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Honing Quotes By Rosalie Parker

You're not a gardener, are you? So perhaps you don't know that once a garden is established, much of good gardening is about removal rather than planting, honing what you have to produce a pleasing effect, sacrificing the particular for the good of the whole. Gardening is a creative pastime, but the result is always a work in progress; unlike a painting or a piece of music a garden is never fixed in time. ("In The Garden") — Rosalie Parker

Honing Quotes By Jim McKay

When you make work, your goal might not be first and foremost to have as many people as possible see it, but it might be more about honing your craft as a storyteller or making art, but, there's no doubt about it, you want lots of people to see it. — Jim McKay

Honing Quotes By Herb Ritts

For me, the most important thing I learned was just honing my eye. I think I had a good eye. — Herb Ritts

Honing Quotes By Brian Cox

Actors in general have become very spoiled in the roles they choose these days. When I first started in this profession - about a hundred years ago in the last century - it was all about taking risks, it was about doing the job and honing the craft. — Brian Cox

Honing Quotes By Jon Jones

When you have butterflies and you're feeling anxious and you have anxiety or are nervous, that's when you're most powerful... A lot of people, instead of honing this power and using it, they allow it to just consume them. There's another quote that says, 'A big challenge, a big pressure is like a fire, it's like a raging fire. Either you can allow this fire to consume you and just take you over completely, or you can gain control of this fire and harness it and you blow it right at your opponent, Dragonball Z style.' That's what I'm trying to do, trying to get my emotions under control and use this adrenaline to my advantage. — Jon Jones

Honing Quotes By Gurinder Chadha

Writing film scripts is the hardest thing in the world. A script has to go to five or six drafts, and you need the feedback of other people and to keep coming back with a fresh eye, honing it down. — Gurinder Chadha

Honing Quotes By William Dobell

Honing a thing down until you can still get through with economy, that's power. — William Dobell

Honing Quotes By Jem Roberts

Writer's Disease: About ninety per cent of your time is wasted on totally pointless and distracting activity, and only about ten per cent is actually spent dreaming up and composing and shaping and honing all those wonderful, exciting, soul-stirring excuses for not having got anything written. — Jem Roberts

Honing Quotes By Dan Simmons

We thought we were special, opening our perceptions, honing our empathy, spilling that cauldron of shared pain onto the dance floor of language and then trying to make a minuet out of all that chaotic hurt. It doesn't matter a damn bit. We're no avatars, no sons of god or man. We're only us, scribbling our conceits alone, reading alone, and dying alone. — Dan Simmons

Honing Quotes By Tyra Banks

I loved planning 'The Tyra Show' more than actually having to do it. I loved coming up with show ideas, honing each program and crafting it. I'm more excited being in a meeting than being on TV. — Tyra Banks

Honing Quotes By Laura Griffin

She had an incredible amount of admiration for these talented men who dedicated themselves to training and practicing and honing their skills in order to be part of one of the most elite fighting forces in the world. — Laura Griffin

Honing Quotes By Jeffrey Archer

It's one of the ironies of mountaineering,' said Young, 'that grown men are happy to spend months preparing for a climb, weeks rehearsing and honing their skills, and at least a day attempting to reach the summit. And then, having achieved their goal, they spend just a few moments enjoying the experience, along with one or two equally certifiable companions who have little in common other than wanting to do it all again, but a little higher. — Jeffrey Archer

Honing Quotes By Robbie Robertson

Some bands today have the experience of really working together and honing their craft. And other bands are very much like, 'I just got a guitar for Christmas, let's start a band.' And you can hear the difference. — Robbie Robertson

Honing Quotes By Kari Aguila

Kate stops grinding the knife and begins to pass it over the length of the stone. Turning her wrist, she pulls the blade, swiping one side after the other, honing it to a fine edge. She wipes it dry with an old cloth and picks up a long piece of dark leather. One end of the strop she ties to the knob on the back of her chair, then holds it taught with her left hand. She counts in her head as she passes the blade over the length of the leather, flipping it at the bottom and the top of each pass. When she gets to twenty, she releases her hold on the strop and looks closely at the knife blade. Even in the dim light of the room, it shines. — Kari Aguila

