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Top Peace Hand Sign Quotes

Peace Hand Sign Quotes By Brian Celio

Some people put up a peace sign with one hand. Some people put up the middle finger instead. I use two hands and put up both. — Brian Celio

Peace Hand Sign Quotes By Kerry Weber

The prisoners stand on the other side, three of whom require their own cages. He hands out the Eucharist through a sort of mail slot in the grate. They have slots in each cage, he tells me, and when they do the sign of peace, they can reach out to each other. One time an inmate held up his fingertip to a tiny hole in the grate. Fr. Williams placed his hand against the grate as well. "It really sums up the whole thing. You have this human being reaching through a cage to touch another human being within a bigger cage, within a prison. — Kerry Weber

Peace Hand Sign Quotes By Inga Simpson

We were all grinning and everyone had their eyes open for once. Ian must have been moving - his hand was blurred. It was exactly how I imagined us, right down to Kieran's arm around me and the peace sign he was making above Matty's head. The big carving was behind us, and the other trees leaned into the picture, like giant people.

Then a cloud went over the sun and Ian said he had better get going. I wished we had taken five pictures so that we could all have a copy. When I looked at the image again, the colours had already started to fade, as if it was a moment we could never have back. — Inga Simpson

Peace Hand Sign Quotes By Me

The two fingered peace sign always fascinated me, because just in a turn of the hand it turns into war. — Me

Peace Hand Sign Quotes By John Marsden

Do you think Lee's all right?'
'I'm praying my ass off.'
At that moment came the happiest sight I'd ever seen. A thin hand appeared out of the shovel, made a V sign or a peace sign-it was hard to tell in the dimness-and disappeared again. — John Marsden

Peace Hand Sign Quotes By Z.A. Maxfield

It was a beautiful, clear Southern California kind of Christmas Eve, the kind where Santa shows up in khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt and shades, flashing a peace sign with one hand and sipping a Corona with the other. — Z.A. Maxfield