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Voiceless Quotes By Dorothy Dunnett

So, as Lymond strode out and stopped, rigid and white by the doorpost, Sybilla set eyes on Francis, the son of her heart; and so Francis Crawford, after four years of unharnessed power, came face to face at last with his mother.

And Kate, falling upon the door and looking up at her self-contained relative by marriage, saw his face torn apart and left, raw as a wound without features; only pain and shock and despair and appalled recognition, all the more terrible for being perfectly voiceless. — Dorothy Dunnett

Voiceless Quotes By Kristian Goldmund Aumann

The Voiceless in rank and file are easy to manipulate. — Kristian Goldmund Aumann

Voiceless Quotes By George MacDonald

But words are vain; reject them all
They utter but a feeble part:
Hear thou the depths from which they call,
The voiceless longing of my heart. — George MacDonald

Voiceless Quotes By Robert Casey

Our party has always been the voice of the powerless and the voiceless. — Robert Casey

Voiceless Quotes By Louise Erdrich

We are conjured voiceless out of nothing and must return to an unknowing state. What happens in between is an uncontrolled dance, and what we ask for in love is no more than a momentary chance to get the steps right, to move in harmony until the music stops. — Louise Erdrich

Voiceless Quotes By Jon Ronson

I favour humans over ideology, but right now the ideologues are winning, and they're creating a stage for constant artificial high dramas, where everyone is either a magnificent hero or a sickening villain. We can lead good, ethical lives, but some bad phraseology in a Tweet can overwhelm it all - even though we know that's not how we should define our fellow humans. What's true about our fellow humans is that we are clever and stupid. We are grey areas.
And so ... when you see an unfair or an ambiguous shaming unfold, speak up on behalf of the shamed person. A babble of opposing voices - that's democracy.
The great thing about social media was how it gave a voice to voiceless people. Let's not turn it into a world where the smartest way to survive is to go back to being voiceless. — Jon Ronson

Voiceless Quotes By H.P. Lovecraft

A sickened, sensitive shadow writhing in hands that are not hands, and whirled blindly past ghastly midnights of rotting creation, corpses of dead worlds with sores that were cities, charnel winds that brush the pallid stars and make them flicker low. Beyond the worlds vague ghosts of monstrous things; half-seen columns of unsanctified temples that rest on nameless rocks beneath space and reach up to dizzy vacua above the spheres of light and darkness. And through this revolting graveyard of the universe the muffled, maddening beating of drums, and thin, monotonous whine of blasphemous flutes from inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond Time; the detestable pounding and piping whereunto dance slowly, awkwardly, and absurdly the gigantic, tenebrous ultimate gods - the blind, voiceless, mindless gargoyles whose soul is Nyarlathotep. — H.P. Lovecraft

Voiceless Quotes By Nelson Mandela

Sometimes strident, often tender, never afraid and seldom without humour, Desmond Tutu's voice will always be the voice of the voiceless. — Nelson Mandela

Voiceless Quotes By Dionne Warwick

My self-imposed mandate is to be the voice for the voiceless. — Dionne Warwick

Voiceless Quotes By Assata Shakur

I own no TV stations, or Radio Stations or Newspapers. But I feel that people need to be educated as to what is going on, and to understand the connection between the news media and the instruments of repression in Amerika. All I have is my voice, my spirit and the will to tell the truth. But I sincerely ask, those of you in the Black media, those of you in the progressive media, those of you who believe in true freedom, to publish this statement and to let people know what is happening. We have no voice, so you must be the voice of the voiceless. — Assata Shakur

Voiceless Quotes By Mikhail Bakhtin

Dostoevsky, like Goethe's Prometheus, creates not voiceless slaves (as does Zeus), but free people, capable of standing alongside their creator, capable of not agreeing with him and even of rebelling against him. A — Mikhail Bakhtin

Voiceless Quotes By Daisaku Ikeda

The institutions of human society treat us as parts of a machine. They assign us ranks and place considerable pressure upon us to fulfill defined roles. We need something to help us restore our lost and distorted humanity. Each of us has feelings that have been suppressed and have built up inside. There is a voiceless cry resting in the depths of our souls, waiting for expression. Art gives the soul's feelings voice and form. — Daisaku Ikeda