Honing Quotes By Carl Sagan

Both scepticism and wonder are skills that need honing and practice. Their harmonious marriage within the mind of every schoolchild ought to be a principal goal of public education. I'd love to see such a domestic felicity portrayed in the media, television especially: a community of people really working the mix - full of wonder, generously open to every notion, dismissing nothing except for good reason, but at the same time, and as second nature, demanding stringent standards of evidence; and these standards applied with at least as much rigour to what they hold dear as to what they are tempted to reject with impunity. — Carl Sagan

Honing Quotes By Cheryl Strayed

All this is probably for nothing,' she [her mother] said once we'd hatched the plan. 'Most likely I'll flunk out anyway.' To prepare, she shadowed me during the last months of my senior year of high school, doing all the homework that I was assigned, honing her skills. She replicated my worksheets, wrote the same papers I had to write, read every one of the books. I graded her work, using my teacher's marks as a guide. I judged her a shaky student at best.
She went to college and earned straight As — Cheryl Strayed

Honing Quotes By Ilona Andrews

Curran struck at my wrist. His fingers were cat-quick, but I had spent my life honing my reflexes, and he missed.
"Well, look at that." I studied my free wrist. "Denied. Good-bye — Ilona Andrews

Honing Quotes By Louise Penny

Every morning he went for a walk with his wife, Reine-Marie, and their German shepherd Henri. Tossing the tennis ball ahead of them, they ended up chasing it down themselves when Henri became distracted by a fluttering leaf, or a black fly, or the voices in his head. The dog would race after the ball, then stop and stare into thin air, moving his gigantic satellite ears this way and that. Honing in on some message. Not tense, but quizzical. It was, Gamache recognized, the way most people listened when they heard on the wind the wisps of a particularly beloved piece of music. Or a familiar voice from far away. — Louise Penny

Honing Quotes By Pravin Agarwal

You should work smart while working hard, never underestimate the power of increasing efficiency and honing skills periodically to keep them relevant and deliver work efficiently. — Pravin Agarwal

Honing Quotes By Glenn McQuaid

The relationship with actor and director is probably closer to theater, in that, when we record the dialogue, there is very little in the way of the creative collaboration - no cameras, lighting or even locations. Then, once we record, the post process is very similar to the post flow in filmmaking - editing, sound design, mixing, etc. At the end of the day, it's all about storytelling and honing in on a tone by developing a rhythm and structure that suits the storytelling. — Glenn McQuaid

Honing Quotes By Anna Meredith

With the classical stuff, I've always been better at the big brushstrokes and broad textures than spending ages honing a chord, or tweaking a sample. — Anna Meredith

Honing Quotes By Adam Mansbach

When it comes right down to it, developing a critical sensibility about parenting isn't really about disapproval; it's about honing your own sensibilities, figuring out how you want to parent. — Adam Mansbach

Honing Quotes By T.K. Coleman

Emotional versatility is the art of making peace with the entire emotional spectrum by honing your capacity to channel various feelings along creative and constructive lines. It is not about controlling or condemning your feelings. It's about conducting your feelings in a self-edifying way. — T.K. Coleman

Honing Quotes By Steven Rice

Worship is not music. We can certainly worship Him without musicians and without a song. And by the way, God does not actually seek worship. The Word tells us that He seeks worshippers. He's not looking for those who make the most beautiful music. He's looking for those who worship in spirit ... and in truth. Music is only one of the ways that he has ordained for us to express our worship. Yet too many worship leaders today spend more time honing their craft and planning / rehearsing their worship sets, than they spend on their face, alone in worship. — Steven Rice

Honing Quotes By Conor Oberst

I prefer career artists that have spent time honing their craft, as opposed to, 'I won a karaoke contest on a reality show and now I have a record.' That's such a drag. The music that comes out of it is so poor. — Conor Oberst

