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Top Heliocentric Quotes

Heliocentric Quotes By Neal Stephenson

heliocentric orbits, come too close to the sun's heat — Neal Stephenson

Heliocentric Quotes By IP Factly

The idea of the Solar System dates back to 250 BC when Aristarchus of Samos suggested that the planets revolved around the Sun. This is called the heliocentric model, and was largely ignored until astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus confirmed it during the sixteenth century. The — IP Factly

Heliocentric Quotes By Nick Bostrom

no simple mechanism could do the job as well or better. It might simply be that nobody has yet found the simpler alternative. The Ptolemaic system (with the Earth in the center, orbited by the Sun, the Moon, planets, and stars) represented the state of the art in astronomy for over a thousand years, and its predictive accuracy was improved over the centuries by progressively complicating the model: adding epicycles upon epicycles to the postulated celestial motions. Then the entire system was overthrown by the heliocentric theory of Copernicus, which was simpler and - though only after further elaboration by Kepler - more predictively accurate.63 Artificial intelligence methods are now used in more areas than it would make sense to review here, but mentioning a sampling of them will give an idea of the breadth of applications. Aside from the game AIs — Nick Bostrom

Heliocentric Quotes By Titus Burckhardt

The heliocentric system itself admits of an obvious symbolism, since it identifies the centre of the world with the source of light. Its rediscovery by Copernicus (For it is not a case of an unprecedented discovery. Copernicus himself refers to Nicetas of Syracuse as also to certain quotations in Plutarch) however, produced no new spiritual vision of the world; rather it was comparable to the popularization of an esoteric truth. The heliocentric system had no common measure with the subjective experiences of people; in it man had no organic place. Instead of helping the human mind to go beyond itself and to consider things in terms of the immensity of the cosmos, it only encouraged a materialistic Prometheanism which, far from being superhuman, ended by becoming inhuman. — Titus Burckhardt

Heliocentric Quotes By Hannes Alfven

Most people today still believe, perhaps unconsciously, in the heliocentric universe every newspaper in the land has a section on astrology, yet few have anything at all on astronomy. — Hannes Alfven

Heliocentric Quotes By John Stuart Mill

The peculiarity of the evidence of mathematical truths is, that all the argument is on one side. There are no objections, and no answers to objections. But on every subject on which difference of opinion is possible, the truth depends on a balance to be struck between two sets of confliting reasons. Even in natural philosophy, there is always some other explanation possible of the same facts; some geocentric theory instead of heliocentric, some phlogiston instead of oxygen; and it has to be shown why that other theory cannot be the true on: and until this is shown, and until we know how it is shown, we do not understand the grounds of our opinion. But when we turn to subjects infinitely more complicated, to morals, religion, politics, social relations, and the business of life, three-fourths of the arguments for every disputed opinion consist in dispelling the appearances which favour some opinion different from it. — John Stuart Mill

Heliocentric Quotes By Philip Ball

It is only rather recently that science has begun to make peace with its magical roots. Until a few decades ago, it was common for histories of science either to commence decorously with Copernicus's heliocentric theory or to laud the rationalism of Aristotelian antiquity and then to leap across the Middle Ages as an age of ignorance and superstition. One could, with care and diligence, find occasional things to praise in the works of Avicenna, William of Ockham, Albertus Magnus, and Roger Bacon, but these sparse gems had to be thoroughly dusted down and scraped clean of unsightly accretions before being inserted into the corners of a frame fashioned in a much later period. — Philip Ball

Heliocentric Quotes By Eric Dubay

Matthew Boylan, former NASA operational graphics manager, worked for years creating photo-realistic computer graphics for NASA. Now a vocal Flat-Earther, Boylan claims that NASA's sole reason for existence is to propagandize the public and promote this false ball-Earth heliocentric worldview. — Eric Dubay

Heliocentric Quotes By Stephen Hawking

We have developed from the geocentric cosmologies of Ptolemy and his forebears, through the heliocentric cosmology of Copernicus and Galileo, to the modern picture in which the earth is a medium-sized planet orbiting around an average star in the outer suburbs of an ordinary spiral galaxy, which is itself only one of about a million million galaxies in the observable universe. — Stephen Hawking

Heliocentric Quotes By Nathan Seiberg

Newton's theory is not 'not right', it just does not cover all distances. Contrary to popular belief, theories in science are not proven wrong, they are just replaced by more complete and convenient theories. To sound provocative, even the geocentric theory was never "proven" wrong, it is just not as convenient as the heliocentric theory, since it requires endless epicycles. — Nathan Seiberg

Heliocentric Quotes By Stephen Penner

Then, in 1632, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) published his Dialogo sopra i due massimi sistemi del mondo (Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems), wherein he established the superiority of the Copernican model. For this, as well as for the disrespectful tone of the book toward Pope Urban VIII (1568-1644), Galileo was tried and convicted of heresy, forced to recant his championing of the heliocentric model, and spent the remainder of his life under house arrest. Nevertheless, — Stephen Penner

Heliocentric Quotes By Robert E. Ornstein

Society would not tolerate legislation declaring that the theory that the sun circles the earth be given equal time with the theory of a heliocentric solar system; it should not pay attention to the equally preposterous notions of scientific creationism — Robert E. Ornstein