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Let's Get Ready To Rumble Quotes By Angie Voss

The vestibular and auditory systems have a very unique sensory connection. They share a cranial nerve that sends input to the brain. This is the vestibulocochlear nerve. When the brain is receiving auditory input, the vestibular system in being activated, and vice versa. So, incorporating the two into an activity is powerful because when you activate one, the other is ready to rumble! When — Angie Voss

Let's Get Ready To Rumble Quotes By Helen MacInnes

I sometimes think that normal, everyday life is only a delusion. We walk on a think crust of earth which we call peace; and every now and again we can hear a rumble below our feet; and sometimes the crust splits and we see that, underneath there is a glowing inferno ready to erupt. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, but it is always there. — Helen MacInnes

Let's Get Ready To Rumble Quotes By Michael Buffer

Let's get ready to rumble! — Michael Buffer

Let's Get Ready To Rumble Quotes By April White

I closed my eyes. "Crap. I'm not ready to start Clocking again. The trip back to get Ringo was fine because I kind of know the Victorian rules. And Victorians believe in bathing." I grimaced and Archer laughed, a deep rumble in his chest. "And don't even get me started on street-dumping chamber pots. Seriously? Why even bother. Just dangle your business out the window and let fly. It's the same thing." Archer's — April White