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Walk Of Shame Quotes By Christina Meredith

I know now that this isn't true love or perfection or happily ever after. It's not even meant to be. This is a broken condom at the end of a drunken night. This is a generational walk of shame with two hundred spectators — Christina Meredith

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

Lydia had been fantasizing about him to the point she nearly drove him insane with it. It had taken four days for his energy to weaken inside her enough that he could go and visit her without fear she would throw him across the town in a gust of wind, and thus cause a scene. Although, getting run out of town after one day would be a new MacGregor record. — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

Lisa, if I could take that hurt from you and carry it for the rest of my life, I would. I know that's not how life works, but know I'd do it in an instant. If I could take all that guilt and shame? There would be no hesitation, but because I can't, at least let me hold your hand while you walk through it. — Rachel Van Dyken

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Harriet Lerner

Shame is paralyzing and debilitating. It invites us not to be heard, at least not in an authentic way. Acting courageously when shame enters the picture requires extraordinary courage because people will do anything to escape from shame or from the possibility that shame will be evoked. It is just too difficult to go there. Even for people who will walk in to the fires of transformation to face fear.

Men and women tend to manage shame differently. Generally, men have less tolerance for shame, perhaps because they are shamed almost from birth for half their humanity. The so called feminine part of themselves including anything vulnerable or seen as weak. Men often sit with shame for only a nanosecond before flipping it into something more masculine or therefore tolerable like anger or rage or a need to dominate devalue or control. — Harriet Lerner

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Sarah Wright

With movies, depending on who your director is or what kind of movie you're shooting, you kind of have more of an ability to play around with the material, go off the page, improv. It's like we did with '21 And Over.' Same thing we did in 'Walk Of Shame.' Same thing we did in 'House Bunny.' You have the freedom to do that. — Sarah Wright

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Robin Wall Kimmerer

We need acts of restoration, not only for polluted waters and degraded lands, but also for our relationship to the world. We need to restore honor to the way we live, so that when we walk through the world we don't have to avert our eyes with shame, so that we can hold our heads up high and receive the respectful acknowledgment of the rest of the earth's beings. — Robin Wall Kimmerer

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Cassandra Clare

Jace raised his eyebrows. "Walk of shame, boys? — Cassandra Clare

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Kristan Higgins

The walk of shame, please. It was the walk of pride today. — Kristan Higgins

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Ted Dekker

Only knowing the Father matters," she said, as if this truth was plain. "But to Yeshua this knowledge is not like common knowledge. It is to know intimately, as a woman knows a man. I think this truth is more easily seen by women than men." "How so?" She shrugged. "Men rule over women with judgment." She frowned and continued in a stern voice. "Walk this way. Don't be seen! Be silent! Shame on you! And they make God in the same stern image. They respect written codes and abounding knowledge. Women live more from the heart, don't you think?" "I would say yes. If allowed." "So it's the same in Arabia?" "In many ways, yes." She nodded. "Yeshua offers no judgment and speaks of the Father in the same way. The very code that men lord over women, Yeshua upends. If Yeshua speaks out against any, it's only against the brood of vipers who judge others. — Ted Dekker

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Annette J. Dunlea

Katie was forced to do the midnight walk of shame in the pitch dark in all her finery with her high heels in her hands bare footed and man less to the taxi base to get a taxi home. She looked like Cinderella having a nervous breakdown with her face and nose red and swollen and with mascara and tears running down her face, looking like a red pumpkin. She vowed she will never be hurt again and if she loves again it will be under her conditions. — Annette J. Dunlea

Walk Of Shame Quotes By James Frey

I stand, walk over to him, sit down on his bed, put my arms around him, hug him. He hugs me back strong and I can feel the shame coming through his arms. I am a Criminal and he is a Judge and I am white and he is black, but at this moment none of that matters. He is a man who needs a friends and I can be his friend. — James Frey

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Matt Chandler

The Bible, of course, gives us good and right teaching on everything from sex to parenting to money to morals. All good things. Wonderful things. God's design and desire for all of life. But our ability to walk in these truths with freedom and joy - and our church's ability to lead people into this ongoing, abundant-life experience for themselves - is dependent on something else: an accurate and deep understanding of the gospel. That is our Mississippi. Without a proper understanding of the gospel, people will miss the big biblical picture and all the joyful freedom that comes from living it. They will run from God in shame at their failures instead of running toward Him because of His mercy and grace. — Matt Chandler

