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Top Crony Quotes

Crony Quotes By Dennis McDougal

The newspaper publisher who hangs around clubs or becomes a crony to sundry businessmen cannot run a good newspaper. — Dennis McDougal

Crony Quotes By Monica Crowley

No one is safe from Mattera's hard-hitting, meticulously reported, and genuinely funny investigative journalism. CRAPITALISM blows the lid off crony capitalism. — Monica Crowley

Crony Quotes By Brink Lindsey

Rent-seeking crony capitalism with a strong incumbency bias. If we had a good — Brink Lindsey

Crony Quotes By Aung San Suu Kyi

Unless there is free and fair competition, there can't be healthy economic development. And what we have in Burma now is not an open-market economy that allows free and fair competition, but a form of colonialism makes a few people very, very wealthy. It's what you would crony capitalism. — Aung San Suu Kyi

Crony Quotes By Dave Brat

I am running to fix the economy, restore the constitutional system of checks and balances and to end this game of crony capitalism by the ruling class in Washington. — Dave Brat

Crony Quotes By Sri Mulyani Indrawati

People feel they are not participating in the decision-making process. Decisions are exclusive to those at the very top. You have grown up with crony capitalism and it creates ever more resentment. — Sri Mulyani Indrawati

Crony Quotes By Michael Barone

Punishing enemies and rewarding friends - politics Chicago style - seems to be the unifying principle that helps explain the Obamacare waivers, the NLRB action against Boeing and IRS's gift tax assault on 501(c)(4) donors. They look like examples of crony capitalism, bailout favoritism and gangster government. One thing they don't look like is the rule of law. — Michael Barone

Crony Quotes By Carly Fiorina

The truth is, Hillary Clinton's ideas create more income inequality. Why? Because bigger government creates crony capitalism. When you have a 70,000 page tax code, you've got to be very wealthy, very powerful, very well connected to dig your way through that tax code. — Carly Fiorina

Crony Quotes By Alan Greenspan

Crony capitalism is essentially a condition in which ... public officials are giving favours to people in the private sector in payment of political favours. — Alan Greenspan

Crony Quotes By Charles Koch

Crony capitalism is much easier than competing in an open market. But it erodes our overall standard of living and stifles entrepreneurs by rewarding the politically favored rather than those who provide what consumers want. — Charles Koch

Crony Quotes By John Brown

I think every family should have a dog; it is like having a perpetual baby; it is the plaything and crony of the whole house. It keeps them all young. — John Brown

Crony Quotes By Carly Fiorina

Crony capitalism is alive and well: the big are bigger, the wealthy are getting wealthier because, with a very large powerful complicated government, which is what we have and which Democrats want more of, only the big, the powerful, the wealthy and the well connected can survive. — Carly Fiorina

Crony Quotes By Rupert Murdoch

Crony capitalism is not capitalism - it is cronyism. — Rupert Murdoch

Crony Quotes By Charles Krauthammer

If Harriet Miers were not a crony of the president of the United States, her nomination to the Supreme Court would be a joke, as it would have occurred to no one else to nominate her. — Charles Krauthammer

Crony Quotes By Pierce Brown

But business in a crony-capitalist society is the craft of sharks. — Pierce Brown

Crony Quotes By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

We do not have free market capitalism in America; we have crony capitalism. There is a huge difference between free market capitalism that democratizes a country and makes us more efficient and prosperous and corporate crony capitalism. — Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Crony Quotes By Tom Hayden

Neoconservatives and the Pentagon have good reason to fear the return of the Vietnam Syndrome. The label intentionally suggests a disease, a weakening of the martial will, but the syndrome was actually a healthy American reaction to false White House promises of victory, the propping up of corrupt regimes, crony contracting and cover-ups of civilian casualties during the Vietnam War that are echoed today in the news from Baghdad. — Tom Hayden

