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Say Something Nice Quotes By Drew Barrymore

I've always been one of those people who romanticized cooking, but the few attempts I'd made in my life resulted in friends' contorted faces as they desperately tried to say something nice about the "dish" they were eating. — Drew Barrymore

Say Something Nice Quotes By Al Pacino

The hardest thing about being famous is that people are always nice to you. You're in a conversation and everybody's agreeing with what you're saying - even if you say something totally crazy. You need people who can tell you what you don't want to hear. — Al Pacino

Say Something Nice Quotes By Creed Bratton

When I first went on [Facebook], I found there were five or six Creed Bratton sites. It was all over the place. I had to compete with other people saying they were me. It was nuts, so this is nice that people know that if they're gonna send something to me, I'm gonna be with my weird little mind looking at what they have to say. And what they're seeing is actually me. — Creed Bratton

Say Something Nice Quotes By Marie Phillips

Eros mumbled something.
"I'm sorry?" said Aphrodite.
"What would Jesus do?" said Aphrodite. "Let me tell you something. Jesus was a very good boy. He would do exactly what his mother told him to."
"Jesus was supposed to be a god, right?" said Aphrodite. "Ergo, he did revenge. All gods do revenge."
"Not exactly. He said you should turn the other-"
"What else does your Jesus say?" Aphrodite interrupted.
"I thought you didn't care."
"Let me see," said Aphrodite. "I remember. 'Honour thy father and mother'."
"One, that wasn't Jesus. And two, it's hard to honour your father when there are so many candidates for who he might be."
"That's not very nice," said Aphrodite. "You know who your father is. It's your cousin Ares."
[ ... ]
"I wish the Virgin Mary was my mother," grumbled Eros eventually. — Marie Phillips

Say Something Nice Quotes By Lawrence Halprin

Let me just say something that I forgot, I also hoped and this was very true in the beginning - that this would also be a place that people would be able to walk in to the fountain and use it in a nice way of reading and examining the quotations on the blocks. — Lawrence Halprin

Say Something Nice Quotes By Nancy Friday

To say something nice about yourself, this is the hardest thing in the world for people to do. They'd rather take their clothes off. — Nancy Friday

Say Something Nice Quotes By Suzanne Collins

You know what's sad about reading books? It's that you fall in love with the characters. They grow on you. And as you read, you start to feel what they feel - all of them - you become them. And when you're done, you're never the same. Sure you're still you, you look the same, talk in the same manner, but something in you has changed. Something in the way you think, the way you choose, sometimes, even the things you say may differ. But it all comes down to the state you go to after a nice novel. The after-feeling. It's amazing, but somehow, you feel left alone by that world you were once in. It's overwhelming. But it makes you sad. Cause for once you were this, this otherworldly being in ... Neverwhere, and then you suddenly have to say goodbye after a few weeks from when you read the last page. When you've recovered from that state it's just ... quite sad. — Suzanne Collins

Say Something Nice Quotes By Zooey Deschanel

I like acting with no lines because all of a sudden you're able to express things without always worrying about the text. It's great to have a great text, but there's a lot of stuff you can't say in words, and I think there's something really nice about good physical moments. — Zooey Deschanel

Say Something Nice Quotes By G.J. Griffiths

If you can't say something nice... don't say nothing at all! A quote from Thumper in Bambi. — G.J. Griffiths

Say Something Nice Quotes By David Sedaris

I always say to young people, "Get the hell out of the United States." Especially if you're young, like if you're 21 or something. Let's say you don't speak any Italian. You're 21. Everyone's going to want to sleep with you and be nice to you. And the best way to learn a language is to sleep with someone from that country. — David Sedaris

Say Something Nice Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

Oh!" said the voice. "Well. How lovely to meet you. What did you say your name was? I'm Roger Malory."
He was doing something extremely complicated with his r's that made him difficult to understand.
"Blue. My name's Blue Sargent."
Blue sighed. "Jane."
"Oh, Jane! I thought that you were saying Blue for some reason. It's nice to meet you, Jane. — Maggie Stiefvater

Say Something Nice Quotes By Meg Cabot

Jesse, you're not going to lose me. I had the situation totally under control." Sort of. "But I have to say that after so many years of you keeping your feelings for me hidden out of propriety, it's really nice to hear you say all those things. Plus, it's emotionally healthy that you're letting them out this way. Keep unburdening yourself." I wrapped my arms around his neck. "What is it exactly, that you find so irresistible about me? Is it my magnetic personality? Or my emerald green eyes? Or maybe it's just my hot bod?" I felt something against my torso. "Oh, I'm getting the impression that it's my hot bod. — Meg Cabot

Say Something Nice Quotes By Melina Marchetta

For a moment I can't help thinking how decent he is - that there's some hope for him beyond the obnoxious image he displays. Maybe deep down he is a sensitive guy, who sees us as real people with real issues. I want to say something nice. Some kind of thanks. I stand there, rehearsing it in my mind.
"Oh my God," he says, "did you see that girl's tits?"
Maybe not today. — Melina Marchetta

