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Quotes About Him Quotes By Chris Cannon

With his blond hair, broad shoulders, and perpetual tan,
Bryce looked like a California underwear model. Not that I'd thought about him in his underwear.
Much. — Chris Cannon

Quotes About Him Quotes By Madison Thorne Grey

He was by far the fiercest, most ruggedly handsome, yet, formidable man she had ever laid eyes on. She couldn't stop staring at him. He had dark brown hair which skimmed his shoulders, a short-haired beard around his lips and chin, and gorgeous greenish-blue eyes that reminded her of the sea. There was something dangerously wicked about the look of his face, and she half expected him to yell for his men to batten down the hatches or swab the deck. — Madison Thorne Grey

Quotes About Him Quotes By Scott Boucher

There's something about God that makes us want to shout, sing, laugh, dance, be still, and rest our heads on His lap
as we gaze into His beautiful eyes - all at the same time.

There's something about God that leaves us speechless - we simply don't know what to say. We don't know what to do.
To delight in Him - to worship Him - that's all we can. That's all we need to.

There's something about God - our souls just can't get enough. — Scott Boucher

Quotes About Him Quotes By Richelle E. Goodrich

Love is an afternoon of fishing when I'd sooner be at the ballet.
Love is eating burnt toast and lumpy graving with a big smile.
Love is hearing the words 'You're beautiful' as I fail to squeeze into my fat jeans.
Love is refusing to bring up the past, even if doing so would be a slam dunk to prove your point.
Love is your hand wiping away my tears, trying to erase streaks of mascara.
Love is the warm hug that extinguishes an argument.
Love is a humbly-uttered apology, even if not at fault.
Love is easy to recognize but so hard to define; however, I think it boils down to this ...
Love is caring so much about the feelings of someone else, you sacrifice whatever it takes to help him or her feel better.
In other words, love is my heart being sensitive to yours. — Richelle E. Goodrich

Quotes About Him Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Do you have a leather jacket? One for a ten-year-old boy?" I asked the man selling leather jackets and gloves in Covent Garden, London. "Yes, I have one right here!" And the man dug out a fine leather jacket that looked styled and tailored for a young boy. "I'm buying this for my son" I said to him. "I love this jacket, it's perfect, I think I will just come back for it tomorrow, though! I'll be back tomorrow, okay?" And the man reached his arms above his head, and said with a big smile upon his face "You only have one life to live! What is the difference if you do something today, or if you do it tomorrow?" I thought about the man's words. And I bought the jacket. He was right, there is no difference, really, between doing something today and doing something tomorrow, when you only have one life to live! Afterall, tomorrow may never come! All you really have is today! — C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Him Quotes By F Scott Fitzgerald

Faces swirled about him, a kaleidoscope of girls, ugly, ugly as sin- too fat, too lean, yet floating upon this autumn air as upon their own warm passionate breaths poured out into the night. Here, for all their vulgarity, he thought, they were faintly and subtly mysterious. — F Scott Fitzgerald

Quotes About Him Quotes By Elle Todd

You know, in some cultures, when you save someone's life, you're then responsible for it."
Allison thought about telling him she'd seen the same movie and was pretty sure the claim was bogus. Instead, she offered her own bit of nonsense. "In some cultures, saving a life is considered an interference with fate and is punishable by death. — Elle Todd

Quotes About Him Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Stay in the car Nick"
Ash gets out abd goes to look at the dead body.
"For an immortal being with 11,000 years under his belt Ash sure is stupid." Nick gets out and sees the blood.
"That's a lot of blood." Nick's book starts sending him an alert. "What Lassie? You going to tell Timmy about the well?" pulls out book, and opens it. words start to appear.
... RUN, YOU
"I'm not gonna argue with my book on that. The safest place is with Ash. — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Him Quotes By Angelos Michalopoulos

How is it possible, as you get to know someone better, to realize how good his past is at not letting you find out anything more about him? — Angelos Michalopoulos

Quotes About Him Quotes By Scott B. Pruden

By the standards of a tourist strolling past looking for a quick lunch, the place was a dive. The sign on the window was small and easy to miss, and the antique feel of the place wasn't the prepackaged, old-shit-on-the-wall nostalgia that came with so many chain restaurants. The cafe was just old, and everything about it said old. But Jon liked it that way, if only because it kept the tourists away and spared him from hearing imported ignorance when there was plenty of local ignorance to go around. — Scott B. Pruden

Quotes About Him Quotes By E.M. Denning

Eli had shone a light into my world, he'd lit up the dark corners just by existing and even if I walked away now, I knew I'd ache for him. — E.M. Denning

Quotes About Him Quotes By Haruki Murakami

I thought about Kizuki. "So you finally made Naoko yours," I heard myself telling him. Oh, well, she was yours to begin with. Now maybe, she's where she belongs. But in this world, in this imperfect world of the living, I did the best I could for Naoko. — Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Him Quotes By Ashleigh Z.

