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Famous Quotes By Osyp Nazaruk

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From deep quiet gorges and wilderness of the holy mountain came to her wonderful, like silver mist, dreams and silently whispered into her ears that she was designed for extraordinary deeds. — Osyp Nazaruk

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And came to her a realization that the largest humiliation for the person was a lie. And the viler the one to whom you lie, the greater is the humiliation. — Osyp Nazaruk

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Outcome is uncertain in every fight... So in any position don't lose hope that you win. — Osyp Nazaruk

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Because if indestructible is every atom of a speck of dust, so must be immortal the spirit of a man. And if every wave of the wind creates eternity, so must the consequences of our acts. So every one of us would leave on a big Hajj to our Creator. — Osyp Nazaruk

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No power is born of hate.
All power and authority is born of love.
Oh, you, who want any power somewhere!
Ask yourselves who and what you love? — Osyp Nazaruk

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Although people are such beings that if there were only three of them in the world, one of them would have been their leader, still in everyone, without any exceptions, there is a natural desire to have at least an illusion of equality. This desire has the king and the pauper, and the adult and the child, for this is the manifestation of the eternal truth about the equality of all before God. — Osyp Nazaruk

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She loved everything around, turquoise blue sky and calm sea, and the holy mountain, and fragrant woods on it, and monasteries and hermitages, and herbs, and flowers, and monks and pilgrims, and children. And him? She asked herself and almost said "yes" inwardly... — Osyp Nazaruk