Say Something Nice Quotes By Neil Gaiman

If you make art, people will talk about it. Some of the things they say will be nice, some won't. You'll already have made that art, and when they're talking about the last thing you did, you should already be making the next thing.
If bad reviews (of whatever kind) upset you, just don't read them. It's not like you've signed an agreement with the person buying the book to exchange your book for their opinion.
Do whatever you have to do to keep making art. I know people who love bad reviews, because it means they've made something happen and made people talk; I know people who have never read any of their reviews. It's their call. You get on with making art. — Neil Gaiman

Say Something Nice Quotes By Judith McNaught

Lauren had hoped to make him notice her as a woman, and he was certainly noticing her. Now she rather hoped he would say something nice. But he didn't.
Without a word he turned on his heel, strode over to the bar and dumped the ocntents of one of the glasses into the stainless steel bar sink. "What are you doing?" Lauren asked.
His voice was filled with amused irony. "Adding some gin to your tonic."
Lauren burst out laughing, and he glanced over his shoulder at her, a wry smile twisting his lips. "Just out of curiosity, how old are you?"
"And you were applying for a secretarial position at Sinco-before you threw yourself at our feet tonight?" he prompted, adding a modest amount of gin to her tonic. — Judith McNaught

Say Something Nice Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

My uncle Alex Vonnegut, a Harvard-educated life insurance salesman who lived at 5033 North Pennsylvania Street, taught me something very important.
He said that when things were really going well we should be sure to NOTICE it. He was talking about simple occasions, not great victories: maybe drinking lemonade on a hot afternoon in the shade, or smelling the aroma of a nearby bakery; or fishing, and not caring if we catch anything or not, or hearing somebody all alone playing a piano really well in the house next door.
Uncle Alex urged me to say this out loud during such epiphanies: If this isn't nice, what is? — Kurt Vonnegut

Say Something Nice Quotes By George Carlin

If you can't say something nice about a person, go ahead — George Carlin

Say Something Nice Quotes By Estelle

I can sit in my room and write a song that I think might be a hit. I can sort of make myself do that, and then I'll play it to a friend, and they'll say, 'Oh, that's nice.' But when something happens to me, and I sit down and write a song to get rid of my emotions, they'll turn around and say, 'Wow, that's great.' — Estelle

Say Something Nice Quotes By Oscar Niemeyer

A church is something very beautiful. It is nice when people feel happy in it. But I am not a religious man. Look at us, and then at the infinity of space. We are rather small insignificant creatures, wouldn't you say? — Oscar Niemeyer

Say Something Nice Quotes By Nicholas Sparks

You know me better than anyone, and you're my best friend. I don't think there's anything you could say to me that would lead me to believe that you're doing it just to hurt me. If there's one thing I've come to know about you, it's that you're not even capable of something like that. Why do you think I like spending time with you so much? Because you're a good guy. A nice guy. — Nicholas Sparks

Say Something Nice Quotes By Diana Rowland

Hey," I said before he could say anything else that would make the mood even weirder or break it entirely. "You wanna grab some coffee or something someday? I mean, some time when I'm not crawling with maggots," I added with a laugh that sounded nervous to my own ears and probably sounded desperate and pathetic to his. I totally braced myself for him to hem and haw and say that he couldn't or had a girlfriend or something. I was shocked instead when he gave me a nod.
"That sounds nice. And I'm cool with the no maggots thing too. — Diana Rowland

Say Something Nice Quotes By Bijou Hunter

Why did you call me angel this morning?"
Judd shook his head. "Doesn't matter."
"No one's ever called me something pretty like that before."
"You never had a guy call you anything nice?"
"Farah and I weren't allowed to date."
"If every kid listened to their parents, the world would be less crazy, but considerably less fun."
"You ever try to sneak out of a motel room you share with your dad?"
"Can still have a boyfriend. Just harder to hook up."
"Do you wish I had a boyfriend?"
Judd studied me in a soft way. "I wish you had someone to say sweet things to you. — Bijou Hunter

Say Something Nice Quotes By Terry Wogan

Treasure is the kind of thing you dig up ... or bury! And when people say, 'Oh, he's an icon,' well, an icon is a very old painting hanging in a Russian church! If you want to say something, say something nice about me. Don't call me a national treasure. — Terry Wogan

Say Something Nice Quotes By Sherise Seven

Today, say something nice to someone who isn't expecting you to. — Sherise Seven

Say Something Nice Quotes By Gillian Flynn

I have many friends who are married - not many who are happily married, but many married friends. The few happy ones are like my parents: They're baffled by my singleness. A smart, pretty, nice girl like me, a girl with so many interests and enthusiasms, a cool job, a loving family. And let's say it: money. They knit their eyebrows and pretend to think of men they can set me up with, but we all know there's no one left, no one good left, and I know that they secretly think there's something wrong with me, something hidden away that makes me unsatisfiable, unsatisfying. — Gillian Flynn

