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Top Sugar Daddy Quotes

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Camlia Waite

Well, he's handsome and rich and you're living in his house, borrowing his boat. You're his - He's your - " he still couldn't say it. Saying it would make it real and then he'd be the other woman, sort of.

"Father." B supplied calmly.

"Father? You mean as in sugar daddy?"

"No, I mean father, as in father, you know, guy who had sex with my mother resulting in my existence." He was less calm. — Camlia Waite

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Stormie O'martian

Prayer is much more than just giving a list of desires to God, as if He were the great Sugar Daddy/Santa Claus in the sky. Prayer is acknowledging and experiencing the presence of God and inviting His presence into our lives and circumstances. It's seeking the presence of God and releasing the power of God which gives us the means to overcome any problem. — Stormie O'martian

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Jim Goldberg

This was in San Francisco, in 1987. A bunch of kids were camped out in the Riviera Hotel - boy hustlers and their sugar daddy. One boy, Tank, showed us his gun. 'It's not loaded,' he said. He pointed the gun to his head, then out the window, and then to the ceiling. When the gun was pointed to the ceiling, he pulled the trigger and it went off. The gun was loaded after all. — Jim Goldberg

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

What's a buckle-bunny?"
She grinned. "It used to be a description of the girls who hung around rodeo cowboys looking to hook up. Now it means any Texas gold digger who's looking for a sugar daddy."
"I'm not a gold digger."
"No, you advise them in your column. You tell them to support themselves and get their priorities straight."
"Everyone should listen to me," I said, and Haven laughed, lifting her glass.
-Ella & Haven — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I think you could probably thaw out a glacier, honey.
-Hardy Cates — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Brian Greene

Gravity is matter's sugar daddy. — Brian Greene

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Most men don't seem to get that telling a pissed-off woman to calm down is like throwing gunpowder on a fire."

~ Liberty Jones — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Jenny Lyn

Her brother really was devastatingly handsome in a disheveled, wise-ass sort of way. Females followed him around like he was the Pied Piper of sex. Sydney constantly cautioned him about his choice in women and using protection. After all, he came from wealth. That made him ripe pickings to be some money hungry girl's sugar daddy. Especially since he went through those women like toilet paper. — Jenny Lyn

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I've always thought it was about finding the right person. But it's about choosing the right person, isn't it? — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Asking an eight-year-old girl if something is a little over-the-top is like asking a Texan if there are too many jalapenos in the salsa. The answer is always no. -Liberty Jones — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By David Bowie

I've always been very chauvinistic, even in my boy-obsessed days. But I was always a gentleman. I alwaysd treated my boys like real ladies. Always escorted them properly and, in fact, I suppose if I were a lot older - like 40 or 50 - I'd be a wonderful sugar daddy to some little queen down in Kensington. I'd have a houseboy named Richard to order around. — David Bowie

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I discovered life sometimes has a way of giving you what you need, but not in the form you expect. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Teresa Lo

I want you to understand that the difference between being a sugar baby versus being a prostitute is the connection. Although sometimes "sugar dating" is just a code for escorting, those people are just not doing it right. To really sugar date correctly, you have to feel something for the man who takes care of you, and he has to feel something for you. — Teresa Lo

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I looked down at the brochure nearest me."We're going to Nigeria," I threatened. "I hope you like elephant polo."
-Liberty Jones — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Miya Yamanouchi

So many guys try to show off to a girl by boasting of their financial assets and flashing their cash around etc, but a girl who makes her own money and is building her own empire is not impressed by such things. -Show me the integrity not the money. — Miya Yamanouchi

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Hardy was every loose-limbed cowboy in warn denim, every pair of blue eyes, every battered pickup, every hot cloudless day. -Liberty — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Jenny B. Jones

Sugar Lips, you have a guest in the fourth dimension. I repeat, you have a guest in the fourth dimension. This is Tijuana Daddy, over and out. ~Julian — Jenny B. Jones

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

You're so full of it, darlin'. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

A couple of times in your life, it happens like that. You meet a stranger, and all you know is that you need to know everything about him. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I'd sell my soul to have you. In my whole life, you'll always be what I wanted most."

