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Top Optimistic Outlook Quotes

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Dee Bradley Baker

As a parent, I want my kids to have an optimistic outlook, and one that has hope, and that makes sense, where good does triumph over evil and it's not cynical, and it's not snarky. — Dee Bradley Baker

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By John Templeton

Before this century is over, the Dow Jones Industrial Average will probably be over one million versus around 10,000 now. So for the long-term, the outlook is tremendously bullish if you buy stocks blindly to keep for a century. — John Templeton

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Meera Lester

When you choose positive thoughts over negative ones, you are more likely to develop an optimistic outlook on life. — Meera Lester

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By David Wilkerson

Biblical hope is not wishful thinking or an optimistic outlook; rather, it is a confident expectation based on the certainty of God's Word that as He has anchored us in the past, so He will in the future. — David Wilkerson

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By John Gokongwei

Actually, we chose the name Sun Cellular because we believe the name 'Sun' is bright, forward-looking and optimistic. It is my sincere hope that the whole Philippines will share our positive outlook, optimism and faith in the country's future. — John Gokongwei

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Elizabeth Gilbert

I can choose how I'm going to regard unfortunate circumstances in my life - whether I will see them as curses or opportunities (and on the occasions when I can't rise to the most optimistic viewpoint, because I'm feeling too damn sorry for myself, I can choose to keep trying to change my outlook). — Elizabeth Gilbert

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Wu Wei

To be joyous of heart is to hold an optimistic outlook, to see adversity as opportunity, to see failure as the starting point of success, to view our stubbed toes as the release of acupuncture points, to wake with a feeling of gratitude, and to sleep with a sustaining, unfaltering trust in the Universe of which we are a part. The person with a joyous heart is a treasure to be with, a wellspring of inspiration, and a fit companion. When we are joyous of heart, we hear a resonance in the songs of the birds, see resonance in the opening of a flower, and feel it in the pressure of a friend's hand. — Wu Wei

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Jim Abbott

I think you need optimism. I believe that's incredibly important that you be optimistic that you can do things different and still do them just as well. That's very important to success - just to have a positive outlook. I know it's not easy to do that. — Jim Abbott

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Dalai Lama

This generation has a responsibility to reshape the world. Start the task even if it will not be fulfilled in your lifetime. Even if it seems hopeless now, never give up. Offer a positive vision, with enthusiasm and joy, and an optimistic outlook. — Dalai Lama

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Robert D. Putnam

{The Progressives] outlook was activist and optimistic, not fatalist and despondent. The distinctive characteristic of the Progressives was their conviction that social evils would not remedy themselves and that it was foolhardy to wait passively for time's cure. As Herbert Croly put it, they did not believe that the future would take care of itself. Neither should we. — Robert D. Putnam

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Steve Aoki

'Neon Future' is, in short, a positive outlook on human progress and technology, looking forward to a bright, colorful utopia. It's embracing the future and looking toward the future in a more optimistic way. — Steve Aoki

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Neeraj Vohara

Do the new, be the change. — Neeraj Vohara

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Dieter F. Uchtdorf

You live in a time of great challenges and opportunities. As spirit sons of heavenly parents, you are free to make the right choices. This requires hard work, self-discipline, and an optimistic outlook, which will bring joy and freedom into your life now and in the future. — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By William Foege

Finally, develop tenacity and an optimistic outlook. It doesn't mean that everything will always work out or that you won't suffer. But pessimism seems to be designed to force you to suffer before the fact! — William Foege

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Ao Jyumonji

I ought to get some shut-eye. All this thinking isn't doing me any good. Something good might happen tomorrow, anyway. Today's over now. I can't do anything about that. Tomorrow's what's important now. What will I do tomorrow? — Ao Jyumonji

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Rhys Darby

Open mind all the way. Because people have had eyewitness accounts, they've seen things, they swear they've seen things, and I tend to believe in people rather than - maybe I'm a little naive, but my optimistic outlook on life is to sort of be positive and take everyone at face value. — Rhys Darby

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Libba Bray

The vicar, whose name is Reverend Waite, leads us in prayers that all begin with 'O Lord' and end with our somehow not being worthy-sinners who have always been sinners and will forever more be sinners until we die. It isn't the most optimistic outlook I've ever heard but we're encouraged to keep trying anyway. — Libba Bray

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Kandathil Sebastian

Having a positive outlook means being optimistic even when you have continuous failures, and keep re-working on your plans. — Kandathil Sebastian

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Tobias Wolff

The very act of writing assumes, to begin with, that someone cares to hear what you have to say. It assumes that people share, that people can be reached, that people can be touched and even in some cases changed. So many of the things in our world lead us to despair. It seems to me that the final symptom of despair is silence, and that storytelling is one of the sustaining arts; it's one of the affirming arts. A writer may have a certain pessimism in his outlook, but the very act of being a writer seems to me to be an optimistic act. — Tobias Wolff

Optimistic Outlook Quotes By Auliq Ice

Even if you aren't independent or career wise, at least show that you have a passion for life and an optimistic outlook. — Auliq Ice