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Top Treat Me Like A Fool Quotes

Treat Me Like A Fool Quotes By Stephen Vincent Benet

Treat a boy like a fool and he'll act like a fool, I say, but there's some folks need convincing. — Stephen Vincent Benet

Treat Me Like A Fool Quotes By Kei Miller

Maybe you shake your head, but let me learn a lesson right now: plenty knowledge is in this world. Enough knowledge that you can pick and refuse. And if you want, you can refuse to know plenty things, don't care how true those things be. I know things you does not know, and things you will never know. And it is sake of that - sake of this knowledge - that people have looked on me and called me old fool or crazy. They treat me like I is retarded. Imagine that. I is the idiot because I know what they don't know. — Kei Miller

Treat Me Like A Fool Quotes By Howlin' Wolf

I don't have anything to say about the guy [Muddy Waters], you know. Treat me all right. But I can this: they are jealous hearted, you know. Are jealous hearted musicians, you know. See, if you can't do like your songs, get kinda jealous of you. Like you, like they think you better than them and all that, but I don't fool with those kind of peoples, you know. I ain't got the time. — Howlin' Wolf

Treat Me Like A Fool Quotes By Sarah Louise Delany

Have your own doctor, who answers to you. If you don't, when the time comes that you get mixed up with hospitals, they'll treat you like a fool ... You're bound to lose your health at some point, but you don't have to lose your dignity, too. — Sarah Louise Delany