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Stay Away From Her Quotes By Richelle Mead

When she called for a couple of her friends who'd also
been injured to come over, I quickly handed Declan back to Sydney. "You two stay out of sight," I
whispered. A baby and an ex-Alchemist were too memorable, and that was the last thing we needed
right now.
Sydney complied, hastily getting away from my fan club and me, with Dimitri shadowing her.
"Meet at the car," he called back. — Richelle Mead

Stay Away From Her Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

You know I can never stay away from you." She reached up with both hands and pinched his cheeks, hard. "You're just so darn cute," she said, pursing up her lips.
"I'm studly baby, get it right. — R.L. Mathewson

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Atul Purohit

I'm gonna sit around here, stay away from there I'm gonna make pretend I just don't care. I could get up, go get her back or maybe I'll just let her go.
Something beyond Love ...
lines from Love Vs Destiny ... — Atul Purohit

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Eleanor Webb

not if Shannon is over her illness. Come, Dytyna. We discuss your performance now." "When will we know if I'll be competing?" "We will not know until Monday when we check in at the Olympic arena. Coach Taylor will know then." "I'm going back to the hotel to call your father, Kerri. We plan on meeting for lunch then will head on over to the hockey arena. Two kids in the Olympics! Whoa. I'll see you later." She leaned down and gave Kerri a hug before she kissed her forehead. "Stay out of trouble." "I can hardly get into any trouble in the Olympic village, Mom." At almost seventeen, Kerri was still able to feel embarrassed at receiving her mother's counsel, and she thought that her mother's advice was unfounded. The village was closed off, after all, from the rest of Turin and from the fray of the crowds that converged upon the venues. She watched her mother walk away before she stood up and adjusted the strap — Eleanor Webb

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Rob Sheffield

Don't go home with that magic man! I wanted to shake my Walkman, warn the Heart girls to run away. Don't trust him! He might be magic, but he's not very nice! He says he just wants to get high awhile, but he'll get you so high you can't come back down. He'll make you stay inside so long, it hurts your eyes to go out, so you'll spend whole years wasting away in his mansion. You'll lose your sense of time. You'll lose your appetite. When your mama cries on the phone, you won't understand a word she's saying. You'll just tell her, "Try to understand." And Mrs. Wilson isn't falling for that shit. Ann! Nance! Get the hell out of there. One smile from that magic man and you're done. You'll be so fucking magic, you won't be real anymore. He'll even set your lipgloss on fire. — Rob Sheffield

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Tiffany Reisz

That is Kingsley Edge. And he is the opposite of boring. And if you three have any sense you'll stay away from him."
"What sense I had just took her panties off and laid down in front of him, — Tiffany Reisz

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Robin McKinley

splendid is not the right word. they are splendid, but they are
they are so friendly. Oh dear!' she said, and looked up at him, half laughing, half embarassed. 'How childish that sounds! But so many of the beatiful things in the rooms beneath us
push you away
tell you to stand back
order you to admire and be abashed. These
these draw you in. These make you want to stay and
and have them for company. Yes, that's right. But I
I am still making them sould like a
sort of comfortable, though, am I not? Like a bowl of warm bread and milk and an extra pillos, and that's not it at all. They are not comfortable. Indeed, I feel that if I lived with them for long, I should have to learn to be ... better, or greater, myself. If this Queen of the Heavenly Mountain looked down at me from my bedroom wall every day, soon I should have to go looking for the path to her domain. I wouldn't be able to help myself. — Robin McKinley

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Al Daltrey

I don't know, Sir. I just want to be here. I can't stay away," was her delayed response. Her mind was reeling from the sensation of his hand on her. "You realize that if circumstances were different, you'd be the one chained up, don't you?" "Yes," she blushed. "Something tells me you're right about that." Diego — Al Daltrey

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Elizabeth O'Roark

At that moment, there was nothing in the entire damn world I wanted more than her. And it felt like there was nothing else I would ever wanted. It was insane and I'm taking it for the warning it was.
I need to stay away from her. — Elizabeth O'Roark

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Donna Tartt

Here is my experience. Stay away from the ones you love too much. Those are the ones who will kill you. What you want to live and be happy in the world is a woman who has her own life and lets you have yours. — Donna Tartt

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Toni Aleo

They ave a hockey team, Phillip," Claire said as she unlocked her door and pushed it open.
"That's good. Stay away from the players," he mumbled. Reese rolled her eyes as she followed them in.
"But I like hockey players," Claire pouted playfully.
"Yeah, well, unless you want them to die, stay away. Boys are off-limits. — Toni Aleo

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Nenia Campbell

I couldn't tell anyone how I felt because I knew they wouldn't understand. Oh, poor little Christina, falling for the bad man who treats her like dirt because she didn't know any better. And isn't it a pity that they don't still teach sex-ed in schools? Or, oh, Christina, that filthy slut, if she puts out for a man like that, I imagine she puts out for anyone. You stay away from her. It wasn't like that at all. Maybe it would have been easier if it was, just like ticking a box. Are you the Madonna, or the whore? The victim, or the vixen? The Sabine, or the skank?
But nothing in life is ever that simple. — Nenia Campbell

