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I Pretty Sure Quotes By Alyxandra Harvey

So you did get it?" I asked, suddenly babbling. "I wasn't sure. I mean, sometimes we don't get very good reception at school. But I guess you know that, living on a farm and all." Shut up, shut up, shut up .
He smiled slowly. "Hunter, are you nervous?"
"Shut up."
"Are you going to ask me to prom?" he teased.
"Shut up," I repeated, choking on a horrified laugh.
He grinned. "I look pretty good in a tux."
I rolled my eyes, suddenly comfortable again. "And you're so refreshingly modest. — Alyxandra Harvey

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Kristen Ashley

That's part of provin' you got sass, lettin' us know how he is when he's in action. But, I'm warning you now, I don't do too much information. Just enough to confirm he's not only hot on the outside but he's also got the moves. I can't function around a man if I know his ability to give pleasure. I stared at her and I was pretty sure my mouth was open. — Kristen Ashley

I Pretty Sure Quotes By A.G. Howard

"You laid it on a little thick out there."
Morpheus clucks his tongue. "I performed masterfully," he answers, at last managing to claim his hat from Chessie.
"Right," Jeb scoffs. "Pretty sure my mistreatment wouldn't have sent you into hysterics, drama queen."
Morpheus smirks. "Fair enough. On the other hand, your portrayal of a brainless wind-up numbskull was spot on."
Jeb's lips quiver, as if he's fighting a smile himself. "You know, I still have enough paint to make that flyswatter."
"Tut. No need for violence." Morpheus taps the dust from his hat and places it on his head. "I'm simply giving credit where it's due." — A.G. Howard

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jim Benton

Love makes the world go 'round but I'm pretty sure money has to do with it, too. — Jim Benton

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Meryl Streep

I just think that we're all trying to make ourselves emaciated, in order to pretend that we're all disappearing, as we move forward in every level of society and it's so frightening. This is all a big reaction to the fact that there are more women in medical school than there are men now and I am pretty sure it will be the same soon in law schools and in business. — Meryl Streep

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Molly Harper

Toe. He was even wearing a ski mask with strange meshlike coverings over the eyes. We didn't get a lot of ninjas in Half-Moon Hollow. And I'm pretty sure Jed would have responded. So I wasn't quite sure how to react here. Was this some sort of test from Jane to determine whether I would survive a parking-lot attack? Couldn't I just roll around in a gym with a practice dummy or something? The figure cocked his head to the side, staring at me like some predatory creature considering his best approach. I dropped my bag and kicked out of my sandals. I could do this. Sure, I had no fighting experience, but I had superstrength and speed on my side. Then again maybe this guy did, too. He could be a ninja chupacabra for all I knew. But — Molly Harper

I Pretty Sure Quotes By James Dashner

If you're going to decipher a hidden code from a complex set of different mazes, I'm pretty sure you need a girl's brain running the show. — James Dashner

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jim Butcher

Not sure. Using it is trickier than most people think," I said. "You've got to keep it from drying out, and you've got to get it undiluted. It was raining, so if someone wanted my blood, they'd have had to get to it pretty quick - and it looked like Sith was keeping them busy."
"Sith?" Butters asked.
"Not what you're thinking," I said.
"Oh," he said, clearly disappointed. — Jim Butcher

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jo Nesbo

At nineteen I was pretty sure I was going to be a professional soccer player. At that time I played for one of the Norwegian premier leagues. But I tore ligaments in both knees, so I started studying business administration and economics and became a financial analyst, and I worked at a brokerage firm as a stockbroker. — Jo Nesbo

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Barack Obama

If you look at how I've tried to and how I'll continue to try to govern, I'm not driven by some ideological agenda. I'm a pretty practical guy and I just want to make sure that things work. — Barack Obama

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

It sure is ugly."
"Ugly, never hurt a thing."
I scoffed. "Oh, ugly has hurt some things. It's just that pretty hurts more. — Maggie Stiefvater