When I think about you with him, it guts me. I feel like you ripped open my chest and tore out my damn heart. Do you even realize that? I know I should want you to be happy, but I can't wish it for anyone else other than me. I belong to you, and that's never going to change. — Ashleigh Z.

Quotes About Him Quotes By S.J. Himes

Kane hugged Ghost to him. Ghost clung, pressing his face into Kane's chest. "Whether you are Luca or Ghost or you choose a new name, none of that will change how I feel about you. Your family may not be the way it was before you got lost, but I am here. You came back to me. And I am never going to let you go. — S.J. Himes

Quotes About Him Quotes By Hillary Rodham Clinton

We both had wanted to see a Mark Rothko exhibit at the Yale Art Gallery but, because of a labor dispute, some of the university's buildings, including the museum, were closed. As Bill and I walked by, he decided he could get us in if we offered to pick up the litter that had accumulated in the gallery's courtyard. Watching him talk our way in was the first time I saw his persuasiveness in action. We had the entire museum to ourselves. We wandered through the galleries talking about Rothko and twentieth-century art. I admit to being surprised at his interest in and knowledge of subjects that seemed, at first, unusual for a Viking from Arkansas. We ended up in the museum's courtyard, where I sat in the large lap of Henry Moore's sculpture Drape Seated Woman while we talked until dark. — Hillary Rodham Clinton

Quotes About Him Quotes By Stephanie Witter

All I could think about was the heat of his soft lips, the way they fitted so wonderfully as I was coaxing him to open them some more, just enough to let my tongue slip in and taste him. I needed a taste, needed to complete this fantasy of mine. — Stephanie Witter

Quotes About Him Quotes By Carlos Wallace

Whatever talents, gifts, opportunities, happiness, and blessings someone has, are granted by God. Some people for whatever reason are bothered by those touched by His grace. There's nothing you can do about that. They should bring those grievances directly to Him. If they really feel that way, that talk is overdue anyway. — Carlos Wallace

Quotes About Him Quotes By Anais Nin

I am sure you would not understand if I told you my father is delightfully clear and selfish, tender and lying, formal and incurable. He exhausts all the loves given to him. If I did not leave his house at night to warm myself in Rango's burning hands I would die at my task, arid and barren, sapless, while my father monologues about his past, and I yawn yawn yawn... — Anais Nin

Quotes About Him Quotes By Penelope Douglas

I knew exactly how I felt about Madoc. And I knew why I felt that way. I hated him. I hated what he did to me. But why in the hell did he hate me? — Penelope Douglas

Quotes About Him Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

If you praise the virtues of the person who is two degrees higher than you, if you worship him, if you serve him; this is known as aradhana (veneration; worship). If you say bad things about him, defame him; it is known as viradhana (despise). Viradhana (despise) results in your down fall and aradhana (worship) results in your rise upwards. — Dada Bhagwan

Quotes About Him Quotes By Kasie West

When I was dating, my girlfriends and I used to say, 'Don't cry in front of him before date three.' "
"Cry?" I echoed, frowning.
"Yeah. Guys gets skittish when you cry."
"I don't think I have to worry about that one."
"You don't cry?"
"I don't make it to date three. — Kasie West

Quotes About Him Quotes By Ammiel Josiah Monterde.

Dogs are lonesome creatures who needs a someone that will love him for eternity, Once they've found the one, He will protect it, believing that he is the only one who could accept him — Ammiel Josiah Monterde.

