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We've Never Met Quotes By Kristen Proby

There are moments when my kid can be the most compassionate person I've ever met. He's always
worried about hurting the feelings of those he loves. I hope he never loses that.
"I accidently farted in class today."
"Aaaand we're back to being twelve, — Kristen Proby

We've Never Met Quotes By Unknown

I've never been good at writing letters, so I hope you'll forgive me if I'm not able to make myself clear.
I've been thinking about you constantly since I left, wondering why the journey I'm on seemed to have led through you. I know my journey's not over yet, and that life is a winding path, but I can only hope it somehow circles back to the place I belong.
That's how I think of it now. I belong with you.
It is almost as if a part of you is with me. I want to believe that's true. No, change that - I know it's true. Before we met, I was as lost as a person could be, and yet you saw something in me that somehow gave me direction again. It was you, that I had been looking for all along. And it's you who is with me now.
I realize that I miss you more than I've ever missed anyone. In the short time we spent together, we had what most people can only dream about, and I'm counting the days until I can see you again. Never forget how much I love you. — Unknown

We've Never Met Quotes By Joss Stirling

I whirled round. 'No! Don't you Angel me, Marcus Cohen! You've treated me like dirt-suspicious ever sinds we met. Testing me is the final straw. You've never thought about how your behaviour affects me-not once. You never understood that all I wanted was to be allowed to love you. — Joss Stirling

We've Never Met Quotes By Jamie McGuire

We're both drunk,"
"This isn't right," he said.
"I want you."
"I need you to say it," he said.
"I'll say whatever you want."
"Then say that you belong to me. Say that you'll take me back. I won't do this unless we're together."
"We've never really been apart, have we?"
"I need to hear you say it. I need to know you're mine."
"I've been yours since the second we met."
"Say it again,"he said.
"I'm yours," I breathed. Every nerve, inside and out ached for more. "I don't ever want to be apart from you again."
"Promise me,"
"I love you. I'll love you forever. — Jamie McGuire

We've Never Met Quotes By Michael W. Smith

We've probably never met, but I wish we had. — Michael W. Smith

We've Never Met Quotes By Joe Biden

Let me tell you what I literally told every world leader I've met with, and I've met them all: It's never, never, never been a good bet to bet against America. We have the finest fighting force in the world. — Joe Biden

We've Never Met Quotes By Norman Jewison

But I've never met a racist yet who thinks he's a racist. That's always the disturbing thing about when we begin to look at ourselves. — Norman Jewison

We've Never Met Quotes By Gerry Lopez

In my lifetime, I've met a lot of people who never rode a wave, but we share the same consciousness. Surfing is a kind of a state of mind ... I mean, it's a feeling that people have about their life that really, in a way, kind of makes them a surfer. — Gerry Lopez

We've Never Met Quotes By John Irving

Just accept as a fact that everyone of any emotional importance to you is related to everyone else of any emotional importance to you; these relationships need not extend to blood, of course, but the people who change your life emotionally - all those people, from different places, from different times, spanning many wholly unrelated coincidences - are nonetheless 'related'. We associate people with each other for emotional not for factual reasons - people who've never met each other, who don't even know each other exists; people, even, who have forgotten us. — John Irving

We've Never Met Quotes By Robert Orben

We're supposed to take our problems to a family adviser. Personally, I've never met a family adviser. They're all off somewhere listening to dirty stories. — Robert Orben

We've Never Met Quotes By Rick Riordan

Percy says be talked to a Nereid in Charleston Harbor!"
"Good for him!" Leo yelled back.
"The Nereid said we should seek help from Chiron's brothers."
"What does that mean? The Party Ponies?" Leo had never met Chiron's crazy centaur relatives, but he'd heard rumors of Nerf sword-fights, root beer-chugging contests, and Super Soakers filled with pressurized whipped cream.
"Not sure," Annabeth said. "But I've got coordinates. Can you input latitude and longitude in this thing?"
"I can input star charts and order you a smoothie, if you want. Of course I can do latitude and longitude! — Rick Riordan

We've Never Met Quotes By Douglas Adams

I've never met all these people you speak of. And neither, I suspect, have you. They only exist in words we hear. It is folly to say you know what is happening to other people. Only they know, if they exist. They have their own Universes of their eyes and ears. — Douglas Adams

We've Never Met Quotes By E.L. James

What happened to her?"
"We finished."
"She wanted more."
"And you didn't?"
He shakes his head.
"I've never wanted more, until I met you. — E.L. James

We've Never Met Quotes By Jeffrey D. Sachs

Sustainability, or fairness to the future, therefore involves the concept of stewardship, the idea that the living generation must be stewards of the earth's resources for the generations that will come later. That's a tough role to play. There is nothing natural or innate about it. We need to defend the interests of those whom we've never met and never will. Yet those are our descendants and our fellow humanity. Alas, it's a role that we've mostly ignored till now, to the increasing peril of all who will follow. The — Jeffrey D. Sachs