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Gudjon Bergmann

Walk into any church, and you will see people swimming in a sea of emotions (everything from shame and guilt to love and ecstasy). That may be the reason some people think that the more emotional they are, the more spiritual they are. But, as we will explore later in the book, undiluted spirituality has little to do with emotions, and what little it does have has more to do with emotional growth than feelings of elation. — Gudjon Bergmann

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Paul David Washer

Listen to yourself speak, saying, "The knowledge of God has no practical application." Do you know why all your Christian bookstores are filled up with self-help books, and five ways to do this or that, and six ways to be godly, and 10 ways not to fall? - because people don't know God! And so they have to be given all sorts of trivial little devices of the flesh to keep them walking as sheep ought to walk! "Awake to righteousness, and sin not; for some have not the knowledge of God: I speak this to your shame" (1Co 15:34). Why the rampant sinning even among God's people? It is a lack of the knowledge of God! — Paul David Washer

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

My sin murdered Him. And out of this self-loathing shame borne of the understanding that I could perpetrate such a heinous act, I am barely able to raise my head sufficiently to ask what crazed insanity would prompt Jesus to walk out of an empty tomb for the single purpose of pursuing a decaying soul that murdered Him? And I would be wise to consider that the question itself is asked only because I have yet to touch the barest periphery of God's love despite the fact that because of an empty tomb it stands right in front of me. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Al Sharpton

It was better walk with dignity than ride in shame. A lot of people in Cincinnati are saying, "Rather than have the continual problems of police brutality and economic disparity, I'm willing to make some sacrifices." And I think that they ought to be respected for doing that. — Al Sharpton

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Laura Kaye

Does this have anything to do with Charlie walk-of-shaming it outta your room this morning at oh
dark-hundred? — Laura Kaye

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Stephen Green

There wasn't even enough meat to make proper fun of [ ... ] I keep waiting for somebody else to come on TV, maybe a cabinet member, to read the real speech, the one that tells us ... I dunno ... stuff. Seriously, sorority girls have done the Walk of Shame home from frat parties feeling more satisfied. — Stephen Green

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Brene Brown

Men walk this tightrope where any sign of weakness illicits shame, and so they're afraid to make themselves vulnerable for fear of looking weak. — Brene Brown

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

Am I on your walk of shame? You did sleep with the right MacGregor, didn't you? — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Abigail Barnette

Call me old fashioned, but I kind of enjoy the so-called 'walk of shame.' It's really more a 'walk of pride because I got some. — Abigail Barnette

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Anonymous

119[118] * Blessed are those whose way is blameless, who walk in the law of the LORD! 2Blessed are those who keep his testimonies, who seek him with their whole heart, 3who also do no wrong, but walk in his ways! 4You have commanded your precepts to be kept diligently. 5O that my ways may be steadfast in keeping your statutes! 6Then I shall not be put to shame, having my eyes fixed on all your commandments. 7I will praise you with an upright heart, when I learn your righteous ordinances. 8I will observe your statutes; O forsake me not utterly! 9How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word. — Anonymous

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Asa Akira

Home at six AM.
Is it still a walk of shame?
I was shooting porn. — Asa Akira

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

There ya are." Erik grinned at her as he came bounding down the steps two at a time. He stepped around his statue of a sister as if such a thing were normal. Perhaps here it was. He paused, nodding at Malina. "Morning, banshee." He gave a small brotherly laugh and poked his thumb toward her face. "She does kind of look like a banshee with her hair flying around like that and her mouth all open. Yeah, ma froze her good. See how her eyes don't move?" Erik leaned closer to her and grinned as he looked into her mouth. "Ha, Euann put a mint in there. — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Soseki Natsume

Admittedly, there's a certain coarseness about [businessmen]; for there's no point in even trying to be [one] unless your love for money is so absolute that you're ready to accompany it on the walk to a double suicide. For money, believe you me, is a hard mistress, and none of her lovers are let off lightly. As a matter of fact, I've just been visiting a businessman and, according to him, the only way to succeed is to practice the "triangled" technique: try to escape your obligations, annihilate your kindly feelings, and geld yourself of the sense of shame. — Soseki Natsume