Voiceless Quotes By Tommy Makem

The victims of social injustice, since time eternal, have always been without the resources and the ability to fight back. They are defenseless and voiceless. Thee sad aspect of social injustice is that the defenseless and voiceless are the ones who most need a defense and a strong, vibrant voice. — Tommy Makem

Voiceless Quotes By Q'orianka Kilcher

I love the power of celebrity because you can give voice to the voiceless. — Q'orianka Kilcher

Voiceless Quotes By Elizabeth Barrett Browning

And wilt thou have me fashion into speech
The love I bear thee, finding words enough,
And hold the torch out, while the winds are rough,
Between our faces, to cast light on each? -
I dropt it at thy feet. I cannot teach
My hand to hold my spirits so far off
From myself
that I should bring thee proof
In words, of love hid in me out of reach.
Nay, let the silence of my womanhood
Commend my woman-love to thy belief, -
Seeing that I stand unwon, however wooed,
And rend the garment of my life, in brief,
By a most dauntless, voiceless fortitude,
Lest one touch of this heart convey its grief. — Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Voiceless Quotes By Terry Pratchett

Even the blind and meek and voiceless have gods. — Terry Pratchett

Voiceless Quotes By Mary Austin

But there is one tree that for the footer of the mountain trails is voiceless; it speaks, no doubt, but it speaks only to the austere mountain heads, to the mindful wind and the watching stars. It speaks as men speak to one another and are not heard by the little ants crawling over their boots. This is the Big Tree, the Sequoia. — Mary Austin

Voiceless Quotes By Widad Akreyi


Voiceless Quotes By Mary Rose O'Reilley

But finding a voice-let's be clear-is a political act. It defines a moment of presence, of being awake; and it involves not only self-understanding, but the ability to transmit that selfunderstanding to others ... To experience yourself as "voiceless" is a definition of depression, subjugation, and being counted out. — Mary Rose O'Reilley

Voiceless Quotes By Vikas Swarup

My books may highlight corruption, brutality and venality, but they also show that if these things come to light, there is rectification. The voiceless do have a voice; democratic mechanisms and accountability do exist. — Vikas Swarup

Voiceless Quotes By Craig Murray

If you achieve a voice that will be heard, you should use it to speak up for the voiceless and oppressed. If you possess any power or authority, you must strive to use it to help and empower the powerless. — Craig Murray

Voiceless Quotes By Wadah Khanfar

Some people call it the 'Al Jazeera spirit' - courage, re-thinking authority, giving a voice to the voiceless. We have never been favored by the authority. The human being is the center of our editorial policy. We are not a TV station that rushes after stars, big names, press conferences, hand-shake journalism. — Wadah Khanfar

Voiceless Quotes By G.M.B. Akash

Today, I count myself blessed to have become a photographer. To be able to articulate the experiences of the voiceless, to bring their identity to the forefront, gives meaning and purpose to my own life. — G.M.B. Akash

Voiceless Quotes By Charles Baudelaire

Happy is the man who can with vigorous wing Mount to those luminous serene fields! The man whose thoughts, like larks, Take liberated flight toward the morning skies
Who hovers over life and understands without effort The language of flowers and voiceless things! — Charles Baudelaire

Voiceless Quotes By Kimberly Elise

I like movies that resonate, that give voice to the voiceless. — Kimberly Elise

Voiceless Quotes By Kris Kristofferson

Johnny Cash was the champion of the voiceless, the underdogs and the
downtrodden. He was also something of a holy terror, like Abraham Lincoln
with a wild side. He represented the best of America. — Kris Kristofferson

Voiceless Quotes By Daniel Keyes

Remembering how my mother looked before she gave birth to my sister is frightening. But even more frightening is the feeling that I wanted them to catch me and beat me. Why did I want to be punished? Shadows out of the past clutch at my legs and drag me down. I open my mouth to scream, but I am voiceless. My hands are trembling, I feel cold, and there is a distant humming in my ears. — Daniel Keyes

Voiceless Quotes By Ban Ki-moon

From the beginning of my time as Secretary-General, I have sought to advance a practical, action-oriented vision of the U.N. as the voice of the voiceless and the defender of the defenceless. — Ban Ki-moon

Voiceless Quotes By Arundhati Roy

There's really no such thing as the 'voiceless'. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard. — Arundhati Roy