Say Something Nice Quotes By Lorrie Moore

Why do you haunt me? You, like a tattoo on my tongue, like the bay leaf at the bottom of every pan. You who sprawled out beside me and sang my horoscope to a Schubert symphony, something about travel and money again, and we lay there, both of our breaths bad, both of our underwear dangling elastic, and then you turned toward me with a gaze like two matches, putting the horoscope aside, you traced my buried ribs with your index finger, lingered at my collarbone, admiring it as one might a flying buttress, murmuring: Nice clavicle. And me, too new at it and scared, not knowing what to say, whispering: You should see my ten-speed. — Lorrie Moore

Say Something Nice Quotes By Mike Kleine

The water looks really nice like this," Allen says.
"Yeah," you say, looking like you are looking at the water, or, at least, how you imagine you would look looking like you are looking at the water.
You look at the water and don't say anything.
Then you peek, just for a second, to look at Allen.
Allen isn't even looking at the water.
He's crying about something. — Mike Kleine

Say Something Nice Quotes By Ellen DeGeneres

Contribute to the world. Help people. Help one person. Help someone cross the street today. Help someone with directions unless you have a terrible sense of direction. Help someone who is trying to help you. Just help. Make an impact. Show someone you care. Say yes instead of no. Say something nice. Smile. Make eye contact. Hug. Kiss. Get naked. — Ellen DeGeneres

Say Something Nice Quotes By David Sedaris

It is never appropriate to comment on a woman's breasts. I would never do it on the street or at a supermarket, but when I'm sitting a table signing books, sometimes I notice that a woman will have remarkable breasts. And I will maybe quietly say something about it. It's not in a sexual way, because I'm a gay man - I would never say to a man "great ass" because that would be sort of creepy.. I hope it's not creepy to quietly tell a woman she has nice breasts. — David Sedaris

Say Something Nice Quotes By Petina Gappah

Wafa Wanaka, our elders say. Not only does this mean that death is the ultimate peace, it also means that we are not to speak ill of the dead. Once a person has crossed over to the real of the spirits, he takes his transgressions with him, and we speak only of the good. - 'Something Nice from London — Petina Gappah

Say Something Nice Quotes By Vince Vaughn

I love Snoop. I worked with him on 'Old School,' and he's very accessible. He's very kind. He's always nice to everyone, to the crew. He's always got something positive to say. He's very childlike and loves to come and play. So, I had fun working with him. — Vince Vaughn

Say Something Nice Quotes By Meg Cabot

Straight guys only feel three ways about girls ... First, either they love you, and they show it by writing a song about you, like Gabriel, and asking you out, and everything is nice and fun like it should be. Second, they love you, but they're scared of their passion for you because it's so strong, like your boy Christopher, so they stuff it way, way down and ignore you, or do stupid things like make fun of you because they don't know how to express it any other way, because they're immature little babies and are too shy to, say, write a song about you. Or third, there's something wrong with them, and they start out nice and loving and then turn around and do stupid things like sleep with other girls behind your back, like Justin Bay. But we'll never figure out what went wrong with them, and neither will they, so it's not worth thinking about. Okay? That's it. The end.
Lulu Collins — Meg Cabot

Say Something Nice Quotes By Amber Rose

I'm a Libra. If someone compliments me, I'll say something nice to them. I like to give out compliments. — Amber Rose

Say Something Nice Quotes By Ammon Shea

Heterophemize (v.) To say something different from what you mean to say. Think back on all the things you've said in life that you truly wish you hadn't. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just claim afterward that you had been heterophemizing, and be instantly forgiven? Homodoxian — Ammon Shea

Say Something Nice Quotes By Alyson Noel

Name, please?" he says, or actually, snaps; it sounded way more like a snap, like he's in a big hurry or something.
"Um, Danika." I nod. "Danika Kavanaugh?" I say it like a question, as though I'm looking to him to confirm my own name. I roll my eyes and shake my head. Nice to know I'm as big a dork in the UK as I was in the U.S. — Alyson Noel

Say Something Nice Quotes By Henry Rollins

I was at this guy's house. I met this girl who was hanging out there. She was real pretty, she had brown eyes and dark hair. She was soft-spoken and real nice. I know that everyone has their own life and they can do what they want and you shouldn't think anything of it or anything. But man, I couldn't help but flinch a little when I saw all those needle marks in her arm, they looked so sore. Hateful little holes. I wanted to say something, but I didn't. — Henry Rollins

Say Something Nice Quotes By Mila Kunis

It'd be nice to just hear, "You did a great job." I don't say this from personal experience because I have an amazing husband who is an amazing father. I say this knowing he does it all the time. He's always great about saying, "You were amazing today." He does it without me having to ask for it and there's something so beautiful about not fishing for that compliment from your partner that gives you that much more of stability and confidence. — Mila Kunis

