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Neck Tattoo Quotes By Carrie Ann Ryan

The hairs on the back of her neck tingled and she shivered. She turned toward the door and blinked once. Twice.

The sexiest man she'd ever seen in her life stood in the doorway.

No, stood wasn't a good word, not with the way his presence filled the shop. Dear Lord, was she panting? His broad shoulders were encased in a suit that had t cost more than her rent, but she didn't care about that. His thick chest tapered into a trim waist and strong thighs. Just the thought of those thighs made her clench her own. He had his hands fisted at his sides, and oh God, those hands. Large, thick and they looked so out of place compared to his classy suit. It looked as if he actually used his hands rather than merely sitting behind a desk as his attire suggested, — Carrie Ann Ryan

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Sarah Mayberry

He leaned closer and she swallowed the rest of her words as he pressed a kiss to her lips. He lifted his head slightly and looked into her eyes. She stared back at him, stunned, her heart thudding against her breastbone. He palmed the nape of her neck, and then he was kissing her again, his tongue sweeping into her mouth this time, turning her legs to jelly.
She pressed her body against his, her skin on fire, desire beating a tattoo through her veins. His tongue stroked hers gently, provocatively, and she reached out and gripped his shoulders with both hands.
After a long, long moment he drew back. "Come home with me?" he asked very quietly, his voice a low husk.
Dear God, I thought you'd never ask. — Sarah Mayberry

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Rachael Wade

I smiled and rolled onto my side, bringing my arms around her. She wiggled against me, letting me spoon her, and I swept some sweaty hair away from her neck to kiss beneath her ear. "How do you like your new tattoo?"
"I love it. It makes me want to be a bird."
"You already are a bird."
"I don't get to fly."
"You fly all the time. Haven't you noticed? — Rachael Wade

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Kelley Armstrong

Yes you're getting your tattoo." I threw my arms around Dad's neck. "Thank you!" "Hey," Mom said. "I'm the one who had to persuade him it wasn't turning his little girl into a streetwalker." "I never said that," Dad said. "No?" I said. "Cool. Cause I've decided to skip the paw print. I'm thinking of a tramp stamp with flames that says 'Hot in Here.' No wait. Arrows. For directionally challenged guys — Kelley Armstrong

Neck Tattoo Quotes By L.R. Claude

Oh you have a neck tattoo?? Sure I'll have fries with that"
-Lorna Daniels
(Glass Screams) — L.R. Claude

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Laura Spinella

No hay problema," Orlando agreed. "But you haven't said where?" His eyes grazed over the rumpled tux, Aiden not having thought about where the tattoo might go. Isabel had an answer.
"His neck."
"My neck?"
"Tiene cojones," Orlando said slyly grinning.
"Yes, your neck. It'll be your thing, you know, when you're famous
like an insigna. It's sexy and dangerous. Aidan's going to be a famous rock star, Orlando."
Aidan admired her confidence. "From her lips ... "
"I surely hope, mis amigos, because putting that thing on your neck does not say nine-to-five employment. — Laura Spinella

Neck Tattoo Quotes By P.C. Cast

Adam's gaze quickly shifted from the full tattoo on my face, to the V-neck of my T-shirt and the glimpse of tattooing across my collarbone, down to my palm, which was also covered in the same filigree tattoo. "I didn't know vampyres were getting additional tattooing done. Is your artist here in Tulsa?"
I grinned. "Yeah, sometimes. But mostly she's in the Otherworld." I could see he was trying to process what I'd said, so I took the opportunity to blurt, "Hey, you said you don't have a girlfriend, but how about a boyfriend?"
"Um, no, I don't have a boyfriend, either. At least not currently." Adam glanced at Damien, who met his gaze.
/Success!/ was what I was thinking. — P.C. Cast

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Mindy Kaling

I was just a friendly thirty-four-year-old TV actress looking for a boyfriend who didn't have a neck tattoo. — Mindy Kaling

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Tammy Falkner

Why do you have Pete's name tattooed on your neck?" I ask. He grins widely. "When we were twelve, our dad still couldn't tell us apart. So, he decided to tattoo our names on our necks." He smiles even more broadly. "When he sat us down in the chair, he asked which one I was, and I said Pete. And then he put my name on Pete's neck. Our mom was so angry. You have no idea." He rubs at the back of his neck. "I kind of like it." "I do, too. — Tammy Falkner