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Amelia Hutchins

I should spank you; I didn't enjoy you impulsively ditching me, but I did enjoy your driving."
"Wait, back up. You ... " She paused as she replayed what he'd said earlier. "I was watching for you; how the hell?"
"I think somewhere between screaming freedom, and crying your pretty little eyes out, you missed me sifting in and I was at a loss for the weirdness of the situation. I was also pretty sure you wanted some alone time — Amelia Hutchins

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Cory O'Brien

So Custer's Indian scouts get him to the village but they're like "Dude, don't attack this you will definitely die" and Custer is like "DIE? MORE LIKE . . . NOT DIE" and his translators and his soldiers are like "No bro pretty sure we will actually die if we do this" and Custer is like "I appreciate your concerns but I did not get this far by listening to people. LET'S SPLIT UP, GANG WE'LL COVER MORE GROUND THAT WAY. — Cory O'Brien

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Lauren Oliver

For a second we just stand there in silence. Then, suddenly, Alex is back,
easy and smiling again. "I left a note for you one time. In the Governor's fist, you
I left a note for you one time. It's impossible, too crazy to think about, and I
hear myself repeating, "You left a note for me?"
"I'm pretty sure it said something stupid. Just hi, and a smiley face, and my
name. But then you stopped coming." He shrugs. "It's probably still there. The
note, I mean. Probably just a bit of paper pulp by now. — Lauren Oliver

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Tanya Masse

I'm pretty sure that my Restless Leg Syndrome is simply caused my body just fighting the urge to RUN AWAY! — Tanya Masse

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jo Walton

The thing about Tolkien, about The Lord of the Rings, is that it's perfect. It's this whole world, this whole process of immersion, this journey. It's not, I'm pretty sure, actually true, but that makes it more amazing, that someone could make it all up. Reading it changes everything. — Jo Walton

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jamie McGuire

Thanks for staying with me last night," I said, stroking Toto's soft fur. "You didn't have to sleep on the bathroom floor."
"Last night was one of the best nights of my life."
I turned to see his expression. When I saw that he was serious, I shot him a dubious look. "Sleeping in between the toilet and the tub on a cold, hard tile floor with a vomiting idiot was one of your best nights? That's sad, Trav."
"No, sitting up with you when you're sick, and you falling asleep in my lap was one of my best nights. It wasn't comfortable, I didn't sleep worth a shit, but I brought in your nineteenth birthday with you, and you're actually pretty sweet when you're drunk."
"I'm sure between the heaving and purging I was very charming."
He pulled me close, patting Toto who was snuggled up to my neck. "You're the only woman I know that still looks incredible with your head in the toilet. That's saying something. — Jamie McGuire

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Nalini Singh

Illium, his expression subdued as it had been for too many days, turned to her. "Mind if I have a go?"
"Kick his ass."
Stripping off his shirt and boots, Illium held out his hand for one of Venom's blades. Lips curving, Venom passed it over. "Sure you can handle me, pretty, pretty Bluebell?"
"Did I ever tell you about my snakeskin boots?" A savage grin, and she knew Venom was about to bear the brunt of whatever haunted the blue-winged angel.
Venom swirled his blade in hand. "I do think I need some new feathers for my pillow. — Nalini Singh

I Pretty Sure Quotes By J.K. Rowling

RON: Just to say- I didn't know about much of it so can't take responsibility- and I'm pretty sure my kids had nothing to do with it- but if this lot are standing up here then so am I. — J.K. Rowling

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Barbara Bice

Some of my earliest and fondest memories of my mother are of her kneeling at the side of per bed every night and praying. As a child, I would always get very close to her as she prayed. I would put my ear as close as I could to her mouth and try my best to hear what she was saying to God, but I never could make out the words. Today, being married to an addict myself, I'm pretty sure I know exactly what she was praying. — Barbara Bice

