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911 Emergency Quotes By K. Webster

911, what's your emergency? — K. Webster

911 Emergency Quotes By A.E. Via

This fucking city is full of nothing but thugs, money grubbing porn-bitches, and hustlers. I'm calling the police." Ex fumed as he struggled to pull his cell from his pocket.

If Syn weren't so damn angry it would've been funny as shit the way the man's jaw dropped when God and Day both pulled their gold badges out from under their shirts. Day smiled that sinister grin and kneeled in front of them, speaking in an official tone, "911, what is your emergency? — A.E. Via

911 Emergency Quotes By Barbara Kingsolver

So she was what Hester called a 911 Christian: in the event of an emergency, call the Lord. — Barbara Kingsolver

911 Emergency Quotes By Douglas Rushkoff

Mobile notifications put people in a state of perpetual emergency interruption - similar to what 911 operators and air traffic controllers experienced back in the '70s and '80s. — Douglas Rushkoff

911 Emergency Quotes By Vijay Kumar

Clearly, humans will always have a role to play in emergency response for law enforcement. But if there's an emergency, if there's a 911 call, the question is, do you want a human dashing off to respond to it right away? — Vijay Kumar

911 Emergency Quotes By Neil Leckman

In the form it asked who to contact in an emergency, so I put 911. — Neil Leckman

911 Emergency Quotes By Neil Leckman

Empolyee form fun
Who to contact in an emergency?
911 — Neil Leckman

911 Emergency Quotes By Neil Leckman

How to contact in case of an emergency?
I prefer 911 myself ... — Neil Leckman

911 Emergency Quotes By Shelly Crane

Alright. Have fun. I'm out. Text me if you need me." She leaned to whisper in my ear. "Do you remember the code for a 911 emergency date exit?"
She pulled back to look at me seriously.
"Uh, 911?"
"Good girl." She smiled at me and then at Caleb. Have fun you two!" She waved over her shoulder. — Shelly Crane