We've Never Met Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Your mother was a hero. She developed a spell for gnomeatic fever. And she was the youngest headmaster in Watford history."
Baz is looking at Penny like they've never met.
"And," Penny goes on, "she defended your father in three duels before he accepted her proposal."
"That sounds barbaric," I say.
"It was traditional," Baz says.
"It was brilliant," Penny says. "I've read the minutes."
"Where?" Baz asks her.
"We have them in our library at home," she says "My dad loves marriage rites. Any sort of family magic, actually. He and my mother are bound together in five dimensions. — Rainbow Rowell

We've Never Met Quotes By Kimberly Lauren

I'll show you how great we are going to be. Because you're the most beautiful girl I've ever met, and I'm not talking about your gorgeous face, your stunning hair or your drop-dead sexy body. I never knew it was possible to be so attracted to your best friend. — Kimberly Lauren

We've Never Met Quotes By Richard Paul Evans

There are people whom we've never met in person yet feel closer to than those we brush up against in real life. — Richard Paul Evans

We've Never Met Quotes By Claire North

We've met before - a thousand times. I am the girl the world forgets. It started when I was sixteen years old. A slow declining, an isolation, one piece at a time. A father forgetting to drive me to school. A mother setting the table for three, not four. A teacher who forgets to chase my missing homework. A friend who looks straight through me and sees a stranger. No matter what I do, the words I say, the people I hurt, the crimes I commit - you will never remember who I am. That makes my life tricky. It also makes me dangerous... — Claire North

We've Never Met Quotes By Samantha Young

Because ... " he sighed, "You, make me laugh, you challenge me,
you turn me on like no else can. I feel like I'm missing
something really important when you're gone. So important I
don't feel like myself. I've never felt like someone was mine
before. But your mine, Jocelyn. I've known that from the moment
we met. And I'm yours. I don't want to be anybody else's,
babe. — Samantha Young

We've Never Met Quotes By Kenya Wright

Asleep? That's what she is right now?" Pure menace laced his words. "And when you decide to answer that question, Kane, be sure that you answer this with great care. I for one see you as my friend. We've never had problems. But now you've met my Melody, and problems cannot be avoided. So when I ask you, is she asleep, be sure that you give me a clear answer, because different ones will result in your death and the slashing away of every fucking person you know. — Kenya Wright

We've Never Met Quotes By Lois McMaster Bujold

I mean," Rosalie went on in a tone of renewed encouragement, "here's Vormoncrief, for instance." "Here is not Vormoncrief," Ekaterin said firmly, grasping for the one certain anchor in this whirlwind of confusion. "Absolutely not. You've never met the man, Rosalie, but take it from me, he's a twittering idiot. Aunt Vorthys, am I right or not?" The Professora smiled fondly at her. "I would not put it so bluntly, dear, but really, Rosalie, shall we say, I think Ekaterin can do better. There's plenty of time yet." "Do you think so?" Rosalie took in this assurance — Lois McMaster Bujold

We've Never Met Quotes By Tad Williams

Our lives aren't even about doing real things most of the time. We think and talk about people we've never met, pretend to visit places we've never actually been, to discuss things that are just names as though they were as real as rocks or animals or something. Information Age. Hell it's the Imagination Age. We're living in our own minds.
No, she decided as the plane began its steep descent, really we're living in other people's minds. — Tad Williams

We've Never Met Quotes By Shaye Evans

Why did you come out when you knew how your family would react?" I murmured, wrapping my arms around his waist. I brushed my lips the length of Lock's neck.
"Because I didn't want to hide. I hated acting like I was someone I wasn't."
"I never did thank you for that sub."
Lock laughed. "Adan, you've thanked me a hundred times over."
"I don't recall."
"Every time we're together, or when you kiss me, it's a constant reminder of how we met, and I wouldn't exchange that for anything. — Shaye Evans

We've Never Met Quotes By Keri Arthur

One thing more I must tell you.
For the longest time, the only emotion I have ever felt was the hunger to succeed. Then I met you.
Is love the desire - no, the need - to be with that person, whatever the cost? Does it cause the rue of rage when you see that person with another? Does it make you ache to hold her, to whisper things that sound foreign and strange to your tongue? Does it make you wish for things you know can never be?
I haven't the answers, Riley. In all that I've learned over the years, no one has ever mentioned a force such as this. But whatever it is, I feel it for you.
We would have been good together.
Written by Misha. — Keri Arthur