I Pretty Sure Quotes By J.D. Robb

Are you okay?"
"I don't know. I have to think about it." Her head was still spinning. "We're on the lawn," she said slowly. "Our clothes are torn. I'm pretty sure I have the imprint of your fingers dented into my butt."
"I did my best," he murmured.
She snickered first, then chuckled, then broke into fits of giddy, hiccupping laughter. "Jesus, Roarke, Jesus Christ, look at us."
"In a minute. I think I'm still partially blind. — J.D. Robb

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, when Max was born? No praise. In fact I'm pretty sure the doctor said, "Sorry, ma'am, we did everything we could." He'd — Rachel Van Dyken

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Gemma Files

I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad didn't see me coming, either: the kid with the black moods, the kid whose mind was always elsewhere, flinching from real life as from a bruise. Who wanted to lay a fiction-filter on top of everything and pretend it was something else just to keep the sheer disappointment of it all bearable: this limited, empirical experience of ours, trapped inside a decaying shell of meat, mainly able to perceive that nothing lasts, even in our most pleasurable moments. — Gemma Files

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jim Butcher

Thwart," I said. "To prevent someone from accomplishing something by means of visiting gratuitous violence upon his smarmy person."
"I'm pretty sure that isn't the definition." Sarissa said.
"It is today. — Jim Butcher

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Reed Mullin

Woody Weatherman showed me two beats, the "do do dat, do do dat" rock beat and the "ooh at ooh at ooh at" punk beat and other than that I was pretty limited. I had just gotten a drum kit for Christmas, which I was stoked about so I was ready to go. Back then, the prerequisite for playing punk rock drums wasn't very high, it was really pretty generic as I'm sure you can imagine. — Reed Mullin

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Rachel Van Dyken

There was a cliff,snow, and I'm pretty sure Benadryl was involved."" Always is." Jake shook his head. — Rachel Van Dyken

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Michael J. Sullivan

I should have let you kill him."


"You're nodding, aren't you?"

"I didn't say a word."

"Bastard," Hadrian grumbled.

"You know the worst thing?"

"I've got a pretty long list of bad things right now, and I'm not sure which one I would put on top. So I'll bite. — Michael J. Sullivan

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Ash Gray

I'm surprised you haven't come to hate humans," Rose said with hesitation. "I mean, given all that happened to you here. I'm pretty sure assimilating wasn't easy either. You have a sort of foreign look for an American, and Americans are notorious for their xenophobia."

Zita laughed softly. "Me? Hate humans?" She darkly shook her head. "I fought in the Midnight War for thirty years, Rosie. I know what happens when people let hate make decisions for them. — Ash Gray

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jon Foreman

Grace? Undeserved kindness? Blessings? Whatever we call it, I'm pretty sure we get doses of luck more than we'll ever know. — Jon Foreman

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Alanea Alder

Aiden, his brains are on the foyer floor, I'm pretty sure that is a universally accepted indicator that a person is dead. — Alanea Alder

I Pretty Sure Quotes By George Harrison

I believe I love my guitar more than the others love theirs. For John and Paul, songwriting is pretty important and guitar playing is a means to an end. While they're making up new tunes I can thoroughly enjoy myself just doodling around with a guitar for a whole evening. I'm fascinated by new sounds I can get from different instruments I try out. I'm not sure that makes me particularly musical. Just call me a guitar fanatic instead, and I'll be satisfied. — George Harrison

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Clark Gregg

When I was backstage at Comic-Con, about to go out and do the panel for Thor, and Joss Whedon ran up and introduced himself, I already almost passed out, right then. And then, he said, "I've been meaning to call you. You have a big part in The Avengers. Can we introduce you as part of the cast?" It was pretty Make-A-Wish Foundation. I was pretty sure I was dying and nobody had told me yet. — Clark Gregg

