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Best Powerhouse Quotes By Staci Hart

I wanted to think this was just my lizard brain telling me to copulate with a male who was a genetic powerhouse. — Staci Hart

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Kelly Sue DeConnick

My son is such a lover, such a caretaker and so funny. He's seven, and he genuinely cracks me up. And my daughter is a fearless powerhouse. They fill me with wonder and admiration. — Kelly Sue DeConnick

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Rick Perlstein

The history of American higher education over the twentieth century is an extraordinary one, the story of the creation of a powerhouse set of institutions that are the envy of the civilized world. Once they were the province, both among the student and faculty bodies, of children of privilege, generally WASPs. — Rick Perlstein

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Clayton M Christensen

At its zenith Sears accounted for more than 2 percent of all retail sales in the United States. It pioneered several innovations critical to the success of today's most admired retailers: for example, supply chain management, store brands, catalogue retailing, and credit card sales. The esteem in which Sears' management was held shows in this 1964 excerpt from Fortune: "How did Sears do it? In a way, the most arresting aspect of its story is that there was no gimmick. Sears opened no big bag of tricks, shot off no skyrockets. Instead, it looked as though everybody in its organization simply did the right thing, easily and naturally. And their cumulative effect was to create an extraordinary powerhouse of a company. — Clayton M Christensen

Best Powerhouse Quotes By David Mitchell

What else has changes since 1984? Oil's running our, I say Earth's population is eight billion, mass extinction of flora and fauna are commonplace, climate change is foreclosing the Holocene Era. Aparteid's dead, as are the Castros in Cuba as is privacy. The USSR went bankrupt; the Eastern bloc collapsed; Germany reunified; the EU has gone federal; China's a powerhouse- though their air is industrial effluence in a gaseous state - and North Korea is still a gulag run by a coiffed cannibal. p 500 — David Mitchell

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Mark Morford

RJD was pretty much heavy metal personified, a tiny 5-foot-4-inch sorcerer with a mangy mane, demonic eyes and sly grin, all coupled to a simply huge, operatic voice, a diminutive powerhouse who prowled the stage like a feline elf and who was, it turns out, also finely intelligent and well spoken, an actual gentleman in a genre known all too well for its bombastic, monosyllabic doltbuckets. A rare thing indeed. — Mark Morford

Best Powerhouse Quotes By John Lennon

I believe that God is like a powerhouse, like where you keep electricity, like a power station. And that he's a supreme power, and that he's neither good not bad, left, right, black or white. He just is. And we tap that source of power and make of it what we will. Just as electricity can kill people in a chair, or you can light a room with it. I think God is. — John Lennon

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Cory Doctorow

The United States of America was a pirate nation for the first one hundred years of its existence, ripping off the patents and trademarks of the imperial European powers it had liberated itself from by blood. By keeping their GDP at home, the U.S. revolutionaries were able to bootstrap their nation into an industrial powerhouse. Now, it seems, their descendants are bent on ensuring that no other country can pull the same trick off. — Cory Doctorow

Best Powerhouse Quotes By George Osborne

Even as China's growth slows, it will continue to be a powerhouse for the global economy. — George Osborne

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Molly Harper

Hubert's wife, Mindy, was a tiny powerhouse of a woman with a halo of wild blond hair and eye makeup so complex it took me a while to locate her pupils. She was clearly the brains of the operation, such as she was. — Molly Harper

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Francois Hollande

Is France a northern European export powerhouse, or a Mediterranean indebted and dependent economy? Yes to both. — Francois Hollande

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Kurt Sutter

My wife, Katey Sagal, has transformed herself from a sitcom cartoon to a dramatic powerhouse. — Kurt Sutter

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Larry Silverberg

You are a powerhouse of creativity; you were born magnificently expressive, available and aware. Before you had the words for it, you had an intrinsic sense of urgency because you knew down in your bones that the stakes are high. — Larry Silverberg

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Mark Steyn

The industrial powerhouse of 1950 [Detroit] is now a crime-ridden wasteland with a functioning literacy rate equivalent to West African basket-cases. — Mark Steyn

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Toby Keith

We turned what is virtually a glorified independent label into one of the powerhouse labels in the town. — Toby Keith

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Will Ferguson

You know what made us the biggest, meanest, Big Mac eating, calorie-counting, world-dominating kick-ass powerhouse country in the history of the human race? The pursuit of happiness. Not happiness. The pursuit. — Will Ferguson

