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Creative Vision Quotes By Michelle Phan

Your YouTube channel is your show. I think it's a wonderful platform for anyone who wants to have stronger creative control over their content, their message, their vision and their branding. — Michelle Phan

Creative Vision Quotes By Cliff Martinez

It's very important that you never depend on money to fulfill your creative vision. If you do that, you're doomed to fail. — Cliff Martinez

Creative Vision Quotes By Arthur J. Deikman

So to keep a fantasy, do not peer too closely at the world; fuzzy vision suits you best. Your creative power, turned away, is aimed inside to juggle fantasies, to solve the problems of a child's intrigue. — Arthur J. Deikman

Creative Vision Quotes By Zbigniew Brzezinski

Marxism represents a further vital and creative stage in the maturing of man's universal vision ... The nation-state is gradually yielding its sovereignty ... More intensive efforts to shape a new world monetary structure will have to be undertaken. — Zbigniew Brzezinski

Creative Vision Quotes By Sam Taylor-Johnson

You think, 'You hired me because I'm a creative artist with a vision. Don't try and knock it out of me.' — Sam Taylor-Johnson

Creative Vision Quotes By Christian Boltanski

The sole fact of having a school to train creative people is absolute lunacy ... The idea of 'pedagogical vision' is ignoble, it has nothing to do with art, it's contrary to art. I really believe in teaching, despite what I say. — Christian Boltanski

Creative Vision Quotes By Sonia Choquette

When our personal inner vision is sharp and balanced, it awakens our ability to look at life with a creative and positive point of view. It stimulates our thirst for knowledge and education in every possible way. — Sonia Choquette

Creative Vision Quotes By Amah Lambert

Entrepreneurship is when an individual retrieves a red hot idea from the creativity furnace without the constraint of the heat of lean resources, and with each persistent blow of the innovation hammer shapes the still malleable idea against the anvil of passion, vision, insight, strategy, and principles to forge a fitting vessel of a creative concern. — Amah Lambert

Creative Vision Quotes By Aberjhani

Writing for me is a form of spiritual discipline and creative vision, a means of being in the world and giving one's love to it without compromise or dilution. — Aberjhani

Creative Vision Quotes By Jan Mckingley Hilado

When dreams are not clear, the results are often as blurred. You won't be able to arrive at your desired destination if you are not certain of where you're going. You have to be able to see clearly and perfectly. — Jan Mckingley Hilado

Creative Vision Quotes By Joe Johnston

I had thirty weeks of prep on 'Captain America.' I have a small team of qualified, supportive, creative producers who are actually helping me achieve my vision of the film. I had a dream cast headed by Chris Evans. I had the best designers, artists, sculptors, craftspeople. — Joe Johnston

Creative Vision Quotes By Wallace D. Wattles

It is not your part to guide or supervise the creative process. All you have to do with that is retain your vision, stick to your purpose, and maintain your faith and gratitude. — Wallace D. Wattles

Creative Vision Quotes By Henry Corbin

Prayer is the highest form, the supreme act of the Creative Imagination ... For prayer is not a request for something: it is the expression of a mode of being, a means of existing and of causing to exist, ... The organ of Prayer is the heart, the psychospiritual organ, with its concentration of energy, its himma ... Prayer is a "creator" of vision, ... — Henry Corbin

Creative Vision Quotes By Aberjhani

Art gives its vision to beauty not always recognized. And it surrenders freely
whatever power it possesses to every sincere soul that seeks it. But above all else
it presents us with the gift of ourselves. — Aberjhani

Creative Vision Quotes By Diana Butler Bass

Sometimes critics decry spirituality as individualism, but they miss the point. Spirituality is personal, yes. To experience God's spirit, to be lost in wonder, is something profound that we can all know directly and inwardly. That is not a problem. The real problem is that, in the last two centuries, religion has actually allowed itself to become privatized. In the same way that our political and economic concerns contracted from "we" to "me," so has our sense of God and faith. In many quarters, religion abandoned a prophetic and creative vision for humanity's common life in favor of an individual quest to get one's sorry ass to heaven. And, in the process, community became isolated behind the walls of buildings where worship experiences corresponded to members' tastes and preferences and confirmed their political views. — Diana Butler Bass