Quotes About Him Quotes By Pearl S. Buck

Whatever came to him was good. It was life. It was knowledge. — Pearl S. Buck

Quotes About Him Quotes By Colleen Chen

Then you shouldn't be worried about him being with me. You can have him back when I'm done with him. — Colleen Chen

Quotes About Him Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

If anyone comes to me complaining about others that "this person is like this", I will question that person first. 'Why did you come complaining to me?' You come complaining therefore you are the guilty one. If anyone comes complaining without being asked, then you should disregard him completely. — Dada Bhagwan

Quotes About Him Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

In life, when one gets to the point of a deeper sense of understanding about himself and his purpose, he least explains himself much to people who fail to understand him and his purpose. That must not be interpreted as neither pride nor an uncaring attitude but a great respect for purposefulness — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Quotes About Him Quotes By Penelope Douglas

Madoc was always calm, after all. So calm all the damn time growing up. He didn't shout or show his anger until he'd had enough. And you never knew exactly when that was going to be. That was the scary part about him. — Penelope Douglas

Quotes About Him Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

One is to cross this ocean in the form of obstinacy. We are standing on this side of obstinacy and we have to go to the other side. If someone becomes instrumental in removing your obstinacy; do not be disturbed about it, consider him to be extremely beneficial and undergo that experience with equanimity. — Dada Bhagwan

Quotes About Him Quotes By Elisa Marie Hopkins

Okay, you have to understand I was drunk."


"So don't believe anything I said."

"What about now?"

"I don't know. I don't trust myself around you. Talking to you is like drinking tequila. One minute I'm in control, and the next I'm - "

He holds me hard against him, then he claims my lips, brutally, violently, the way I was secretly hoping he would. And I kiss him back with so much force it nearly knocks all air from my lungs. — Elisa Marie Hopkins

Quotes About Him Quotes By Dada Bhagwan

What is the justice of this world like? It is that the world will call him as God (Bhagwan), the one who has no thoughts about money (wealth), no thoughts of sensual pleasures and one who remains separate from his body at all times. — Dada Bhagwan

Quotes About Him Quotes By Allison Pang

Well, let's just hope it doesn't come to that." I started back down the alley. "Truthfully, it's not you I'm so much worried about as your ass. It's like the Eighth Wonder of the World or something. Be a shame to deprive future generations of Dreamers, don't you think?" My stomach rumbled. "Come on, I'm starving." A snort escaped him. "Nice to know you care." I patted my belly and shrugged. "Yeah, well. A girl's gotta have priorities. — Allison Pang

Quotes About Him Quotes By James Jean-Pierre

I stood in the isle thinking about my future, while the man next to me complained, but when I asked him what his dream was he never answered. — James Jean-Pierre

Quotes About Him Quotes By Peprah Boasiako

Loyalty to others speaks volumes about loyalty to self. To love others, one must truly love him/herself first. — Peprah Boasiako

Quotes About Him Quotes By Nicole Gulla

How could you keep this from me? How could you let me fall for you?" I shouted, as I uncontrollably shoved him, repeatedly. "I meant nothing to you, did I?"
"Look at me!" he yelled, gesturing his arms as the rain cascaded off of him. "I'm standing here. What more do I have to do to prove what you mean to me?" he proclaimed, as he engulfed the space between us, steeling my breath. Intense passion radiated from him as he spoke. — Nicole Gulla

Quotes About Him Quotes By Franco Santoro

Aloneness and all-oneness is our authentic nature. We are always alone and all-one. We came into this planet alone and all-one. We will leave alone and all-one. And also during our whole staying in this world, no matter how we engage in relationships, we continue to be alone and all-one, though we may forget about it or pretend it is not the case.
True love has nothing to do with the idea that someone is the other half of my soul and that I need him or her in order to be whole and feel complete. Only when we can be alone and all-one with someone there is true love, regardless of whether that someone is still with us or not.
And yet ... I miss you ... — Franco Santoro

Quotes About Him Quotes By Stephan Labossiere

When a man is walking in his purpose there is only room for one woman to walk with him. — Stephan Labossiere

Quotes About Him Quotes By Stephen Chbosky

I thought about him going into my mom's when she was little and hitting my mom and holding up her report card and saying that her bad grades would never happen again. And I think now that maybe he meant my older brother. Or my sister. Or me. That he would make sure that he was the last one to work in a mill. — Stephen Chbosky

Quotes About Him Quotes By Bruce Sterling

Alex direly wanted to try something stupid, but he wasn't about try anything stupid under these circumstances. He'd wait till he won their confidence, till they gave him a lot more initiative and leeway. Then he'd try something stupid. — Bruce Sterling

Quotes About Him Quotes By James R. White

Christ is our all. He is everything to the Christian. He fills all, is in all, and He is our life (Colossians 3:4, 11). It is in Him that all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden (Colossians 2:3). He is the author and finisher of our salvation, the one who starts it, works it out, and completes it (Hebrews 12:2). This is as the Father wanted it. He places His people in the hands of the Son, having joined them to the Son in a super-natural union, so the Son, by His perfect life of obedience, and perfect act of self-sacrifice upon the cross, can bring about their full and complete salvation. — James R. White