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Yuval Noah Harari

Capitalism played a decisive role not only in the rise of modern science, but also in the emergence of European imperialism. And it was European imperialism that created the capitalist credit system in the first place. Of course, credit was not invented in modern Europe. It existed in almost all agricultural societies, and in the early modern period the emergence of European capitalism was closely linked to economic developments in Asia. Remember, too, that until the late eighteenth century, Asia was the world's economic powerhouse, meaning that Europeans had far less capital at their disposal than the Chinese, Muslims or Indians. — Yuval Noah Harari

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Nick Fradiani

I can sing, but I never considered myself a powerhouse vocalist but more of a rock-pop singer. — Nick Fradiani

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Michael K. Powell

The U.S. has more broadband subscribers than any country other than China. Americans rank at the top in their use of the web, and numerous studies validate that the U.S. is a global innovation powerhouse. The leading Internet and e-commerce companies are located here. — Michael K. Powell

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Piper Kerman

As a child, a teen, a young adult, I developed a firm belief in my solitude, the not-novel concept that we are each alone in the world. Some parts self-reliance, some parts self-protection, this belief offers a binary perspective - powerhouse or victim, complete responsibility or total divorcement, all in or out the door. Carried to its extreme, the idea gives license to the belief that one's own actions do not matter much; we traverse the world in our own bubbles, occasionally breaking through to one another but largely and ultimately alone. — Piper Kerman

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Eliza Dushku

My mom is this liberal, feminist, Mormon powerhouse. I just love her to death. — Eliza Dushku

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Ksenia Solo

'Black Swan' was absolutely unbelievable. I had always dreamed of working with Darren Aronofsky, and Natalie Portman, Winona Ryder, Barbara Hershey, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel. The entire cast was really a dream cast, and it was amazing to work with these powerhouse women that I've just admired for so many years. — Ksenia Solo

Best Powerhouse Quotes By James Cook

Let one state in the U.S. be free of government and overnight you would have an economic powerhouse. — James Cook

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Knowledge Powerhouse

In Lock splitting we use different locks for different parts of the application. In Lock striping we use multiple locks to protect different parts of the same data structure. ConcurrentHashMap — Knowledge Powerhouse

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Henry Adams

The new American, like the new European, was the servant of the powerhouse, as the European of the twelfth century was the servant of the Church. — Henry Adams

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Rachel Vincent

You know, honey, Natalie's expecting her second."
I arched my eyebrows at my mother, not following the change of subject. "Second what? Mortgage? Conviction? Chance at life?"
"Baby of course. Her second baby. The doctor says this one's a girl."
I laughed, genuinely amused that my mother thought it should have been so obvious. "Yeah. Well, I bet Natalie can't drop a Stray with a Powerhouse Right Hook. — Rachel Vincent

Best Powerhouse Quotes By David Wolfe

One of the most important distinctions found within these pages is the fact that all foods are not created equal. Some foods are deficient in minerals and key nutrients, while other foods are packed with a powerhouse of valuable nutrients that can change your life, your health, and your body in a truly incredible way. — David Wolfe

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Ron Paul

It is often believed that, as long as we're the economic powerhouse of the world and have a huge military advantage, we can control the world by "owning" international organizations like the United Nations, NATO, the IMF, and the World Bank. These international organizations may also be used as a means to get around congressional oversight and restrictions that Congress and the people might prefer. To a degree, that control has been achieved. But now that the US is the largest debtor nation in the world and in all history, the days of military and economic supremacy are numbered, as are the days of dollar hegemony. — Ron Paul

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Sharad Pawar

I have been worried about the future of Mumbai. It is the financial capital, an economic powerhouse that earlier had the highest air traffic, high port traffic, and strong industrial and manufacturing sectors. — Sharad Pawar

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Ram Kapoor

TV has grown so much. It is like a powerhouse medium. — Ram Kapoor

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Jessica Sanchez

I'm playing a powerhouse singer who is big competition, but she's also really down to earth and sweet. But the whole sweet thing goes away when she's in competition mode. I love the show, so I'm very excited to be a part of it. I'm going to kill it on 'Glee!' — Jessica Sanchez

Best Powerhouse Quotes By Claudio Reyna

I think we have a good team, but soccer fans will know that we're in a really tough group. The three teams in our group are really strong. The Czech Republic is a very good team, Italy is traditionally a powerhouse, and Ghana is one of the best teams in Africa. — Claudio Reyna