Creative Vision Quotes By Ashwin Sanghi

Those who are doggedly attached to the idea they began with may well execute on that idea. And do it well and fast. But along the way, they often miss so many unanticipated possibilities, options, alternatives, and paths that would've taken them away from that linear focus on executing on the vision, and sent them back into a place of creative dissidence and uncertainty, but also very likely yielded something orders of magnitude better. — Ashwin Sanghi

Creative Vision Quotes By Scarlett Johansson

For me, collaborating is a marriage of the minds. It's two or more people coming together and making an idea come alive. Using their own creative knowledge or creative spirit to make the best version of an idea. To inspire an idea and to challenge it to be better than just one person's vision for it. — Scarlett Johansson

Creative Vision Quotes By Thomas Berry

We cannot discover ourselves without first discovering the universe, the earth, and the imperatives of our own being. Each of these has a creative power and a vision far beyond any rational thought or cultural creation of which we are capable. — Thomas Berry

Creative Vision Quotes By John Ortberg

Your eternal destiny is not cosmic retirement; it is to be part of a tremendously creative project, under unimaginably splendid leadership, on an inconceivably vast scale, with ever-increasing cycles of fruitfulness and enjoyment - that is the prophetic vision which 'eye has not seen and ear has not heard.' — John Ortberg

Creative Vision Quotes By Mitali Perkins

It's a lovely adaptation that honors Lois Lowry's vision and authority ... the film ... illuminates and explores the beauty, danger and pain of our free, creative lives. Plenty to talk about in families and other communities. Go see it. — Mitali Perkins

Creative Vision Quotes By Shaun McNiff

The greatest opportunities for creative transformation are often lodged in our discontents. Art is an alchemical process that feeds on emotional energy. When we realize that a perfect equilibrium in our lives might not be the best basis for making art, then we can begin to re-vision our stress points. So rather than try to rid your life of tension, consider doing something more creative with it. — Shaun McNiff

Creative Vision Quotes By Jalina Mhyana

My husband and I have always been good at creative visualization. Before we quit drugs and got married he'd place tabs of acid on his eyes to see things that weren't there. I'd lay blank sheets of photographic paper on the cornea of developing solution to conjure images. We'd always coaxed dreams from paper, and believed them. — Jalina Mhyana

Creative Vision Quotes By Melissa Marr

Creative vision creates art" - he motioned around the gallery - "that shows the rest of the world a new angle. That's beautiful thing."
"Or some sort of madness", she said. — Melissa Marr

Creative Vision Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Creative expansion cannot happen without vision. — Pearl Zhu

Creative Vision Quotes By Lawrence Clark Powell

To achieve lasting literature, fictional or factual, a writer needs perceptive vision, absorptive capacity, and creative strength. — Lawrence Clark Powell

Creative Vision Quotes By Steve Jobs

Whenever you do any one thing intensely over a period of time you have to give up other lives you could be living. You have to have a real single-minded kind of tunnel vision if you want to get anything significant accomplished. Especially if the desire is not to be a businessman, but to be a creative person. — Steve Jobs

Creative Vision Quotes By Richard Tarnas

Ours is an age between worldviews, creative yet disoriented, a transitional era when the old cultural vision no longer holds and the new has not yet constellated. Yet we are not without signs of what the new might look like — Richard Tarnas

Creative Vision Quotes By Anagarika Govinda

The cloud represents the creative power of the mind, which can assume any imaginable form. It is the ideal medium of creation for the enlightened mind, which manifests itself on the plane of timeless meditative vision. — Anagarika Govinda

Creative Vision Quotes By William Greider

The brilliant creative core of capitalism ... is the story the entrepreneurs and capital investors tell themselves about the future. How they intend to alter it, what they expect to gain in return, where they will raise the capital to accomplish their vision. Many of their stories turn out to be flawed or mistaken, of course, but the capacity to envision a set of future events and then act to fulfill them is a central source of capitalism's strength and its dominance of society. — William Greider

