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Top The Flintstones Quotes

The Flintstones Quotes By Timothy Ferriss

Sooner or later, parents have to take responsibility for putting their kids into a system that is indebting them and teaching them to be cogs in an economy that doesn't want cogs anymore. Parents get to decide . . . [and] from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., those kids are getting homeschooled. And they're either getting home-schooled and watching The Flintstones, or they're getting homeschooled and learning something useful. — Timothy Ferriss

The Flintstones Quotes By Chris Rock

It's my real name. My mother's name is Rose Rock. It was the worst name as a kid to have. They called me Piece of the Rock, Plymouth Rock, Joe Rockid, and Flintstones. Now they call me Mister Rock. — Chris Rock

The Flintstones Quotes By Paula Poundstone

My mom is one of those really angry moms who gets mad at absolutely everything. Once when I was a little kid, I accidentally knocked a Flintstones glass off the kitchen table. She said, 'Well, dammit, we can't have nice things.' — Paula Poundstone

The Flintstones Quotes By Ed Lynskey

Isabel frowned. "Alma Trumbo, you did not just dig up a human bone from our flowerbed. It's got to be a dinosaur bone, dinky or not."
"A dinosaur bone, eh?" The short, stout Alma gave her tall, slim sister the old up and down. "What then, are we the Flintstones living in Bedrock? — Ed Lynskey

The Flintstones Quotes By Kristen Wiig

I used to carry my dad's empty guitar case around the neighborhood because I wanted people to think I played the guitar. I would put flintstones vitamins in it in case I got tired, so I could pop some and keep walking. — Kristen Wiig

The Flintstones Quotes By Bill Maher

I was just at the newly opened Creationist Museum in Kentucky ... And they have this exhibit of a giant dinosaur ... with a saddle on its back. Because the world is only 5000 years old, so man and the dinosaurs had to coexist, and, of course, we rode them. A theory I thought laughable at the age of eight when I saw it on the Flintstones! — Bill Maher

The Flintstones Quotes By Al Yankovic

Like, I have had moments, which I think most people have, where you'll be watching TV, and it'll be interrupted by some tragic event, and you'll actually find yourself thinking, 'I don't want to hear about this train being derailed! What happened to 'The Flintstones?' — Al Yankovic

The Flintstones Quotes By David Duchovny

Virgil reached into the wool cap that contained his dreads, stuffed so full as to give him the appearance, Ted thought, of the Great Kazoo on the latter years of The Flintstones or a Jiffy Pop container expanded to its max. (Ted made a mental note that these are not bad similes and hoped he could find them on a rainy day.) — David Duchovny

The Flintstones Quotes By Tina Fey

We're all comedy fans in my family. My parents mainly wouldn't let me watch stuff that was either annoying to them, or just garbage. My dad wouldn't let us watch 'The Flintstones' if he was home, because he said it was a rip-off of 'The Honeymooners'. But he would let us stay up really late in the summer and watch old 'Honeymooners'. — Tina Fey

The Flintstones Quotes By Lewis Black

These people [the Christians] watched the Flintstones as if it were a documentary. — Lewis Black

The Flintstones Quotes By Jim Butcher

The Faerie Courts are duking it out up there, and it's probably going to be very hairy. The Summer Lady is our baddie, and the Winter Knight is her bitch. She has a magic hankie. She's going to use it to change a statue into a girl and kill her on a big Flintstones table at midnight. — Jim Butcher

The Flintstones Quotes By Mark Russell

Of course, with any new technology, the question in the back of everyone's mind is 'Can I have sex with it or use it to kill people?'
-Flintstones Vol. 2: Bedrock Bedlam — Mark Russell

The Flintstones Quotes By Rachael MacFarlane

I grew up, obviously, watching tons of animation; Saturday morning cartoons or anything that we could get our hands on. And then when 'The Simpsons' premiered, that just kind of changed the landscape of everything. We hadn't had prime time animations since 'The Flintstones.' — Rachael MacFarlane

The Flintstones Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

From 1935 to 1995, the average weight of "broilers" increased by 65%, while their time-to-market dropped 60% and their feed requirements dropped 57%. To gain a sense of the radicalness of this change, imagine human children growing to be 300 pounds in 10 years, while eating only granola bars and Flintstones vitamins. — Jonathan Safran Foer