Say Something Nice Quotes By A.S. King

I don't know. It'd be nice if my mom stopped being sarcastic about my future. It's like she wants me to go to jail or something." Oh God. "Oh God." I say.
I feel like throwing up. How did I not see that before?
Fuck — A.S. King

Say Something Nice Quotes By Richard Yates

I want to retain my own identity. Therefore the thing I'm most anxious to avoid is any kind of work that can be considered 'interesting' in its own right. I want something that can't possibly touch me. I want some big, swollen corporation that's been bumbling along making money in its sleep for a hundred years, where they have to hire eight guys for every one job because none of them can be expected to care about whatever boring thing it is that they are supposed to be doing. I want to go into that kind of place and say, Look. You can have my body and my nice college-boy smile for so many hours a day, in exchange for so many dollars, and beyond that we'll leave each other strictly alone. — Richard Yates

Say Something Nice Quotes By Rachel Joyce

I say so many things that I don't mean. It's as if, even if I think something nice about Harold, by the time it's got to my mouth it's become not nice. He goes to tell me something and I'm saying 'I think not' before he's finished the sentence." "I always got cross with Elizabeth for leaving the top off the toothpaste. Now I take it off as soon as I open a new tube. I find I don't want the lid. — Rachel Joyce

Say Something Nice Quotes By Katie MacAlister

What do you know about women?
They smell nice, they don't like to be told they can't do something, and, when they're naked, they hold some sort of mystical power that overrides our brains and makes us do and say things that would normally be inconceivable. — Katie MacAlister

Say Something Nice Quotes By Carol Rifka Brunt

They segued into a more general piece about AIDS. As usual, they started out with footage of some kind of sweaty nightclub in the city with a bunch of gay men dancing around in stupid leather outfits. I couldn't even begin to imagine Finn dancing the night away like some kind of half-dressed cowboy. It would have been nice if for once they show some guys sitting in their living rooms drinking tea and talking about art or movies or something. If they showed that, then maybe people would say, Oh, okay, that's not so strange. — Carol Rifka Brunt

Say Something Nice Quotes By Daria Werbowy

I hope somewhere along the way, I've inspired someone to do something ... And I hope they say that I was nice and polite. — Daria Werbowy

Say Something Nice Quotes By Kurt Vonnegut

What gets me most about these people, Daddy, isn't how ignorant they are, or how much they drink. It's the way they have of thinking that everything nice in the world is a gift to the poor people from them or their ancestors. The first afternoon I was here, Mrs. Buntline made me come out on the back porch and look at the sunset. So I did, and I said I liked it very much, but she kept waiting for me to say something else. I couldn't think of what I was supposed to say, so I said what seemed like a dumb thing. "Thank you very much," I said. That is exactly what she was waiting for. "You're entirely welcome," she said. I have since thanked her for the ocean, the moon, the stars in the sky, and the United States Constitution. — Kurt Vonnegut

Say Something Nice Quotes By Joan Rivers

I said to my husband, 'my boobs have gone, my stomach's gone, say something nice about my legs.' He said, 'Blue goes with everything.' — Joan Rivers

Say Something Nice Quotes By Paul Bloom

It would be nice if everybody who had something interesting to say about my work could say it politely and civilly, but it doesn't work that way ... Sometimes people are just really nasty. — Paul Bloom

Say Something Nice Quotes By Ryan Gosling

I feel there is something nice about not talking. Like you can say more by actually saying less. — Ryan Gosling

Say Something Nice Quotes By David Nicholls

I think what it is is, if you're in school and you're not that bright or good-looking or popular or whatever, and one day you say something and someone laughs, well, you sort of grab onto it, don't you? You think, well I run funny and I've got this stupid big face and big thighs and no-one fancies me, but at least I can make people laugh. And it's such a nice feeling, making someone laugh, that maybe you get a bit reliant on it. Like, if you;re not funny then you're not ... anything — David Nicholls

Say Something Nice Quotes By Katy Perry

I guess I prefer to play live, but I don't want to have only live CDs. I like playing live because there are alot of things that can happen. I can interact with the audience and say some things to get me in trouble. On the other hand, the studio is nice because you can really take your time and make something that you know is the best thing that you can ever do. But nothing beats being up on stage in front of all that energy. — Katy Perry

Say Something Nice Quotes By Samantha Young

My mum always said if you can't say something nice, say something memorable. — Samantha Young

Say Something Nice Quotes By Carrie Jones

He takes a pick out of it and starts cleaning his nails.
"Nice intimidation tactic," I say. "Very textbook. I'd expect something more original from pixies. — Carrie Jones

Say Something Nice Quotes By Leigh Bardugo

Get moving. We need to find that stag so I don't have to chop your head off."
"I never said you had to chop my head off," I grumbled, rubbing the sleep from my eyes and stumbling after him.
"Run you through with a sword, then? Firing squad?"
"I was thinking something quieter, like maybe a nice poison."
"All you said was that I had to kill you. You didn't say how."
I stuck my tongue out at his back, but I was glad to see him so energized, and I suppose it was a good thing that he could joke about it all. At least, I hoped he was joking. — Leigh Bardugo