We've Never Met Quotes By Richelle Mead

Micah showed up shortly thereafter and was happy to meet our other "brother."
He shook Adrian's hand and smiled. "Now I see some family resemblance. I was starting to wonder if Jill was adopted, but you two kind of look like each other."
"So does our mailman back in North Dakota," said Adrian.
"South," I corrected. Fortunately, Micah didn't seem to think there was anything weird about the slip.
"Right," said Adrian. He studied Micah thoughtfully. "There's something familiar about you. Have we met?"
Micah shook his head. "I've never been to South Dakota."
I was pretty sure I heard Adrian murmur, "That makes two of us. — Richelle Mead

We've Never Met Quotes By Harlan Coben

Sara tried to smile, but it never reached more than the corners of her mouth. She sensed that Michael's past woes were not finished with him yet, that they were still potent enough to reach into the present and hurt him . . . "Mind if I join you two?" "Hello, Max," Sara said. "Max, you know Eric Blake, don't you?" "I believe we've met," Bernstein said. "How are you, Doctor?" "Very well, thank you," Eric replied as the beeper on his belt went off. "If you two will excuse me, I have to go." "Emergency? — Harlan Coben

We've Never Met Quotes By Karen Traviss

I've never met a soldier who knew he was a hero. It's not false modesty. They simply decide to do something that they know they must do, usually for there comrades, because if they don't, those people will suffer in some way. For them, that compulsion is far stronger than any fear. The fact we find it exceptional is a sad indictment of the human race. I'd like to live in a world of heroes. If we did, there would be no wars. — Karen Traviss

We've Never Met Quotes By Richard Bach

How many of us count fictional characters, or those we've never met, among our closest friends? My hand's up. — Richard Bach

We've Never Met Quotes By Chimnese Davids

I've pushed your love away and I've run from you, sometimes I've checked out, but this is the reason. I just couldn't understand what we have. I mean we have never met in real life, yet we've loved each other for over 3 years. — Chimnese Davids

We've Never Met Quotes By Steph Campbell

The night we met, we started off with coffee and politics, but it was one of those nights where you just can't stop talking. Where you're finishing each other's sentences, and it's like you've just met.. but also like you've known each other forever. Where you find yourself telling secrets that you've never told anyone else before in your life. — Steph Campbell

We've Never Met Quotes By Jessica Love

My best friend and I have never met. We talk every day, on the phone or online, and he knows more about me than anyone. Like, deep into my soul. But we've never actually seen each other in real life. — Jessica Love

We've Never Met Quotes By Julius Lester

Each of us is comprised of stories, stories not only about ourselves but stories about ancestors we never knew and people we've never met. We have stories we love to tell and stories we have never told anyone. The extent to which others know us is determined by the stories we choose to share. We extend a deep trust to someone when we say, "I'm going to tell you something I've never told anyone." Sharing stories creates trust because through stories we come to a recognition of how much we have in common. — Julius Lester

We've Never Met Quotes By Elizabeth Bard

We've been here dozen of times since we met, but this precious month before the baby is born feels like a last first date. There's a different kind of romance beginning. We will never again be entirely alone in the world — Elizabeth Bard

We've Never Met Quotes By Natsuki Kizu

Hey. I've just thought of something which I shouldn't think about. Hey. Whoa, wait a minute. I feel like I'm thinking of even ore things I shouldn't. After all, I can't want, nor wish for it, because I'll never get it. Even though there's no way that guy's life will belong to me. Why am I this upset? We met more than ten years ago. But even on the day we first kissed, and the day we first slept together, somehow, he has never... told me he likes me, much less that he loves me. I've never said it either. And yet, I've only told him to stay by my side. I thought that was enough. I hate this. Why am I fixated on that man? I don't want to realise that now. That I want him to love me. I want him to love me. I want him to love me so much I could die. — Natsuki Kizu

We've Never Met Quotes By Debra Anastasia

And that ring deserves another sixty years and more of love on it," she said, gesturing toward the drawer. "I'd never say this out loud to anyone, but I guess we're getting all touchy-feely: Livia? She's the bravest chick I've ever met. Let her have it, Blake. Let her have what I never did. — Debra Anastasia

We've Never Met Quotes By Karen Kingsbury

I've never loved like this. Never known what love was until I met you. But the fear of losing you doesn't make me run the other way. It makes me run toward you ... and I'll keep running. I'll fight for you until you tell me to stop. Love always involves fear. There are no guarantees about tomorrow for any of us. But in the meantime, while we're waiting for answers ... while we're wondering what's at the end of the road ... I want to walk it with you. — Karen Kingsbury

We've Never Met Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

We need enormous pockets, pockets big enough for our families and our friends, and even the people who aren't on our lists, people we've never met but still want to protect. We need pockets for boroughs and for cities, a pocket that could hold the universe. — Jonathan Safran Foer

We've Never Met Quotes By Rachel E. Carter

I'm not like you. I've never cared about keeping relationships or sparing people's feelings. All I've ever cared about is power: how to get it, and how to keep it. I told you as much when we met. — Rachel E. Carter

