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Top Boyfriend In Prison Quotes

Boyfriend In Prison Quotes By Russell Howard

Some bloke got put in prison for three days because he refused to stop kissing his boyfriend on a plane flight to South Africa. How magic is that? You can't help but picturing him dressed entirely in latex, surrounded by a sea of hate. --"Alright, lads, I'm gonna make this flight fairly tense for you. Ramon, let's do the bad thing." *kissing sounds*
-"Stop doing that, mate, it's not natural!"
-"You're flying"
-"I'll have you put in prison!"
-"What, with men? Think it through. — Russell Howard

Boyfriend In Prison Quotes By Carrie Snow

I'd like to have a boyfriend in prison so I'd always know where he is. — Carrie Snow

Boyfriend In Prison Quotes By Candy Darling

I feel like I'm living in a prison. There are so many things I may not experience. I cannot go swimming, can't visit relatives, can't get a job, can't have a boyfriend. I see so much of life I cannot have. I am living in a veritable prison. — Candy Darling

Boyfriend In Prison Quotes By Francesca Lia Block

Grief is not something you know if you grow up wearing feathers with a Charlie Chaplin boyfriend, a love-child papoose, a witch baby, a Dirk and a Duck, a Slinkster Dog, and a movie to dance in. You can feel sad and worse when your dad moves to another city, when an old lady dies, or when your boyfriend goes away. But grief is different. Weetzie's heart cringed in her like a dying animal. It was as if someone had stuck a needle full of poison into her heart. She moved like a sleepwalker. She was the girl in the fairy tale sleeping in a prison of thorns and roses. — Francesca Lia Block