Say Something Nice Quotes By Christopher Moore

You should never pass up an opportunity to be kind. You should never not thank someone. You should never not say something nice when you think it. — Christopher Moore

Say Something Nice Quotes By Dennis Miller

I don't know what I think of George W. Bush when he first got in, but I've grown fond of the man, and maybe it's the times we live in. They say he's not an environmentalist. But every time I see his ranch on TV, it looks pretty nice. You know something, if we all took care of our own, we'd have a great environment. — Dennis Miller

Say Something Nice Quotes By Jeffrey Gitomer

Your YES! Attitude is permission... A YES! Attitude is your ability to think, listen, speak, and react in a positive way. Your YES! Attitude is permission... To see the good in things, not the bad. To see how to make bad things good. To see the opportunity and the resolve when an obstacle faces you. To see things from the what is right side, not the what is wrong side. To treat others the way you want to be treated. To encourage others when they need support. To never let the negative things affect you for more than five minutes. To (almost) never have a "bad day." To have something nice or humorous to say. To be internally happy. To work at maintaining your attitude every day. — Jeffrey Gitomer

Say Something Nice Quotes By Erich Segal

I mean, imagine for a second Olivero Barretto, some nice Italian kid from down the block in Cranston, Rhode Island. He comes to see Mr. Cavilleri, a wage-earning pastry chef of that city, and says, "I would like to marry your only daughter, Jennifer." What would the old man's first question be? (He would not question Barretto's love, since to know Jenny is to love Jenny; it's a universal truth). No, Mr. Cavilleri would say something like, "Barretto, how are you going to support her? — Erich Segal

Say Something Nice Quotes By Charles Dickens

He has a very nice face and style, really," said Mrs. Kenwigs.
"He certainly has," added Miss Petowker. "There's something in his appearance quite
dear, dear, what's the word again?"
"What word?" inquired Mr. Lillyvick.
dear me, how stupid I am!" replied Miss Petowker, hesitating. "What do you call it when lords break off doorknockers, and beat policemen, and play at coaches with other people's money, and all that sort of thing?"
"Aristocratic?" suggested the collector.
"Ah! Aristocratic," replied Miss Petowker; "something very aristocratic about him, isn't there?"
The gentlemen held their peace, and smiled at each other, as who should say, "Well! there's no accounting for tastes;" but the ladies resolved unanimously that Nicholas had an aristocratic air, and nobody caring to dispute the position, it was established triumphantly. — Charles Dickens

Say Something Nice Quotes By Steve Coogan

People come up to me in supermarkets and demand humour. And the less amusing I am, the more they piss themselves. So I say, "I'm doing my shopping, mate, OK?" and the guy will be on the floor in hysterics. Quite odd. Eventually I do have to say something funny so I usually go for something pathetic like, "It's a nice place to shop but I wouldn't like to live here!" and they roar again. Wet themselves. I'm lucky though that I am not massively famous, I can get the Tube without much bother. Must be awful being the Beckhams. — Steve Coogan

Say Something Nice Quotes By Rachel Hawkins

Cal was dressed in a Hex Hall uniform. The blazer was a little tight on his broad shoulders, more so when he shrugged. "It was mine.Mrs. Casnoff brought it with her. I don't really, uh, do costumes. Figured this was a good compromise."
I'd thought no one but Archer could make that uniform look good, but Cal proved me wrong. The bright blue was nice against his tan skin and golden hair, and he looked younger. There was a dimple in his cheek as he smiled at me-something I'd never noticed before. "You make a good Hecate," he said.
I would have snorted and made a sarcastic comment, but there was something in his eyes that made me just say, "Thanks. — Rachel Hawkins

Say Something Nice Quotes By Nathan Filer

It's hard to know what to say sometimes, when someone does something so nice. It's hard to know where to look. — Nathan Filer

Say Something Nice Quotes By Ryan Hall

But it is nice to know that you have other races lined up, because sometimes you can get so focused on your next marathon that it can become kind of unhealthy in some ways. So it's nice to have something else to slap you in the face and say, all right, there is life after the Olympics. — Ryan Hall

Say Something Nice Quotes By Flume

It's one thing having a great song, but I think for me if you take it to the next level ... say you had a guitar and a vocal, and the song was amazing but the vocalist wasn't that great and it just was a guitar and vocal acoustic track, switching that to something like an amazing voice singing the exact same song with the instrumentation being really nice and lush or unique in some way and interesting and diverse ... I think it's all about the instrumentation and textures in the sound. — Flume

Say Something Nice Quotes By George Bernard Shaw

Americans adore me and will go on adoring me until I say something nice about them. — George Bernard Shaw

Say Something Nice Quotes By Ralph Fiennes

It's not great if someone gives you sort of bland praise without giving you clear direction and say, "This is good, let's try it like this." I have worked with someone who seemed quite inarticulate and just would say, "That's good, that's good." That's very frustrating because - it's nice to know something is good but you know it can always change. — Ralph Fiennes