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Bret Easton Ellis

I want to stay," and then, more weakly, "Need some more sun."
A fly from a batch of seaweed lands on a white, bony thigh. She doesn't slap at it. It doesn't go away.
"But there's no sun, dude." I tell her.
I start to walk away. So what, I mutter under my breath. When she wants to come in, she will. Imagine a blind person dreaming. I head back up toward the house. Wonder if Griffin will stick around, if Mona made reservations for dinner, if Spin will call back. "I know what the word dead means," I whisper to myself as softly as I can because it sounds like an omen. — Bret Easton Ellis

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

He looked disheveled and disreputable, like an outlaw on the run. A smile came to his lips, while he stared at her intently. "It seems I can't stay away from you," he said. — Lisa Kleypas

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Roshani Chokshi

I thought you were going to stay away from me," she said.
He looked at her, this princess who seemed so dangerously sharp that he might cut himself just brushing against her shadow.
"I don't know how."
"Then don't. — Roshani Chokshi

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

This club's no place for you, tibby," he had told her with gruff fondness. "You has to stay away from a milling cove like me, and find some rum cull to marry."
"Papa," she had begged, stammering desperately, "d-don't send me back there. Pl-please, please let me stay with you."
"Little tangle-tongue, you belong with the Maybricks. And no use to hop the twig and run back here. I'll only send you off again. — Lisa Kleypas

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Staci Hart

Lex's long eyelashes almost brushed her eyebrows as she looked up at him, her cheeks pink, a secret smile in the corner of her rosy lips. And he was supposed to stay away from that? A battle of will, indeed. He took a long pull of his drink as she walked by. — Staci Hart

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Suzanne Wright

Your brother's going to tell you that I'm not good for you."
Taken aback by the comment, she blinked him. He discreetly nodded toward Nick. If that scowl was anything to go by ... "Yep."
"He thinks I'm a slut."
"He's going to confront me about it at some point, order me to stay away from you."
"But I won't." Marcus held her gaze, not wanting her to miss the determination in his eyes. "Just thought you should know. — Suzanne Wright

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Steven L. Peck

It seemed funny that one day I would go to bed in her arms and the next not feel anything, like a switch had gone off. But no, that wasn't honest either. This had been building for a long time. Our silences were getting longer. Our arguments more frequent. How do you stay with someone when there are no dreams to build? No purpose to accomplish? No meaning? No meaning - that was the monster that drove us away from one another in the end. Always. — Steven L. Peck

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Colleen Hoover

I pull her away from the refrigerator and wrap my arms around her. She slowly returns the embrace by clasping her arms around my waist and conforming to my chest. She willingly leans into me and just feling her want me to hold her is better than anything I've felt this entire year. All she did was hug me back, but little does she know she just knocked a whole lot of life back into me. I press my lips into her hair and inhale. I could stay like this all night. — Colleen Hoover

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Arthur Bradley

was thinking - um, maybe you should let me do the talking." He glanced over at her. "What are you saying? That I'm scary?" "You're the scariest person I've ever met." "Thank you," he said with a wicked smile. "That's the nicest thing anyone has said to me in a long time." "No, really. You're scarier than Frankenstein." He chuckled. "You're so scary that a great white shark would put on tennis shoes and run up the beach to get away from you." His chuckle turned into a laugh. "I mean it," she said, getting into the spirit of it. "If the boogey man was in your closet, he'd stay there until you left for work." "Okay, okay," he said, holding up one hand while trying to stop laughing. "I got it. When we find the girl, you can do the talking." She nodded thoughtfully. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea. — Arthur Bradley

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Charles R. Swindoll

Pain knocked upon my door and said That she had come to stay; And though I would not welcome her But bade her go away, She entered in. And like my own shade She followed after me, And from her stabbing, stinging sword, No moment was I free. And then one day another knocked Most gently at my door. I said, "No, Pain is here. There's not room for more." And then I heard His tender voice, "It is I, be not afraid." And from the day He entered in - Ah, the difference He made!6 — Charles R. Swindoll

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Deborah Blake

In the middle of the night, she'd woken up with a memory of her grandmother's voice ringing in her ears. "When it happens," the older woman had said, holding on to Jenna's hand with surprising strength for someone with one foot in the grave, "and it will, don't stay in the cities. She can find you in the city. Too many eyes and whispering tongues that no one can see. Run to the woods, far away from everything and everyone you ever knew. Run, girl, run as far and as fast as you can. — Deborah Blake

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Sabrina Jeffries

We'll stay tonight. Then I'll see."
Thank God. He nodded, then moved rather stiffly to her side.
She hesitated. "I'm sorry I had to be so ... firm."
"Liar," he grumbled. "You're not the least bit sorry."
A faint smile touched her lips. "All right, so I'm not."
He offered her his arm. "Where did you learn that, anyway?"
"One of my older male cousins showed me what to do if some man ever tried anything."
At least her zealousness in protecting herself would keep him from letting his attraction to her run away with him. Any woman who was willing to do that to a man was trouble, and he wasn't about to give her a second crack at the family jewels. — Sabrina Jeffries

Stay Away From Her Quotes By M. Leighton

I need to be gone before she gets up. Seeing her will only make it harder to stay away from her. A man can only be pushed so far before he gives in, regardless of the consequences. — M. Leighton

