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Positive Disposition Quotes & Sayings

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Top Positive Disposition Quotes

Positive Disposition Quotes By Dalai Lama

An affectionate disposition not only makes the mind more peaceful
and calm, but it affects our body in a positive way too. On the
other hand, hatred, jealousy and fear upset our peace of mind, make
us agitated and affect our body adversely. Even our body needs peace
of mind and is not suited to agitation. This shows that an
appreciation for peace of mind is in our blood. — Dalai Lama

Positive Disposition Quotes By Vincent Cheung

in our spiritually dead condition, it is impossible to have the positive spiritual disposition required to have faith in Christ. — Vincent Cheung

Positive Disposition Quotes By John Hall

As a person who is not confrontational by disposition I tend to see that the quality of being confrontational is a positive attribute. — John Hall

Positive Disposition Quotes By George Eliot

But to minds strongly marked by the positive and negative qualities that create severity, - strength of will, conscious rectitude of purpose, narrowness of imagination and intellect, great power of self-control, and a disposition to exert control over others, - prejudices come as the natural food of tendencies which can get no sustenance out of that complex, fragmentary, doubt-provoking knowledge which we call truth. — George Eliot

Positive Disposition Quotes By Steve Maraboli

A healthy choice for your overall health and well-being is one of a happy and positive disposition. — Steve Maraboli