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Top Auto Repair Quotes

Auto Repair Quotes By Rick Riordan

Huh," Leo said. "Well, if you ever get off this island and want a job, let me know. You're not a total klutz."
She smirked. "A job, eh?" Making things in your forge?"
"Nah, we could start our own shop," Leo said, surprising himself. Starting a machine shop had always been one of his dreams, but he'd never told anyone about it. "Leo and Calypso's Garage: Auto Repair and Mechanical Monsters. — Rick Riordan

Auto Repair Quotes By S.A. Bodeen

Most dads had hobbies that they passed down to their sons; hunting, fishing, auto repair. Dad's hobby was nuclear war, which meant his sons knew everything about it. — S.A. Bodeen

Auto Repair Quotes By James Surowiecki

Auto repair, piloting, skiing, perhaps even management: these are skills that yield to application, hard work, and native talent. But forecasting an uncertain future and deciding the best course of action in the face of that future are much less likely to do so. And much of what we've seen so far suggests that a large group of diverse individuals will come up with better and more robust forecasts and make more intelligent decisions than even the most skilled "decision maker." — James Surowiecki

Auto Repair Quotes By Mohsin Hamid

Yes, Manila had its slums; one saw them on the drive from the airport: vast districts of men in dirty white undershirts lounging idly in front of auto-repair shops - like a poorer version of the 1950s America depicted in such films as Grease. — Mohsin Hamid

Auto Repair Quotes By Timothy Snyder

We find it natural that we pay for a plumber or a mechanic, but demand our news for free. If we did not pay for plumbing or auto repair, we would not expect to drink water or drive cars. Why then should we form our political judgment on the basis of zero investment? We get what we pay for. — Timothy Snyder