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Kristy Cambron

She wished their world were different, wished she could brush the lock away from his face whenever she pleased. But in what world could someone of her family's position offer their daughter's hand to a merchant's son, no matter how gifted he was musically? No matter how much she cared? Their relationship would have to stay secret. — Kristy Cambron

Stay Away From Her Quotes By L.J.Smith

Each of them had done their best. Matt was still his friend. For Meredith, maybe the day would come when she could look at him and not think "inhuman" - or at least not think it immediately and constantly. Maybe Bonnie, the moth, would be able to stay away from the unholy flame. Now, there was something to worry about. He could all too easily see Bonnie taking a walk on the very wild side with Damon. His brother had a soft spot for her already, she knew. But if either of them had a problem, he already knew what he had to do to find a plan for a solution.
Just look up. — L.J.Smith

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Elise Icten

I have come to your group for somewhere to belong,
I promise I shall adapt before too long,
I will accept anything you ask me to,
I have come a long way,
I have run away from home'

'But you are not like us', the pigeon said to her
'You cannot come and pretend you do,
Pack your bags and go somewhere new,
You can't even sing our song,
This is not your home'

All the other pigeons stopped talking and stared
And their looks made it clear that they also shared
That Romy could no longer stay and
Romy felt there was no other way
But to accept and fly away. — Elise Icten

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Shannon Hale

Mr.Nobley had entered the room before he noticed her. He groaned.
"And here you are. Miss Erstwhile. You are infuriating and irritating, and yet I find myself looking for you. I would be grateful if you would send me away and make me swear to never return."
"You shouldn't have told me that's what you want, Mr. Nobley, because now you're not going to get it."
"Then must I stay?"
"Unless you want to risk me accusing you of ungentlemanlike behavior at dinner, yes, I think you should stay. If I spend too much time alone today, I'm in real danger of doing a convincing impersonation of the madwoman in the attic."
He raised an eyebrow. "And how would that be different from
"Sit down, Mr. Nobley," she said. — Shannon Hale

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Ovid

Their love was equal; on the hills they roamed together, and together they would go back to their cave; and this time too they went into the Lapith's palace side by side and side by side were fighting in the fray. A javelin (no knowing from whose hand) came from the left and wounded Cyllarus, landing below the place where the chest joins neck
slight wound, but when the point was pulled away, cold grew his damaged heart and cold his limbs. Hylonome embraced him as he died, caressed the wound and, putting lips to lips, she tried to stay his spirit as it fled. And when she saw him lifeless, she moaned words that in that uproar failed to reach my ears; and fell upon the spear that pierced her love, and, dying, held her husband in her arms. — Ovid

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

Aglionby Academy was the number one reason Blue had developed her two rules: One, stay away from boys because they were trouble. And two, stay away from Aglionby boys, because they were bastards. — Maggie Stiefvater

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Victoria Roberts

No matter how much he denied his attraction to her, those red curls haunted his dreams like brilliant flames that couldn't be extinguished...
"Fuirich air falbh on teine," he said under his breath, but loud enough for her to hear. Stay away from the fire. — Victoria Roberts

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Tell me, Miss Hathaway ... what would you do if you were invited on a midnight ride across the earth and ocean? Would you choose the adventure, or stay safely at home?"
She couldn't seem to tear her gaze from his. The topaz eyes were lit by a glint of playfulness, not the innocent mischief of a boy, but something far more dangerous. She could almost believe he might actually change form and appear beneath her window one night, and carry her away on midnight wings ...
"Home, of course," she managed in a sensible tone. "I don't want adventure."
"I think you do. I think in a moment of weakness, you might surprise yourself."
"I don't have moments of weakness. Not that kind, at any rate."
His laughter curled around her like a drift of smoke. "You will. — Lisa Kleypas

Stay Away From Her Quotes By John Sandford

She smiled and said, "Agent Davenport? I'm Alice Green. Ms. Grant is waiting for you in the library." Which sounded just slightly snotty. Lucas thought, I've got a library, too, and then Green turned away from him and he saw the semiautomatic pistol clipped to the back of her slacks. Lucas said, "You're security?" "Yes," she said, looking over her shoulder. "I can stay with Ms. Grant where men can't. Like ladies' rooms." "Ex-cop or something?" "Secret Service," she said. "La-di-da," Lucas said. Green tilted her head back and laughed and said, "Yes," and her reaction made Lucas like her. — John Sandford

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Victoria Michaels

Stay away from her. Don't look at her; don't even think about her. If she appears to you in your dreams, wake up and punch yourself in the face for me. — Victoria Michaels

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Julie Garwood

I'll stay away from you and you'll stay away from me. I'm already over this insignificant, puny, inconsequential attraction. I don't even remember kissing you."
They had reached the cluster of trees in front of the courtyard leading to Frances Catherine's cottage when she told him that outrageous lie.
"The hell you have forgotten," he muttered. He grabbed hold of her shoulders and forced her to turn around. Then he took hold of her chin and pushed her face up.
"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.
"Reminding you. — Julie Garwood

