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Summer Heights High Quotes By Lily Velez

Noah was a funeral pyre. He was burning. The flames rose to staggering heights and blazed in white, hot tongues. Jeremie had once told him a story of the burial rites of the Norse. They'd burn their dead, believing the high smoke carried their loved ones' souls to Valhalla.

Noah was beyond Valhalla. Beyond the creamy spaciousness above the clouds, beyond the limits of the very earth. He floated among the stars, joined them in holy communion, knew each one by name. Then they were within him, scores of them, bright and hot, turning his ribs into a furnace as they shifted and created constellations in his soul. And all the while, the summer sang in his lungs.

There was no space between him and Jeremie. Where one ended, the other began, and still Jeremie pulled him closer like the moon pulls the tide, gripping him tightly in the same way he'd gripped Noah's heart, had gripped his entire being. — Lily Velez

Summer Heights High Quotes By Chris Lilley

I was sure 'Summer Heights High' would be a cult ABC thing; I had no idea it would be such a big hit. — Chris Lilley

Summer Heights High Quotes By Erin Heatherton

'Summer Heights High' is one of my favourite shows of all time. I'm obsessed. I re-watch it all the time. — Erin Heatherton

Summer Heights High Quotes By Chris Lilley

To be honest, after all the crap that happened with 'Summer Heights High,' I was like, 'I'm not going to write anything controversial or edgy ever again; I just can't handle the blame.' — Chris Lilley