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Top Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By George W. Bush

It appears to be a re-run of a bad movie. [Iraqi President Saddam Hussein] is delaying. He's deceiving. He's asking for time. He's playing hide-and-seek with inspectors. One thing is for certain - he's not disarming. — George W. Bush

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Charlie Higson

You see that movie, Chicken Run, where the chickens gang up together and escape from the farm? — Charlie Higson

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Adam Rodriguez

It was funny to run into girls I knew after the movie came out because they would say, 'I saw you on 'Magic Mike,' but there was this look of embarrassment. It was very cute. — Adam Rodriguez

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Todd Farmer

That's where the inspiration was and so the more that you rewrite and the more you rewrite and the more the numbnuts are coming in to give you notes then the more problems you run into and the more it suddenly doesn't seem like the movie, the story, the characters changed, watered down and we don't have that with this. — Todd Farmer

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Carey Harrison

Many of us spend our early years in unconscious flight from our true purpose, only to run smack into it at last, like a fleeing movie heroine who backs around a corner - we know what comes next - and turns abruptly to find herself face to face with her nemesis, or, more often, her deliverance. — Carey Harrison

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Holly Hood

Death is around everyone's corner, people try to run and hide from it, but it al-ways catches up with them. Like a bad scene from a horror movie. Death stalks you like a lion, waiting for just the right moment to attack. You can run but sooner or later you'll trip and death will devour you. Did anyone know the secret to outrun death? No one that lived to tell about it, that's saying something right? — Holly Hood

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Richard Corliss

The visual palette suggests the creepy pastel paintings of Guy Peellaert (Rock Dreams); the fantasy battles with monsters and samurais echo the muscular landscapes of Frank Frazetta and Boris Vallejo. The movie is like an arrested adolescent's Google search run amok. — Richard Corliss

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Brie Larson

Because we put ourselves in a movie or on TV, then it must mean we want to be completely open to the world. Sometimes, people will run up to you as if this is Disneyland and I'm a character. I understand their point of view, but it's difficult to explain how terrified it makes me. I'm so nervous. — Brie Larson

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Jessica Verdi

That's the point. This healthy-feeling time now just feels like a tease. Like I'm in this holding pattern, flying in smooth circles within sight of the airport, in super-comfortable first class. But I can't enjoy the in-flight movie or free chocolate chip cookies because I know that before the airport is able to make room for us, the plane is going to run out of fuel, and we're going to crash-land into a fiery, agonizing death. — Jessica Verdi

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Marjorie M. Liu

Miri forced herself to remain very still. Never run from immortals, she remembered; her favorite line from a favorite movie. Never run. — Marjorie M. Liu

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Donna Tartt

The space behind me in the frame was not so much a space in the conventional sense as a perfectly composed harmony, a wider, more real-seeming reality with a deep silence around it, beyond sound and speech; where all was stillness and clarity, and at the same time, as in a backward-run movie, you could also imagine spilled milk leaping back into the pitcher, a jumping cat flying backward to land silently upon a table, a waystation where time didn't exist or, more accurately, existed all at once in every direction, all histories and movements occurring simultaneously. — Donna Tartt

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Guy Pearce

I've done roles before where I've wanted to be buff and sort of fit or whatever. And I like to try and be a little bit fit because there's usually one scene in a movie where you've got to run, which means you've got to run for about five hours nonstop. So, for me, it's just worthwhile being fit because doing a movie can be kind of grueling for six, seven, eight weeks. Or 12 weeks. — Guy Pearce

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Robert Greenblatt

My dream as a teenager was to run a movie studio, as in the old studio system. — Robert Greenblatt

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Sarah Polley

I always look for an intense experience, an intense ride. There is nothing better than a good zombie movie where you run crazy and blow at monsters! It was a physical shoot and I enjoyed it. — Sarah Polley

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Gene Siskel

In fact, Cannonball Run II. I used to pick that as the worst movie ever made. — Gene Siskel

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Bun B.

The top two for me are Spotlight and The Revenant [movies]. Everything says The Revenant, but Spotlight is special. I think this movie would have been a lot more jumpy and fast-faced if anyone else had done it. This movie is very unassuming in how powerful it is. It very calmly, and very cooly, eats you up inside. I think if there's anything that will upset the Revenant run, it's gonna be Spotlight. — Bun B.