Creative Vision Quotes By Terry Brooks

Fantasy writing must be grounded in both truth and life experience if it is to work. It can be as inventive and creative as the writer can make it, a whirlwind of images and plot twists, but it cannot be built on a foundation of air. The world must be identifiable with our own, must offer us a frame of reference we can recognize."
"Fantasy stories work because the writer has interwoven bits and pieces of reality with imagination to form a personal vision. — Terry Brooks

Creative Vision Quotes By Archibald Marwizi

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit in you? How helpful and creative are you in solving challenges? Have you attained communication and negotiation excellence status? Can you effectively market yourself and your service/product? How effective are you at selling your vision? The answers will determine how far your influence will go. — Archibald Marwizi

Creative Vision Quotes By Keith Murray

Seeing a photograph of myself is often pretty jarring. Why is it that the vision I see of myself in a photo is so different than the one I see in a mirror - not to mention the "self" that I see in my mind's eye? Pondering it can pretty easily cast me into a vortex of self-doubt, wondering how the me that people experience - my voice, my personality, my creative expression - is regarded without my knowledge. — Keith Murray

Creative Vision Quotes By Joe Grant

They want more production and they want it cheaper. But no matter what happens, the creative idea will be perpetuated by somebody who comes up with a vision. I don't care if there are three ceos - it takes one guy with an idea. — Joe Grant

Creative Vision Quotes By Brendon Burchard

I like to remind people that creativity also isn't a spark; it's a slog. Every artist, inventor, designer, writer, or other creative in the world will talk about his work being an iterative experience. He'll start with one idea, shape it, move it, combine it, break it, begin anew, discover something within himself, see a new vision, go at it again, test it, share it, fix it, break it, hone it, hone it, hone it, hone it. This might sound like common sense, but it's not common practice, and that's why so many people are terribly uncreative - they're not willing to do the work required to create something that's beautiful, useful, desirable, celebrated. No masterpiece was shaped or written in a day. It's a long slog to get something right. This knowledge and willingness to iterate is what makes the world's most creative people so creative (and successful). — Brendon Burchard

Creative Vision Quotes By Grant McCracken

People who escape familiar groups and make contact with unfamiliar ones becomes smarter and more creative. They have what Ronald Burt calls a "vision advantage." They are no longer captives of their cultures. — Grant McCracken

Creative Vision Quotes By Jochen Zeitz

We allow people to be creative. We set a direction, we set the vision, we set the strategy, but within that framework, we allow our people to be as creative as they want to be. — Jochen Zeitz

Creative Vision Quotes By Chuck Klosterman

The worst thing you can do to anybody trying to be creative is to demand participation in their vision. — Chuck Klosterman

Creative Vision Quotes By Robyn Lively

This is actually something no one knows, but my mom was really the one who created the entire style for 'Teen Witch.' I'm dead serious. She was super involved, and is super creative, so I wore a lot of my actual clothes in the movie. Truly, Louise was my mom's vision. She really created an iconic character. — Robyn Lively

Creative Vision Quotes By Edward Weston

When a photographer masters the tools and processes of the art, then the quality of the work is only limited by his creative vision. — Edward Weston

Creative Vision Quotes By Matt Smith

I started writing songs in high school and always wanted to have a band, and eventually my creative endeavors developed into Theocracy. So in some ways, you could say the vision has been there since I started writing songs. — Matt Smith

Creative Vision Quotes By Buck Brannaman

When you first get started, you're the only one with a vision. When you become creative and use your imagination, pretty soon the things you imagined, you can get done. If you got a taste of it, if you got a taste of what I'm talking about, you'd rather do that than eat. You couldn't get enough of it. You'll hunger for it the rest of your life. — Buck Brannaman

Creative Vision Quotes By George Saunders

I've had the thought that a person's 'artistic vision' is really just the cumulative combination of whatever particular stances he has sincerely occupied during his creative life - even if some of those might appear contradictory. — George Saunders

Creative Vision Quotes By Dennis Waitley

A dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. You must break out of your current comfort zone and become comfortable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. — Dennis Waitley

Creative Vision Quotes By Deena Metzger

For those who are intrigued by the multiplicity of reality and the unique possibilities of their own vision, the creative is the path they must pursue. — Deena Metzger