We've Never Met Quotes By David Levithan

And as we drift into sleep, I feel something I've never felt before. A closeness that isn't merely physical. A connection that defies the fact that we've only just met. A sensation that can only come from the most euphoric of feelings: belonging. — David Levithan

We've Never Met Quotes By Emily Mortimer

It's very difficult to find the time or the money for people to organize rehearsals for some movies. It staggers me how little preparation often goes into these scenes which are difficult and complicated. You think, "God, it's crazy. I've never met this person before and here I am having to work at how to do a whole performance on the set." It was great to have a few days of just talking to Michael [Caine]and Daniel [Barber] and thinking about the characters and the relationship between them before we started shooting. — Emily Mortimer

We've Never Met Quotes By Artie Lange

As a child, as far as I was concerned, my dad had an amazing job, and we had all the money we needed. My life was so fun and carefree that I didn't realize at all that we weren't rich - until I met someone rich. Still, I've never met a rich kid who grew up as happy as I did. — Artie Lange

We've Never Met Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

I think we've met our quota for tearful reunions," she chuckled against the top of my head.
"When this is done, I promise I'm never going to leave the house ever again. We'll just stay in and order pizza and watch bad television."
Mom pulled away and looked over my shoulder. "Oh, I think you might want to get out every now and then," she said.
I felt the warm weight of Archer's hand on my waist. "Hey, I like pizza and bad TV."
I turned to him, surprised. "Your chest-"
"Cal," he said by way of explanation. "I owe that guy, like, a mountain of burgers. It's getting embarrassing."
Mom flashed me a little smile before saying, "You know, this isn't how I imagined meeting Sophie's first real boyfriend."
Archer gave me a little squeeze. "You mean I'm the first guy your parents have rescued from an enchanted island via use of a magic mirror? I feel so special. — Rachel Hawkins

We've Never Met Quotes By Kathryn Perez

We never know the battles others are facing. We don't know the demons they are hiding. Everyone you have ever met is fighting something. You may have thought no one could've had the kind of raw deal you were dealt in life, being ailed with a mental illness, yet the truth is, many have the same or worse problems than that of your own. — Kathryn Perez

We've Never Met Quotes By David Foster Wallace

We're all lonely for something we don't know we're lonely for. How else to explain the curious feeling that goes around feeling like missing somebody we've never even met? — David Foster Wallace

We've Never Met Quotes By Kele Moon

How'd this happen?" Melody asked in a stunned whisper. She never expected to fall in love and certainly not this swiftly or with this much finality. "We just met."
"I don't believe that," Clay argued as he turned her palm over in his and traced the lines of it with the pad of his finger. "I'm pretty sure we've known each other forever. Seeing you the first time was like coming home, and there ain't been anything to happen since that's disabused me of the notion."
"Yeah," Melody agreed, the bright skyline blurring to a sea of vibrant color. She remembered seeing Clay in Hal's Diner the first time. Alone and eating his turkey, she'd been compelled to reach out to him. "Do you really believe in soul mates?"
"I do now. — Kele Moon

We've Never Met Quotes By David Nicholls

By contrast, my wife at fifty-two yeas old seems to me just as attractive as the day I first met her. If I were to say this out loud, she would say, 'Douglas, that's just a line. No one prefers wrinkles, no one prefers grey.' To which I'd reply, 'But none of this is a surprise. I've been expecting to watch you grow older ever since we met. Why should it trouble me? It's the face itself that I love, not that face at twenty-eight or thirty-four or fourty-three. It's that face.'
Perhaps she would have liked to hear this but I had never got around to saying it out loud. I had always presumed there would be time and now, sitting on the edge of the bed at four a.m., no longer listening out for burglars, it seemed that it might be too late. — David Nicholls

We've Never Met Quotes By Derek Landy

Excuse me, I believe you're standing on my sword. I don't think this is entirely fair, you're angry with Skulduggery because he didn't kill Valkyrie, but you and me, we've never even met. I mean, you have no reason to attack me, if you got to know me, if you took the time, I'm sure you'd really like me. I'm a likeable girl, everyone says so - Tanith Low — Derek Landy

We've Never Met Quotes By Charles Bukowski

my father always said, "early to bed and
early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy
and wise."

it was lights out at 8 p.m. in our house
and we were up at dawn to the smell of
coffee, frying bacon and scrambled

my father followed this general routine
for a lifetime and died young, broke,
and, I think, not too

taking note, I rejected his advice and it
became, for me, late to bed and late
to rise.

now, I'm not saying that I've conquered
the world but I've avoided
numberless early traffic jams, bypassed some
common pitfalls
and have met some strange, wonderful

one of whom
myself - someone my father
knew. — Charles Bukowski

We've Never Met Quotes By Anonymous

I could never be without her. I've always known I've had an unusual preoccupation with Zoey since we met, but so many truths are being revealed in this act. Almost too many for my brain to process. — Anonymous