Voiceless Quotes By Jon Katz

Dogs are voiceless ... a critical part of having dogs is emotional responsibility: learning how to understand them and, when necessary, to speak and act on their behalf. — Jon Katz

Voiceless Quotes By Myka 9

I'm somewhat of a raptivist but I wasn't attempting to make a socio-political statement as much as I was attempting to voice for the voiceless whatever ideas that came to mind if I was in that situation. — Myka 9

Voiceless Quotes By Percy Bysshe Shelley

Lost Echo sits amid the voiceless mountains, And feeds her grief. — Percy Bysshe Shelley

Voiceless Quotes By Wes Jackson

If we are really serious about protecting the environment, the discharge pipes and stacks of industry would all plug directly into their intake side, and costs would not be externalized to a voiceless environment. — Wes Jackson

Voiceless Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

However much we obfuscate or ignore it, we know that the factory farm is inhumane in the deepest sense of the word. And we know that there is something that matters in a deep way about the lives we create for the living beings most within our power. Our response to the factory farm is ultimately a test of how we respond to the powerless, to the most distant, to the voiceless
it is a test of how we act when no one is forcing us to act one way or another. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Voiceless Quotes By Anita Diamant

It's a wonder that any mother ever called a daughter Dinah again. But some did. Maybe you guessed that there was more to me than the voiceless cipher in the text. Maybe you heard it in the music of my name: the first vowel high and clear, as when a mother calls to her child at dusk; the second sound soft, for whispering secrets on pillows. Dee-nah. — Anita Diamant

Voiceless Quotes By Peter Elbow

One thinks about modern academics, especially philosophers and sociologists. Their language is often voiceless and without power because it is so utterly cut off from experience and things. There is no sense of words carrying experiences, only of reflecting relationships between other words or between "concepts." There is no sense of an actual self seeing a thing or having an experience... Sociology - by its very nature? - seems to be an enterprise whose practitioners cut themselves off from experience and things and deal entirely with categories about categories. As a result sociologists, more even than writers in other disciplines, often write language which has utterly died — Peter Elbow

Voiceless Quotes By Laura Gentile

There she stood, hiding; the mother without child, the voiceless woman full of anger. Her smoked nails hammered her evaporated heart snivelling in the grotty kitchen of disaster. Her face, depleted, cauterised. Her eyes wheezed shame at what she knew would happen to her daughter, again and all over again. — Laura Gentile

Voiceless Quotes By Will Cuppy

The stork is voiceless because there is really nothing to say. — Will Cuppy

Voiceless Quotes By Edward Abbey

Humanity has four and a half billion passionate advocates - but how many speak ... for the gray wolf? ... it is a man's duty to speak for the voiceless. A woman's obligation to aid the defenseless. Human needs do not take precedence over other forms of life; we must share this lovely, delicate, vapor-clouded little planet with all — Edward Abbey

Voiceless Quotes By Swami Vivekananda

Behind my work was ambition, behind my love was personality, behind my purity was fear, behind my guidance the thirst for power. Now they are vanishing and I drift. I come, Mother, I come, in Thy warm bosom, floating wheresoever Thou takest me, in the voiceless, in the strange, in the wonderland, I come - a spectator, no more an actor. — Swami Vivekananda

Voiceless Quotes By John Sweeney

In North Korea, journalism, the job of telling the stories power and money do not want told, of giving a voice to the voiceless, does not exist. — John Sweeney

Voiceless Quotes By Herb Boyd

In her own special, provocative language, Tonya Bolden gives a voice to the voiceless, a name to the nameless. Revelations abound in Strong Men Keep Coming, her singular take on the endless parade of black men who have fought, sung, cajoled, tricked, worked, wrote, or roped their way into the American experience . She has assembled a most rewarding cast, a phenomenal coterie of role models and phantoms, and she has done a splendid job of telling their stories. — Herb Boyd

Voiceless Quotes By Patti Digh

Instead of a book, what if we're actually writing (or not writing) in the margins of our lives? What if our lives are books? What is the sign of our presence? Are we pressing into the margins our interpretations and questions? Are we circling offending verbs and drawing furious arrows to the margin where we scrawl "irony," "frustration," "voiceless," "unfair!" Or do we simply turn the pages, passively receiving what's given, furiously disagreeing but remaining silent about it? — Patti Digh

