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Lotus Sutra Quotes & Sayings

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Lotus Sutra Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Among all the sutras I have expounded,
Lotus Sutra is the first and foremost!
If you are able to uphold the Lotus Sutra,
it means you are able to uphold the body of a Buddha!
(LS 11: 3.35)
Lotus Sutra, Chapter 11, Section 3, Paragraph 35 — Gautama Buddha

Lotus Sutra Quotes By Patrick Mendis

The Chinese construction of South Asia's tallest edifice, the Lotus (a Lotus Sutra in Buddhism) Tower, both points to Beijing's Peaceful Rise and unsettles some onlookers. For the nervous India and the United States, the cleverly designed and highly sophisticated rising communications tower is more than a Buddhist symbol of Peaceful Rise. — Patrick Mendis

Lotus Sutra Quotes By Rajneesh

In the Lotus Sutra, it is said everything is emptiness - this world is empty, hell is empty, heaven is empty, God is empty, everything is emptiness. Emptiness is the nature of all things, nothingness, so be attuned to nothingness and you will achieve. — Rajneesh

Lotus Sutra Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Among all shravakas and pratyekabuddhas, bodhisattvas are the foremost. So is the Lotus Sutra; among all sutras, it is the foremost! Just as the Buddha is the King of the Law; so is the Lotus Sutra, it is the King of all Sutras!
(LS 23:2.16)
Lotus Sutra, Chapter 23, Section 2, Paragraph 16 — Gautama Buddha

Lotus Sutra Quotes By Jerry Yang

In 2010, when the Lotus Sutra was made available to me by a private dealer, I was very fortunate to be able to have it. It is very long, 30 feet or something crazy like that. It has some 15,000 very small standard script characters that the artist Zhao Mengfu in the Yuan dynasty made when he was in his 60s. — Jerry Yang

Lotus Sutra Quotes By Gautama Buddha

Every day, I am thinking:
'How can I lead all living beings
to enter the unsurpassed way
so as to quickly acquire the body of a Buddha?
(LS 16: 3.23)
Lotus Sutra, Chapter 16, Section 3, Paragraph 23 — Gautama Buddha

Lotus Sutra Quotes By Shunryu Suzuki

In the Lotus Sutra, Buddha says to light up one corner - not the whole world. Just make it clear where you are. — Shunryu Suzuki