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Top Summer Olympics Quotes

Summer Olympics Quotes By Lindsey Vonn

You start seeing all of the athlete profiles on NBC, and whenever the Summer Olympics come up, I feel like I share the same experience with the Summer Olympians. — Lindsey Vonn

Summer Olympics Quotes By Chloe Garner

Biology, they said. You can postpone it, but you can't prevent it. She'd watched the Olympics on television that summer, months ago, now, and had been struck by how young the gymnasts were. — Chloe Garner

Summer Olympics Quotes By Henrik Lundqvist

During the Olympics they're really strict about what you're allowed to wear. You get a lot of clothes, but everything is pre-ordered. We had a fitting over the summer. You're not allowed to wear your own clothes. No logos, nothing. You get fined if you wear something you're not supposed to wear. — Henrik Lundqvist

Summer Olympics Quotes By Nick Goepper

I think the Winter Olympics are definitely on a smaller scale than the summer games, but with the inclusion of cool new sports like slope style skiing and snowboarding, it is going to breathe new life into them and attract a whole new crowd. — Nick Goepper

Summer Olympics Quotes By Bryn Terfel

When I watch the Olympics I become such an emotional wreck. I've always loved the Olympics, be it the summer or the winter Olympics. — Bryn Terfel

Summer Olympics Quotes By Mark Spitz

(American swimmer, 1972 Summer Olympics, on winning seven gold medals Inspirational)
I swam my brains out. — Mark Spitz

Summer Olympics Quotes By Shaun White

I'd love to compete in the Summer Olympics. — Shaun White

Summer Olympics Quotes By Summer Sanders

I'm not the athlete I was when I was training for the Olympics in '92 or when I was working out every single day. I have to live in moderation: I work out three or four days a week, and I smile while I'm working out - I really do enjoy it. I work out with my girlfriends and make it a social competition. — Summer Sanders

Summer Olympics Quotes By Johnny Weir

The gymnastic events are really what I tune into the Summer Olympics for. — Johnny Weir

Summer Olympics Quotes By Nancy E. Krulik

summer Olympics, — Nancy E. Krulik

Summer Olympics Quotes By Summer Sanders

When I was training for the Olympics, I didn't eat the way I should have. I missed out on much-needed protein and opted for every easy carb. — Summer Sanders

Summer Olympics Quotes By Lolo Jones

Success is always an easier motivator, because you want more of it. But I've also been motivated by failure. Had I medaled in London, I don't think I would be one of the few that have gone to a Summer and Winter. I would have been content with that medal. Instead, I used that failure to go to the Winter Olympics. I always tell people that failure can be one of your biggest motivators if you just have an attitude adjustment about it. — Lolo Jones

Summer Olympics Quotes By Bob Hope

After the 1984 Summer Olympics, Reagan wanted to add the U.S. volleyball team to his Cabinet. He figured if they can't shove his programs down Congress' throat, nobody can. — Bob Hope

Summer Olympics Quotes By Noureddine Morceli

(Algerian athlete, 1996 Summer Olympics, on the 3000m world record)
I think my 3:27 for 1500m is worth 7:21 for 3000m. — Noureddine Morceli

Summer Olympics Quotes By Conan O'Brien

NBC announced that during the summer Olympics they will set a new record by airing over 1200 hours of coverage. Which is amazing because that's 10 hours longer than the coverage of Reagan's funeral. — Conan O'Brien

Summer Olympics Quotes By Mitt Romney

Were it my choice, I would not vote for Russia to hold the Winter Olympics or the Summer Olympics. But it's not my choice. — Mitt Romney

Summer Olympics Quotes By Katharine McPhee

I have always loved the Summer Olympics. — Katharine McPhee

Summer Olympics Quotes By Ban Ki-moon

Not many countries establish a prize for peace. The Seoul Peace Prize has its roots in the 1988 Summer Olympics when this country opened its doors to people and athletes from more than 160 countries. Korea did so in part because it believes in the power of sports for peace and development. — Ban Ki-moon

Summer Olympics Quotes By Bunmi Laditan

Parents love bathtime because it means that bedtime is near. To prepare your darling for her bath, put on your full-length poncho, because toddlers don't bathe, they splash, motherfucker. When toddlers bathe, they act like they're a junior member of the summer Olympics diving team. Get ready. By the time you're done, your bathroom floor will have a few inches of standing water. The good news is that wiping up all that water counts as mopping the floor. — Bunmi Laditan

Summer Olympics Quotes By Dominique Moceanu

The time leading up to the 1996 Olympics was the most demanding and stressful of my career. The sport I had loved so much was slowly becoming a nightmare as I trained with Bela and Marta Karolyi the summer before the Olympics. — Dominique Moceanu

Summer Olympics Quotes By Michael Hayden

It was a long, difficult summer of 2004. That was a leap year, so several things happened - the Olympics and presidential election. And right in the middle of the election campaign - and I don't think this was an accident - the 9/11 Commission delivers its report. — Michael Hayden

Summer Olympics Quotes By MaryJanice Davidson

WHEN I finally slowed and looked around, I saw with amazement I'd trotted sixteen blocks in about three minutes. Summer Olympics, here I come. Assuming they held the races at night. — MaryJanice Davidson

Summer Olympics Quotes By Tony Hawk

If you look at the success of snowboarding in the Winter Games and how that's brought a more youthful edge to the Olympics in general, they don't have that with the Summer Games. They don't have anything that's drawing in a younger viewership. — Tony Hawk