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Z.A. Maxfield

There ought to be a law that a guy has to leave a rose on your pillow to let you know he enjoyed the labor you put into his walk of shame. — Z.A. Maxfield

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Christina Dodd

I won't walk through the wedding arch with you," she said.
"The arch is traditionally used by grooms with reluctant brides, for the arch is tall enough for a man with his woman on his shoulder."
As they reached the door, he bent and put his shoulder in her stomach. As if she were a sack of potatoes, he swung her up and over. Amy shrieked and gave his back a good hard thump.
He dropped her down until her rear sat uppermost on his shoulder and her head dangled almost to his trousers, and kept walking.
"Miss Victorine!" she shouted.
"I'll come as fast as I can, dears!" Miss Victorine called from the doorway.
"Shame on you for appealing to an old lady for rescue. — Christina Dodd

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Subcomandante Marcos

The word of the oldest of the old of our peoples didn't stop. It spoke the truth, saying that our feet couldn't walk alone, that our history of pain and shame was repeated and multiplied in the flesh and blood of the brothers and sisters of other lands and skies. — Subcomandante Marcos

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Brene Brown

Knowing what I do now, I think about shame and worthiness in this way: 'It's the album, not the picture.' If you imagine opening up a photo album, and many of the pages are full eight-by-ten photos of shaming events, you'll close that album and walk away thinking, Shame defines that story. If, on the other hand, you open that album and see a few small photos of shame experiences, but each one is surrounded by pictures of worthiness, hope, struggle, resilience, courage, failure, success, and vulnerability, the shame experience are only a part of a larger story. They don't define the album. — Brene Brown

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Ilchi Lee

Open wide your heart and accept all the experiences of life. Don't let any moment go half-lived. Live with greatness even in moments of sadness and pain. It is no shame to trip and fall as you walk the path of life. Just get up and continue on your way. — Ilchi Lee

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Libba Bray

We abandon our backboards along with our decorum, racing for the stairs and the promise of freedom, however temporary it may be.

"Walk!" Mrs. Nightwing shouts. When we cannot seem to heed her advice, she bellows after us that we are savages not fit for marriage. She adds that we shall be the shame of the school and something else besides, but we are down the first flight of stairs, and her words cannot touch us. — Libba Bray

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

Do not pay attention to my cousins. Every family needs a couple idiots and we keep them around for entertainment. — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Alisa Hope Wagner

Guilt is not of God. We receive only a divine conviction with our shame swallowed up in Christ. Walk in truth and find freedom in His Grace! — Alisa Hope Wagner

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Jewel

this is actualy a poem

we have been called
as if it were a dirty word,
whe have been called
as though with shame
our cheeks should burn
we visit with
the careful idols
of cynisism
to learn to sneer
and pant and walk
so as not to feel the scales
of judgement rub wrongly
but we say
some things must
remain simple
some things must remain
and pure
lest we all forget
the legacy we begot us
the health of our origins
the poetry of our fundemental selves — Jewel

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

Ya were going to turn me into a rat? Had I known that I wouldn't have tried to turn ya into a snake. — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Peter Sagal

Women are using makeup to make their eyes look puffy, their noses look red, and instead of going to the gym, they start their day with a brisk walk of shame. — Peter Sagal

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Billy Joel

You get paid like a really good call girl. Walking offstage is like the walk of shame. — Billy Joel

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Kami Garcia

Seventeen moons, seventeen years,
Eyes where Dark ot Light appears,
Gold for yes and Green for no,
Seventeen the last to know ...
Seventeen moons, seventeen turns,
Eyes so dark and bright it burns,
Time is high but one is higher,
Draws the moon into the fire ...
Seventeen moon, seventeen fears,
Pain of death and shame of tears,
Find the marker, walk the mile,
Seventeen knows just exile ...
Seventeen moons, seventeen spheres,
The moon before her time appears,
Hearts will go and stars will follow,
One is broken, One is hollow ...
Seventeen moons, seventeen years Know the loss, stay the fears Wait for him and he appears Seventeen moons, seventeen tears ... — Kami Garcia

