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Yearly Calendar Quotes By Ibrahim Ibrahim

The ancient Egyptian calendar is Precessionally Sexagesimal (Besides being theologically/decanally decimal). That means that the toggling between its "enhanced" Civil Calendar (i.e., 365 days yearly) and the geometrical Original Calendar (i.e., 360 days yearly) is based on the precession of the equinoxes (rather than being solely anchored in the solar system); where 148 squared over 365 equals to 60; and 148 multiples of 360 over 365 equals to the height of the Great Pyramid. — Ibrahim Ibrahim

Yearly Calendar Quotes By Sophia Amoruso

unemotional as possible when you're asking for a raise. First, be really honest with yourself and make sure that you deserve the raise that you're asking for. You do not automatically deserve a raise just because you've been somewhere for a certain amount of time. But if you can articulate the reasons why you deserve a pay increase, then schedule time to meet with your boss and let her know in advance what you want to talk about. This can be as simple as "I'd like to schedule some time with you to talk about my salary. Is it okay if we put something on the calendar?" Talk to your boss about this in person. Hitting him up on Gchat is not appropriate. If your company does regular yearly reviews, that can also be your chance to talk about money. — Sophia Amoruso