Honing Quotes By Lucy Grealy

Partly I was honing my self-consciousness into a torture device, sharp and efficient enough to last me the rest of my life. — Lucy Grealy

Honing Quotes By Stephen King

He kept seeing the brains dribbling down the wallpaper. It wasn't the killing that stayed on his mind, it was the spilled talent. A lifetime of honing and shaping torn apart in less than a second. All those stories, all those images, and what came out looked like so much oatmeal. What was the point? — Stephen King

Honing Quotes By Rachel Friedman

With Martyn, I hold forth some of the philosophies I've been honing since beginning my travels in Ireland almost two years ago, about universal health care and the travel practices of American youth, about my country and the way I was indoctrinated to believe that America was number one in everything, but actually people in other countries have what we have
and sometimes better
about my obligations as a daughter, about the ways that I have put my faith in all the wrong things and now I am hopelessly lost but at the same time realizing that's okay so maybe that means I'm not lost at all, just searching. — Rachel Friedman

Honing Quotes By Tim Holmes

Why would anyone want to be famous, certainly not me. My only goal in an acting career is to be able to work full time as an actor, filmmaker. When I get to that level, which I will, in this business where I can spend one hundred percent of my time honing my craft, then I will be complete. — Tim Holmes

Honing Quotes By Herb Ritts

I'm pretty selective. I generally edit the contact sheets and then do work prints. Because I have my own lab and printers, I can afford the luxury of going through the contact sheets for black-and-white, making up work prints, seeing them big, and honing them down. — Herb Ritts

Honing Quotes By Dan Deacon

I need to start honing in on projects that I want to devote my time to and not put my energies into the unattainable ones. — Dan Deacon

Honing Quotes By Jim Rash

I feel like my experience on 'Community' was that I saw just how important that first year is for a series. That is where you work all the pieces out, and that means honing the characters' voices, setting that tone, finding your angle. — Jim Rash

Honing Quotes By Jake Busey

I go on at least 2-3 auditions a week in the pursuit of more work. So I'm constantly working on material and constantly honing and trying to perfect a craft that is never perfectible - it's always new, and it's always different. It's always a work in progress. — Jake Busey

Honing Quotes By Megan McCafferty

I think the only way you can become a writer is through honing your voice, creating your own voice. — Megan McCafferty

Honing Quotes By Michael J. Gelb

You can increase your problem-solving skills by honing your question-asking ability. — Michael J. Gelb

Honing Quotes By Christina Hendricks

Cats appear to have a wonderful ability to weed out everything they don't need to know, while honing in on what is important to them. — Christina Hendricks

Honing Quotes By Thomas Frank

Joe Klein is the flower of American political journalism, a sharp raconteur who shows traces of the gonzo style that was in vogue when he was honing his craft at Rolling Stone back in the day. — Thomas Frank

Honing Quotes By Weyes Blood

A part of being a female musician is kind of getting past your looks and just honing in on the music. — Weyes Blood

Honing Quotes By Nolan North

I've found a lot of the thinking in America is that a lot of people become actors to become famous. At least from my experience, I have a dozen or so British friends who are actors, and if you look at their body of work, and they'll go do theatre, and they'll go do this and this. They work, and they're always honing and trying to be better. — Nolan North

Honing Quotes By Will Packer

You want people to go see it by the hoards. And for there to be talk of the possibility of continuing the journey and the ride, if you will, with these characters that we spent so much time honing, and executing this film on all levels, is super exciting. — Will Packer

Honing Quotes By Benjamin Percy

It's still incredibly hard. Not just honing my craft but kicking down doors, getting my work published. Early on, I could have wallpapered my house with all the rejection letters sent my way. I put thousands of hours and pages into four novels that never saw the light of day. — Benjamin Percy

Honing Quotes By Kathy Bates

I went from years of honing my craft to sudden recognition. It was quite a life changer. — Kathy Bates