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Michael Thomas Ford

I'm not even sure I want kids, by the way, even if I'm not the one who has to be pregnant. It seems too risky. I mean, what if you end up with a kid that's just plain bad? Or stupid? It's not like you can give it away or put it in a garage sale or something. You're pretty much stuck with it for a long time.
I know now they have all these tests they can do so you can find out if your kid has three arms or is retarded or whatever, but you can't test for everything. You can't test for crazy, for example, or for bad taste in music and clothes and stuff. You can't know if your kid is going to be someone you would actually want to have hanging around. You just have to take your chances. That seems like a pretty big gamble to me. — Michael Thomas Ford

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Tia Mowry

I'm pretty busy: I'm a working mom and I know a lot about having a hectic schedule, but I think what's really important to me and what's on the top of that list is just making sure that my family stays healthy, especially during flu season. — Tia Mowry

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Mira Grant

[H]e looked at me gravely and asked, "Are you ready?"

"No," I said. "I'm pretty sure I've never been ready for anything that had to be prefaced with that question. — Mira Grant

I Pretty Sure Quotes By B.B. Hamel

Listen, I need to sleep. You okay watching over the house for a few hours?" "Sure thing. You tell them yet?" I frowned. "I told Lacey." "Your sister?" "Stepsister." "Whatever. How'd she take it?" "About how I expected." "So she thinks you're a lying piece of shit." "Pretty much."

- Camden & Trip — B.B. Hamel

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Steven Eggleton

Sure, I had been through the DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program when I was a kid. I had seen Nancy Reagan's pasty white ass on TV telling me to, "just say no". But Nancy Regan had never had to worry about paying the rent, or living pay check to pay check, or finding her dad's rolling papers on the shelf above the coco-puffs. So I guess in Nancy Reagan's world it was pretty damn easy to adopt retarded slogans like, "just say no". I wouldn't know, though. I lived in the real world. I had problems. — Steven Eggleton

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Tagg Romney

I am sure it does not hurt that Mitt Romney is my dad. I'm sure it's opened a lot of doors for me. But I think I've been pretty effective once I've gotten through the door at doing a pretty good job. — Tagg Romney

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Sara Farizan

And then I knew for sure what I had been trying to avoid for so long. Everything rushed to the surface. I cried as I remembered throwing the dress I had received for my third birthday on the floor. I cried as I remembered wanting to be best friends with a girl in fifth grade because she was so pretty. I cried as I remembered always rescuing the girl, played by a stuffed animal, while pretending to be Indiana Jones. I — Sara Farizan

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Katja Millay

Good Morning, Sunshine! Josh F**king Bennett. By now, I'm pretty sure that if I were to find his birth certificate that is exactly what it would say. — Katja Millay

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Wataru Watari

I like myself. I have never once hated myself.
My high specs, my half decent looks,
My pessimistic, realist point of view.
I don't hate any of it at all. But, for the first time,
I feel like I could hate myself.

The Yukino Yukinoshita
I've seen all this time was always beautiful, pure,
Never told a lie, and could stand on her own feet even-
With nobody to lean on.
I'm pretty sure I always admired her for that.
I forced my own expectations and ideals on her,
Let myself think I understood her, and let myself be dissapointed.

I cautioned myself against this time and time again,
But I still haven't gotten over it.
Even Yukino Yukinoshita tells lies.
I couldn't even accept such an obvious fact,
And for that...I...hate myself
- Hachiman Hikigaya — Wataru Watari

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Corey Ann Haydu

I think of everything and I'm pretty sure if I could use my organizational skills for something else, like wildlife survival kits or preparing people for nuclear warfare, I'd be a millionaire. Or at the very least actually a useful human being. — Corey Ann Haydu

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Eliza Crewe

I'm pretty sure Jo couldn't talk about the weather without somehow including a threat. Forecast today: cloudy with a chance I'll kick your ass. — Eliza Crewe

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jeffrey Lewis

I do feel pretty lucky that I'm not so great at playing and singing, it forces me to make sure I've really got something worth presenting because I can't rely on any kind of virtuosity to dazzle people with. — Jeffrey Lewis