Crony Quotes By Gideon Haigh

Sambit Bal may be right that this is a scandal the IPL needed. It certainly brings fans face-to-face with the tangled reality of their amusement, based as it is on a self-seeking, self-perpetuating commercial oligarchy issued licenses to exploit cricket as they please. Whether the fans care is another matter: one of the reasons Indians have embraced economic liberalisation so fervently is a shoulder-shrugging resignation about the efficiency and integrity of their institutions. Given the choice between Lalit Modi, with his snappy suits and his soi-disant 'Indian People's League', and the BCCI, stuffed with grandstanding politicians and crony capitalists, where would your loyalties lie? — Gideon Haigh

Crony Quotes By Anatoly Chubais

The kind of capitalism I hate most is crony capitalism, the friends who decide. These are things which should be killed in Russia. — Anatoly Chubais

Crony Quotes By Stephen Richards

I believe in most men there is a certain amount of violence. Every man has a bit of fight in him, but some of them have to look deeper within themselves, further than most. The fight is there if you search for it; people don't think they've got it at all, but they have got it, like the weakest fucking crony you could see on earth. If someone broke in to the house, I believe he'd fucking have a go rather than somebody hurt his wife and kids; it would press him to his limits. If he's not going to defend his pitch, he's not worth a cup of cold fucking water. — Stephen Richards

Crony Quotes By Kliment Voroshilov

Voroshilov was a hard-riding, hard-drinking military crony of civil-war days. — Kliment Voroshilov

Crony Quotes By Alan Greenspan

Every economy exists, no matter what the level of democracy, has elements of crony capitalism. It's - given human nature and given the democratic structures, which we all, I assume, adhere to, that is an inevitable consequence. — Alan Greenspan

Crony Quotes By Jason Mattera

Let's define a Crapitalist: A well-connected friend of the powers that be who scores big bucks at taxpayer expense. From bagging millions in tax dollars for phony "green energy" companies that go bust, to vacuuming public coffers to build glitzy sports stadiums, to utilizing little-known tax credit loopholes to loot $1.5 billion a year for Hollywood movies - Crapitalists know how to use every trick to enrich themselves at taxpayer expense. Rather than playing and winning in the rough-and-tumble world of business competition, Crapitalists use government to rig the game in their favor and leave you and me - the taxpayers - holding the bill. These corporate sissies know their ideas suck, so they try to stack the deck to privatize their profits and socialize their losses.
And there's the rub: crony capitalism is socialism's Trojan horse. — Jason Mattera

Crony Quotes By Harold L. Ickes

I am against government by crony. — Harold L. Ickes

Crony Quotes By Gary Johnson

We do live in an environment of crony capitalism, and the main reason we do is that loopholes are for sale, and both parties have their hands out through those loopholes. — Gary Johnson

Crony Quotes By Carly Fiorina

We [the Republicans] help the middle class when we unburden them from the very policies that Hillary Clinton would double down on. She champions Big Government, which we know enables crony capitalism and exacerbates inequality. If you are wealthy, powerful and well-connected, you can handle Big Government. — Carly Fiorina

Crony Quotes By Nassim Nicholas Taleb

What we do today has nothing to do with capitalism or socialism. It is a crony type of system that transfers money to the coffers of bureaucrats. — Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Crony Quotes By Paul Ryan

I call crony capitalism, where you take money from successful small businesses, spend it in Washington on favored industries, on favored individuals, picking winners and losers in the economy, that's not pro-growth economics. That's not entrepreneurial economics. That's not helping small businesses. That's cronyism, that's corporate welfare. — Paul Ryan

Crony Quotes By Thurgood Marshall

None of us got where we are solely by pulling ourselves up
by our bootstraps. We got here because somebody -
a parent, a teacher, an Ivy League crony or a few nuns -
bent down and helped us pick up our boots. — Thurgood Marshall

Crony Quotes By Paul Ryan

Big-government economics breeds crony capitalism. It's corrupt, anything but neutral, and a barrier to broad participation in prosperity. — Paul Ryan