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Top Sports Team Success Quotes

Sports Team Success Quotes By Hunter S. Thompson

The two keys to success as a sportswriter are: 1) A blind willingness to believe anything you're told by the coaches, flacks, hustlers and other "official spokesmen" for the team-owners who provide the free booze ... and: 2) A Roget's Thesaurus, in order to avoid using the same verbs and adjectives twice in the same paragraph.
Even a sports editor, for instance, might notice something wrong with a lead that said: "The precision-jack-hammer attack of the Miami Dolphins stomped the balls off the Washington Redskins today by stomping and hammering with one precise jack-thrust after another up the middle, mixed with pinpoint-precision passes into the flat and numerous hammer-jack stomps around both ends ... — Hunter S. Thompson

Sports Team Success Quotes By China Mieville

Why should we not shep naches from the accomplishments of our machines? This vicarious joy or success sounds somewhat odd, but it shouldn't be. We get excited when our sports team wins a game; why should it disturb or disappoint us when our creations turn out to be more accomplished than ourselves? — China Mieville

Sports Team Success Quotes By Deb Caletti

I've come to the conclusion that it's all about fear- fear that your kid won't come out on top, be a success. Forcing him into these brutal encounters will a) make a dame sure he is a success, and b) all you to see evidence of that success with the added bonus of a cheering crowd. This means that sports are supported with an almost desperate enthusiasm. The football team gets catered dinners before a fame. Honor Society is lucky if it gets a cupcake. Academic success-forget it. That requires too much imagination. There's no scoreboard. — Deb Caletti

Sports Team Success Quotes By George M. Gilbert

Sports programs are an important part of young people's lives but should never over-shadow the true purpose of high school and that is to earn a diploma. So often today sports have become more important than an education. This must be remedied because the true focus must always be toward the student's academic development. — George M. Gilbert

Sports Team Success Quotes By Steve Capus

Working in network news is not a solitary pursuit; it is the ultimate 'team sport,' in which success is derived from the collective performances of remarkable people united in purpose and dedication. — Steve Capus

Sports Team Success Quotes By Alan Cohen

True champions are team players. — Alan Cohen

Sports Team Success Quotes By Sachin Tendulkar

Any team sport, there are certain team targets and those targets should always be in the forefront. — Sachin Tendulkar

Sports Team Success Quotes By Joe Torre

Whatever sport you're looking at, it's usually the team that makes the least mistakes that has the most success. — Joe Torre

Sports Team Success Quotes By Tina Fey

Kay Cannon was a woman I'd known from the Chicago improv world. A beautiful, strong midwestern gal who had played lots of sports and run track in college, Kay had submitted a good writing sample, but I was more impressed by her athlete's approach to the world. She has a can-do attitude, a willingness to learn through practice, and she was comfortable being coached. Her success at the show is a testament to why all parents should make their daughters pursue team sports instead of pageants. Not that Kay couldn't win a beauty pageant - she could, as long as for the talent competition she could sing a karaoke version of 'Redneck Woman' while shooting a Nerf rifle. — Tina Fey

Sports Team Success Quotes By Rahul Dravid

What drew me towards team sport were the camaraderie and friendship. The chance to celebrate victory and success with a group of other people is something I have enjoyed doing. — Rahul Dravid

Sports Team Success Quotes By Alonzo Mourning

You can play a particular sport as long as you take good care of your body and you're confident enough and still have that hunger to where you want to be a part of an organization, a group of individuals where you feel you can contribute to the success of that team. — Alonzo Mourning

Sports Team Success Quotes By Ricky Williams

Anytime you play a team sport, the success of the team really makes everything better. It's nice. — Ricky Williams

Sports Team Success Quotes By Clive Woodward

Our success has not been a continual series of victories. We have had a number of devastating setbacks; how these are handled is the making of a great team ... winning does not happen in straight lines. — Clive Woodward

Sports Team Success Quotes By Willie Wilson

I was fortunate enough to have baseball to teach me the values relative to success. The sport gifted me with leadership and team building skills that translate in a relatable way in the world. — Willie Wilson

Sports Team Success Quotes By Jim Harbaugh

Winning as a team is better than anything. It's great to share success. — Jim Harbaugh