We've Never Met Quotes By Richelle Mead

Sydney," Adrian interrupted, cupping my face in his hands. "Never, ever think like that. I don't
regret anything we've faced. Being with you is the best thing that's ever happened to me, the one
perfect decision I've made in a lifetime of fumbling and poor judgment. I'd go through it all again to
be by your side. Never doubt that. Never doubt how I feel about you."
"Oh, Adrian," I said, letting him wrap me in his arms, surprised at the bubble of emotion welling
up within me.
He held me tightly. "I love you. If anything, I can't believe you gave up everything you did to be
with me. You changed your whole life for me."
"My life didn't even begin until I met you," I told him fiercely. — Richelle Mead

We've Never Met Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

This isn't the first time I've faced death, and I don't intend for it to be the last," I said, repeating the same words he'd told me before fighting in that fateful duel. "I've chosen to live a dangerous life, but it's who I am, and that wouldn't change even if we'd never met. — Jeaniene Frost

We've Never Met Quotes By J.L. Carr

We can ask and ask but we can't have again what once seemed ours for ever - the way things looked, that church alone in the fields, a bed on a belfry floor, a remembered voice, the touch of a hand, a loved face. They've gone and you can only wait for the pain to pass.
All this happened so long ago. And I never returned, never wrote, never met anyone who might have given me news of Oxgodby. So, in memory, it stays as I left it, a sealed room furnished by the past, airless, still, ink long dry on a put-down pen.
But this was something I knew nothing of as I closed the gate and set off across the meadow. — J.L. Carr

We've Never Met Quotes By Moby

We do all, myself included, we tend to hold ourselves to pretty low standards. But when it comes to judging public figures or politicians or people we've never met, we tend to hold people to very high standards, and, if we held ourselves to those standards, we'd always fall short. — Moby

We've Never Met Quotes By Ann Patchett

Reading fiction not only develops our imagination and creativity, it gives us the skills to be alone. It gives us the ability to feel empathy for people we've never met, living lives we couldn't possibly experience for ourselves, because the book puts us inside the character's skin.
Ann Patchett

We've Never Met Quotes By Wes Anderson

They say all foxes are slightly allergic to linoleum, but it's cool to the paw, try it. They say my tail needs to be dry cleaned twice a month, but now it's fully detachable, see? They say our tree may never grow back, but one day, something will. Yes, these crackles are made of synthetic goose and these giblets come from artificial squab and even these apples look fake - but at least they've got stars on them. I guess my point is, we'll eat tonight, and we'll eat together. And even in this not particularly flattering light, you are without a doubt the five and a half most wonderful wild animals I've ever met in my life. — Wes Anderson

We've Never Met Quotes By Mark Batterson

Too often the word 'prayer' induces guilt because we don't do enough of it. After all, I've never met anyone who said they pray too much! All of us fall short. And we often feel like our prayers fall flat. — Mark Batterson

We've Never Met Quotes By Wade Horn

I've never met a couple yet who, when they were walking down the aisle, said, 'What we want is three years of happiness, two years of [torment], a messy divorce and 15 years of fighting over custody of the kids.' — Wade Horn

We've Never Met Quotes By Wendy Leigh

Iman has said, What I love about David is that he's a true gentleman, very old fashioned and English. He never lets me walk on the outside of the pavement, opens doors for me, and because we met on the fourteenth, he sends me flowers on the fourteenth of every month. He's a scholar too - he reads a lot, writes, does sculpture and paints, so I've learned so much from him. — Wendy Leigh

We've Never Met Quotes By Mac Anderson

By the choices we make, by the attitudes we exhibit, we are influencing lives every day in positive or negative ways ... our family, our peers, our friends, and even strangers we've never met before and will never meet again. So when you brush your teeth every morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself ... 'Are there things I'd like to change?' — Mac Anderson

We've Never Met Quotes By Carey Mulligan

I've never been obsessed with celebrity or star-struck or anything. I met Penelope Cruz when we were in Toronto, who I think is a goddess and an unbelievable actress, and she introduced herself. As she walked away from the table I had to take a deep breath, which was strange because I've never had that with anyone. — Carey Mulligan

We've Never Met Quotes By Adele

I know you haven't made your mind up yet But I would never do you wrong I've known it from the moment that we met No doubt in my mind where you belong — Adele

We've Never Met Quotes By Sarah Miller

I'd like to know how anyone can write the truth about us if we've never met. — Sarah Miller

We've Never Met Quotes By Shay Rucker

You're out of your mind," she said, plopping down on the side of the bed. "For real. I don't think I've ever met anyone as single-minded as you." "You probably never will. That's just how it is. You have sex with me, the compulsion goes away, and we won't need to do it ever again, won't even have to talk to each other ever again. That's the best part." "You know, I'm sure this is your best attempt at seduction, but even with all this suave finesse, I am not going to have sex with you." He grunted. "You will. — Shay Rucker