Say Something Nice Quotes By Brian Regan

You ever say a phrase you say all the time at the wrong time, feel like a complete idiot? Something like, 'You, too. You, too.' I was getting out of the cab at the airport, and the driver goes, 'Hey, have a nice flight.' 'You, too. You, too. You have a nice flight, too - in case you ever fly some day. — Brian Regan

Say Something Nice Quotes By Rainn Wilson

My Favorite Kid President Quotes "Create something that will make the world more awesome." "Treat everybody like it's their birthday." "If you can't think of anything nice to say, you're not thinking hard enough." "Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody." "Give the world a reason to dance!" "Us humans are capable of war and sadness and other terrible stuff. But also CUPCAKES!" "Love changes everything so fill the world with it!" "Grown-ups who dream are the best kinds of grown-ups." "Don't be IN a party. BE a party." And my personal favorite, "Mail someone a corn dog. — Rainn Wilson

Say Something Nice Quotes By Kerry Greenwood

It was always easier to genuinely praise than to try and find something nice to say about rubbish. — Kerry Greenwood

Say Something Nice Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Hah!" said Granny Weatherwax. "I should just say it is a folk song! I knows all about folk songs. Hah! You think you're listenin' to a nice song about ... cuckoos and fiddlers and nightingales and whatnot, and then it turns out to be about ... something else entirely," she added darkly. — Terry Pratchett

Say Something Nice Quotes By David Mamet

JOHN: You said "Good day." I think that it is a nice day today.
CAROL: Is it?
JOHN: Yes, I think it is.
CAROL: And why is that important?
JOHN: Because it is the essence of all human communication. I say something
conventional, you respond, and the information we exchange is not about the
"weather," but that we both agree to converse. In effect, we agree that we are both
human. — David Mamet

Say Something Nice Quotes By Lilith Saintcrow

Well, duh. You're cuter than she is. He said it like he might say, Grass is green or, Gravity works.
Something warm opened up inside my chest. It was a nice feeling. — Lilith Saintcrow

Say Something Nice Quotes By Monique Reza

Is there a definition of a truly good person? ... Many say that "Nice guys finish last", that "kindness is weakness", and so on. To those of you who are told "Your too nice" or you tell yourself that. That is something to hold on to! So many people say "screw it" I can't be walked on or treated this way. So they become what they think is "tough" ,"smarter" or it's just easier. It's really not. Because even though you think you get "respect" you had to sacrifice the good part of who you are for it. — Monique Reza

Say Something Nice Quotes By David Silverman

The believers who say they are praying for me are victims of a lie and think they are doing something good; I let them know they are not. I tell them to imagine I had a newfangled gun that forcibly turned religious people into atheists. I tell them the gun didn't really work, but I thought it did. Let's say I decided to force them to be atheists, so I pointed the atheist gun at them and pulled the trigger. Would they think that was a nice thing to do? Would they appreciate my effort, or would they feel assaulted? When you pray for me, you are asking your god to change me. You are asking your god to forcibly enter my life and my brain and change my way of thinking (using euphemisms such as asking God to "open my heart to Jesus" is evidence of the intent of the assault). — David Silverman

Say Something Nice Quotes By Carol Rifka Brunt

It was a nice thing for her to say. In her way. With Greta you have to look out for the nice things buried in the rest of her mean stuff. Greta's talk is like a geode. Ugly as anything on the outside and for the most part the same on the inside, but every once in a while there's something that shines through. — Carol Rifka Brunt

Say Something Nice Quotes By Nancy Friday

To say something nice about themselves, this is the hardest thing in the world for people to do. — Nancy Friday

Say Something Nice Quotes By Jimmy Pardo

Very rarely will I say nice things about myself because that'll only lead to self-esteem, but the podcast is something I'm really proud of and I think I'm putting out a great product. — Jimmy Pardo

Say Something Nice Quotes By Donald Trump

You look at what happened to the priest over the weekend in Paris, where his throat was cut, 85-year-old, beloved Catholic priest. You look at what happened in Nice, France, a couple of weeks ago.I would say, you gotta take a look that, because something is going on, and it's not good. — Donald Trump

Say Something Nice Quotes By Ben Goldacre

Classically, cosmetics companies will take highly theoretical, textbookish information about the way that cells work - the components at a molecular level or the behavior of cells in a glass dish - and then pretend it's the same as the ultimate issue of whether something makes you look nice. "This molecular component," they say, with a flourish, "is crucial for collagen formation." And that will be perfectly true (along with many other amino acids which are used by your body to assemble protein in joints, skin, and everywhere else), but there is no reason to believe that anyone is deficient in it or that smearing it on your face will make any difference to your appearance. In general, you don't absorb things very well through your skin, because its purpose is to be relatively impermeable. When you sit in a bath of baked beans for charity, you do not get fat, nor do you start farting. — Ben Goldacre

