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Top Bad Competition Quotes

Bad Competition Quotes By Jerry Lawler

In this day and time, with no competition you are really walking a tightrope. I mean you may think that no competition is good, but in reality no competition is really bad. — Jerry Lawler

Bad Competition Quotes By Arthur Caplan

Renegade scientists and totalitarian loonies are not the folks most likely to abuse genetic engineering. You and I are-not because we are bad but because we want to do good. In a world dominated by competition, parents understandably want to give their kids every advantage ... The most likely way for eugenics to enter into our lives is through the front door as nervous parents ... will fall over one another to be first to give Junior a better set of genes. — Arthur Caplan

Bad Competition Quotes By Madonna Ciccone

I know there's a lot of competition in the world of magazines and newspapers and we have to make headlines and be sensational and sell, and saying bad things about me is going to sell more papers than writing good things about me. — Madonna Ciccone

Bad Competition Quotes By Nora Roberts

It was bad enough to be swallowed up by the intrinsic anger of New York City traffic and its seemingly mad competition between cars, cabs, the ubiquitous delivery trucks, the kamikaze bike messengers and the always-in-a-damn hurry pedestrians. — Nora Roberts

Bad Competition Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

Competition is a bad company [kusang, the company which will bring our downfall]. — Dada Bhagwan

Bad Competition Quotes By Pearl Zhu

Competition to further the world of pursuing ego=bad. Competition to improve both capabilities and processes = good. — Pearl Zhu

Bad Competition Quotes By Criss Jami

Oftentimes winning can become an addiction, whether good or bad, to the point where you would rather lose it all before you lose at all. — Criss Jami

Bad Competition Quotes By Darin Bradley

The problem with romance is the occlusion. The tunnel vision, drawing your every gaze downstream, into those other eyes, the flotsam of your better self, your clearer self, along for the ride. It doesn't matter what secrets swirl and bob in the waters beneath you, as you float toward that lady at Delphi, who, you imagined, reading Mythology, must have been beautiful. It doesn't matter that Charybdis, with no body, with no form, with only a mouth-as-being, couldn't have been evil, because she lacked the brain for it. It doesn't matter that following the logical course of events, the natural course, always disadvantages someone else, because love, after all, is simply a competition for resources, made infinitely complex and unknowable when squared and cubed and raised to every other emotional exponent - and then layered with sex and society and a bad memory for what those resources were in the first place. — Darin Bradley

Bad Competition Quotes By Anonymous

It is often possible to make a profit by being pretty good at prediction in fields where the competition succumbs to poor incentives, bad habits, or blind adherence to tradition - or because you have better data or technology than they do. It is much harder to be very good in fields where everyone else is getting the basics right - and you may be fooling yourself if you think you have much of an edge. — Anonymous

Bad Competition Quotes By Hannah Arendt

According to bourgeois standards, those who are completely unlucky and unsuccessful are automatically barred from competition, which is the life of society. Good fortune is identified with honor, and bad luck with shame. — Hannah Arendt

Bad Competition Quotes By Chaka Khan

America breeds ambition and while that can be a good thing, sometimes it's not. Ambition also breeds competition and that can be a very bad thing. People become chronically preoccupied with competing and don't know when to stop. It can become unhealthy. — Chaka Khan

Bad Competition Quotes By Linda Rawson

Competition isn't a bad thing. Somebody can always do it better and that somebody is you. — Linda Rawson

Bad Competition Quotes By Sara McMann

I know what a really bad day is ... and that's not losing a competition. — Sara McMann

Bad Competition Quotes By Shu Qi

Having no competition is a bad thing. Competition makes you try to improve yourself all the time. — Shu Qi

Bad Competition Quotes By Gilbert Sorrentino

What if this young woman, who writes such bad poems, in competition with her husband, whose poems are equally bad, should stretch her remarkably long and well-made legs out before you, so that her skirt slips up to the tops of her stockings? — Gilbert Sorrentino