We've Never Met Quotes By Brenda K. Davies

Where do you plan to live now that you're done with school?" Isabelle asked before Emma even had a chance to swallow. "Isabelle, enough," Ethan said as he rested his hands on Emma's shoulders. Isabelle's eyes flickered between the two of them, a muscle twitched in her cheek as her jaw clenched. "It's not the Spanish Inquisition." "Sorry," Isabelle said to Emma. "Its ok," Emma assured her. "It's just that Ethan doesn't bring many girls around, in fact I've never met a girlfriend of his; we were actually beginning to wonder if he even liked girls." "Isabelle!" Ethan hissed as Stefan choked on his drink and began to laugh loudly. — Brenda K. Davies

We've Never Met Quotes By Samantha Young

I feel like I'm missing something really important when you're gone. So important I don't feel like myself. I've never felt like someone was mine before. But you're mine, Jocelyn. I've known that from the moment we met. And I'm yours. I don't want to be anyone else's, babe. — Samantha Young

We've Never Met Quotes By David Levithan

What separates us from the animals, what separates us from the chaos, is our ability to mourn people we've never met. — David Levithan

We've Never Met Quotes By Ken Follett

We've been married almost a year, and I've known you for two, but I've never met one of your colleagues," Rebecca said. "They would bore you, — Ken Follett

We've Never Met Quotes By Shirley Jump

You stole my heart the day we met, and I've never asked for it back. — Shirley Jump

We've Never Met Quotes By Amanda Palmer

Sometimes it was like Neil was from an alien planet, where people never asked for or shared anything emotional without deeply apologizing first. He assured me that he was simply British. And that we Americans, with all of our loud oversharing and need for random hugs and free admissions to people we've just met of deep, traumatic childhood wounds looks just as alien to them. — Amanda Palmer

We've Never Met Quotes By Scott Cawthon

Maybe we're all shedding our fear and regret and hope everywhere we go, and we're catching up traces of people we've never met. Maybe it's everywhere. — Scott Cawthon

We've Never Met Quotes By Gail McHugh

I've never felt so heartbroken and so in love at the same time. If you would've told me the day we met that you were going to break my heart - and that days, months, or even years would pass, that I would still be hurting like this - it wouldn't have stopped me from falling in love with you. — Gail McHugh

We've Never Met Quotes By Leisa Rayven

I've never stopped loving you. From the day we met, you've been the only one for me. There's never been anyone else. — Leisa Rayven

We've Never Met Quotes By Charlie Higson

Now he was gone.
She said a silent prayer. Sent it up to heaven.
Sam, if you can hear me, I hope you've got nice food where you are. Some vegetables like these. They're meant to be good for you. So eat them all up, like I'm doing. When I die I'll come and see you, and we'll be together again. But for now I'm going to think of you safe and happy and playing knights with a friend.
Love from Ella. Your sister.
P.S. I got a good long turn with Godzilla today after we got here. Godzilla is very happy.
P.P.S. I forgot, you never met Godzilla. He is a puppy and is very cute. He belonged to a boy called Joel who got killed by monkeys. I think the monkeys were sick. Monkeys are usually nice. At least in stories.
P.P.P.S. Maybe you'll meet Joel where you are. Say hello. He is nice.
P.P.P.P.S. Good night, Sam. The others call you Small Sam. To me you're just Sam - my brother.
I miss you. I wish I was with you. — Charlie Higson

We've Never Met Quotes By Robertson Davies

Who's Mrs. Gummidge?'
'If you're a good girl and get well soon I'll lend you the book.'
'Oh, somebody in a book! All you people like Nilla and the Cornishes and that man Darcourt seem to live out of books. As if everything was in books!'
'Well, Schnak, just about everything is in books. No, that's wrong. We recognize in books what we've met in life. But if you'd read a few books you wouldn't have to meet everything as if it had never happened before, and take every blow right on the chin. You'd see a few things coming ... — Robertson Davies

We've Never Met Quotes By Joan Bauer

I'll tell you why I keep my scrapbooks. It's in case my real father shows up .I never met him, don't even know his name ... I've got this feeling he's out there searching for me. When he bursts through the door and tells me he's spent a fortune on detectives looking all over the world for me, I'm not going to sit there like a dumb cluck when he asks me what I've been doing. I'm going to yank out my eleven scrapbooks filled with my experiences and inner-most thoughts on life lived in three time zones in America. I was a Girl Scout for three months when we lived in Atlanta. I couldn't get those square knots down for anything, but I got the big concept. Be prepared. Addie always told me, It's more important to get the big concept than to be an expert in the small stuff. — Joan Bauer

We've Never Met Quotes By Jamie McGuire

Everything that's happened since we met has led to this moment. There is only one woman I've loved before you, and there will never be another after you. — Jamie McGuire