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Penelope Douglas

I'm going to hell. I'm pretty sure she's going to drag me there herself. — Penelope Douglas

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jonathan Lynn

Well,'said Ernest, 'by some strange coincidence I know this story.'
Boddichek was not good at irony. 'I knew that there was that possibility,' he said, 'but we have a great new way to treat it, and I thought you might want to reread it before taking a meeting.'
'Reread it?' said Mayday. 'We are talking about Cinderella, and the wicked stepmother and the Ugly Sisters and Buttons the page and the Fairy Godmother, "Cinders, you shall go to the ball but be sure you're home by midnight or you'll turn into pumpkin"?'
'Hey, you know it pretty well,' said young Casey with admiration in his voice. 'But I've found a new directionality for this story.'
'Do you mean direction?' asked Mayday.
'I guess I do.'
'Then', snapped Mayday, 'why don't you fucking say so? — Jonathan Lynn

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Tom Rosenthal

I'm not sure what the secret to happiness is but I'm pretty sure it all starts with going outside. — Tom Rosenthal

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Ransom Riggs

She moved to pinch me again but I blocked her hand. I'm no expert on girls, but when one tries to pinch you four times, I'm pretty sure that's flirting. — Ransom Riggs

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Alexis Kade

No alarm clock in the world works quite as well as a hungry wolf in your bed. Struggling to breathe, I shoved at the giant oaf lying across my chest, but he staunchly refused to move. Despite his human soul, I was pretty sure — Alexis Kade

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Andrew Ference

I'm pretty far out of the loop. There's always a lot of speculation and what-have-you. I'm sure it's fun for people to watch and have fantasies of who might go where. The reality is, guys will change teams. — Andrew Ference

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

Penny sets down her book. "You don't want to know why your girlfriend was snogging your sworn enemy?"
"I don't know about 'sworn,' " I say. "I've never taken an oath."
"I'm pretty sure Baz has."
"Anyway, they weren't snogging."
Penny shakes her head. "If I caught Micah holding hands with Baz, I'd want an explanation."
"So would I."
"Simon. — Rainbow Rowell

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Alan Ball

I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me, but it's hard to stay mad when there's so much beauty in the world. Sometimes I feel like I'm seeing it all at once, and it's too much; my heart fills up like a balloon that's about to burst. And then I remember to relax, and stop trying to hold onto it. And then it flows through me like rain, and I can't feel anything but gratitude - for every single moment of my stupid, little life. You have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm sure; but don't worry ... .you will someday. — Alan Ball

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Mindy Kaling

Entitlement is simply the belief that you deserve something. Which is great. The hard part is, you'd better make sure you deserve it. So, how did I make sure that I deserved it?
To answer that, I would like to quote from the Twitter bio of one of my favorite people, Kevin Hart. It reads:
My name is Kevin Hart and I WORK HARD!!! That pretty much sums me up!!! Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work! — Mindy Kaling

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Scott Adams

I had several different bosses during the early years of 'Dilbert.' They were all pretty sure I was mocking someone else. — Scott Adams

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Anonymous

Not fair? Oh, so now, we're talking about fair? Well, let me tell you how fucking not fair this is to me. I fell in love with a man whose fantasy is crawling through my window to escape reality. All the while, my fantasy is walking out that door to navigate reality by his side. I'm pretty sure that is the definition of not fair. — Anonymous

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Carol Leifer

I was over there in Hawaii. I was there on the big island. The 'Big Island' - that name cracks me up. First of all, it's not that big, so I'm pretty sure a guy came up with that name. — Carol Leifer

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Hank Stuever

I'm pretty sure the world is in solid agreement that "The Wire" is worth watching all the way through. — Hank Stuever

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Tucker Elliot

I don't know how long we talked about that game the first time my dad showed me the ticket stub. He admitted he hadn't even been sure that he still had it, that he was surprised when he'd been able to find it. But we've spent hours and hours and hours talking about it since. And it's pretty amazing, because that ticket stub sat in a box for two decades - once it let my dad into a stadium to see a baseball game, and then later, it let me into my dad's world, into his past, to learn about the man who taught me to love a game so passionately that it shaped nearly every aspect of my life. — Tucker Elliot

