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Top Sore Muscle Quotes

Sore Muscle Quotes By Christopher Paolini

Heart broken-he felt a deep ache in his chest, like that of a sore muscle, and each beat of his heart pained him — Christopher Paolini

Sore Muscle Quotes By Jane Fonda

Think of anger as a muscle. The way you express anger isn't the way that I do, or you. If you have a good director, you will find that he's getting you to use an entirely different muscle that you never even knew you had - it's real hard and sore, then after a while it becomes normal. And you discover all these new muscles when you enter a new character - that's what a director does for you. — Jane Fonda

Sore Muscle Quotes By Serge Nubret

Yes it is better to keep training even if your muscle is still sore. — Serge Nubret

Sore Muscle Quotes By Ani DiFranco

I know my mind is made of matter but I need to know exactly what is the matter at it's core? Because my heart is just a muscle and simply put, it's sore. — Ani DiFranco

Sore Muscle Quotes By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Something about the way Chinedu said his name, Abidemi, made her think of gently pressing on a sore muscle, the kind of self-inflicted ache that is satisfying. — Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Sore Muscle Quotes By Mercedes Lackey

Sebastian looked alarmed at her stiffness, but Eric took it in and chuckled. "Riding astride would have been easier," he said. "You put twice the strain on yourself with that unnatural position."
"Oh, I know," she replied with a grimace. "Every muscle told me about it this morning, and I actually DID have a hot soak before I went to bed."
Sebastian looked blankly at the two of them for a moment, then blinked and looked relieved. "Oh, you're saddle sore! I'm sorry
Mercedes Lackey