Voiceless Quotes By Rick Yancey

8:30 P.M.: Personal time. Free of Reznik at last. We wash our jumpsuits, shine our boots, scrub the barracks floor and the latrine, clean our rifles, pass around dirty magazines, and swap other contraband like candy and chewing gum. We play cards and bust each other's nuts and complain about Reznik. We share the day's rumors and tell bad jokes and push back against the silence inside our own heads, the place where the never-ending voiceless scream rises like the superheated air above a lava flow. Inevitably — Rick Yancey

Voiceless Quotes By Cheri Bauer

Not I. not I. I can not acquiesce to your request-
I can not tie myself in the knots of your normalcy.
I want to run, run away with the wind-swept rain.
I want to kiss, the fervent lips of reciprocation.
I want to dance to the thunderous drums.
I can not be your quiet little ray of sun.
I have volcanoes in me. I have twilight's playfully cavorting.
I have springs and autumns boldly echoing my senses.
And I have roaring waves crashing upon the sands of my spirit.
I will not sit in supplication while you recite the mantras
that would change me into a quiet girl; a voiceless platitude.
I - to be true to myself - press against the windowpane
watching lightning, smiling, and feeling so awake.
The wildness in me not to be tamed."

From "The spark (of a Muse)" by Cheri Bauer — Cheri Bauer

Voiceless Quotes By Ama H. Vanniarachchy

If humans are kind to each other, if really humanity do exist, the world would have been a better place and we wouldn't need to fight so much for innocent lives. This would have made our struggles easier. As I get involved more and more in protecting innocent lives my faith in Humanity fades away. What a world we live in? Can we have faith in humanity? We humans are here to protect others, but we are the very reason that their lives are in danger. How long can we fight for the week, for the voiceless? The future is so dark!!! — Ama H. Vanniarachchy

Voiceless Quotes By Macklemore

When everyone else is more comfortable remaining voiceless,
Rather than fighting for humans that have had their rights stolen,
I might not be the same, but that's not important.
No freedom 'til we're equal, damn right I support it. — Macklemore

Voiceless Quotes By Rebecca Solnit

I'm grateful that, after an early life of being silenced, sometimes violently, I grew up to have a voice, circumstances that will always bind me to the rights of the voiceless. — Rebecca Solnit

Voiceless Quotes By Markus Zusak

It's funny how when you watch people from a long distance, it all seems voiceless. It's like watching a silent movie. You guess what people say. You watch their mouths move and imagine the sounds of their feet hitting the ground. You wonder what they're talking about and, even more so, what they might be thinking — Markus Zusak

Voiceless Quotes By Ella Wheeler Wilcox

I am the voice of the voiceless; Through me the dumb shall speak. Till the deaf world's ears be made to hear. The wrongs of the wordless weak. And I am my brothers keeper, And I will fight his fights; And speak the words for beast and bird. Till the world shall set things right. — Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Voiceless Quotes By Jonathan Safran Foer

Our response to the factory farm is ultimately a test of how we respond to the powerless, to the most distant, to the voiceless - it is a test of how we act when no one is forcing us to act one way or another. Consistency is not required, but engagement with the problem is. — Jonathan Safran Foer

Voiceless Quotes By Cecile Pineda

I live in a world in which 40 men control wealth equal to that of nearly 80 countries, where to maintain their hegemony, countless acts of mayhem and massacre must occur every day. This is the reality that forms and reforms my days as it does those of all people on this hapless planet. I do not think any more that writing - mine or another's - can change the world. Perhaps in their small way, writers can answer for those who are voiceless in their extreme deprivation and suffering, but at best, in the very smallest scheme, writing can provide a moment of grace, both for her who writes and him who reads, in a very dark world. — Cecile Pineda

Voiceless Quotes By CM Punk

I am the voice of the voiceless. — CM Punk

Voiceless Quotes By Benjamin Zephaniah

Rap comes from the oral tradition. The oral tradition gives voice to those who would've otherwise been voiceless. — Benjamin Zephaniah

Voiceless Quotes By Ice Cube

If it was all about me, I'd do a whole lot of pop records, make a whole lot of money, just rake in the dough. But it's never been all about me. It's all about being a voice for the voiceless. People who can't speak for themselves, who don't have a mic, don't have a say. — Ice Cube