I Pretty Sure Quotes By George MacDonald

I am pretty sure that if she had been one of us, that is, one of his own, he would have taken sharper measures with her; but he said we must never attempt to treat other people's children as our own, for they are not our own. We did not love them enough, he said, to make severity safe either for them or for us. — George MacDonald

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Rainbow Rowell

What a douche," Reagan muttered. "I'm pretty sure my mom has that scarf. — Rainbow Rowell

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Julie James

Not at all sure that she was, Taylor eyed the jet warily as she crossed the tarmac and climbed the metal steps leading up to the passenger hold. When she got to the top, she stopped before Jason, going for an unimpressed look.
"How original. Didn't I see this in Pretty Woman?"
Jason smiled pleasantly. "Let's hope the evening ends as well for me as it did for Richard Gere." He winked. — Julie James

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Susan Donovan

I'm pretty sure the past is only good for one thing and that's getting a person where they are at the present. — Susan Donovan

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Rose Christo

He's like ... 'I thought you were just friends.' You are my friend. You're my best friend. Why doesn't he get that? Anyway ... I think he wants your dad to rally with him. I'm pretty sure he doesn't give a damn about the dry rot in the basement."
I quirked the corner of my mouth dubiously. Dad rallying with Gabriel was pretty unlikely, considering the lengths he had gone to in proving his approval.
Rafael took one look at me, horrified, and I knew we were on the same wavelength. He whispered: "If your dad gives my uncle the safe sex talk ... — Rose Christo

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Nick Kroll

I'm sure there are people who say like, "I was wearing weird emo eyeliner," but there's something pretty embarrassing about the jazz phase. — Nick Kroll

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Carey Mulligan

When I went to the Oscars - the only time I've ever been to the Oscars - a few years ago, I wore this Prada dress covered in cooking utensils. I got drunk at the end of the night and started ripping them off and giving them as presents to people, so that was fun. I'm pretty sure that was the point of it, that's how Miuccia meant for it to go I'm sure. — Carey Mulligan

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Bob Schieffer

For sure, the American people have access to more information now than any other people who have ever lived on earth. And I think we do a pretty good job of sorting out what's important. — Bob Schieffer

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Bradley Dewey

I don't know what your Company is feeling as of today about the work of Dr. Alice Hamilton on benzol [benzene] poisoning. I know that back in the old days some of your boys used to think that she was a plain nuisance and just picking on you for luck. But I have a hunch that as you have learned more about the subject, men like your good self have grown to realize the debt that society owes her for her crusade. I am pretty sure that she has saved the lives of a great many girls in can-making plants and I would hate to think that you didn't agree with me. — Bradley Dewey

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jill Shalvis

You sure about that? he asked. Because it feels pretty fucking real when I'm buried inside you. — Jill Shalvis

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Kim Holden

Oh Kate." She shakes her head as if to say, Oh silly, silly immature Kate. "You never know when you're going to meet Prince Charming. You always have to look your best." She takes in my ensemble. "This is something you'll learn in time." Pretty sure I won't. — Kim Holden

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Karina Halle

I'm pretty sure there are some things in the dark that we're not meant to see. — Karina Halle

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Kevin DeYoung

I'm pretty sure most of us would be more
fulfilled if we didn't fixate on fulfillment
quite so much. — Kevin DeYoung

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Wendy Mass

Do you have some big secret life I don't know about?' Connor jokes. 'Who would be calling you at midnight?'
'I have no idea,' I reply. 'But I'm pretty sure I only have one secret life. — Wendy Mass

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jena Leigh

She's fine," said Declan, defensive. "You're fine, right?"
She gave him a look. "Peachy."
"See? Both Alex and her astounding wit have made it here intact. Her sense of humour seems to be M.I.A, but I'm pretty sure that was a pre-existing condition. — Jena Leigh