Creative Vision Quotes By David Graeber

After all, as we're constantly reminded, the Internet has unleashed all sorts of creative vision and collaborative ingenuity. What it has really brought about is a kind of bizarre inversion of ends and means, where creativity is marshaled to the service of administration rather than the other way around. — David Graeber

Creative Vision Quotes By David Boreanaz

I have a very clear vision as to what I want at the end of my prep, and then I throw it out and let the creative process take over. — David Boreanaz

Creative Vision Quotes By Walter Bradford Cannon

Chance throws peculiar conditions in everyone's way. If we apply intelligence, patience and special vision, we are rewarded with new creative breakthroughs. — Walter Bradford Cannon

Creative Vision Quotes By Stephen R. Covey

Vision is the best manifestation of creative imagination and the primary motivation of human action. It's the ability to see beyond our present reality, to create, to invent what does not yet exist, to become what we not yet are. It gives us capacity to live out of our imagination instead of our memory. — Stephen R. Covey

Creative Vision Quotes By Georgiana Burne-Jones

This seclusion of the artist with his work, sometimes misconceived as a selfish thing, is in truth as needful a tool as any, if a vision is to be made clear to others. And all the men I have known do creative work obtained it; either mechanically, by the walls of a workroom, or by that withdrawal into themselves which is part of their power. — Georgiana Burne-Jones

Creative Vision Quotes By Ronald D. Moore

The creative part, with the writing of it and the vision, and finding the voice of a show and the characters, is much harder to teach somebody. It's like music. You can either play it or you can't. If you can't play music and you really struggle and work hard, you can learn, but you have to have some inner gift to take it to the next level. — Ronald D. Moore

Creative Vision Quotes By Tony Krantz

I think I'm an extremely conscientious producer and now equally as a director and it gives me the opportunity to look at the entire movie and really allow the movie to be the creative vision of the actors, the writer and myself, because I'm in charge of it from a producer and a director point of view. — Tony Krantz

Creative Vision Quotes By Richard J. Mouw

Here is Max De Pree at his best, and that is very good indeed. In Leading Without Power, De Pree shows us why we cannot master the how-to-dos of effective leadership without also being clear about what leaders?and followers?must be. In doing so, he not only provides us with much practical wisdom about creative leading and organizational health, he also nurtures our souls. This is a book to be savored by all who care about such things as vision, faithfulness, trust, and hope. — Richard J. Mouw

Creative Vision Quotes By Debasish Mridha

In order to create a positive life, you have to have a positive vision and take creative actions. — Debasish Mridha

Creative Vision Quotes By George Gilder

Denying the necessary role of the creative mind as expressed in capital and technology, Marx ended up vindicating the zero-sum vision of anti-Semitic envy, in which bankers, capitalists, arbitrageurs, shopkeepers, entrepreneurs, and traders are deemed to be parasitical shysters and dispensable middlemen. — George Gilder

Creative Vision Quotes By Max McKeown

Before innovation - or practical creativity - there is insight. You must see the world differently. — Max McKeown

Creative Vision Quotes By Swami Dhyan Giten

Presence is not a question of judging or evaluating a client or a client's situation. Presence is to see the client's situation in a positive and creative light with a vision for how the present situation of the client relates to his further spiritual development. It is to accept a person as he is. It is to understand that the person is exactly where he needs to be in order to take the next step in his spiritual development. It is not about fighting with problems, darkness, drama and defences on the personality level, it is about becoming aware. It is about lighting the light in the inner being of another person. — Swami Dhyan Giten

Creative Vision Quotes By C.A. Dawson Scott

It is the artist who tries to gradually accustom people to the possibilities of a better state of things. — C.A. Dawson Scott

Creative Vision Quotes By John C. Maxwell

Jerry Hirshberg, in his book The Creative Priority: Putting Innovation to Work in Your Business, writes, No one in a corporation deliberately sets out to stifle creative thought. Yet, a traditional bureaucratic structure, with its need for predictability, linear logic, conformance to accepted norms, and the dictates of the most recent "long-range" vision statement, is a nearly perfect idea-killing machine. People in groups regress toward the security of the familiar and the well-regulated. Even creative people do it. It's easier. It avoids the ambiguity, the fear of unpredictability, the threat of the unfamiliar, and the messiness of intuition and human emotion. — John C. Maxwell