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Josh Radnor

And as a filmmaker, I'm trying to unhook myself from this idea that unless you have a brilliant, long, enormously lucrative theatrical run, that your movie somehow failed. And I don't believe that. — Josh Radnor

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Vernon Howard

A chief cause of unhappiness is what I call mental movies. Mental movies are a misuse of the imagination. You know how it goes. You have a painful experience with someone, then run it over and over in your mind. You visualize what you said, what he did, how you both felt. As awful as it is, you feel compelled to repeat the film day and night. It is as if you were locked inside a theatre playing a horrible movie. — Vernon Howard

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Shana Alexander

What troubles me is not that movie stars run for office, but that they find it easy to get elected. It should be difficult. It should be difficult for millionaires, too. — Shana Alexander

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Sara Daniell

GET IN he says, getting in on the driver side. I get in with no questions. Okay. This is a bad movie waiting to happen-I'm getting in a car with a guy I just met today who is keeping secrets from me. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm too scared to speak or ask or run away, though. So I just get in and put on my seat belt. I am so stupid. — Sara Daniell

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Conan O'Brien

California's 74-year-old Senator Barbara Boxer announced she will not run for re-election in 2016. When I saw the headline '74-Year-Old Boxer,' I assumed they were making another 'Rocky' movie. — Conan O'Brien

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Russell Simmons

My wife Kimora once told me while we were watching "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" that it's a vegetarian movie because the way that the woman was screaming, "Aaaahhh," and trying to run away is how every animal you eat reacted at the slaughterhouse. — Russell Simmons

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Joe Pantoliano

What the hell did I do in the 80's? Midnight Run. A perfect movie. Just a perfect movie. — Joe Pantoliano

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Robin Jones Gunn

Christy said. "It's just weird, your seeing him like that. What are you going to do?"
"Nothing. What can I do?"
"Maybe he'll call you to see if you're okay," Katie said.
"No," Christy said, "in the movies he would have told his friend to stop the car, and he would have run back to you with an umbrella and walked you the rest of the way hoe, and you would have made him a pot of tea."
Sierra laughed. "I am drinking tea right now," she said. "Maybe my life is a low budget 'B' movie, and all I get is the tea. No hero. No umbrella."
"Yeah, well then my life is a class 'Z' movie," Katie said. "No tea. No hero. No umbrella. No plot
"Yours is more of a mystery," Christy interrupted cheerfully. "The ending will surprise all of us. — Robin Jones Gunn

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Amelia LeFay

It was okay to run.
Running was good; anyone who said otherwise would be the first one to die in a horror movie. — Amelia LeFay

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Robert Rodriguez

Exploitation films were famous for taking an issue an exploiting it because they could move much faster than a studio could. If there was any hot topic, they would run out and make a quick movie and make a buck on it, by changing it around and using it, in some way, to give some relevance. — Robert Rodriguez

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Brittany Snow

I love hanging out with my friends; I love to run. I box. I'm a huge movie buff. — Brittany Snow

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Greg Sestero

Upon its debut, The Room was a spectacular bomb, pulling in all of $1,800 during its initial two-week Los Angeles run. It wasn't until the last weekend of the film's short release that the seeds of its eventual cultural salvation were planted. While passing a movie theater, two young film students named Michael Rousselet and Scott Gairdner noticed a sign on the ticket booth that read: NO REFUNDS. Below the sign was this blurb from a review: "Watching this film is like getting stabbed in the head." They were sold. — Greg Sestero

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Joel Osteen

Don't let negative pictures play on the movie screen of your mind. You are the director and the audience. You are in charge. Take the remote control. Change the channel. If you let your imagination run wild, let it run wild in a positive direction. — Joel Osteen

Nowhere To Run Movie Quotes By Paul Haggis

You can't plan for people to like your movies. I knew that people were not going to run in droves to the theater for the 'In the Valley of Elah.' I knew they might not want to see it, but I still had to the movie; I felt very strongly about it. Wanting to keep telling a good story is what you want to do, a compelling story. — Paul Haggis