Quotes About Him Quotes By M.C. Lavocat

I was momentarily stunned by his odd announcement and told him as much. "Let's just talk about the fact that you composed a sonnet to my vagina, shall we? You are sending off some major stalker vibes, which is odd because you're gay. You are gay, right?"
He narrowed his eyes at me and waved his hand in the direction of his 'muse' as he stated, "I don't want any part of that thing. I just want to honor it for being the only known thing in existence to be touched by the dick of a god. — M.C. Lavocat

Quotes About Him Quotes By Charlie Lovett

King Arthur's Knights had been the first book Arthur had read late at night under the covers with a torch...it was he supposed, thinking back on it, the first book that had showed him what reading was really all about. — Charlie Lovett

Quotes About Him Quotes By Mark W. Boyer

You have heard about the reindeer that pull old Santa's sled.
But mostly I hate Rudolph and wish that he were dead.
With his nose of red which we all know just can't be true.
I wish someone would just kill him, that someone could be you.
He is Santa's favorite and to the front he can be found.
Instead of his red nose, "I" think it should be brown.
He believes that Santa likes him and thinks that he's a winner.
But Santa Claus has other plans he wants Rudolph for his dinner.
Old Saint Nick is greedy this I know without a doubt.
What else do you think happens to all the great toys we go without?
He takes them and he breaks them be cause he doesn't care a bit.
To me it doesn't matter, Why, he can keep his "Schict".
Yes' it's true that I hate Santa too, dressed in his suit of silk.
That's why this year with the homemade cookies,
I'm going to leave some poison milk. — Mark W. Boyer

Quotes About Him Quotes By Lucia Berlin

Sally wasn't crying about their dead mother or her cancer. She was crying because her husband, Alfonso, had left her after twenty years for a young woman. It seemed a brutal thing to do, just after her mastectomy. She was devastated, but no, she wouldn't ever divorce him, even though the woman was pregnant and he wanted to marry her.

"They can just wait until I die. I'll be dead soon, probably next year..." Sally wept but the ocean drowned out the sound. — Lucia Berlin

Quotes About Him Quotes By Haruki Murakami

There was much about him that was fine and beautiful, but he could never find the confidence he needed. — Haruki Murakami

Quotes About Him Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

What's the deal with this Malachai?" Xevikan
"I don't know. I just joined him myself. But he seems level. Decent even." Zavid
"He's with a half-daeve turncoat, a Charonte, and an Aamon, and you don't find that off?" Xevikan
"Wait until you meet his Arel girlfriend, lunatic mother, and the two human homicidal maniac he calls family. Buddy, everything about the Malachai ain't right." Zavid — Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Him Quotes By Michael Delaware

He wagged his tail, and his whole body tingled. He realized the emptiness inside was not filled with happiness. Blue felt a glow within that was a result of more than just the warm sunshine on a spring day.
It was more than just the gentle tumble of the waterfall, or the wind or the sound of birds. It was much, much more he knew. He looked about him and he knew he had found what he had been looking for.
He had found more than his true heart's desire ...
He had found a forever home! — Michael Delaware

Quotes About Him Quotes By Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

If you want to know the real character of man, intentionally and timely give him the test of 3d's; delay, denial and disappointment — Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Quotes About Him Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

So I told him that I don't look for boyfriends; I look for a person, then if the person happens to be the one then he's the one. And if not, then not! And I was also thinking to myself, about how I will not commit myself to a man more than he is willing to commit himself to me. I refuse to be braver. I choose to be secure. I am brave in so many areas of life and when it comes to a man I would rather he be braver than I. I would rather he commit himself to me in ways that will make my heart know him so well that I can say he swims in my blood and he walks inside my bones. But for me to throw my commitment in front of him, on the ground, to see if it's good enough? Hell will freeze over before that happens. I compromise myself in many ways, because compromise is selfless and compromise is giving. But one thing I will not compromise is my commitment. I have to feel safe to do that. I have to know that I am reciprocating; not initiating. — C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Him Quotes By Jonathan Anthony Burkett

In life I will fall, I will backslide, but mark my word I will never give up. — Jonathan Anthony Burkett

