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Top Sinkholes Quotes

Sinkholes Quotes By Cary McNeal

Kingsley Lake, or "Silver Dollar Lake," is almost a perfect circle, spanning nearly two thousand acres with a surprising depth of ninety feet. The reason for the popular lake's unique shape and depth? It is one of Florida's many sinkholes. — Cary McNeal

Sinkholes Quotes By Jane Velez-Mitchell

Every day, it seems, a new extreme weather catastrophe happens somewhere in America, and the media's all over it, profiling the ordinary folks wiped out by forest fires, droughts, floods, massive sinkholes, tornadoes. — Jane Velez-Mitchell

Sinkholes Quotes By Douglas Coupland

Maybe people with weird haircuts are like structures that become interesting only after being wrecked - Florida ranch houses half-fallen into sinkholes; bankrupt malls; civilizations after a nuclear war. I feel a warm tragic glow knowing I may be of interest to the world only once I have been destroyed. — Douglas Coupland

Sinkholes Quotes By Sue Monk Kidd

The translucence that comes when life hardens into a bead of such cruel perfection you see it with the purest clarity. Everything suddenly there
life as it truly is, enormous, appalling, devastating. You see the great sinkholes it makes in people and the harrowing lengths to which love will go to fill them. — Sue Monk Kidd

Sinkholes Quotes By Nicole Krauss

Our eyes locked in one of those looks that sometimes happen between strangers, when both wordlessly agree that reality contains sinkholes whose depths neither can ever hope to fathom. — Nicole Krauss