarian refugee, he has spent millions to promote democracy and learning in post-Soviet nations. — Greg Ip

Best Betting Quotes By Michael Caine

I'm not a betting man, and even if I was, I certainly wouldn't bet on this! I would not bet on the Best Actor. — Michael Caine

Best Betting Quotes By J.P. Vaswani

There is one type of gambling which should always be encouraged. It is betting on goodness. When a person has wronged you, be good to him. If he adds insult to injury, double the bet. And keep on doubling it. You will surely win! — J.P. Vaswani

Best Betting Quotes By Blanche Lincoln

I am not normally a betting person, but I say that putting your money on the American people is about as close to a sure bet as you are going to get. — Blanche Lincoln

Best Betting Quotes By Jeb Bush

I don't know about you, but I'm betting that when it comes to doing the right and good thing, the Little Sisters of the Poor know better than the regulators at the Department of Health and Human Services. — Jeb Bush

Best Betting Quotes By Charles Bukowski

And if there is anybody out there who is crazy enough to want to become a writer, I'd say go ahead, spit in the eye of the sun, hit those keys, it's the best madness going, the centuries need help, the species cry for light and gamble and laughter. Give it to them. There are enough words for all of us. — Charles Bukowski

Best Betting Quotes By Edouard Leve

You did not fear death. You stepped in its path, but without really desiring it: how can one desire something one doesn't know? You didn't deny life but affirmed your taste for the unknown, betting that if something existed on the other side, it would be better than here. — Edouard Leve

Best Betting Quotes By Paolo Bacigalupi

A gamble. Everything was a damn gamble. Betting against luck and the Fates, again and again, and again. She kept walking, waiting for the bullet. — Paolo Bacigalupi

Best Betting Quotes By Eoin Colfer

Hey, bodyguard. You better get down to the gymnasium. This jumbo pixie guy is killing your sister." "Really?" said Butler, unconvinced. "Really. Juliet just does not seem to be herself. She can't put two moves together. It's pathetic, really. Everybody is betting against her." "I see," said Butler, straightening. Mulch held the door. "It's going to make things really interesting when you show up to help." Butler grinned. "I'm not coming to help. I just want to be there when she stops faking." "Ah," said Mulch, comprehension dawning on his face. "So I should switch my bet to Juliet?" "You certainly should" said Butler. — Eoin Colfer

Best Betting Quotes By Donald Trump

Somebody said on television, somebody said last night on television: Nobody has gotten rich betting against Donald Trump. That's in my lifetime. That's not just for this election cycle. I went in, and people said: "He's not gonna run." I've gone through this with you. — Donald Trump

Best Betting Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Behind him Kaldar nudged Urow's youngest son. "Bet you he lasts at least thirty seconds."
"Um ... " Gaston looked at him. "No he won't."
"Bet me something."
"I don't have anything."
Kaldar grimaced. "Pick up that rock."
Gaston swiped the rock off the ground.
"Now you have a rock. I bet this five bucks against your rock."
Gaston grinned. "Deal. — Ilona Andrews

Best Betting Quotes By Daniel Kahneman

The rules of the betting are intelligent: recent events and the current context have the most weight in determining an interpretation. When no recent event comes to mind, more distant memories govern. — Daniel Kahneman

Best Betting Quotes By Joy Casey

Charlotte hadn't seen or heard anyone approaching, so she yelped when the stranger hoisted her into his arms. All she could do was stare blankly at the absolute strinking male who had just scooped her up and now held her in his arms. She thought she was hallucinating, because this mysterious guy was seriously cute. She wasn't usually at a loss for words, but she had completely lost her ability to think straight, so she decided to keep her mouth shut. — Joy Casey

Best Betting Quotes By Samuel Butler

What is faith but a kind of betting or speculation after all? It should be, I bet that my Redeemer liveth. — Samuel Butler

Best Betting Quotes By Jon Favreau

I think the bigger the movie is, the harder it is to maintain the idea of an auteur. You're servicing something beyond just your own vision. Whenever there's a lot of money on the line, it is your responsibility to make sure that you're doing your best to have people not lose their money and to actually win by betting on it. — Jon Favreau

Best Betting Quotes By Betty Grable

You're better off betting on a horse than betting on a man. A horse may not be able to hold you tight, but he doesn't wanna wander from the stable at night. — Betty Grable

Best Betting Quotes By Doug Cooper

Maybe winning isn't everything. One just needs to hedge the bet and minimize the risk. — Doug Cooper

Best Betting Quotes By Carol Leifer

You can never go wrong betting on Americans' bad eating habits. So I've made a ton investing in all fast food chains, while at the same time investing in Dockers, spandex, Spanx, and sweatpants. Basically, anything with an elastic waistband is a goldmine. — Carol Leifer

Best Betting Quotes By Robert Kiyosaki

Sitting and watching a game show, or betting on your lucky numbers is not the price that most of the top 1% paid to become rich — Robert Kiyosaki

Best Betting Quotes By Johnny Miller

I'm searching for the perfect swing. I'm searching for something that's not there. I tried twetny different things today and nobody else out there would have done that. This game is too tough. If I'd have known, I'd have taken up tennis or something. I have a chance. But if you're a betting guy don't bet on me. — Johnny Miller

Best Betting Quotes By Jeffrey Bernard

In most betting shops you will see three windows marked 'Bet Here', but only one window with the legend 'Pay Out'. — Jeffrey Bernard

Best Betting Quotes By Mark Zuckerberg

Betting completely on HTML5 is one of the, if not THE biggest strategic mistake we've made. — Mark Zuckerberg