Voiceless Quotes By Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The will of little girls is stifled by Islam. By the time they menstruate they are rendered voiceless. They are reared to become submissive robots who serve in the house as cleaners and cooks. They are required to comply with their father's choice of a mate, and after the wedding their lives are devoted to the sexual pleasures of their husband and to a life of childbearing. — Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Voiceless Quotes By Karen Davis

I have been impressed by the realization that a few men have virtually 'decided' what experiences count and even exist in the world. The language of Western science
the reigning construct of male hegemony
precludes the ability to express the experiential realities it talks about. Virtually all the actual experiences of this world, expressed through the manifest and mysterious characteristics of all the different beings, are unrepresented in the stainless steel edicts of experts. Where is the voice of the voiceless in the scientific literature, including the literature of environmental ethics? — Karen Davis

Voiceless Quotes By Edward Abbey

[I]t is the writer's duty to write fiction which promotes virtue, the good, the beautiful, and above all, the true ... It is the writer's duty to hate injustice, to defy the powerful, and to speak for the voiceless. To be ... the severest critics of our own societies. — Edward Abbey

Voiceless Quotes By Karen Essex

The point of my books is to give voice to otherwise voiceless females from history and myth, to unlock what has been secreted away in women's hearts and minds for millennia. Historically, women have either been reduced to nothing but their sexuality or stripped of it entirely: the Madonna or the whore. — Karen Essex

Voiceless Quotes By Aeschylus

Justice, voiceless, unseen, seeth thee when thou sleepest and when thou goest forth and when thou liest down. Continually doth she attend thee, now aslant thy course, now at a later time. These lines are from a section of doubtful or spurious fragments. — Aeschylus

Voiceless Quotes By Robert Green Ingersoll

Life is a narrow vale between the cold and barren peaks of two eternities. We strive in vain to look beyond the heights. We cry aloud-and the only answer is the echo of our wailing cry. From the voiceless lips of the unreplying dead there comes no word. But in the night of Death Hope sees a star and listening Love can hear the rustling of a wing. — Robert Green Ingersoll

Voiceless Quotes By Aspen Matis

Absolutely devout in her complete care of my body, she had only taught me to be weak and voiceless.

But I had unlearned that lesson. Our enmeshment no longer felt to me like proof of love. I was no longer willing to permit this silencing. Helplessness didn't have to be my identity, I wasn't condemned to it. I was willing - able - to change. Our enmeshment had been enabled by my belief that I needed her to help me, to take care of things for me - and to save me - but, back in the home where I'd learned this helplessness, I found I no longer felt that I was trapped in it. — Aspen Matis

Voiceless Quotes By Lyndon B. Johnson

We have heard all of our lives how, after the Civil War was over, the South went back to straighten itself out and make a living again. It was for many years a voiceless part of the government. The balance of power moved away from it
to the north and the east. The problems of the north and the east became the big problem of the country and nobody paid much attention to the economic unbalance the South had left as its only choice. — Lyndon B. Johnson

Voiceless Quotes By Anzia Yezierska

As one of the dumb, voiceless ones I speak. One of the millions of immigrants beating, beating out their hearts at your gates for a breath of understanding. — Anzia Yezierska

Voiceless Quotes By Lester Holt

As Americans, we rightfully place tremendous value on having a free and independent press. Our role as journalists is to give voice to the voiceless, and hold our leaders and institutions accountable. But the circle is only completed when that information is consumed by a free-thinking and engaged audience. — Lester Holt

Voiceless Quotes By Chuck D

Let the voice be the voice of the voiceless and let it come from the world of rap music to keep the stereotype and the peace at the same time. — Chuck D

Voiceless Quotes By Barbra Streisand

It's very often the artist who gives a voice to the voiceless by speaking up when no one else will. — Barbra Streisand

Voiceless Quotes By Michael Jackson

We are behaving like people without compassion and love for the most vulnerable section of society. The children of the universe are without a spokesperson, they are voiceless ... We are all touched by the atrocities committed against children: sexual, physical abuse, child slave labor, educational neglect. We feel ashamed. Angry. Appalled. But there is no action ... No action. — Michael Jackson

Voiceless Quotes By Mary Lee Settle

Recorded history is wrong. It's wrong because the voiceless have no voice in it. — Mary Lee Settle