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Jeff Lindsay

Aramaic has no vowels. So MLK spells Moloch." "Or milk," Deborah said. "Really, Debs, if you think our killer would tattoo milk on his neck, you need a nap. — Jeff Lindsay

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Liane Moriarty

It wasn't beautiful people like Celeste who were drawing Jane's eyes, but ordinary people and the beautiful ordinariness of their bodies. A tanned forearm with a tattoo of the sun reaching out across the counter at the service station. The back of an older's man neck in a queue at the supermarket. Calf muscles and collarbones. It was the strangest thing. She was reminder of her father, who years ago had an operation on his sinuses that returned the sense of smell he hadn't realized he'd lost. The simplest smells sent him into rhapsodies of delight. He kept sniffing Jane's mother's neck and saying dreamily, I'd forgotten your mother's smell! I didn't know I'd forgotten it! — Liane Moriarty

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

He had a tattoo of a bird on his neck done by someone with an ill-formed notion of their appearance. — Cormac McCarthy

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Janet Evanovich

He stood out because he had a slight British accent and an odd tattoo on his neck. A skull and a flower. — Janet Evanovich

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Harlan Coben

Myron put the phone back in his pocket and crossed the path. Dog Collar had his hands jammed into his pants pockets as though he was searching for something that had pissed him off. His shoulders were hunched. He had a tattoo on his neck - Myron couldn't tell what it was - and he was pulling on his cigarette as though he meant to finish it with one inhale. "Hey, — Harlan Coben

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Veronica Roth

It is only when she turns to close the door that I see a tattoo on the back of her neck, a black-and-white hawk with a red eye. If I didn't feel like my heart had migrated to my throat, I would ask her what it signifies. It must signify something. — Veronica Roth

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Michael Nutter

If you walk into somebody's office with your hair uncombed and a pick in the back, and your shoes untied, and your pants half down, tattoos up and down your arms and on your neck, and you wonder why somebody won't hire you? They don't hire you 'cause you look like you're crazy! — Michael Nutter

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Bijou Hunter

Who is Aaron?"
"He and I own a tattoo place," Cooper said, wrapping me in his arms. "I shelled out the cash and he's the artist. Known him since middle school. Solid guy and he'll make sure you're safe."
I wasn't sure what my face did, but a smiling Cooper caressed my cheek.
"He's not scary. Yes, he's sporting a snake up his neck and a shaved head, but the guy's the real sensitive type. Probably writes poetry. — Bijou Hunter

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Gena Showalter

The bed was swathed in black cotton; turning her head, Danika saw that she was draped by a half-clothed man. He possessed skin of chocolate and honey, taut muscle and ripped sinew. No hair marred his chest, but there was a menacing butterfly tattoo that stretched from one shoulder to the other and up his neck. Menacing butterfly - two words that could be used together to describe only one man. Reyes. "Oh, — Gena Showalter

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Megan Whalen Turner

He felt a chill on the back of his neck. It was self-doubt, the black beetle that had pursued him all his life, pinching at him, poisoning his every success, whispering in his ear about his flaws and his failures and his unworthiness. He hadn't felt it in months, but the pinprick of its claws was instantly familiar. They informed him with their tiny tattoo that he had almost certainly done something immensely, irrevocably, and unforgivably stupid. — Megan Whalen Turner

Neck Tattoo Quotes By Cormac McCarthy

He came forward, holding his belt by one hand. The holes in it marked the progress of his emaciation and the leather at one side had a lacquered look to it where he was used to stropping the blade of his knife. He stepped down into the roadcut and he looked at the gun and he looked at the boy. Eyes collared in cups of grime and deeply sunk. Like an animal inside a skull looking out the eyeholes. He wore a beard that had been cut square across the bottom with shears and he had a tattoo of a bird on his neck done by someone with an illformed notion of their appearance. He was lean, wiry, rachitic. Dressed in a pair of filthy blue coveralls and a black billcap with the logo of some vanished enterprise embroidered across the front of it. — Cormac McCarthy