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Top Expending Energy Quotes

Expending Energy Quotes By Catherine Stock

My biggest fear is expending the best and most exciting energy in sketches, no matter how quickly executed. I often need to empty the rubbish bin several times before regaining the fresh quality of the initial exploratory sketches. — Catherine Stock

Expending Energy Quotes By Gary Taubes

When I was lecturing recently to a group of cardiologists at the Mayo Clinic I said ...
Why is it that from the moment you enter medical school to the moment you retire, the only disorder that you will ever diagnose with a physics textbook is obesity? This is biology folks, it's endocrinology, it's physiology - physics has nothing to do with it. The laws of thermodynamics are always true, the energy balance equation is irrelevant.
If someone's getting fatter I guarantee you they're taking more energy than they expend (as long as they're getting heavier). And if they're getting leaner I guarantee they're expending more than they're taking in. [It's] given, let's never discuss it again. And if you say it to your patients you're telling them nothing
(University Of Colorado Medical School, May 9th 2013 - via YouTube) — Gary Taubes

Expending Energy Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Jealousy and hatred didn't keep you warm, and expending energy on wishes was useless. — Julie Kagawa

Expending Energy Quotes By Charles Dance

If you get a bad script, then you start expending energy trying to make a silk purse of a sow's ear. When the script's as good as those on 'Game of Thrones,' say, I don't think there was a single occasion where any of us thought there was a bad scene. — Charles Dance

Expending Energy Quotes By Suzanne Eller

stop expending great amounts of energy and your heart on things you cannot change, so that you can put that same energy into those things that you can. — Suzanne Eller

Expending Energy Quotes By Daria Snadowsky

I used to think all that game playing was par for the course and even kind of exciting. It just felt logical to pursue a boy the same way I applied to college - by expending exorbitant time and energy showing what a great catch I am and what a perfect match we'd be, so that after a lengthy waiting period I might get accepted. But now the idea of reliving any version of that charade seems like hell. — Daria Snadowsky

Expending Energy Quotes By Jerry Seinfeld

I have a friend who's collecting unemployment insurance. This guy has never worked so hard in his life as he has to keep this thing going. He's down there every week, waiting on the lines and getting interviewed and making up all these lies about looking for jobs. If they had any idea of the effort and energy that he is expending to avoid work, I'm sure they'd give him a raise. — Jerry Seinfeld

Expending Energy Quotes By Caroline Myss

One of the greatest struggles of the healing process
is to forgive both yourself and others
and to stop expending valuable energy on the past hurts. — Caroline Myss

Expending Energy Quotes By Ned Rorem

As a lifelong pacifist, Quaker, and a gay man, I despair that gays and lesbians are expending energy trying to get into the military when they should be using that same energy getting rid of the military completely. — Ned Rorem

Expending Energy Quotes By Philip K. Dick

. . to the Bleekmen, we Earthmen may very well be hypomanic types, whizzing about at enormous velocity, expending huge amounts of energy over nothing at all. — Philip K. Dick

Expending Energy Quotes By Beth Moore

When we're most exhausted, we're expending more energy fighting the enemy than we are seeking God's presence. More than you seek to win, seek Christ! More than you seek to defeat the enemy, seek his foe! More than you seek victory, seek the Victor! — Beth Moore

Expending Energy Quotes By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

People who know how to transform stress into enjoyable challenge spend very little time thinking about themselves. They are not expending all their energy trying to satisfy what they believe to be their needs, or worrying about socially conditioned desires. Instead their attention is alert, constantly processing information from their surroundings. The focus is still set by the person's goal, but it is open enough to notice and adapt to external events even if they are not directly relevant to what he wants to accomplish. — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Expending Energy Quotes By Hanya Yanagihara

He liked too the specific and unexpected companionability of the place. There were times on the weekends when everyone was there at the same time, and at moments, he would emerge from the fog of his painting and sense that all of them were breathing in rhythm, panting almost, from the effort of concentrating. He could feel, then, the collective energy they were expending filling the air like gas, flammable and sweet, and would wish he could bottle it so that he might be able to draw from it when he was feeling uninspired, for the days in which he would sit in front of the canvas for literally hours, as though if he stared long enough, it might explode into something brilliant and charged. — Hanya Yanagihara

Expending Energy Quotes By Thom S. Rainer

If you have been expending lots of energy mingling, counseling, or socializing, you need some down time to recover. Put it on your calendar so you can be intentional about it. And for an hour or so, go to a place by yourself. Read, relax, or do nothing. No one is there to talk to you for those minutes. Enjoy your blessed aloneness for a brief season. — Thom S. Rainer

Expending Energy Quotes By Kristen Ashley

I was me. I thought what I thought. I liked what I liked. And I didn't hide much of anything. Life was exhausting enough with all the ups and downs and bullshit people kept trying to feed you. Expending that kind of effort for essentially no purpose seemed a ridiculous waste of energy. — Kristen Ashley

Expending Energy Quotes By Ryszard Kapuscinski

In a society of little economic development, universal inactivity accompanies universal poverty. You survive not by struggling against nature, or by increasing production, or by relentless labor; instead you survive by expending as little energy as possible, by striving constantly to achieve a state of immobility. — Ryszard Kapuscinski

Expending Energy Quotes By Francesca Annis

I don't believe in expending energy on something you can't do anything about. If there was some easy way of fixing things, I'd probably do it. — Francesca Annis

Expending Energy Quotes By Laura Poitras

We're definitely in an era where the government wants to keep more secrets and it wants to come after anyone who's exposing those secrets and in many cases exposing government illegality. They're coming after the journalists and they're coming after the whistleblowers. It's not a good sign if the government is expending much energy trying to find out who journalists are talking to. — Laura Poitras

Expending Energy Quotes By Hugh Prather

Letting people in is largely a matter of not expending the energy to keep them out. — Hugh Prather

Expending Energy Quotes By Wendy Mass

Swimming is about the only physical activity during which I am unlikely to injure anyone. I am also good at chess, which I feel should count as physical activity because you have to reach over and move pieces all the time. Some of the boards are quite large, so one must lean AND reach at the same time, thereby expending even more energy. — Wendy Mass

Expending Energy Quotes By Heidi Julavits

When you are expending much energy on someone else's demise, it's like you weaken your psychic immune system. — Heidi Julavits