Say Something Nice Quotes By Nic Kelman

And if they don't like it if you use those words and they stop moving put their hand on your mouth say "Don't say thatdon't use that wordI don't like it " if they say they don't want to try being handcuffed to the towel rack in the bathroom they're never any good in bed. They may be nice. They may be witty charming etc. etc. They may be doing something for women's liberation (over what? over whom?). But they're never any good in bed. — Nic Kelman

Say Something Nice Quotes By Brian Henson

I'd say that that is a challenge, but it also is, again, it's helpful. It's helpful to have the discipline of, okay, I'm doing, I'm doing something that's quite precise over here, working the puppet, and I'm doing something that's very imprecise and creative and unleashed over here, which is the comedy side. And it's kind of nice to allow your brain to be doing those two things at once. — Brian Henson

Say Something Nice Quotes By A.W. Tozer

The filling of the Holy Spirit brings a sharp separation between the believer and the world.
Actually, after Pentecost, they were looking at another world. They really saw another world.
Nowadays, we perceive that even a large part of evangelical Christianity is trying to convert this world to the church. We are bringing the world in head over heels
unregenerated, uncleansed, unshriven, unbaptized, unsanctified. we are bringing the world right into the church. If we can get some big shot to say something nice about the church, we rush into print and tell about this fellow and what nice things he said. I don't care at all about big shots because I serve a living Saviour, and Jesus Christ is Lord of lords and King of kings. I believe every man ought to know this ability to see another world. — A.W. Tozer

Say Something Nice Quotes By Rollo May

When you two go out walking, do you like to have the people on the street say, 'Look at these nice twins'?" Immediately the little girl exclaimed, "No, I want them to say, 'Look at these two different people!'" This spontaneous exclamation, obviously revealing something very important to the little girl, cannot be explained by saying that the child wanted attention; for she would have gotten more attention if she had dressed as a twin. It shows, rather, her demand to be a person in her own right, to have personal identity - a need which was more important to her even than attention or prestige. — Rollo May

Say Something Nice Quotes By Jeff Smith

I'm hungry.'
'Me too.'
'Will you get us something to eat?'
'I suppose I could take a look around. Maybe find a baby bird or a dead squirrel, or something. One word about a quiche, and I'll kill you.'
'While you're up there, try to find some nice, soft grasses we can sit on and be more comfortable.'
'Yes, comrade.
Here. I found some eggs to suck on.'
'Did you remember to get the grasses?'
'No. I forgot.'
'Are you going to get the grasses?'
'Can I eat first?'
'I don't know why you say you'll do things if you don't mean it.'
'I MEANT it! I just FORGOT!'
'You can get the grasses after you finish eating.'
'Thank you.'
'And try to find some water. We're going to need water if we plan on hiding out here.'


'Y'know, we could've had these eggs in a quiche! — Jeff Smith

Say Something Nice Quotes By Isaac Asimov

Saying something is 'too bad' is easy. You say you disapprove, which makes you a nice person, and then you can go about your business and not be interested anymore. It's a lot worse than 'too bad.' It's against everything decent and natural. — Isaac Asimov

Say Something Nice Quotes By David Lipsky

I wanted to earn a living wage and to see something nice about me in the 'New York Times.' I wanted my mother to be proud. I wanted all the things you want and also feel silly for wanting. I wanted readers to say they'd enjoyed something of mine - to see my photo in magazines where I'd seen photos of other writers. — David Lipsky

Say Something Nice Quotes By Donald Miller

After the injury he began to dress more like an artist. He wore nice scarves and saved his money for a good hat, a full-round brim with a small feather under the band. He wore bright socks and loved long conversations over supper - rich, funny conversations that could easily replace dessert. If there was a lull in the dialogue, he'd point to you and say it was your turn to talk. Now you say something interesting. — Donald Miller

Say Something Nice Quotes By Tera Lynn Childs

He winks at me.
Then, before Calliope can cheer my statement, or tell him to go, he says, "Lily has no sense of fashion."
"Hey," I cry. "You're supposed to say something nice. — Tera Lynn Childs

Say Something Nice Quotes By Angie Hayes

Then don't be the thirsty, desperate bitch. Go at his ass calm, cool, and collected; something he won't expect. Play the nice, no drama chick who just wants to co-parent. Trust me when I say his chick wouldn't be able to stand that shit. They'll start beefing in their household and you'll start to be his safety net. — Angie Hayes

Say Something Nice Quotes By Robin Sloan

How was New York?' Ashley asks politely.
I'm not sure how to respond. Something like: Well, the mustachioed master of the secret library is going to be pissed that I copied the entirety of his ancient codebook and delivered it to Google, but at least I got to stay at a nice hotel?
Instead I say, New York was good. — Robin Sloan

Say Something Nice Quotes By Winston Churchill

If Hitler invaded Hell, I'd find something nice to say about the Devil himself. — Winston Churchill