~ Hardy Cates — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Jo Nesbo

They had studied law, information technology and art history as part of their beauty treatment, they had let Norwegian taxpayers finance years at university just so that they could end up as overqualified, stay-at-home playthings and sit here exchanging confidences about how to keep their sugar daddies suitably happy, suitably jealous and suitably on their toes. — Jo Nesbo

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Rachel Renee Russell

Try it! You might like it !! I wrote this letter to tell you that I am very, very sorry. When you are mad at me, your face looks like Daddy's when he smelled that skunk that was hiding in the garage. And this made me very sad. Your face, not the smelly skunk. Are you still mad? Pleeze circle one: YES NO If you are still mad, pleeze accept my sorryness for taking your clock, calling you a sandwich stealer, playing games on your phone and drawing my very cute face on it, and trying to call Price Princess Sugar Plum. I did not reech her. But I did reech a guy named Moe by mistake, and he was not very polite at all. He said if I reech him again he will call the cops. That would be very bad becuz I do not think they serve chicken nuggets in jail. Then I would starve to death, which would not be a very fun time . Anyway, I made this sandwich just for you because I really care about you. I hope you love it! You are my very best friend! After Miss Penelope and Princess Sugar Plum. — Rachel Renee Russell

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I realized I wasn't going to find a man until I was willing to expose myself to possible harm, to assume the risks of rejection and betrayal and heartbreak that came along with caring about someone. Someday, I promised myself, I would be ready for that kind of risk. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Teresa Lo

My name is Jasmine Lewis, and this is my story. It's a cautionary tale about money, sex, and power, but I guess those words are redundant.

Money is always about sex and power.

And sex is always about power.

And why have power if you can't have sex and money?

But anyway, this is a story about money, sex, and power. This is the story of The Sugar Baby Club. — Teresa Lo

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Some people there's no getting over. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Sometimes life has a cruel sense of humor, giving you the thing you always wanted at the worst time possible. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Marshall Thornton

I know what a sugar daddy is,"
Praline said indignantly.
"I grew up with cable TV. — Marshall Thornton

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

May be, Churchill had pointed out, I should stop trying so hard not to love Hardy, and accept the some part of me might always want him. "Some things," he said, "you just have to learn to live with."
"But you can't love someone new without getting over the last one."
"Why not?"
"Because then the new relationship is compromised."
Seeming amused, Churchill said that every relationship was compromised in one way or the other, and you were better off not picking at the edges of it.
I disagreed. I felt I needed to let Hardy go completely. I just didn't know how. I hoped someday I might meet someone so compelling that I could take the risk of loving again. But I had serious doubts such a man existed. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Jacqueline Woodson

When Daddy's garden is ready
it is filled with words that make me laugh
when I say them-
pole beans and tomatoes, okra and corn
sweet peas and sugar snaps,
lettuce and squash.

Who could have imagined

so much color that the ground disappears
and we are left
walking through an autumn's worth
or crazy words
that beneath the magic
of my grandmother's hands


side dishes. — Jacqueline Woodson

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Alone-sex didn't count. It's like the difference between thinking to yourself or having a good conversation with someone
the pleasure is in the exchange.
-Liberty Jones — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lewis Nordan

Big G.B. said, "Your Daddy ain't magic."
I said, "He ain't?"
He said, "Naw, there ain't any magic."
I said, "What about the blind man's dummy? Is Joesph of Arimathea magic?"
He said, "Get your shotgun, Sugar."
I went to the corner near the stove and took my shotgun by the barrel. I got my shell bag and looked at Big G.B.to see what he was thinking. His face didn't tell me. I stood by the kitchen door holding the shotgun and shells. I said, "Is Joseph of Arimathea magic, Big G.B.?"
He said, "There ain't no magic. Magic is the same as sentimental. Scratch the surface of sentimental and you know what you find?
Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. Magic is German in nature and evil and not real. Scratch magic, Sugar, and you're looking for death. — Lewis Nordan

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Margo Candela

MarhOne doesn't like one's job. One endures it until one lands a sugar daddy who will allow one a lifestyle of working out and laser hair removal." - James from More Than This — Margo Candela

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

His kisses tapped into deep mines of memory, and the years that had separated us fell away as if they were nothing. — Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I thought about the future, the oceans and continents he would cross, far away from everyone who knew and loved him. Far outside the sphere of his mothers prayers. Among the women of the future, there was one who would know his secrets and bear his children, and witness the changes the years worked on him. And it wouldnt be me.
-Liberty Jones — Lisa Kleypas