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Rachel Caine

You're not touching us,'" Eve said, and raised her voice. "Shane! Shane, get your ass up here now!'"
There was a touch of panic in her voice, although she was putting on a good front. Her hands were shaking where they gripped the hockey stick.
The man glided around the end of the bed, prowling like a cat. Six feet tall, at least, and as broad as two of Eve, maybe bigger. His bare arms were ripped with muscle. His blue eyes looked shallow and hungry.
Claire heard the thump of footsteps outside, and then a bang as Shane fetched up against the locked door. He rattled the knob and pounded hard. "Eve! Eve, open up!'"
"She's busy!'" the biker yelled, and laughed. "Oh yeah, gonna be real busy.'"
"No!'" Shane screamed it, and the door shook with the strength of the blows he put into it. "Stay away from them! — Rachel Caine

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Molly McAdams

I felt like Elena from Vampire Diaries. She has two insanely hot men who are in love with her and would do anything for her. One of which, she would give almost everything to be with, and the other she continues to push away, even though she can't ever actually stay away, so she won't have to admit she was in love with him too. At least my guys weren't brothers. — Molly McAdams

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Josephine Angelini

You better kill me now, Lucas, because I'm not going to stay away from her. I can't. — Josephine Angelini

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Jennifer Lowery

He was too explosive for her to touch him so intimately. It would lead to the wrong things. And places he'd banned himself from. As her protector, he had to stay away from her. That was how it worked. This, he could not stray from. Not again.
Even if it killed him. — Jennifer Lowery

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Scott Westerfeld

I stayed against the back wall, as far away as I could get. Not just to stay away from the Plague Lady but to be farther away from the weird old dolls that lined the shelves of her office. Real-looking hair sprouted from their crumbling heads and all their faces were painted with smiles. Kids in the old days must have loved nightmares or something. — Scott Westerfeld

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lisi Harrison

No, I'm serious," Frankie insisted, fed up with being silenced. "Why didn't you just make me a normie?"
Viktor sighed. "Because that's not who we are. We're special. And I'm very proud that. You should be, too."
"Proud?" Frankie spat out the word as if it had been soaked in nail polish remover. "How can I be proud when everyone is telling me to hide?"
"I'm telling you to hide so you'll be safe. But you can still feel proud of who you are," he explained, like it really was that simple. "Pride has to come from within you and stay with you, no matter what people say."
Frankie crossed her arms and looked away. — Lisi Harrison

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Kenya Wright

I couldn't stay away from her. — Kenya Wright

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Sarah MacLean

But stay away from him, Juliana. When we said we wanted to make you a good match, Leighton was not who we imagined."
Even her brother thought Simon too good for her.
"Because he is a duke?"
"What? No," Ralston said, truly perplexed by her instant defensive response. "Because he's an ass. — Sarah MacLean

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Will Schwalbe

Mom taught me not to look away from the worst but to believe that we can all do better. She never wavered in her conviction that books are the most powerful tool in the human arsenal, that reading all kinds of books, in whatever format you choose - electronic (even though that wasn't for her) or printed, or audio - is the grandest entertainment, and also is how you take part in human conversation. Mom taught me that you can make a difference in the world and that books really do matter: they're how we know what we need to do in life, and how we tell others. Mom also showed me, over the course of two years and dozens of books and hundreds of hours in hospitals, that books can be how we get closer to each other, and stay close, even in the case of a mother and son who were very close to begin with, and even after one of them has died. — Will Schwalbe

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Jessica Gadziala

You might want to ease up on the perfume." "I'm not wearing perfume." "Sure you are. I think it's called 'Ode To Get The Fuck Away From Me'." I looked at her face quickly enough to see her have to force her lips to stay in a straight line. "Apparently I need to go put on some more," she said, — Jessica Gadziala

Stay Away From Her Quotes By John Piper

A woman who fears the Lord will not run away from God to satisfy her longings and relieve her anxieties. She will wait for the Lord. She will hope in God. She will stay close to the heart of God and trust in his promises. The prospect of departing into the way of sin will be too fearful to pursue; and the benefits of abiding in the shadow of the Almighty too glorious to forsake. — John Piper

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Amber Lynn Perry

Did you know you always refer to Eliza and Kitty as 'the girls?' I think it's endearing, but also reveals your true feelings." Nathaniel's smile bent upward. "Eliza has captured your heart. You can't deny it." Thomas glared at his friend who only grinned in return. "You know," Nathaniel said, an impressive seriousness knitting his voice. "They don't have to leave. They could stay right here with you. What life do they have for them in Boston? They've no family, nothing to entice them away from you." "They have more than you think," Thomas shot back. "Besides, in the end, Eliza may decide she'll marry Samuel after all." "Don't fool yourself." Nathaniel leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. "I've seen the way Eliza looks at you, and her eyes are not those of a woman longing for home, let alone another man." Thomas exhaled, his shoulders dropping as he did. "I've told you, I will not water the garden of affection. — Amber Lynn Perry

Stay Away From Her Quotes By P.I. Alltraine

I wanted so much from her. I wanted her to help me understand the erratic and irrational way she made me feel. I wanted her to tell me why I could hardly breathe. I felt like I was drowning every time I saw her, yet I refused to look away. I wanted her to smile at me. I wanted her to keep me a prisoner of her captivating eyes for a little longer. I wanted her to lean closer to me for reasons I couldn't comprehend. I wanted her to stay here with me even though she made me so dangerously weak. I wanted so much from her, but more than anything, I wanted to know her. — P.I. Alltraine

