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Top Stinky Fish Quotes

Stinky Fish Quotes By Ashlan Thomas

This was it. I had front row seats to the beginning of Xander and Danielle. Tonight, he would kiss her if he hadn't already. Groping would ensue, and then removal of their clothes because they were in the way of the groping. Lips would be all over each other, hands touching parts only touched in private. Her blonde hair would spread over him as they moved like that in bed. Oh, they were going to have sex! The way they were dancing, they wouldn't even make it to a bed; it would be down in the fish room. Those poor fish wouldn't know it was coming, still happily sucking down their stinky flakes. They would scare the fish! — Ashlan Thomas

Stinky Fish Quotes By Inga Muscio

Any rapist would feel pretty dang upset to see his car packed full with rotting fish heads and limburger cheese ... Also, if the 542 women responsible were crowded onto the street where he lived, insisting that he move himself and his stinky car to another locale.
Nobody likes to be pelted with 2060 bloody tampons. — Inga Muscio

Stinky Fish Quotes By Kimberly Derting

Instead of expensive fish eggs and stinky cheeses, Jay had packed Doritos and chicken soft tacos - Violet's favorites. And instead of grapes, he brought Oreos.
He knew her way too well.
Violet grinned as he pulled out two clear plastic cups and a bottle of sparkling cider. She giggled. "What? No champagne?"
He shrugged, pouring a little of the bubbling apple juice into each of the flimsy cups. "I sorta thought that a DUI might ruin the mood." He lifted his cup and clinked - or rather tapped - it against hers. "Cheers." He watched her closely as she took a sip. — Kimberly Derting

Stinky Fish Quotes By Max Lucado

Sentences are like just caught fish. Spunky today, stinky tomorrow. — Max Lucado