Quotes About Him Quotes By Tucker Elliot

Vic Wertz once hit a ball rather famously that was later described as such: 'It would have been a home run in any other park - including Yellowstone.' Instead, he's remembered as the guy who got robbed by Willie Mays' spectacular catch during the 1954 World Series between the Indians and the Giants, a play that remains one of the game's all-time greatest defensive efforts. What people often forget about Wertz is that his greatest battle wasn't that one at bat, and that one out never defined his career. He was stricken with polio in 1955, and after 74 games his season was over and his career was hanging in the balance. 'The Catch' by Willie Mays couldn't keep him down, and neither could polio - he came back in 1956, and despite playing in only 136 games he belted 32 home runs with 106 RBIs. — Tucker Elliot

Quotes About Him Quotes By Tessa Shaffer

To him, freedom was greater than love.
She hated that.
Because she had always thought that love was freedom. — Tessa Shaffer

Quotes About Him Quotes By Julianna Keyes

He was a liar; he was totally coming onto her. But he wasn't going to do anything about it, and not because she was clingy as he'd feared, but because he didn't know what the fuck she would do to him. — Julianna Keyes

Quotes About Him Quotes By Thomas Bernhard

He wanted to be an artist, an artist of life wasn't enough for him, although precisely this concept provides everything we need to be happy if we think about it. — Thomas Bernhard

Quotes About Him Quotes By Sheila Wray Gregoire

Intimacy is about sharing something with your spouse that you don't share with anybody else. It's letting him in. It's laughing together. And it's also feeling that deep hunger for each other! — Sheila Wray Gregoire

Quotes About Him Quotes By Geetansha Sood

She was this girl living in a bottomless hole of her thoughts.
One day she saw a light. She felt the warmth and walked in its direction.
It was there that she found him.
He spoke to her and wove tendrils of love on her heart.
His compassion was over whelming for her.
His words, his love, his eyes- everything about him was so pure, so true.
Her heart was getting intertwined with the love he was bestowing upon her.
The mesh of affection he weaved around her heart made it breathe. And live.
Vine by vine the mesh thickened.
Today, he is her beloved. They are inseparable.
He smiles, she smiles. They weave dreams.
She loves him beyond infinity.
He has her heart strings. And as he walks, she walks with him. — Geetansha Sood

Quotes About Him Quotes By James Farrell

The boy scout struggled after her with the bundle that was too heavy for him. Studs watched them, and thought unprintable things about old lady Gorman. — James Farrell

Quotes About Him Quotes By Cecile Rischmann

Life is all about choices. Make the right one and find your happiness. Don't waste a minute thinking of what others have, be contented with what you have. Ask God to help you achieve. He will, if you believe in Him, if you work hard, and if you do not give up on your dreams. After all, if you give up on your dreams how can you blame others who give up on you? — Cecile Rischmann

Quotes About Him Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Tonight I saw Jesus with the eyes on my face. He looks half lion and half man. But not more like a lion and not more like a man, rather the same, I have never seen anything like the face of Jesus before, %100 one thing but %100 another thing: a lion man!" "Where did you see Him at?" "On the surface of my blanket as I lay in bed. He was suddenly drawn onto it, like a sketch, and that same moment I knew He was showing His face to me, finally." "Why do you think He did that?" "I think He thought it was about time. — C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Him Quotes By Alwyn Hamilton

And then came that grin. I may have traitor eyes, but Jin had the sort of smile that would turn over whole empires to the enemy-that made me feel like I suddenly understood him exactly, even though I knew nothing about him. The kind that made me feel like if I was on the right side of it, we could do anything together — Alwyn Hamilton

Quotes About Him Quotes By C. JoyBell C.

Don't have an opinion about a person until you know them. And then when you do know the person, know him or her in such a way that you won't even think of having any opinions about them! Because you know them enough to believe that your opinions wouldn't matter, anyway. Because the importance of your opinions dim in the light of their meaningful souls. This is how to love humanity. — C. JoyBell C.