Voiceless Quotes By Mark Twain

He presently grew lonesome, and started out for recreation. He ranged the whole boat - visited every part of it, with an advance guard of fleeing people in front of him and a voiceless vacancy behind him; and when his owner captured him at last, those two were the only visible beings anywhere; everybody else was in hiding, and the boat was a solitude. — Mark Twain

Voiceless Quotes By Jeaniene Frost

Kindness toward the voiceless or the vulnerable, like animals and children, usually denoted good character in a person. — Jeaniene Frost

Voiceless Quotes By William Faulkner

Hush, now", she said, stroking his head. "Hush. Dilsey got you." But he bellowed slowly, abjectly, without tears; the grave hopeless sound of all voiceless misery under the sound. — William Faulkner

Voiceless Quotes By Bianca Jagger

The mere fact of an American being present could help save the lives of innocent people. That's why I believe in the importance of bearing witness, to become a voice for the voiceless. — Bianca Jagger

Voiceless Quotes By Janine Di Giovanni

My role [as a war correspondent] is to bring a voice to people who are voiceless [and] to shine a light in the darkest corners of the world. — Janine Di Giovanni

Voiceless Quotes By Princess Shikishi

In snowbound, voiceless, mountain depths, to herald spring, pine trees sound in tune. — Princess Shikishi

Voiceless Quotes By Sinead O'Connor

The irony is that musical artists have enormous public voices, but behind the scenes we're voiceless, actually. — Sinead O'Connor

Voiceless Quotes By Christina Engela

Christ asked people who follow him to be the voice for the voiceless - not to wire their mouths shut. — Christina Engela

Voiceless Quotes By Norah Lofts

I am trying now to be entirely honest. I did actually comfort in the thought that the Devil had, on Strawless Common, defeated God. I much preferred that thought to the thought that God hadn't cared, hadn't helped Robin. I thought all the way back to the story of Eden. God, all-loving, all-wise, had surely wanted people to be happy and healthy and good; it was the Devil who spoiled it all ... and since so many people were miserable and sickly and bad the Devil must indeed by very powerful. The lifeless, voiceless thing, lately a singing boy, which they had cut down and put under a sack in the barn to await an unhallowed cross-road grave seemed to me to prove the power of the Devil.
Lady Alice Rowhedge — Norah Lofts

Voiceless Quotes By S.R. Ford

Enoch could respond with nothing more than a simple gesture in the orbs' direction. His brain was frozen. He could not think or speak, but the voiceless answer roused Fallon instantly. When he followed Enoch's gaze, a silent curse passed over his lips and then, We're in big trouble. — S.R. Ford

Voiceless Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr.

We are called to speak for the weak, for the voiceless, for the victims of our nation and for those it calls enemy, for no document from human hands can make these humans any less our brothers and sisters. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Voiceless Quotes By David Grossman

He played the opening bars again, opening a door for her, inviting her to join. She started quietly, almost voiceless, only a thin string of sound weaving herself into his tune, as if her voice were just another string on the guitar between his fingers. She had to be careful, so no one saw the changes on her face. But she didn't want to be careful; she couldn't be careful. He played and she sang to him, and inside her more and more blocks of ice began to melt, cracking and falling into the frozen sea between them. She sang of all the things that were happening to her and him, the world that collapsed over both of them, the things that might be in store, if only they dared to believe it was possible. — David Grossman

Voiceless Quotes By Martin Luther King Jr.

When people are voiceless, they will have temper tantrums like a child who has not been paid attention to. And riots are massive temper tantrums from a neglected and voiceless people. — Martin Luther King Jr.

Voiceless Quotes By Zach Hunter

Anybody can make a difference and be a voice for the voiceless. — Zach Hunter

Voiceless Quotes By Sappho

What creature is it that is
female in nature and hides
in its womb unborn children
who, although they are voiceless,
speak to people far away?
The female creature is a letter.
The unborn children are the letters
(of the alphabet) it carries. And the
letters, although they have no voices,
speak to people far away. — Sappho

Voiceless Quotes By Gary Streeter

This is why i hate social media. It gives a voice to people who dont (sic) deserve one. — Gary Streeter

