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French Kiss Love Quotes By Keira D. Skye

His kiss was like no other! His kiss was enchanted and fairy-tale like. He applied pressure, but just enough to feel his tenderness and warmth. I could feel his heart beating wildly as he pressed his chest against my chest all the while his loving lips brushed up against mine with a care-filled affection. His tongue lightly licked the outer edges of my mouth, and then searched for my tongue. The pursuit allowed a marriage of both tongues to meet - inspiring a mingling tango of hot and heavy French kissing to manifest profusely. We kissed like two hot and horny teenagers, our mouths moving and craving each others lips, in animalistic desires! — Keira D. Skye

French Kiss Love Quotes By Miranda July

And why had Deb's last boyfriend dumped her?
I dumped him.
Maybe you didn't French-kiss him enough.
I promise you that wasn't it.
Tell me how many times a day you kissed, and I'll say if it was enough.
Four hundred.
Not enough. — Miranda July

French Kiss Love Quotes By Peter Turnley

French Kiss - A Love Letter to Paris, is a tribute to many of the wonderful moments of romance, beauty, hope, and love that I have witnessed and been inspired by in Paris, my adopted home, over the past 40 years. I believe that photography is ultimately about sharing. I am excited to share, with the world, these moments of the heart that have touched my own, in this most beautiful city, Paris — Peter Turnley

French Kiss Love Quotes By Michael Bassey Johnson

A deep kiss can put you in an emotional state of coma, sometimes in a reckless vulnerability, we lose virginity and sanity, and maybe our bond of love becomes strong or weak. — Michael Bassey Johnson

French Kiss Love Quotes By C.J. Carlyon

french kisses
french fries
tonight — C.J. Carlyon

French Kiss Love Quotes By Jodi Picoult

It's okay to kiss people when you love them."
"I don't love your mother," I tell her. "Not like that, anyway."
"You give her all your french fries, even when she won't give you back onion rings," Sophie says. "And when you say her name it sounds different."
Sophie thinks. "Like it's covered in blankets."
"I do not say your mother's name like it's covered in blankets. And I don't always give her my french fries, because you're right, she doesn't share."
"But you still don't yell at her when she's not being fair," Sophie points out. "Because you don't want to hurt her feelings." She slips her hand into mine and repeats, "You love her. — Jodi Picoult

French Kiss Love Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

I said you were beautiful. I slept in your bed! — Stephanie Perkins

French Kiss Love Quotes By Scarlett Avery

You taste so good. I love making you come with my mouth." - Bryce Van Der Linden (French Kiss, Unbearable Passion, #2) — Scarlett Avery

French Kiss Love Quotes By Shannon Delany

Max,' I said, looking up at him, 'I love the Russian heritage you guys are so willing to share, but I'm not so thrilled with the French.'
'What?' His brows lowered. 'We're not French.'
'Great. So the next time you feel the need to kiss me, keep your tongue out of my mouth! — Shannon Delany

French Kiss Love Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

I'm in love with my new best friend. — Stephanie Perkins

French Kiss Love Quotes By John Green

French. Feel. Finger. Fuck. — John Green

French Kiss Love Quotes By Stephanie Perkins

You're the most incredible girl I've ever known. You're gorgeous and smart, and you make me laugh like no-one else can. And I can talk to you. And I know after all this I don't deserve you, but what I'm trying to say is that I love you, Anna. Very Much. — Stephanie Perkins