Creative Vision Quotes By Walter Isaacson

This is a book about the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. You might even add a seventh, retail stores, which Jobs did not quite revolutionize but did reimagine. In addition, he opened the way for a new market for digital content based on apps rather than just websites. Along the way he produced not only transforming products but also, on his second try, a lasting company, endowed with his DNA, that is filled with creative designers and daredevil engineers who could carry forward his vision. In August 2011, right before he stepped down as CEO, the enterprise he started in his parents' garage became the world's most valuable company. — Walter Isaacson

Creative Vision Quotes By Juliet Landau

I love being creative. I love acting, but I also love directing because you get to have a vision for the whole and bring that vision to fruition. — Juliet Landau

Creative Vision Quotes By Steve Jobs

Companies, as they grow to become multi-billion-dollar entities, somehow lose their vision. They insert lots of layers of middle management between the people running the company and the people doing the work. They no longer have an inherent feel or a passion about the products. The creative people, who are the ones who care passionately, have to persuade five layers of management to do what they know is the right thing to do. — Steve Jobs

Creative Vision Quotes By Alexis Hurley

Perspective: it is the creativity we possess, the beliefs we follow and the lessons we learn. — Alexis Hurley

Creative Vision Quotes By Carl Sandburg

I see America, not in the setting sun of a black night of despair ahead of us, I see America in the crimson light of a rising sun fresh from the burning, creative hand of God. I see great days ahead, great days possible to men and women of will and vision — Carl Sandburg

Creative Vision Quotes By Rebecca Goldstein

(As Plato There is nothing superstitious about forcing bad consequences for the hubris of paternalistic utopianism. Humanity should never be frozen into a vision of the best. A creative society must be willing to tolerate some degree of instability because creativity is inherently unstable. — Rebecca Goldstein

Creative Vision Quotes By Bertrand Russell

Philosophy, for Plato, is a kind of vision, the 'vision of truth' ... Everyone who has done any kind of creative work has experienced, in a greater or less degree, the state of mind in which, after long labour, truth or beauty appears, or seems to appear, in a sudden glory - it may only be about some small matter, or it may be about the universe. I think that most of the best creative work, in art, in science, in literature, and in philosophy, has been a result of just such a moment. — Bertrand Russell

Creative Vision Quotes By Tavi Gevinson

Just really be passionate and stick to your creative vision. Because it's competitive, and there are so many mind games and so many things that could get in the way. But success is the best revenge, so build yourself up rather than knock others down. — Tavi Gevinson

Creative Vision Quotes By Phil Pringle

Leaders are creators. They bring their visions to fruitition through the creative process. — Phil Pringle

Creative Vision Quotes By Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

When each of these three elements of vision-concern for excellence, for people and for the wider environment-are present, business is transformed from a tool for making profits into a creative, humane experiment for improving life. — Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

Creative Vision Quotes By David Emerald Womeldorff

The way you create any outcome in your life is to hold the vision of your deepest desires. At the same time, though, you must honestly and accurately assess your current situation and how it relates to your greater vision. By doing this, you engage tension between what is and what can be. This tension is the primary creative force behind the manifestation of any outcome. It's as natural and powerful as the force of gravity. — David Emerald Womeldorff

Creative Vision Quotes By Greg Rucka

When there's a clear vision, and you've got the creative teams working toward that goal, each on their own, it can then come together quite elegantly at the endpoint. — Greg Rucka

Creative Vision Quotes By Jacques Maritain

Art is a creative effort of which the wellsprings lie in the spirit, and which brings us at once the most intimate self of the artist and the secret concurrences which he has perceived in things by means of a vision or intuition all his own, and not to be expressed in ideas and in words-expressible only in the work of art. — Jacques Maritain

Creative Vision Quotes By Janey Colbourne

Entire universes flourish in my mind. Sometimes I get lost in there. — Janey Colbourne

