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Dedicate Song Quotes By MC Hammer

A long time ago, I made the commitment to dedicate at least one song per album to God. He has been very good to me, and never for one minute do I want Him to think I've forgotten, because I haven't. — MC Hammer

Dedicate Song Quotes By Sage Francis

The artist thing is just natural. If that comes out, the music, the songs, I need some actual time which I dedicate to it. But I don't have to sit down eight hours a day in order to get out what I need to create. That is just always bubbeling inside and than evetually it just comes out. — Sage Francis

Dedicate Song Quotes By Pete Seeger

He [Alan Lomax] started right off trying to find people who could introduce folk songs to city people. He found a young actor named Burl Ives and said, "Burl, you know a lot of great country songs learned from your grandmother, don't you know people would love to hear them?" He put on radio programs. He persuaded CBS to dedicate "The School of the Air" for one year to American folk music. He'd get some old sailor to sing an old sea shanty with a cracked voice. Then he'd get me to sing it with my banjo. — Pete Seeger

Dedicate Song Quotes By Lynette Ferreira

When they find my lifeless body and they dedicate a song on the radio for me, — Lynette Ferreira

Dedicate Song Quotes By Marilyn Manson

I chose not to jump into the media frenzy and defend myself, though I was begged to be on every single TV show in existence. They want to blame entertainment? Isn't religion the first real entertainment? People dress up in costumes, sing songs and dedicate themselves in eternal fandom. — Marilyn Manson

Dedicate Song Quotes By The Script

You can be a master
Don't wait for luck
Dedicate yourself and you gon' find yourself
Standing in the hall of fame — The Script