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Top Old Acquaintances Quotes

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Paul Murray

I felt a bit like Dante, chancing upon one of his old acquaintances in the nth circle of hell. — Paul Murray

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Dorothy L. Sayers

Harriet had long ago discovered that one could not like people any the better, merely because they were ill, or dead - still less because one had once liked them very much. — Dorothy L. Sayers

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Stephen King

We're like old acquaintances on trains going in different directions. — Stephen King

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Matshona Dhliwayo

Never divulge secrets to acquaintances.
Never betray old friends for new ones.
Never mistake flattery for praise.
Never rely on dishonorable people.
Never trust your enemy's friends.
Never mistake someone's kindness for weakness. — Matshona Dhliwayo

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Thomas Hardy

You'll excuse me, Mrs. Graye,' she said, 'but 'tis the old gentleman's birthday, and they always have a lot of people to dinner on that day, though he's getting up in years now. However, none of them are sleepers - she generally keeps the house pretty clear of lodgers (being a lady with no intimate friends, though many acquaintances), which, though it gives us less to do, makes it all the duller for the younger maids in the house.' Mrs. Morris then proceeded to give in fragmentary speeches an outline of the constitution and government of the estate. — Thomas Hardy

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Samuel Johnson

I love the acquaintance of young people; because, in the first place, I do not like to think myself growing old. In the next place, young acquaintances must last longest, if they do last; and then, sir, young men have more virtue than old men; they have more generous sentiments in every respect. — Samuel Johnson

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Alexandar Tomov

Look, the Devil has asked me. We're very old acquaintances, he and I, and I couldn't turn him down. My estate is enormous, so he asked me for a little space, since hell has become totally overpopulated and there's no room left whatsoever. He doesn't have any choice in the matter Himself. Nowadays, everyone wants to go to hell, and the Devil, being as decent as he is, can't turn anyone down. You understand, don't you? There's nobody left in Heaven. Heaven has gone bankrupt,. — Alexandar Tomov

Old Acquaintances Quotes By R.J. Childerhose

There are old pilots and there are bold pilots', goes the saying, 'there are no old bold pilots'. Hal never qualified as old. He'd survived his fuel tank blunder; his next mistake killed him.
In the years that followed, other pilot friends and acquaintances were killed in flying accidents. We were never ready; the news always shocked. Whether we learned from these shocks is doubtful; every pilot is certain that Death will never find him. — R.J. Childerhose

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Bret Harte

Nellie was a good girl, and I think had a sort of quiet respect for old Fagg's unobtrusiveness. But her fancy was already taken captive by Rattler's superficial qualities, which were obvious and pleasing. I don't think Nellie was any worse than you or I. We are more apt to take acquaintances at their apparent value than their intrinsic worth. It's less trouble, and, except when we want to trust them, quite as convenient. — Bret Harte

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Tina Modotti

I just feel impotent - I don't know which way to start or turn. You know what they say about a prophet in one's own country - well - in a way it works for me too: you see - this might be called my home town - well of all the old friends and acquaintances not one takes me seriously as a photographer - not one has asked me to show my work ... (On returning to San Francisco) — Tina Modotti

Old Acquaintances Quotes By William Herndon

No one of Lincoln's old acquaintances in this city ever heard of his conversion to Christianity by Dr. Smith or anyone else. It was never suggested nor thought of here until after his death ... I never saw him read a second of time in Dr. Smith's book on Infidelity. He threw at down upon our table - spit upon it as it were - and never opened it to my knowledge. — William Herndon

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Erving Goffman

Given what the stigmatized individual may well face upon entering a mixed social situation, he may anticipatorily respond by defensive cowering. This may be illustrated from an early study of some German unemployed during the Depression, the words being those of a 43-year-old mason: How hard and humiliating it is to bear the name of an unemployed man. When I go out, I cast down my eyes because I feel myself wholly inferior. When I go along the street, it seems to me that I can't be compared with an average citizen, that everybody is pointing at me with his finger. I instinctively avoid meeting anyone. Former acquaintances and friends of better times are no longer so cordial. They greet me indifferently when we meet. They no longer offer me a cigarette and their eyes seem to say, "You are not worth it, you don't work."37 — Erving Goffman

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Donna Lynn Hope

In your Christian walk there will be times that you will have to separate from friends and acquaintances. Otherwise, you'll be tempted to go back to dabble in past behaviors. Understand the enemy ... he will use anybody he knows that will carry out his plan to separate you from God. If you are strong in the Lord and have changed your ways, you will become target numero uno and he will use old ties to bring you back to your old lifestyle and, in many cases, you will end up worse off than you were before. — Donna Lynn Hope

Old Acquaintances Quotes By Penelope Fitzgerald

It's very good for an idea to be commonplace. The important thing is that a new idea should develop out of what is already there so that it soon becomes an old acquaintance. Old acquaintances aren't by any means always welcome, but at least one can't be mistaken as to who or what they are. — Penelope Fitzgerald