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Ann Voskamp

My baby is five. She falls asleep in my arms ... Her breath is warm on my face, all that is alive and warm and breathing inside of her now, falling upon me, and I can't capture it, hold it, this, her life now, me in this moment. She is leaving me, she's growing up and moving away from me, and she stirs and I sweep back the crop of the golden ringlets. Stay, Little One, stay. Love's a deep wound and what is a mother without a child and why can't I hold on to now forever and her here and me here and why does time snatch away a heart I don't think mine can beat without? Why do we all have to grow old? Why do we have to keep saying good-bye? — Ann Voskamp

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Nora Roberts

Gennie, let me tell you something." In an uncharacteristic gesture, he stroked his knuckles gently over her cheek. "I wouldn't be here right now if I could stay away from you.Is that enough for you? — Nora Roberts

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Iris Johansen

Bedroom. "And, please, stay away from Venable, Jock. Don't let him talk you into doing anything like this again." He didn't answer, and she glanced back over her shoulder. He smiled, that beautiful, gentle smile that had first drawn her to him when he was a boy scarcely out of his teens. "Things aren't good for you, Jane. I have to make them better." She shook her head helplessly. In his way, he was an implacable force on the same scale as MacDuff. "Good night." She closed the bedroom door — Iris Johansen

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Dana Marton

Something dropped on her shoulder, but even as she screamed, her heart stopping midbeat, the next oncoming branch swept the tarantula away.
Aww! Ick!
She manically brushed her shoulder with her free hand, every inch of her covered in goose bumps.
"When running from people who're trying to kill you," Walker advised as he kept dragging her, "it's better to stay quiet. Generally speaking. — Dana Marton

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Andrea Dworkin

So you go away from where you were afraid. Some stay; some go; it's a big difference, leaving the humiliations of childhood, the morbid fear. We didn't have much to say to each other, the ones that left and the ones that stayed. Children get shamed by fear but you can't tell the adults that; they don't care. They make children into dead things like they are. If there's something left alive in you, you run. You run from the poor little child on her knees; fear burned the skin off all right; she's still on her knees, dead and raw and tender. — Andrea Dworkin

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

I've tried so hard to stay away from you," he whispered one night, cuddling her while the moonlight made stripes across the shadowed hills of the bedclothes.
"Why?" Daisy whispered back, crawling over him until she was draped over the muscled surface of his chest.
He played with the dark cascade of her hair. "Because I shouldn't come to you like this until we're married. There's a risk - "
Daisy silenced him with her mouth, not stopping until his breath had hastened and his bare skin was as hot as a stove-plate beneath her. She lifted her head to smile down into his gleaming eyes. "All or nothing," she murmured. "That's how I want you. — Lisa Kleypas

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Nick Burd

Leave home. Fail marvelously, and succeed even better. Kick your feet up and wonder when you will be back. Stay out late. Make telephone calls from unfamiliar street corners. When your mother's voice comes from far away and asks where you are, squint down the road and tell her you aren't sure. Make uncertainty your home. Put the mat out for yourself. Look at your watch and think of how you're almost home. — Nick Burd

Stay Away From Her Quotes By B.B. Reid

As for Monroe, I would stay away for now, but I had no intention of letting her go. She would have to be pried from my cold, lifeless fingers. — B.B. Reid

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Krista Ritchie

He points at her. "In fact, you should stay away from any guy who doesn't make you come at least twice before he fucks you. Keep that in mind." She — Krista Ritchie

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Suzanne Collins

Clove!" Cato's voice is much nearer now. I can tell by the pain in it that he sees her on the ground.
"You better run now, Fire Girl," says Thresh.
I don't need to be told twice. I flip over and my feet dig into the hard-packed earth as I run away from Thresh and Clove and the sound of Cato's voice. Only when I reach the woods do I turn back for an instant. Thresh and both large backpacks are vanishing over the edge of the plain into the area I've never seen. Cato kneels beside Clove, spear in hand, begging her to stay with him. In a moment, he will realize it's futile, she can't be saved. — Suzanne Collins

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Laura Kreitzer

I'm not your boyfriend!" I snapped, trying to gently move her hands away from my body.
"How can you say that?" Sara asked in horror.
"It's shockingly effortless," I replied. "My vocal chords vibrate, and my mouth and tongue articulate. I can even do it without thinking." I had to remind myself to stay calm, and sarcasm was the best way to do that.
"When are you going to give me a key to your house so I don't have to knock like some guest?" Sara asked, coming at me again.
I backed away. "How about never? Is never good for you?"
Sara, undeterred, said, "You're the reason I go to therapy on Fridays."
"The plot thickens!" Gabby exclaimed for comedic relief. — Laura Kreitzer

Stay Away From Her Quotes By M. Leighton

It took me a couple of months to realize I was in love with her. Well, probably not to realize it. More like to admit it. And when I did, I knew that was why I had chosen to stay away from her. I love her enough to want her to be happy and safe and successful, and all that other shit. I want her to have everything she wants in life. - Nash — M. Leighton

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Jennifer Echols

Show me you have one iota of self-restraint."