Quotes About Him Quotes By Sarah Rees Brennan

Do you like him? Ty asked. "Not that I care." "I do," I said, because it was true. Even though it didn't matter anymore. "Not that I care you don't care. Though you clearly do care, and I don't care about that either." "Well, I don't care that you don't care that I don't care. In fact i'm glad. Because, um, if I were seeming someone that I liked, I'd want you to be happy for me.""Are you seeing someone?" I asked, pretty sure he wasn't. "Not that I care. — Sarah Rees Brennan

Quotes About Him Quotes By Daniel Henderson

When prayer goes viral, people are not excited about "it" (prayer) but are infectious about "Him — Daniel Henderson

Quotes About Him Quotes By Jen Selinsky

Read works which glorify God - not so that you can change what others think about you, but so that you may get closer to Him! — Jen Selinsky

Quotes About Him Quotes By J.K. Rowling

As Harry and Ron rounded the clump of trees behind which Harry had first heard the dragons roar, a witch leapt out from behind them.
It was Rita Skeeter. She was wearing acid-green robes today; the Quick-Quotes Quill in her hand blended perfectly against them.
"Congratulations, Harry!' she said beaming at him. "I wonder if you could give me a quick word? How you felt facing that dragon? How do you feel now about the fairness of the scoring?"
"Yeah, you can have a word," said Harry savagely. "Goodbye! — J.K. Rowling

Quotes About Him Quotes By Sharon Ricklin Jones

Are you okay, Maggie?" Logan asked, rousing me out of my mind-numbing speculations.
Heaving a big sigh, I turned to him and said, "I guess so."
"Are you still worried about visiting your mother?" he asked softly.
Nodding, I said, "A little. I'm just so confused about this whole time-space-brain twister thing. And I'm afraid I might say the wrong thing and mess everything up." I shook my head, trying to make sense of my thoughts. "I mean - what if my younger self should call my mother while I'm there visiting her? Is there really another version of me? Or by coming here from the future, did the younger me cease to exist? — Sharon Ricklin Jones

Quotes About Him Quotes By Beth Michele

And then she kissed him," he murmurs, "and all manner of thought left his head. It was a kiss he had dreamed about, but it was a thousand times better than his dreams. And he was ruined in all the best ways ... and he'd never be the same again. — Beth Michele

Quotes About Him Quotes By Robin Hobb

Refuse anxiety. When you borrow trouble against what might be, you neglect the moment you have now to enjoy. The man who worries about what will next be happening to him loses this moment in dread of the next with pre-judgement — Robin Hobb

Quotes About Him Quotes By D.A. Rhine

Perhaps it was because his life as a human had been so happy and his life since becoming a vampire had been so lonely that Kian clung to any shred of humanity left in him. — D.A. Rhine

Quotes About Him Quotes By Bruce Lee

Forces. What utter treachery!" Hitler then makes misleading statements about how he and Mussolini had agreed to defend Sicily. The Fuehrer also offers a backhanded apology to the Japanese for allowing a large amount of the Italian Navy to fall into Allied hands. However, it is Hitler's current plan for the defense of Italy that interests Washington. Oshima quotes him on this as saying: "[The Allies] have two courses: either they will go north in Italy or they will try to land in the Balkans. I am inclined to believe they will take the latter course. I — Bruce Lee

Quotes About Him Quotes By Jennifer Harrison

Having two women - one who can't know about the other, and one who must be trusted not to destroy his life - is clearly difficult for him. — Jennifer Harrison

Quotes About Him Quotes By Lynda Meyers

Brendan stopped reading. The words had melted into a liquid blur ... In his possession was a box full of information that would likely fill in the gaps and help him to wrap his brain around the whys of her death. And yet, there was really only one question that mattered, and Tommy had already answered it. — Lynda Meyers

Quotes About Him Quotes By Pearl S. Buck

There was no need to hurry that future - yet the length of his own youth pressed upon him. Whatever he was to do next he wanted to begin now. But how to begin and on what? — Pearl S. Buck

Quotes About Him Quotes By Joe Mande

You should really get some quotes about our show. Noah loves when people talk about him. Negatively or positively. — Joe Mande

Quotes About Him Quotes By Elizabeth Cadell

Well, she asked him questions about his age and his attainments. The fact that he was a Catholic gave her pause, but when I explained to her that the present Pope was a well-meaning sort of chap, she said she was prepared to meet him halfway. — Elizabeth Cadell

Quotes About Him Quotes By Carol McCormick

But men and women are different in the way that they feel loved. Men like to be admired for what they do, for their integrity and their accomplishments, whether it's at work or at the gym or mowing the lawn, because it makes them feel manly. When a woman tells a man that she is proud of him, or she tells him that he did a good job, he'll about bend over backwards to take care of her and love her."
"But women like attention from men, because it makes them feel feminine and adored. That's why they're always fixin' themselves up, doing their hair, wearing pretty clothes and makeup and jewelry and perfume. It's all to attract your attention, you know." (Thelma Jenkins) — Carol McCormick