We've Never Met Quotes By Mariam Petrosyan

Also, he's deathly afraid of hearing something along the lines of "You know, kid, we just had a certain difference of opinion" as the beginning and end of conversation. He's afraid because that's exactly the kind of explanation he usually gets, and it makes him depressed. It interferes with his need to feel grown up. He has all the reasons to be afraid right now. The temptation to get rid of him with a pair of meaningless sentences is overwhelming. The explanations will only invite more questions, and then eventually I will run out of answers. But Smoker is impossible to get rid of. He opens his palm and all of himself is right there on it, and he just hands that to you. You can't throw away this naked soul, pretending like you don't understand what it is you've been offered and why. That's where his power comes from, out of this devastating openness. I've never met anyone like that before. — Mariam Petrosyan

We've Never Met Quotes By Hans Zimmer

Information is floating around really fast. I write something, or a piece of my music comes out and I see people writing about it on the Internet as if I'm having a conversation with them. We've never met, but somehow, my music is communicating something to them. Very often, it really makes them feel something. — Hans Zimmer

We've Never Met Quotes By John Fowles

M. I've never really thought of M objectively before, as another person. She's always been my mother I've hated or been ashamed of. Yet of all the lame ducks I've met or heard of, she's the lamest. I've never given her enough sympathy. I haven't given her this last year (since I left home) one half of the consideration I've given the beastly creature upstairs just this last week. I feel that I could overwhelm her with love now. Because I haven't felt so sorry for her for years. I've always excused myself - I've said, I'm kind and tolerant with everyone else, she's the one person I can't be like that with, and there has to be an exception to the general rule. So it doesn't matter. But of course that's wrong. She's the last person that should be an exception to the general rule.

Minny and I have so often despised D for putting up with her. We ought to go down on
our knees to him. — John Fowles

We've Never Met Quotes By Kola Boof

The rumors about me being with Jamal Lewis, Adam Carolla and Tiki Barber are absolutely false. I've never even met Adam or Tiki Barber in person'we did phone interviews. What happens is that a lot of high-profile men saw topless photos of me. — Kola Boof

We've Never Met Quotes By Chuck Klosterman

I can tell when I've met a bad journalist when they say, "I've met Madonna," or "I know Marilyn Manson." Because I haven't met anyone I've ever interviewed. I've sat down in the position of an interviewer, and they've sat down in the position of an artist trying to promote a product. We have no relationship. I'm able to ask them questions I'd never be allowed to ask them if we were casual friends. It's a completely constructed kind of situation. — Chuck Klosterman

We've Never Met Quotes By Todd Farmer

It's a weird partnership. For me and Patrick, if you've met him, we're not very much alike. But we bring such different tools to the table. He doesn't think like me. I don't think like him. He thinks like an editor. He thinks like a director. He thinks completely outside of the box when it comes to writing and so because of that he leads me down roads that I would've never gone down. And he sucks at grammar. So together we're perfect. — Todd Farmer

We've Never Met Quotes By Dr. Dianne Rosena Jones, Mpsy.D.

God has brought a very wise Japanese lady into my life who lives in Calif. We've never met, but she has shared a tremendous amount of wisdom with me concerning unconditional love within relationships. Here is one of the things she said to me this evening when we were discussing "Soul Mates."

"Soul mates aren't perfect people. They can come into your life and provide polar emotional experiences from intense love to intense pain. Growth comes from both. And a soul mate helps you grow. It isn't just "...and they lived happily ever after" but "...and they lived!" ~ From my mentor ~ Lori Chidori Phillips — Dr. Dianne Rosena Jones, Mpsy.D.

We've Never Met Quotes By Laura Prepon

Of course, we're supportive of the gay and lesbian community. I've just never portrayed that on camera. Once I met Taylor I knew that it was going to be really comfortable and okay, but the nudity was a little bit of an issue for m. — Laura Prepon

We've Never Met Quotes By Lydia Netzer

I love you," said George.
"I love you, too," said Irene.
"I'm glad you said that," said George. "I wasn't sure you would."
"Yes, it's been five whole days since we met. What a holdout I am. You've been through such endless torments," she teased.
"I have," said George. "I thought I would never find you. — Lydia Netzer

We've Never Met Quotes By Jeffrey D. Sachs

We need to defend the interests of those whom we've never met and never will. — Jeffrey D. Sachs

We've Never Met Quotes By Once Upon A Time

Rumplestiltskin. This thing we have, it's never been easy. I've lost you so many times. I've lost you to darkness, to weakness and finally, to death. But now I realize, I realize that I have not spent my life losing you, I've spent my life finding you.