Creative Vision Quotes By William Drenttel

Good design today requires more vision (a larger point of view versus the single brilliant idea), more consistency (a deeper underlying structure of language and form versus the simple, uniform application of visual elements) and more patience (persistence over time versus creative authoritarianism). — William Drenttel

Creative Vision Quotes By Kesh

Whatever social network that comes along, whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, whatever it is, I'll use it in a creative sense to push the vision and explore the possibilities of the relationship between humans and technology. — Kesh

Creative Vision Quotes By Peter Senge

The gap between vision and current reality is also a source of energy. If there were no gap, there would be no need for any action to move towards the vision. We call this gap creative tension. — Peter Senge

Creative Vision Quotes By Henri Matisse

The artist begins with a vision - a creative operation requiring an effort. — Henri Matisse

Creative Vision Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative entitlement doesn't mean behaving like a princess, or acting as though the world owes you anything whatsoever. No, creative entitlement simply means believing that you are allowed to be here, and that - merely by being here - you are allowed to have a voice and a vision of your own. The — Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative Vision Quotes By Rollo May

Every authentic artist is engaged in this creating of the conscience of the race, even though he or she may be unaware of the fact. The artist is not a moralist by conscious intention, but is concerned only with hearing and expressing the vision within his or her own being. But out of the symbols the artist sees and creates - as Giotto created the forms for the Renaissance - there is later hewn the ethical structure of the society. — Rollo May

Creative Vision Quotes By Pope Benedict XVI

Toynbee emphasized the difference between technological-material progress and true progress, which he defined as spiritualization. He recognized that the Western world was indeed undergoing a crisis, which he attributed to the abandonment of religion for the cult of technology, nationalism, and militarism. For him this crisis had a name: secularism. If you know the cause of an illness, you can also find a cure: The religious heritage in all its forms had to be reintroduced, especially the "heritage of Western Christianity." Rather than a biologistic vision, he offered a voluntaristic one focused on the energy of creative minorities and exceptional individuals. — Pope Benedict XVI

Creative Vision Quotes By Neil Gaiman

The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.
[Keynote Address, University of the Arts, 134th Commencement (Philadelphia, PA, May 17, 2012)] — Neil Gaiman

Creative Vision Quotes By Robert Delaunay

Vision is the true creative rhythm. — Robert Delaunay

Creative Vision Quotes By Jon Mecham

Our greatest leaders are neither dreamers nor dictators: They are, like Jefferson, those who articulate national aspirations yet master the mechanics of influence and know when to depart from dogma. Jefferson had a remarkable capacity to marshal ideas and to move men, to balance the inspirational and the pragmatic. To realize his vision, he compromised and improvised. The willingness to do what he needed to do in a given moment makes him an elusive historical figure. Yet in the real world ... his creative flexibility made him a transformative leader. — Jon Mecham

Creative Vision Quotes By Thomas Berry

As in creating some significant work the artist first experiences something akin to dream awareness that becomes clarified in the creative process itself, so we must first have a vision of the future sufficiently entrancing that it will sustain us in the transformation of the human project that is now in process. — Thomas Berry

Creative Vision Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative entitlement simply means believing that you are allowed to be here, and that - merely by being here - you are allowed to have a voice and a vision of your own. — Elizabeth Gilbert

Creative Vision Quotes By Yasuhiko Kimura

Business is a creative and therefore spiritual endeavor. Great entrepreneurs enter the field of business in the same way great artists enter the field of art. With their business creation, entrepreneurs express their spiritual desire for self-realization, evolutionary passion for self- fulfillment, and creative vision of a new world. The entrepreneur's business is their artwork. The creation of business is as creative as any creation in art. In fact, building a business may be the most creative human activity. — Yasuhiko Kimura

Creative Vision Quotes By Steve Sabol

NFL Films has had one continuous, creative vision for 47 years. These are timeless things; timeless stories that we capture just like people go back and read Greek mythology. — Steve Sabol

Creative Vision Quotes By Craig D. Lounsbrough

Our imagination is God's ingenious gift that hands us the privilege of romping and playing in realities that we can't see only because we've yet to create them. — Craig D. Lounsbrough