Voiceless Quotes By Salman Rushdie

Yes, they will trample me underfoot, the numbers marching one two three, four hundred million five hundred six, reducing me to specks of voiceless dust, just as, in all good time, they will trample my son who is not my son, and his son who will not be his, and his who will not be his, until the thousand and first generation, until a thousand and one midnights have bestowed their terrible gifts and a thousand and one children have died, because it is the privilege and the curse of midnight's children to be both masters and victims of their times, to forsake privacy and be sucked into the annihilating whirlpool of the multitudes, and to be unable to live or die in peace. — Salman Rushdie

Voiceless Quotes By Akshay Vasu

The doors of the darkest room one had ever seen were opened
and everyone was asked to collect the pieces of themselves that they have lost with time all these years. Everyone rushed in and started searching for the pieces that would complete them but all of a sudden they saw the light in the room fading away, they turned around and saw the doors closing back again. They screamed and tried to run back but all of a sudden there were fences all around them, they lost their voice and helplessly stuck in there saw the doors closing. They lost themselves completely in the quest of searching the pieces they had lost before. — Akshay Vasu

Voiceless Quotes By Markus Zusak

With the curtains clamped tight, he would sleep on the floor with a cushion beneath his head, as the fire slipped away and turned to ash.
In the morning he would return to the basement.
A voiceless human.
The Jewish rat, back to his hole. — Markus Zusak

Voiceless Quotes By Simone Weil

Science is voiceless; it is the scientists who talk. — Simone Weil

Voiceless Quotes By Al Sharpton

Throughout my years championing for civil rights, analyzing politics and advocating on behalf of the voiceless, I am disturbed the most when harmless children suffer because of politics or detrimental policies. — Al Sharpton

Voiceless Quotes By Sami Al-Arian

To be patriotic is to be able to question government policy in times of crisis. To be patriotic is to stand up for the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in times of uncertainty and insecurity. To be patriotic is to speak up against the powerful in defense of the weak and the voiceless. To be patriotic is to be willing to pay the price to preserve our freedoms, dignity, and rights. To be patriotic is to challenge the abuses of the PATRIOT Act. — Sami Al-Arian

Voiceless Quotes By Lisa Kleypas

Becoming aware of his wife's gaze, Westcliff's head turned. Some voiceless message was delivered between them ... and he responded with a quick, almost indiscernible wink.
A chuckle rustled in Lady Westcliff's throat. She turned to Amelia. "We'll have been married four years, come September," she said rather sheepishly. "I had supposed I would have stopped mooning over him by now, but I haven't. — Lisa Kleypas

Voiceless Quotes By Kelly Creagh

Much like books, she could tell how voiceless things had provided a brand of companionship more compatible to his nature than human friendship had ever been. These things, locked in their inanimate ways, fed him ideas, she thought. They whispered their tales to him through unmoving lips and he listened, opening himself to their world so much more than any normal passerby. That much was evident in the way he'd taken the photos, as if he'd caught each soulless thing in a candid moment of secret animation. Like they'd sensed him coming and so turned themselves his way because they knew that he held the power to translate their silence into words. — Kelly Creagh

Voiceless Quotes By Artika R. Tyner

Seek justice: Make a commitment to serve the needs of the 'least of these' and give voice to the voiceless. — Artika R. Tyner

Voiceless Quotes By Judy Baca

I really don't want to produce artwork that does not have meaning beyond simple decorative values. I want to use public space to create a public voice, and a public consciousness about the presence of people who are, in fact, the majority of the population but who are not represented in any visual way. By telling their stories we are giving voice to the voiceless and visualizing the whole of the American story. — Judy Baca

Voiceless Quotes By Salman Rushdie

If you want to tell the untold stories, if you want to give voice to the voiceless, you've got to find a language. Which goes for film as well as prose, for documentary as well as autobiography. Use the wrong language, and you're dumb and blind. — Salman Rushdie

Voiceless Quotes By Michael Jackson

How would I like to be remembered? As a person who came and brought light to the world, some escapism. Also as the voice for the voiceless children, because I love them. — Michael Jackson

Voiceless Quotes By J.R.R. Tolkien

Voiceless it cries,
Wingless flutters,
Toothless bites,
Mouthless mutters. — J.R.R. Tolkien

Voiceless Quotes By Anonymous

A picture is a voiceless poem, a poem is a vocal picture. — Anonymous

Voiceless Quotes By E.A. Bucchianeri

Abortion should be listed as a weapon of mass destruction against the voiceless. — E.A. Bucchianeri