Bad Competition Quotes By Tod Machover

I think part of the bad thing is that skill is emphasized so much that a lot of people, by the time they get to Juilliard, well I think they kind of forget why they got into music in the first place and if they're performers - this is a simplification, but a lot of them are trying to win a competition and play more accurately, or better, or more beautifully, whatever can be measured, than somebody else. — Tod Machover

Bad Competition Quotes By J. Storrs Hall

A patent is simply and purely a grant of monopoly. Why would a supposedly enlightened government, which has laws against monopolies in other forms, grant them? The original idea was the opposite: you wanted the inventor to publish a description of the invention instead of keeping it secret. To induce him to, you offered, legally, some of the protection that he would have gotten by keeping the secret, enough to get a good head start on the competition.

It's not a bad idea, if it were done right... — J. Storrs Hall

Bad Competition Quotes By Chael Sonnen

As an athlete, you'll never feel bad about losing, but what you will feel bad about is underperforming. That's a real thing and it happens a lot when we don't live up to our potential. And that keeps you up at night and can give you years and years of regret. It could be a relationship, it could be a homework assignment, or it could be an athletic competition. If you don't go out and perform to the best of your ability, it will really bother you. — Chael Sonnen

Bad Competition Quotes By Evgeni Plushenko

I can skate beautifully. While performing on ice I always try to please the audience and to win as well. Being artistic is very important to get the audience on your side. As for a competition, you can't win without strong technical content. — Evgeni Plushenko

Bad Competition Quotes By Manasa Rao

Despite my height, ignorance, heartbreaks, insecurity, criticism, competition, my skin color, that voice in my head that says 'No way', bad luck, a tight budget, insults, fear, flaws, failure and opposition. I believe in myself. — Manasa Rao

Bad Competition Quotes By Elena Ferrante

Competition between women is good only if it does not prevail; that is to say if it coexists with affinity, affection, with a real sense of being mutually indispensable, with sudden peaks of solidarity in spite of envy, jealousy and the whole inevitable cohort of bad feelings. — Elena Ferrante

Bad Competition Quotes By Matthew J. Bruccoli

The mortality rate of literary friendships is high. Writers tend to be bad risks as friends ~ probably for much the same reasons that they are bad matrimonial risks. They expend the best parts of themselves in their work. Moreover, literary ambition has a way of turning into literary competition; if fame is the spur, envy may be a concomitant. — Matthew J. Bruccoli

Bad Competition Quotes By Fred Allen

Washington is no place for a good actor. The competition from bad actors is too great. — Fred Allen

Bad Competition Quotes By Evgeni Plushenko

Viktor Petrenko and I met at a competition, where I beat him completely accidentally. I felt so embarrassed in front of my idol. — Evgeni Plushenko

Bad Competition Quotes By George S. Patton

Battle ... brings out all that is best. — George S. Patton

Bad Competition Quotes By Bertrand Russell

The best life is the one in which the creative impulses play the largest part and the possessive impulses the smallest. This is no new discovery. The Gospel says: "Take no thought, saying, What shall we eat? or What shall we drink? or, Wherewithal shall we be clothed?" The thought we give to these things is taken away from matters of more importance. And what is worse, the habit of mind engendered by thinking of these things is a bad one; it leads to competition, envy, domination, cruelty, and almost all the moral evils that infest the world. In particular, it leads to the predatory use of force. Material possessions can be taken by force and enjoyed by the robber. Spiritual possessions cannot be taken in this way. — Bertrand Russell

Bad Competition Quotes By Evan Davis

My instinct is to assume that we consumers are an inconsistent bunch. We like competition if it delivers low prices, but grumble if it delivers the bad news that prices need to go up. — Evan Davis

Bad Competition Quotes By Peter Thiel

The perfect target market for a startup is a small group of particular people concentrated together and served by few or no competitors. Any big market is a bad choice, and a big market already served by competing companies is even worse. This is why it's always a red flag when entrepreneurs talk about getting 1% of a $100 billion market. In practice, a large market will either lack a good starting point or it will be open to competition, so it's hard to ever reach that 1%. And even if you do succeed in gaining a small foothold, you'll have to be satisfied with keeping the lights on: cutthroat competition means your profits will be zero. — Peter Thiel