Creative Vision Quotes By Kilroy J. Oldster

Beauty surrounds us, but oftentimes it takes a person with a poetic perception, an artist's way of looking at the world, to first notice the sublime, and then stagecraft the splendor of nature so that other people can perceive their synoptic vision. The spirit and aesthetic intention behind the work is what assigns the work its artistic quality. Great works of poetry and writing, for instance, express not simply a criticism of life, but also encompass a philosophy for living. — Kilroy J. Oldster

Creative Vision Quotes By Laurie Perez

Bringing a novel to light - revealing the form and cadence, shadows and demeanor of a protagonist constructed from thin air - linking scenes and synchronicity across translucent time - holding up a glass brimming with chilled, never-tasted liquid, then sipping from it with intoxicated focus - allowing lovers to make a perilous mess of things, fall apart and nakedly come back together again - looking through conjured windows deep into someone else's snow-bound solitude, feeling utterly alone yet being all-connected: this is not writing. It's world-creating.

It's raw, exposed dreaming. It's humbling. At first too personal and intimate to share, it evolves like a child into a life of its own until I have no say in what comes next.

It's what I wake at 4am to say Yes to, the spinning possibility of a new story relentlessly commanding me to write it down so it can whirl in your experience. — Laurie Perez

Creative Vision Quotes By George Lucas

I thought it [Star Wars] was too wacky for the general public. Right or wrong this is my movie, this is my decision, and this is my creative vision, and if people don't like it, they don't have to see it. — George Lucas

Creative Vision Quotes By Henri Matisse

It would be a mistake to ascribe this creative power to an inborn talent. In art, the genius creator is not just a gifted being, but a person who has succeeded in arranging for their appointed end, a complex of activities, of which the work is the outcome. The artist begins with a vision - a creative operation requiring an effort. Creativity takes courage. — Henri Matisse

Creative Vision Quotes By George Eliot

It is worth repeating that powerful imagination is not false outward vision, but intense inward representation, and a creative energy constantly fed by susceptibility to the veriest minutiae of experience, which it reproduces and constructs in fresh and fresh wholes; not the habitual confusion of provable fact with the fictions of fancy and transient inclination, but a breadth of ideal association which informs every material object, every incidental fact with far-reaching memories and storied residues of passion, bringing into new light the less obvious relations to human existence. — George Eliot

Creative Vision Quotes By Amy Sherman-Palladino

To me, crazy is not someone who has a creative vision and will fight for it. — Amy Sherman-Palladino

Creative Vision Quotes By Bruce Lee

As long as I can remember I feel I have had this great creative and spiritual force within me that is greater than faith, greater than ambition, greater than confidence, greater than determination, greater than vision. It is all these combined. My brain becomes magnetized with this dominating force which I hold in my hand. — Bruce Lee

Creative Vision Quotes By Matthew Lillard

I think one of the main reason's Rick Rosenthal and Whitewater PIctures decided to 'get in bed with me' on 'Fat Kid' was because I came in with a strong business plan as well as a creative vision on how to make the film. — Matthew Lillard

Creative Vision Quotes By Lee Yoon-ki

The quality of Korean actors is actually quite high. Their passion is overwhelming but not many platforms are available to cater to their creative needs. They're thirsty for something new and I think that's where I connect with them. They have vision. In certain sense many Korean actors have better vision than directors. — Lee Yoon-ki

Creative Vision Quotes By Bryant McGill

Life wants you to thrive in the domain of your own unique creative vision for your yourself. — Bryant McGill

Creative Vision Quotes By Ed Catmull

Creative people must accept that challenges never cease, failure can't be avoided, and "vision" is often an illusion. — Ed Catmull

Creative Vision Quotes By Ciara

I love when people have their own creative vision, when a person stands out and tries different things. — Ciara

Creative Vision Quotes By Sharon Doubiago

The smaller man said again, 'See the Buddha in everyone.'
How different, I thought, that is from Brakhage, who says it is the artist's business to discover the particularity that distinguishes you from all others. Your virtue. Your vision that makes you separate from others. I remembered that he quoted Robert Duncan. 'Soul is not universal. It is a created-creative event. — Sharon Doubiago