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Dalmatian Quotes & Sayings

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Top Dalmatian Quotes

Dalmatian Quotes By Demetri Martin

When a Dalmatian sees a cow he must be like, 'What the hell happened to him? I am high right now. That dalmatian is fat and smeary.' When the cow sees the Dalmatian he must be like, 'He looks amazing. I am so out of shape, this is ridiculous. My tits are on the ground here. — Demetri Martin

Dalmatian Quotes By Theodor Mommsen

The Dalmatian tribes and the Pannonians, at least of the region of the Save, for a short time obeyed the Roman governors; but they bore the new rule with an ever increasing grudge, above all on account of the taxes, to which they were unaccustomed, and which were relentlessly exacted. — Theodor Mommsen

Dalmatian Quotes By Frigyes Karinthy

Well, then. Hungary borders, in the south, on the Danube and Serbia ... and the Rumanian ... Dalmatian ... and Serbia ... and the capital of Serbia.., and the Serbia of capital ... — Frigyes Karinthy

Dalmatian Quotes By Louis Leakey

The Dalmatian breed of dog has many primitive characteristics. — Louis Leakey

Dalmatian Quotes By Dodie Smith

NOT long ago, there lived in London a young married couple of Dalmatian dogs named Pongo and Missis Pongo. (Missis had added Pongo's name to her own on their marriage, but was still called Missis by most people.) They were lucky enough to own a young married couple of humans named Mr. and Mrs. Dearly, who were gentle, obedient, and unusually intelligent - almost canine at times. They understood quite a number of barks: the barks for "Out, please!" "In, please!" "Hurry up with my dinner!" and "What about a walk?" And even when they could not understand, they could often guess - if looked at soulfully or scratched by an eager paw. Like many other much-loved humans, they believed that they owned their dogs, instead of realizing that their dogs owned them. Pongo and Missis found this touching and amusing and let their pets think it was true. — Dodie Smith

Dalmatian Quotes By Dawn Altieri

You seriously have a Dalmatian? Is that, like, mandatory for a firefighter? — Dawn Altieri