"I will," I said quickly.

"Stay away from her."


"Keep your hands off her."

"I'll try."

He scowled at me.

"I will," I said.

He wiggled his fingers at me. "And it might help public relations with Lori's pop if you put on a shirt and quit walking around here like sex on a stick. — Jennifer Echols

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Linda Kage

Well, I could befriend her," Ten started, putting on an offended front as he pressed his hand to his chest.
Noel threw back his head and laughed.
"What?" Ten muttered, folding his arms over his chest and glaring. "I make a fucking awesome friend."
Noel's chuckle settled before he seemed to realize Ten was serious. His smile dropped flat. Pointing at Ten's nose, he growled. "Stay the fuck away from my sister."
Ten sent him a bland glance. "Why do you feel the need to say that to me in that exact tone every time you see me? — Linda Kage

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Cayla Kluver

He [London] also wanted to warn her against befriending the young man."
"And did she stay away from him?" Steldor pressed, his eyes narrowing, and I suspected he already knew the answer. Destari wavered for an instant, reading Steldor's expression, but in the end answered straightforwardly.
"No, Your Majesty, she did not. — Cayla Kluver

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lois McMaster Bujold

We're just good friends," caroled Miles, and laughed hysterically. He lunged for the comconsole - the guards grabbed for him and missed - and, climbing across the desk, snarled into the vid, "Stay away from her, you little shit! She's mine, you hear, mine, mine, all mine - Quinn, Quinn, beautiful Quinn, Quinn of the evening, beautiful Quinn," he sang off-key as the guards dragged him back. Blows ran him down into silence. "I thought you had him on fast-penta," said the clone to Galen. "We do." "It doesn't sound like fast-penta! — Lois McMaster Bujold

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Henry Rollins

He had one of those typical piece of shit days. The grind always. At least this time he had the guys to stay away from the bar and not drive home to the wife and kid drunk. He got home and immediately everything pissed him off. Sometimes the way his wife looked at him made him want to kill himself. The way she all of a sudden appeared like a total stranger. The vacancy in her eyes, it was bad. He took his son's favourite plastic mug, the one with the picture of Magic Johnson, and threw it into the trash. He felt better but not much. — Henry Rollins

Stay Away From Her Quotes By A.G. Howard

Now that you've gone looking for him, he won't be breaking his word. Not technically. You're fair game."
I lace my fingers through hers, trying to ground her. "You're freaking me out. Who are you talking about?"
"He'll come for you. He'll step through your dreams. Or the looking glass ... stay away from the glass, Allie! Do you understand?"
"Mirrors?" I ask, incredulous. "You want me to stay away from mirrors?"
She scrambles to her feet, and I struggle to balance on my crutch. "Broken glass severs more than skin. It will sever your identity. — A.G. Howard

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Wendy Higgins

I dug my hand into the small spot and pulled out a key attached to a big black key chain with buttons for locking and unlocking doors. My head jerked up to see his serious expression. Patti covered her mouth, saying nothing.
"No more boys taking you on trips, you hear?" His voice was gravelly. "You can take your own self from now on. Last thing you need is some boy distracting you and making this whole situation even more complicated. Promise me you'll stay away from that son of Pharzuph."
[ ... ]
"I tried that once, John," Patti warned him. "It didn't work out so well for me. — Wendy Higgins

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Luke Mitchell

I try to stay away from processed foods. I eat lean meats and get as many veggies as I can on my plate, so when mum calls me on a Sunday, I can tell her I'm eating enough veggies! I love pasta, but I don't eat carbs a whole lot, and I love fruit. — Luke Mitchell

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Bree Bonchay

Why did I stay? My self-esteem was ruined for a very long time. I was socially isolated from my family and friends. I kept everything that was going on in my marriage a secret. I feared for my safety if I left him. I was financially dependent on my spouse. I am an educated woman who was working towards a master's degree when I met him. He persuaded me to stop school after the birth of our first son. Eventually, he trapped me in his web of lies. I believe I suffered from Stockholm syndrome for many years. It isn't easy to leave. Unless you have lived in an abusive relationship, a typical person wouldn't understand. It seems perfectly logical to an outsider that it would be easy to leave an abusive relationship. It truly isn't and walking away is terrifying for a victim. No one deserves to live his or her life as a prisoner. Love shouldn't hurt and abuse is not love. - Mary Laumbach-Perez — Bree Bonchay

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Clinging to him desperately, Sara kept her mouth at his ear. "Listen to me." All she could do was play her last card. Her voice trembled with emotion. "You can't change the truth. You can act as though you're deaf and blind, you can walk away from me forever, but the truth will still be there, and you can't make it go away. I love you." She felt an involuntary tremor run through him. "I love you," she repeated. "Don't lie to either of us by pretending you're leaving for my good. All you'll do is deny us both a chance at happiness. I'll long for you every day and night, but at least my conscience will be clear. I haven't held anything back from you, out of fear or pride or stubbornness." She felt the incredible tautness of his muscles, as if he were carved from marble. "For once have the strength not to walk away,"she whispered. "Stay with me. Let me love you, Derek. — Lisa Kleypas

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Ally Broadfield

Awash in sensation, it took several moments for Charlotte to come to her senses. She slowly pulled away from him and pressed her fingers to her lips. She desperately wanted to stay with him.


