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Welshman Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

There is no greater enemy of virtue than a charming Welshman. — Lisa Kleypas

Welshman Quotes By Ali McNamara

There's something very comforting about watching a Hugh Grant movie. You know no one's head will be blown off in the first three minutes, no one will be tortured, and the worst thing that might happen is seeing a lanky Welshman eating mayonnaise in his underpants — Ali McNamara

Welshman Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Rhys absorbed that with chagrin. "No one has ever accused me of being a romantic," he said ruefully.
"If you were, how would you propose?"
He thought for a moment. "I would begin by teaching you a Welsh word. Hiraeth There's no equivalent in English."
"Hiraeth," she repeated, trying to pronounce it with a tapped R, as he had.
"Aye. It's a longing for something that was lost, or never existed. You feel it for a person or a place, or a time in your life ... it's a sadness of the soul. Hiraeth calls to a Welshman even when he's closest to happiness, reminding him that he's incomplete."
Her brow knit with concern. "Do you feel that way?"
"Since the day I was born." He looked down into her small, lovely face. "But not when I'm with you. That's why I want to marry you. — Lisa Kleypas

Welshman Quotes By Rhys Ifans

Howard Marks is a great friend and a great Welshman. — Rhys Ifans

Welshman Quotes By Anthony Hopkins

As a Welshman that can't sing, I never feel more proud to be Welsh than when I hear the Treorchy Male Choir - the Master Choir of them all. If I could sing I would apply for membership myself. — Anthony Hopkins

Welshman Quotes By Sharon Kay Penman

But in all honesty, I do not find it so peculiar a notion, that a Welshman should rule Wales. — Sharon Kay Penman

Welshman Quotes By R.S. Thomas

Confessions of an Anglo-Welshman For my own country's part Her lore and language I should have by heart. 'Twas she who raised me, Built me bone by bone Out of the teeming earth, the dreaming stone. Even at my christening it was she decreed Uprooted I should bleed. And yet for another's sake No wound deletes, No patriotism dulls The true and the beautiful Bequeathed to me by Blake, Shelley and Shakespeare and the ravished Keats. 1943 — R.S. Thomas

Welshman Quotes By Jeanette Winterson

You're drunk."
"That's right I am. I'm fifty-three and I'm as wild as a Welshman with a leek up his arse. Fifty-three. Old slag Gail. What right has she to poke her nose into your shining armour? That's what you're thinking isn't it honey? — Jeanette Winterson

Welshman Quotes By Gareth Bale

I'm a proud Welshman. — Gareth Bale

Welshman Quotes By Dylan Thomas

One: I am a Welshman; two: I am a drunkard; three: I am a lover of the human race, especially of women. — Dylan Thomas

Welshman Quotes By John Hay Beith

Today a Scot is leading a British army in France [Field Marshall Douglas Haig], another is commanding the British Grand Fleet at sea [Admiral David Beatty], while a third directs the Imperial General Staff at home [Sir William Roberton]. The Lord Chancellor is a Scot [Viscount Finlay]; so are the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Foreign Secretary [Bonar Law and Arthur Balfour]. The Prime Minister is a Welshman [David Lloyd George], and the First Lord of the Admiralty is an Irishman [Lord Carson]. Yet no one has ever brought in a bill to give home rule to England! — John Hay Beith

Welshman Quotes By Jan Morris

It was an American who said that while a Frenchman's truth was akin to a straight line, a Welshman's truth was more in the nature of a curve, and it is a fact that Welsh affairs are entangled always in parabola, double-meaning and implication. This makes for a web-like interest ... — Jan Morris

Welshman Quotes By Rhys Ifans

I'm a passionate Welshman. I have a culinary relationship with language: I taste what I say because I have two languages, and each informs the other. — Rhys Ifans

Welshman Quotes By Michael Morpurgo

As he did so, he held out his other hand in a gesture of friendship and reconciliation, a smile lighting he worn face. 'In an hour, maybe, or two,' he said, 'we will be trying our best again each other to kill. God only knows why we do it, and I think he has maybe forgotten why. Goodbye Welshman. We have shown them, haven't we? We have shown them that any problem can be solved between people if only they can trust each other. That is all it needs, no? — Michael Morpurgo

Welshman Quotes By Edward Rutherfurd

We have all been robbed of the land we have loved for a thousand years. Do you not see that, Welshman? Can you not imagine his rage? We were not even conquered. We were deceived. — Edward Rutherfurd

Welshman Quotes By Sabine Baring-Gould

It is somewhat remarkable that Cornwall has produced no musical genius of any note, and yet the Cornishman is akin to the Welshman and the Irishman. — Sabine Baring-Gould

Welshman Quotes By Mark Twain

The Welshman allowed it to eat into the vitals of his visitors, — Mark Twain