Walk Of Shame Quotes By James Lee Burke

Maybe you've been there. You go into a police or sheriff's station after a gang of black kids forced you to stop your car while they smashed out your windows with garbage cans; a strung-out addict made you kneel at gunpoint on the floor of a grocery store, and before you knew it the begging words rose uncontrollably in your throat; some bikers pulled you from the back of a bar and sat on your arms while one of them unzippered his blue jeans. Your body is still hot with shame, your voice full of thumbtacks and strange to your own ears, your eyes full of guilt and self-loathing while uniformed people walk casually by you with Styrofoam cups of coffee in their hands. Then somebody types your words on a report and you realize that this is all you will get. — James Lee Burke

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

He's not wearing ... " Charlotte began.
"I know. He doesn't," Lydia answered. — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Louis XI Of France

When pride and presumption walk before, shame and loss follow very closely. — Louis XI Of France

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Tracy March

I'll have the Walk of Shame burrito. — Tracy March

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

He kissed the corner of her lips before whispering by her ear, And that was just my hand, love. — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Marcy Dermansky

Judy shook her head when she saw me the next day, dressed in the same clothes I had worn to work the day before. "We used to call that the walk of shame," she said. — Marcy Dermansky

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Thom Yorke

The difference between me and Bono is that he's quite happy to go and flatter people to get what he wants and he's very good at it, but I just can't do it. I'd probably end up punching them in the face rather than shaking their hand, so it's best that I stay out of their way. I can't engage with that level of bullshit. Which is a shame, really, and in a way it would help if I could, but I just can't. I admire the fact that Bono can, and can walk away from it smelling of roses. — Thom Yorke

Walk Of Shame Quotes By James Martin

Often, when we are in trouble, or doubting, or struggling, we rely on others to carry us to God. Just as often we must do the carrying, to help friends who are struggling. This is one of the many benefits of organized religion, as we all need others to help us find God. Even though we may disagree with others and find life in a community occasionally annoying and sometimes scandalous, we need others, because the community is one way that we are carried to God, especially when we are too weak to walk to God on our own. But I wondered about the paralyzed man. He may have felt shame for his illness or for being unable to support himself. Maybe his friends carried him in spite of himself. Sometimes when we are too embarrassed to approach God, someone must bring us there - even drag us there. Many times when I am discouraged, demoralized, or angry at God, it is friends who remind me of God's great love and who carry me to God. We cannot come to God without others. — James Martin

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Jennifer Megan Varnadore

If the thought of leaving a relationship makes you want to hang your head in shame, why ever would you want to walk out the door? You are obviously missing something. — Jennifer Megan Varnadore

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Sadat X

Damn it's a shame you're the mighty queen of vials,
With a wide-eyed look and a rotten-toothed smile.
Used to walk with a swagger, now you simply stagger
From one spot on, to the next spot on, to the next spot on, to the next ... — Sadat X

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Michelle M. Pillow

Ly-di-ah! I sit beneath your window, laaaass, singing 'cause I loooove your a - "
"For the love of St. Francis of Assisi, someone call a vet. There is an injured animal screaming in pain outside," Charlotte interrupted the flow of music in ill-humor. — Michelle M. Pillow

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Aspen Matis

For this entire walk, my desire had ashamed me, as if my wanting to be kissed that night mitigated the fault of Junior's sudden deafness. I'd been given stacks of reasons to blame myself for an act of violence committed by another. I had blamed my flirting for his subsequent felony. My college taught me: my rape was my shame. Everyone I'd trusted asked only what I might have done to let it happen.

In my gut, I'd always believed I'd caused it.

I finally questioned it. — Aspen Matis

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Tyler Oakley

For the walk of shame the next morning, I had to run two miles in flip-flops to make it back to the car pool to go donate plasma. University was an interesting time. — Tyler Oakley

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Natasha Leggero

Ke$ha IS the walk of shame. — Natasha Leggero

Walk Of Shame Quotes By Carsten Jensen

But he didnt want to be thought of as a fool. To walk around the town fully dressed and yet appear naked to the world was a shame he couldn't bear. — Carsten Jensen