Bad Competition Quotes By Arnold Schwarzenegger

Onstage I'm always different than offstage. I can be very friendly offstage, but onstage I will pull one trick after another on my competition to wipe him out, you know-because it's my living and I have to win. Franco is my best friend, but I will do as much as I can to make him look bad and make me look good. — Arnold Schwarzenegger

Bad Competition Quotes By Charlie Munger

In the LBO field there is a buried "covariance" with marketable equities, toward disaster in generally bad business conditions, and competition is now extremely intense. — Charlie Munger

Bad Competition Quotes By George Matthew Adams

There is a tendency among some businesses to criticize and belittle their competitors. This is a bad procedure. Praise them. Learn from them. There are times when you can co-operate with them to their advantage and to yours! Speak well of them and they will speak well of you. You can't destroy good ideas. Take advantage of them. — George Matthew Adams

Bad Competition Quotes By Viswanathan Anand

If you have a strong opponent, a competition is stimulating. I am generally most open to ideas when I have had a bad result. In chess, too, players specialise. This specialty then becomes an entry barrier. — Viswanathan Anand

Bad Competition Quotes By Martijn Benders

I can't understand how people can have grown up in the eighties, amidst all this competitive spirit, gangster battles, hiphop - and still pretend that artists are 'colleagues' that should be bloody nice to each other. I mean that's like the 60's, not the 80's. I grew up with the idea of putting a cap in the ass of bad rhyming niggers. So that's what i did. And they all started frontin me, copycats and dinosaurs, but they have nothing on me. To me, the house generation of the 90's is excused - I never pick fights with these ecstasy heads. I just wanna bury all the dinosaurs that don't get ill. — Martijn Benders

Bad Competition Quotes By Jesse Owens

It was bad enough to have toppled from the Olympic heights to make my living competing with animals. But the competition wasn't even fair. No man could beat a race horse, not even for 100 yards. — Jesse Owens

Bad Competition Quotes By Albert Ellis

You and many outstanding inventors and writers have striven for the ideal and have thereby helped yourself do remarkably well. REBT, therefore, does not oppose competition or striving for outstanding achievement. It advocates task-perfection, not self-perfection." "What does that mean?" "It means that you can try to be as good, or even as perfect, as you can - at any project or task. You can try to make it ideal. But you are not a good person if it is perfect. You are still a person who completed a perfect project, but never a good person for doing so." "How, then, do I become an incompetent or bad person?" "You don't! When you do incompetent or evil acts, you become a person who acted badly - never a bad person. — Albert Ellis

Bad Competition Quotes By Timothy Ferriss

A recession is very bad for publicly traded companies, but it's the best time for startups. When you have massive layoffs, there's more competition for available jobs, which means that an entrepreneur can hire freelancers at a lower cost. — Timothy Ferriss

Bad Competition Quotes By James Altucher

Your competition is not other people but the time you kill, the ill will you create, the knowledge you neglect to learn, the connections you fail to build, the health you sacrifice along the path, your inability to generate ideas, the people around you who don't support and love your efforts, and whatever god you curse for your bad luck. — James Altucher

Bad Competition Quotes By Josh Lanyon

'Yeah,' he said with slow satisfaction. 'You need it bad. Worse than I do.'
I gasped, 'Is it a competition? What do I win?'
'Shh. Turn off for a few seconds, Adrien.'
'A few seconds? Is that all it's
' I caught my breath as his finger moved knowledgeably, unerringly.
'There's the off button,' he murmured. — Josh Lanyon

Bad Competition Quotes By Sarah Weeks

Alice wondered if her mother was aware that she wasn't the only one in town who'd come down with a bad case of Blueberry Fever. — Sarah Weeks