But since that wasn't possible, she needed to leave before they went too far. There were so many things she wanted to say to him, but he was so close. Her pulse raced, and she couldn't seem to catch her breath. Words were beyond her capabilities.

Until voices sounded outside the door and a very inelegant word escaped her mouth.

Charlotte — Ally Broadfield

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Pittacus Lore

I wish you'd stay away from us. Go somewhere safe. When it's over, maybe things could be different ... "
I let loose with an incredulous laugh. "Ugh, seriously? That's, like, the kind of crap that Spider-Man tells Mary Jane when he's trying to break it off with her. Do you know how embarrassing it is to be talked to like I'm some superhero's girlfriend? — Pittacus Lore

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Margaret Atwood

She doesn't have to stay locked into place, into this mournful, drawn-out, low-grade misery. She has all kinds of choices and possibilities, and the only thing that's keeping her away from them is lack of willpower. — Margaret Atwood

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Jennifer Crusie

Elvis!" Min shoved herself off the couch to shoo him away. "Stay away from there. There's broken glass."
"He did that on purpose," David said, outraged.
"Yes, David, the cat is plotting against you." Min fished the base out of the water and glass shards and put it on the table. Then she went to get her wastebasket and began to put the glass pieces in it. — Jennifer Crusie

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Elizabeth Hoyt

Do you think they'll target her as well
as you? Surely if you simply stay away from the gel, she'll be safe?"
"But I don't propose to stay away from her," Reynaud said.
"Ah." Vale stared at him for a moment, and then a wide smile spread across his face.
"Like that, is it?"
"That," Reynaud snarled, "is none of your business."
"Indeed?" Vale was grinning like an idiot now. "Well, well, well."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"I have no idea. I just like saying it. Well, well, well. Makes one sound uncommonly
insightful. — Elizabeth Hoyt

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Alessandra Torre

I've been told to stay away from someone before. It made me chase her down like she was a wounded gazelle. Now, she ended up being my soulmate." Brad sat back in his chair. — Alessandra Torre

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Jrue Holiday

That's where faith comes in. I've struggled more with being away from her. She keeps me strong. Being away from her means I have to stay in the Word and to stay strong throughout the season. — Jrue Holiday

Stay Away From Her Quotes By S. Jackson Rivera

You planned this? Why?"
"Yes." He walked over to one of the picnic tables and grabbed a backpack, which just happened to be there. He pulled a blanket from the pack and laid it down on the sand next to her.
She jumped up and away from him with her fins in her hands. She held them up like a weapon, not taking her eyes off of him. He saw her reaction and it didn't take long to figure out the thoughts running through her mind.
"Hey! No. It's not what you think." He stepped closer, but she swung her fins at him and whacked him across the arm. "Ouch!" He looked at her like she was insane.
"Stay away from me. This is so not happening. I'll hit you again, I swear. — S. Jackson Rivera

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Abbi Glines

You stay away from her. Do you hear me? Back the fuck off. Blaire loves me; she's just confused and hurt. She's also very vulnerable. So help me God, if you even think you're going to take advantage of her current state I will beat the shit out of you. — Abbi Glines

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Yael Levy

this family? No wonder Leah tried to stay away from her aunt. — Yael Levy

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Thomas Pynchon

There are two more turds, smaller ones, and when he has eaten these, residual shit to lick out of her anus. He prays that she'll let him drop the cape over himself, to be allowed, in the silk-lined darkness, to stay a while longer with his submissive tongue straining upward into her asshole. But she moves away. The fur evaporates from his hands. She orders him to masturbate for her. She has watched Captain Blicero with Gottfried, and has learned the proper style. — Thomas Pynchon

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Sarah Addison Allen

He could make her forget that it was desperation. He could make her forget everything. And this small room couldn't contain what they had when they were together. The temperature would rise. Ice would melt. Eggs would fry in their cartons. After it had happened a few times when they first met, she had insisted he stay away from her at work because she lost inventory when he was around. — Sarah Addison Allen

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Diana Gabaldon

I prayed all the way up that hill yesterday, he said softly. Not for you to stay; I didna think that would be right. I prayed I'd be strong enough to send ye away. He shook his head, still gazing up the hill, a faraway look in his eyes.
I said 'Lord, if I've never had courage in my life before, let me have it now. Let me be brave enough not to fall on my knees and beg her to stay.' He pulled his eyes away from the cottage and smiled briefly at me.
Hardest thing I ever did, Sassenach. — Diana Gabaldon

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Jay McLean

She's on the last few chapters of some book she's been reading. She can't stay away from it. We're used to it by now. We always find her reading at the oddest times. Don't we, babe? He says the last sentence a little louder to get her attention. — Jay McLean

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Amy Sumida

In real life, Snow White stays dead and Rapunzel grows old, alone in her tower. In real life, you gotta have enough sense to stay away from ugly bitches offering you shiny apples and have enough balls to cut off your own hair and use it as a ladder if needs be. In real life, you gotta save yourself and the only happy endings are the ones paid for in massage parlors. — Amy Sumida