Honing Quotes By Marc Ian Barasch

I used to think that people who regarded everyone benignly were a mite simple or oblivious or just plain lax-until I tried it myself. Then I realized that they made it only look easy. Even the Berditchever Rebbe, revered as a man who could strike a rock and bring forth a stream, was continually honing his intentions. "Until I remove the thread of hatred from my heart," he said of his daily meditations, "I am, in my own eyes, as if I did not exist." — Marc Ian Barasch

Honing Quotes By Lucinda Williams

It's just the more you do it the better you get, or at least that's how I feel in my case. I think it's a combination of confidence and just having done it this long and just learning. I'm always learning. I'm still honing my craft. — Lucinda Williams

Honing Quotes By Todd Haynes

I was about 6 or 7, I would have said I wanted to be an actor and an artist. And that just kind of kept honing itself around film and getting closer to film. — Todd Haynes

Honing Quotes By Gabriela M. Sanchez

Writing is my passion and burns in me like a fire. I'm always writing and honing my skills to feed the flames. — Gabriela M. Sanchez

Honing Quotes By Theodore Roosevelt

There is honing to fear, bu fear itself/ — Theodore Roosevelt

Honing Quotes By Swoosie Kurtz

To me, getting notes, honing the part, and refining the role is the real fun of the play. — Swoosie Kurtz

Honing Quotes By Chila Woychik

Every once in a bestseller list, you come across a truly exceptional craftsman, a wordsmith so adept at cutting, shaping, and honing strings of words that you find yourself holding your breath while those words pass from page to eye to brain. You know the feeling: you inhale, hold it, then slowly let it out, like one about to take down a bull moose with a Winchester .30-06. You force your mind to the task, scope out the area, take penetrating aim, and ... read.
But instead of dropping the quarry, you find you've become the hunted, the target. The projectile has somehow boomeranged and with its heat-sensing abilities (you have raised a sweat) darts straight towards you. Duck! And turn the page lest it drill between your eyes. — Chila Woychik

Honing Quotes By F. Voutsakis

How is it that men create such lovely silhouettes, such shadows of the corporeal, capturing things in their most wraith-like moment and yet they are not content with honing such divine talent? Instead, they opt to dissect the cadaver of that which cast the shadow. — F. Voutsakis

Honing Quotes By Wayne Cordeiro

[God] deposits a dream of what we can be for Him, a dream that acts as our internal honing device. — Wayne Cordeiro

Honing Quotes By Diego Klattenhoff

It's all about learning your craft and honing it in and really paying attention to people who are doing it and what their advice is. It's like anything: it takes years and years and years. A lot of it comes down to work ethic. — Diego Klattenhoff

Honing Quotes By Dan Simmons

In the end, it doesn't matter a damn bit. We thought we were special, opening our perceptions, honing our empathy, spilling that cauldron of shared pain onto the dance floor of language and then trying to make a minuet out of all that chaotic hurt. It doesn't matter a damn bit. We're no avatars, no sons of god or man. We're only us, scribbling our conceits alone, reading alone, and dying alone. Goddamn it hurts. — Dan Simmons

Honing Quotes By Tony Scott

Shooting in real-life situations helps actors because they're competing against the noise and the wind. Out of that comes things that shift and change, in terms of tone, but not in terms of re-honing the whole sequence. — Tony Scott

Honing Quotes By Timothy Ferriss

For podcasting: In the first 3 to 9 months, you should be honing your craft and putting out increasingly better work. "Good content is the best SEO," as Robert Scoble originally told me. You — Timothy Ferriss

Honing Quotes By Bryan Adams

Social media is a giant distraction to the ultimate aim, which is honing your craft as a songwriter. There are people who are exceptional at it, however, and if you can do both things, then that's fantastic, but if you are a writer, the time is better spent on a clever lyric than a clever tweet. — Bryan Adams

Honing Quotes By George Saunders

What we're doing in writing is not all that different from what we've been doing all our lives, i.e., using our personalities as a way of coping with life. Writing is about charm, about finding and accessing and honing ones' particular charms. To say that "a light goes on" is not quite right - it's more like: a fixture gets installed. Only many years later ... will the light go on. — George Saunders