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Sara Shepard

I suppose I could let bygones be bygones, forgive and forget, yadda yadda. But where's the fun in that? These pretty little bitches got everything I ever wanted, and now I'm going to make sure they get exactly what they deserve. Does that make me sound awful? Sorry, but as every pretty little liar knows, sometimes the truth's ugly-and it always hurts.
I'll be watching ...
-A — Sara Shepard

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Tony Bennett

I think there's an opportunity for a couple of them for sure, maybe more depending upon the situation, but it's too early to say which ones. It's a pretty competitive fight. And that doesn't mean the older guys are just going to walk into spots. I remind them all the time - you got to earn everything you get. And that's what made our team good last year, is guys really competed for opportunities and understood their roles. — Tony Bennett

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Alan Young

Judges pretty much act independently once they get on the bench so I'm not really sure why Harper's concerned that the court is currently being stacked with a lot of Liberal appointments. — Alan Young

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Ally Carter

You get some sleep, Abigail," Townsend told her. "I'll keep watch."
"That's very gracious of you, but being that we're on an airplane ... "
Even after the plane took off, they kept debating security perimeters and protocols. I'm pretty sure they argued for forty-five minutes about where the best place for cappuccino was near the Colosseum. — Ally Carter

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Steven Spielberg

I still have pretty much the same fears I had as a kid. I'm not sure I'd want to give them up; a lot of these insecurities fuel the movies I make. — Steven Spielberg

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Cynthia Hand

It's been nice knowing you, Clara,
Huh? My brain still a bit shell-shocked.
Say a prayer for me, will you? He gives me a shaky grin.
Because I'm pretty sure my parents are going to kill me — Cynthia Hand

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Kevin Focke

Climate change is like my head: it's not visible in every instance, but I'm pretty darn sure it's there. — Kevin Focke

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jaymin Eve

then his right hand laced through mine. I was pretty sure he was ensuring I did not disappear on him again. — Jaymin Eve

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Kaitlin Scott

I went to say no, but I winced as I pulled my tooth out of my lip.
I was absolutely hopeless. In a two minute period my front curls had
started to go straight due to my constant brushing them behind my ears
and I was pretty sure my lip was bleeding. Frustrated I pushed myself off of
the couch with a huff and walked around the glass coffee table to head for
the kitchen.
"I've made you angry."
Darren got up and cut me off in the middle of the room. "Yes, I did.
You're angry with me."
"No, not with you."
"Then what's wrong?"
"I'm angry with myself. — Kaitlin Scott

I Pretty Sure Quotes By R.L. Mathewson

Will you be able to keep your hands off me?"
"I'm pretty sure I can manage that," she said, wondering if the man truly was insane.
"That's really all I can ask — R.L. Mathewson

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Chuck Palahniuk

The only funny part about Colonial Dunsboro is maybe it's too authentic, but for all the wrong reasons. This whole crowd of losers and nutcases who hide out here because they can't make it in the real world, in real jobs - isn't this why we left England in the first place? To establish our own alternate reality. Weren't the Pilgrims pretty much the crackpots of their time? For sure, instead of just wanting to believe something different about God's love, the losers I work with want to find salvation through compulsive behaviors. — Chuck Palahniuk

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Sara Jane Stone

Dominic reached behind his head and tugged on his T-shirt. The rising fabric revealed his abdomen. And yeah, he liked the way her gaze followed the hemline. But his arm stilled, his bicep taut and his T-shirt covering his hair. If he kept going, she'd see the damaged skin on his chest from where the bullet had entered.

"Are you sure about this?" he asked. "My scars aren't pretty."