Belle. When we met, I wasn't just unloved and unloving. I was an enemy of love. Love had only brought me pain. My walls were up, but you brought them down. You brought me home, you brought light into my life and chased away all the darkness and I vow to you. — Once Upon A Time

We've Never Met Quotes By Ian McKellen

Baz [Luhrmann] paid me one of the greatest compliments ever. I don't know him, really, but when I first met him I was congratulating him on ROMEO + JULIET - which I think is a wonderful adaptation - and he said, "Oh, well we couldn't have done it without your RICHARD III, which was an inspiration!" I've never quite checked up on the dates to see whether or if, in fact, we did our film before he did his. — Ian McKellen

We've Never Met Quotes By Dorothy Parker

I think that I shall never know
Why I am thus, and I am so.
Around me, other girls inspire
In men the rush and roar of fire,
The sweet transparency of glass,
The tenderness of April grass,
The durability of granite;
But me- I don't know how to plan it.
The lads I've met in Cupid's deadlock
Were- shall we say?- born out of wedlock.
They broke my heart, they stilled my song,
And said they had to run along,
Explaining, so to sop my tears,
First came their parents or careers.
But ever does experience
Deny me wisdom, calm, and sense!
Though she's a fool who seeks to capture
The twenty-first fine, careless rapture,
I must go on, till ends my rope,
Who from my birth was cursed with hope.
A heart in half is chaste, archaic;
But mine resembles a mosaic-
The thing's become ridiculous!
Why am I so? Why am I thus? — Dorothy Parker

We've Never Met Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

Jeong. You never say the word, but you live it anyway. I will be honest, I did not expect to find it in a guy such as yourself. It's like we've met each other before. No, not really. We are friends at once, we would instantly do what friends would do for each other. Not just pals. Friends. Blood brothers. You just feel it. We instead of you and me. That's jeong. — Maggie Stiefvater

We've Never Met Quotes By Alison G. Bailey

I love you. I've loved you from the first moment we met. I love you deeper every time I see you. And, I know the timing is awful, but there's never a perfect time. So, no matter what happens, I needed you to know how I feel. — Alison G. Bailey

We've Never Met Quotes By Patsy Cline

You want me to act like we've never kissed, you want to forget; pretend we've never met , and I've tried and I've tried, but I haven't yet ... You walk by, and I fall to pieces. — Patsy Cline

We've Never Met Quotes By M. Leighton

A girl like me?"
"Yeah, a girl like you." Cash's lids drop down part way over his eyes, making them look like heavy, bedroom eyes, and his voice is like the silk sheets I can imagine him sleeping on. "Feisty, sexy, gorgeous as hell. I bet you've never met a man you couldn't wind around your little finger."
He's watching me like he wants to undress me right where we are - in an empty bar with low light and soft music. And there's a tiny part of me that would love for him to do exactly that. — M. Leighton

We've Never Met Quotes By Rush Limbaugh

We didn't hear a word about the Clinton Global Initiative. We didn't hear a word about all the masterful, wonderful things they've done in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti. Why not? If you're extolling the virtues of the change, "She [Hillary Clinton] makes more change, she's done more change than anybody in my lifetime! I've never met somebody who is better change." — Rush Limbaugh

We've Never Met Quotes By Jenny McCarthy

Parents of recovered children, and I've met hundreds, all share the same experience of doubters and deniers telling us our child must have never even had autism or that the recovery was simply nature's course. We all know better, and frankly we're too busy helping other parents to really care. — Jenny McCarthy

We've Never Met Quotes By A.R. Rahman

I've never watched Trainspotting. I just know it's a very critically acclaimed film. In fact, I've never watched any of Danny's movies [means before he met him]. I just worked with him and felt the energy of what he is about initially before I do something. In a way, I think that's why we have discovered each other rather than replicate something else. — A.R. Rahman

We've Never Met Quotes By Emery Lord

Because I've been having a hard time since before the day we met. She never walked away from me because of it. Her feelings for me weren't contingent on how easy or hard it was to be in my life. She doesn't have to be sunny for me. That's not how it works. — Emery Lord

We've Never Met Quotes By Nina Lane

I put my hands flat on the table. Lean in to look her in the eye. So she was a student when we met. She was also schlepping coffee. Best damn coffee I've ever had. One look at her and I was a goner. Done. Since that day, I've never had it so good. So don't try and put her down because you can't. She's everything you never were. Everything you'll never be. — Nina Lane

We've Never Met Quotes By Tia Williams

People search in vain forever to find what we've got. I don't know shit about anything, Jenna, and I might be inexperienced, but I know you'll never love anyone like you love me.'

'I won't she,' she whispered.

'And yet you can leave me so easily for a baby you don't have and a husband you've never met. I'm here, I'm real, and I just lost to a goddamn fantasy. I must've never really had you at all. — Tia Williams

We've Never Met Quotes By Melanie Johnston

We are all the product of things we've never seen and people we never met. In fact, if just one little detail had been changed in their lives, we may not even exist! — Melanie Johnston