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Millicent Ashby

Both of you know that one of you will get hurt if you keep this up."
"I can't stay away from her," I said, curling my fist. — Millicent Ashby

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Nina D'Angelo

His instincts told him he should stay the hell away from her. That he was on a road paved to hell, but he couldn't stay away. He'd watched her every night for a month, played a silent game with her of pretending the other didn't exist, and it never worked. He wanted to know the secret behind her eyes. He wanted to know why she carried a gun at night, ordered a glass of Johnny Walker Blue she never drank, and why she carried so much pain inside. — Nina D'Angelo

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Julie Klassen

What were you doing talking to that man?" Emma lifted her chin to look him in the eye. "He was talking to me. I was only being polite." "Well, don't be. Do you hear me, Miss Smallwood? Stay away from him. — Julie Klassen

Stay Away From Her Quotes By E.R. Wade

As soon as I saw her, I knew I had to stay far away from her. Being with her makes me feel like I've been starving for so long. Sofia has given me a taste of something I didn't know I wanted. Something I am now desperate for. Her. — E.R. Wade

Stay Away From Her Quotes By John Green

And so when she left, she left for good. But I could not believe she had left for a perpetual journey. She had, I felt sure, left for a place - a place where she could stay long enough for it to matter, long enough for the next leaving to feel as good as the last one had. There is a corner of the world somewhere far away from here where no one knows what "Margo Roth Spiegelman" means. And Margo is sitting in that corner, scrawling in her black notebook. — John Green

Stay Away From Her Quotes By M. Leighton

I've never really found it hard to stay away from a chick before. Hell, I've never had reason to try. But this time I do. There's something different about Olivia. I want her in my bed. Like, now. But she's ... I don't know. I get the feeling she requires a gentler, more careful touch. She's a challenge.
And damn, if I don't love a challenge! — M. Leighton

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Shelly Laurenston

But remember in tenth grade, when I wanted to go out with that junior and you said, 'Eh. I don't think she's the right girl for you'?"

"She wasn't."

"Because she was setting things on fire!" Ric announced loudly, making Gwen burst out laughing and Lock roll his eyes. "I'm serious, Gwen." Ric went on. "And when I say setting things on fire, I mean entire buildings. Mostly schools. She'd been setting them on fire or trying to, for weeks. I didn't find out until the cops came and arrested her during gym class. But does he say to me, 'She's setting things on fire! She's crazy! Stay away from her!' No. He says, 'Eh. I don't think she's the right girl for you.' And he's all calm about it over our chocolate pudding in the cafeteria."

"I don't see the point of getting hysterical. — Shelly Laurenston

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Stephenie Meyer

It seems I can't stay away from her. — Stephenie Meyer

Stay Away From Her Quotes By J. Courtney Sullivan

Her mother ... told Kate that after women got out of lousy marriages, they generally had the good sense to stay away from the institution altogether. While men just kept trying to get it right because they were incapable of being alone. — J. Courtney Sullivan

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Carson McCullers

But now no music was in her mind. That was a funny thing. It was like she was shut out from the inside room. Sometimes a quick little tune would come and go - but she never went into the inside room with music like she used to do. It was like she was too tense. Or maybe because it was like the store took all her energy and time ... She wanted to stay in the inside room but she didn't know how. It was like the inside room was locked somewhere away from her. A very hard thing to understand. — Carson McCullers

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Maybe I'm just tired. (Geary)
People only say that when they're not really willing to deal with the issue at hand. It's like when you ask a guy what he's thinking and he says 'nothing' but in reality you know he's checking out another woman and he doesn't want you to give him grief over it. It's Thia's theory. (Tory)
I think you need to stay away from her before she corrupts you. (Geary)
Nah, it's too much fun. She has the most misguided views on everything. But I think what I just said is one of the few lucid thoughts she's ever managed. (Tory) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Lena Hart

The text message she'd received last night from the unknown number left her sick inside. It had been curt and to the point: Stay away from my husband. The terse message came with a photo of Gabe with a pretty brunette. — Lena Hart

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Bob Dylan

Well I knew when I first laid eyes on her
I could never be free
One look at her and I knew right away
She should always be with me
Well the dream dried up a long time ago
Don't know where it is anymore
True to life, true to me
Was the girl from the red river shore
Well I'm wearing the cloak of misery
And I've tasted jilted love
And the frozen smile upon my face
Fits me like a glove
Well I can't escape from the memory
Of the one I'll always adore
All those nights when I lay in the arms
Of the girl from the red river shore
Well we're living in the shadows of a fading past
Trapped in the fires of time
I've tried not to ever hurt anybody
And to stay out of the life of crime
And when it's all been said and done
I never did know the score
One more day is another day away
From the girl from the red river shore. — Bob Dylan

Stay Away From Her Quotes By Caroline Linden

He took another deep breath as she laughed, and the vibrations rippled through her body into his. 'I could stay here forever,'he added, almost to himself, as he brushed aside her hair to nuzzle the back of her neck.
She raised her head and gave him a sultry look. 'Forever! How many wicked plans do you have?'
'You have no idea,' he murmured, easing away from her. He reached around and began untying her stays. — Caroline Linden