"I promise to focus on your abs," she murmured without looking up. "And lower. — Sara Jane Stone

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Adele Rose

His tricks had raised the temperature of the room considerably, although I was pretty sure his presence alone had that effect. — Adele Rose

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Sasha Pieterse

I've almost been hit by a lot of things in New York City. I am pretty sure I have almost been hit by a bike messenger before. — Sasha Pieterse

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Penelope Douglas

I'm going to hell. I'm pretty sure she'd going to drag me there herself. — Penelope Douglas

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Susan Ee

I miss the days when females could be ordered around and they'd have no choice." "Sure that wasn't just a myth? I'm pretty sure nobody ever ordered my mom around - ever. — Susan Ee

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Ashly Lorenzana

Even though he had admitted to her that he used to watch me shower through a hole in the bathroom wall back when I was thirteen. She blamed us both for what we had "done" to her. But it sounds like she got over being mad at him pretty quick. She later told me that she had to go back and have sex with him one more time, just to make sure that there was nothing left between the two of them and to get some closure. That almost made me want to vomit. The only interaction between us after that was her showing up at the courthouse when I had to sit in front of a grand jury of twelve strangers and tell them what had happened. She came into the waiting room where I was sitting and started screaming that I was a whore and that I'd fucked her husband. She had to be escorted out of the court by two officers. That's what I got from her. — Ashly Lorenzana

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Paul Farmer

I don't know much about climate change. But I'm pretty sure we better figure out what to do to lessen its impact - at least its health impact - and that's not going to happen unless you have a lot of young talent interested in these topics. — Paul Farmer

I Pretty Sure Quotes By John Irving


I Pretty Sure Quotes By Mallory Ortberg

I'm pretty sure there's no sexuality that justifies constant low-level harassment. — Mallory Ortberg

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Miley Cyrus

"I want to stay alive in pretty much 90% of my movies. Slaughtering isn't exactly what I'm going for, but I will play edgy for sure." — Miley Cyrus

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Robert Benchley

I am pretty sure that, if you will be quite honest, you will admit that a good rousing sneeze, one that tears open your collar and throws your hair into your eyes, is really one of life's sensational pleasures. — Robert Benchley

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Bobcat Goldthwait

That's human nature - we want to completely rewrite history so it can be comfortable. Without getting too profound, I'm pretty sure that's where the invention of the afterlife comes from. "We don't really become worm food. We go to a magical place with bunnies and rainbows." — Bobcat Goldthwait

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Jenny Lawson

Then one night we used the baby's head as a bong. (I'm pretty sure that's the only time that sentence has ever been used in a memoir. One would hope. I'd check it out on the Internet, but to be honest; that whole horse-enema-fetish stuff scared the shit out of me, so I'm not even going to look.) — Jenny Lawson

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Maggie Stiefvater

She watched his throat move, and then, he reached out and touched her face. "You sure are pretty," he said. "It's the stone," she replied immediately. Her skin felt warm; his fingertip touched just the very edge of her mouth. "It's flattering." Adam gently pulled the stone out of her hand and a set it on the floorboards between them. Through his ingers he threaded one of the flyaway hairs by her cheek. "My mother used to say, 'Don't throw compliments away, so long as they're free." HIs face was very earnest. "That one wasn't mean tho cost you anything, Blue." Blue plucked at the hem on her dress, but she didn't look away from him. "I don't know what to say when you say things like that." "You can tell me if you want me to keep saying them." She was torn by the desire to encourage him and the fear of where it would lead. "I like when you say things like that." Adam asked, "But what?" "I didn't say but." "You meant to. I heard it. — Maggie Stiefvater

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Craig Lancaster

I prefer rock music - my favorites are R.E.M. and Matthew Sweet - but I think that if Dr. Buckley played Matthew Sweet, some of her patients would not like it. Matthew Sweet has a song called "Sick of Myself," and I am pretty sure that is exactly the wrong song name for a therapist's waiting room. — Craig Lancaster

I Pretty Sure Quotes By Lily Paradis

Nope," I said, closing my eyes. I should probably go back to sleep. That sounded like a good idea. "I'm pretty sure it's Dean's rugged sexuality interfering with the machines. — Lily Paradis