Say Something Nice Quotes By William A. Rusher

I think she [Eleanor Roosevelt] was a shrewd politician, and very good in public relations, although she had the usual media help in this. As a Republican and a conservative, I can say ruefully that the Democrats and the liberals tend to get it; that when she said something, it was put in a nice way and highlighted properly by the appropriate media, so that it sounded good. — William A. Rusher

Say Something Nice Quotes By Terry Pratchett

He wanted to say: how could you be so nice and yet so dumb? The best thing you could do with the peasents was to leave them alone. Let them get on with it. When people who can read and write start fighting for those who can't, you just end up with another kind of stupidity. If you want to help them, build a big library or something somewhere and leave the door open. — Terry Pratchett

Say Something Nice Quotes By Toure

Eric Leeds said, "This is a guy who has done some exceedingly generous and thoughtful things for me and other people but then a day later he could turn around and say something so off the wall and so ridiculously stupid and you'd say how do I reconcile these behaviors? People would wonder is he a bad guy who has good days or a good guy who has bad days? I think it's because he has the emotional maturity of a five-year-old. And he never understood the value of doing something thoughtful for somebody on its own merits. He really didn't understand the consequences of him doing something nice for somebody any more than he gave importance to the consequences of him doing something really nasty to somebody. The child doesn't know that yet. You teach your child what works and what doesn't and establish how relationships work. Well, Prince never got that and, to this day, he never has. — Toure

Say Something Nice Quotes By Shannon Hale

Look, it doesn't make sense for me to leave you pregnant and clueless on the pavement when I am headed for your very hotel."

"I can manage to find a phone and call for a cab. I graduated from college and everything."

"You don't say? Can you take a degree in childbearing in this country?"

"That was my minor. My major was social grace with an emphasis on tolerating the obnoxious - ack! I did it again! I keep telling myself, 'Be nice, don't insult him.' Then you say something and out it comes. — Shannon Hale

Say Something Nice Quotes By Michael Urie

I would have to say the most challenging thing about directing is the sheer stamina because ... as a director, you're always doing something. Someone always needs to talk to you. There are always decisions to be made and every day for as long as the movie goes on. So it's a marathon ... You don't have to look nice, but it's all day every day. — Michael Urie

Say Something Nice Quotes By Lana Parrilla

I love a man who knows how to walk. I do like a gentleman, a man who opens the door and a man who walks on the proper side of the street with you. There's something safe about it; he's protecting you. That's a really nice quality. You don't see it as often anymore. I pay attention to those things. I know it sounds silly, but I love that. I'm fortunate to say that I have a good guy. Oh, and he has to have great hands. There's a lot I find sexy in a man, but strong, manly hands are very important. — Lana Parrilla

Say Something Nice Quotes By Stan Lee

I think comics will always be around. I think there's something nice about a comic book. People love to hold 'em, turn the pages, fold 'em up, roll 'em up, stick 'em in their back pocket, show 'em to a friend, and say, "Hey, look at this." — Stan Lee

Say Something Nice Quotes By Donna Tartt

Simple obviously being in her mind a key word in dealing with overwhelmed and cranky grooms. "Really really simple and neutral." It seemed to be registry protocol that the groom should be allowed to select the casual china (I guess for all those Super Bowl parties I would be hosting with the guys, ha ha) while the "formal ware" should be left to the experts: the ladies. "It's fine," I said, more curtly than I'd meant to, when I realized they were waiting for me to say something. Plain, white, modern earthenware wasn't something I could work up a lot of enthusiasm for, particularly when it went for four hundred dollars a plate. It made me think of the nice old Marimekko-clad ladies I sometimes went to see in the Ritz Tower: gravel-voiced, turban-wearing, panther-braceleted widows looking to move to Miami, — Donna Tartt

Say Something Nice Quotes By Kris Jenner

I raised my kids kind of old-fashioned - if you don't have something nice to say, then don't say it at all. I teach love, acceptance, and tolerance ... I sometimes think that this generation is lacking in decency. — Kris Jenner

Say Something Nice Quotes By Libba Bray

Nicole did what she'd been taught since she was little and her parents had moved into an all-white neighborhood: She smiled and made herself as friendly and non threatening as possible. Its what she did when she met the parents of her friends. There was always that split second- something almost felt rather than seen- when the parents' faces would register a tiny shock, a palpable discomfort with Nicole's 'otherness.' And Nicole would smile wide and say how nice it was to come over. She would call the parents Mr. or Mrs., never by their first names. Their suspicion would ebb away, replaced by an unspoken but nonetheless palpable pride in her 'good breeding,' for which they should take no credit but did anyway. Nicole could never quite relax in these homes. She'd spend the evening perched on the edge of the couch, ready to make a quick getaway. — Libba Bray

Say Something Nice Quotes By Amanda Seyfried

I have realized that I hate going to the premieres of the movies that I'm in. Because I feel this tension after the movie is over that everyone feels obligated to say something nice to you. It's so unnatural and uncomfortable. — Amanda Seyfried