Honing Quotes By Giovanni Ribisi

For me, acting is all about the aesthetic. I just want to keep honing my craft. Not that I'm taking myself too seriously, but every artist should consider himself Picasso. Otherwise, you're doing yourself an injustice. — Giovanni Ribisi

Honing Quotes By Clinton Sparks

It was just me in my basement honing my skills, hearing songs on the radio and trying to manipulate them and then writing over those, and I started with local artists in Boston, writing records for them. — Clinton Sparks

Honing Quotes By George Steiner

The journalistic vision sharpens to the point of maximum impact every event, every individual and social configuration; but the honing is uniform. — George Steiner

Honing Quotes By Jill Tweedie

It is easy and dismally enervating to think of opposition as merely perverse or actually evil
far more invigorating to see it as essential for honing the mind, and as a positive good in itself. For the day that moral issues cease to be fought over is the day the word human disappears from the race. — Jill Tweedie

Honing Quotes By Billy Zane

I've always had an artistic hand. I took on paint when I started falling in love with the abstract expressionists. I approached it from a physical standpoint, but I've also been honing my compositional eye through film. — Billy Zane

Honing Quotes By Clive Owen

Film is very much about capturing the essence of things - if you feel it, and you've got the right person shooting it, it'll come across. Theater's a different animal; it's physically different and requires a different discipline. In the theater, you're mining the same material, constantly honing the same thing, executing it and keeping it alive and fresh. — Clive Owen

Honing Quotes By Sarah Silverman

What makes Disney movies and Pixar movies always so good, hey take time and they're constantly honing, and tweaking, and rejiggering things, and taking influences from every cog, including myself, that can help. Any place where there can be inspiration. They make every moment very layered and very rich. — Sarah Silverman

Honing Quotes By Patrick Kua

The time you spend honing your development skills, such as seeing patterns in code, refactoring code to be easier to maintain or extend, and writing tests does little to prepare skills in resolving conflict, establishing a team culture, or communicating technology in ways that non-technical people can understand. — Patrick Kua

Honing Quotes By Penny Reid

With enough use, practice, and honing of skill, words were the weapons of choice used by exceptional writers and poets. Minds can be changed, hearts can be lost and broken, souls can be surrendered given the right words. — Penny Reid

Honing Quotes By Janice Dickinson

I grew up studying ballet; I grew up honing my craft. — Janice Dickinson

Honing Quotes By Jamie McGuire

Lie." "Well, now," she said, sitting up and crossing her arms, "look who is honing her craft. — Jamie McGuire

Honing Quotes By Rahul Dravid

If someone thinks, 'I'll spend the off season working on my fitness and I'll come back a better cricketer,' I don't think that's enough. You need to spend a lot of time working on your skills and honing your skills. — Rahul Dravid

Honing Quotes By Robert Greene

Every task you are given, no matter how menial, offers opportunities to observe this world at work. No detail about the people within it is too trivial. Everything you see or hear is a sign for you to decode. Over time, you will begin to see and understand more of the reality that eluded you at first. For instance, a person whom you initially thought had great power ended up being someone with more bark than bite. Slowly, you begin to see behind the appearances. As you amass more information about the rules and power dynamics of your new environment, you can begin to analyze why they exist, and how they relate to larger trends in the field. You move from observation to analysis, honing your reasoning skills, but only after months of careful attention. — Robert Greene

Honing Quotes By George Saunders

By honing the sentences you used to describe the world, you changed the inflection of your mind, which changed your perceptions. — George Saunders

Honing Quotes By Daniel Coyle

Deep practice, however, doesn't obey the same math. Spending more time is effective - but only if you're still in the sweet spot at the edge of your capabilities, attentively building and honing circuits. What's more, there seems to be a universal limit for how much deep practice human beings can do in a day. Ericsson's research shows that most world-class experts - including pianists, chess players, novelists, and athletes - practice between three and five hours a day, no matter what skill they pursue. — Daniel Coyle