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Great Basketball Team Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

We had more great times than bad times together, but they've moved on, I've moved on. I have a new team now and I have a new focus. — Shaquille O'Neal

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Dick Bennett

I concluded some time ago that a major part of success of a team, or of an individual, has a great deal to do with the intangible qualities possessed. The real key is in how a person see himself (humility), how he feels about what he does (passion), how he works with others (unity), how he makes others better (servanthood), and how he deals with frustration and success, truly learning from each situations (thankfulness). I believe those concepts are the essence of a good player, team, coach, or individual in any capacity in life. — Dick Bennett

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Dwight Howard

You don't have to be best friends as basketball players but I do believe in chemistry. I think it makes everything different if a team is really together and they're all on that same page. They might not like each other, per se, but if you're on the same page and the chemistry is there, you can play great basketball. You can go back to teams like Detroit, the Bad Boys. Those guys had great chemistry, that's why they won. — Dwight Howard

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Pat Riley

Great players and great teams want to be driven. They want to be pushed to the edge. They don't want to be cheated. Ordinary players and average teams want it to be easy — Pat Riley

Great Basketball Team Quotes By George Vecsey

I would never tell anybody to give up hockey - the great sports we have here - basketball, lacrosse - rugby coming into its own - we've got so many great team sports, and I say hold on to them. — George Vecsey

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Tim Suttle

Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team. Albert Einstein didn't speak until he was four years old and was considered not very bright. Oprah Winfrey was demoted from a news anchor job because she was thought to be unfit for television. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for lacking imagination. Thomas Edison was called stupid by his teachers. The Beatles were told they didn't have a great sound and rejected by Decca Recording Studios. Dr. Suess was rejected by twenty-seven publishers. Abraham Lincoln had a long list of failures, including eight election losses and a nervous breakdown. — Tim Suttle

Great Basketball Team Quotes By LeBron James

It's humbling to know that you have fans all over America and all over the world and they want you to play on their respective basketball team. It's very humbling that they respect the way I play the game of basketball. I can't discredit that. I can't say I don't enjoy it because you put in a lot of hard work to have fans. And for me to be a role model and for me to have fans all over is great. It's very humbling. — LeBron James

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Oscar Robertson

People will think there are no other great ballplayers. Look at Garnett. Look at Duncan, Shaq, Kobe. Look at the players with Sacramento. The have a really good basketball team. — Oscar Robertson

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Jerry West

Don't let talent get in way of team performance. Great players do what's outstanding for team, not what makes them stand out — Jerry West

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Peter Moore

The doors had a peephole, and periodically an Iranian guard would look through and choose who he would let in. It was a bit like waiting to be picked for a sports team at school. You stand there trying to look as useful as possible to the two kids lucky enough to have been chosen as captains. If they were picking you for footy you tried to look as tough as possible. For basketball, you tried to look as tall as possible. For cricket, as long-suffering and patient as possible. That day, every time the guard looked through the peephole, I tried to look as un-Great Satan-like as I could. — Peter Moore

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Bobby Knight

A great way to test the conditioning of your team is the two-mile run. — Bobby Knight

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Kevin Durant

This was an extremely difficult decision as I take great pride in representing our country. I know that I owe it to my USA Basketball teammates to be totally invested in the experience. After going through training camp with USAB, I realized I could not fulfill my responsibilities to the team from both a time and energy standpoint. I need to take a step back and take some time away, both mentally and physically in order to prepare for the upcoming NBA season. I will be rooting for USAB and look forward to future opportunities with them. — Kevin Durant

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Tom Thibodeau

You learn from everybody. You learn from the players. You learn from great coaches. You learn from great teams — Tom Thibodeau

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Chris Kraus

It's going to be crazy. All eight teams here are good teams. Hopefully the atmosphere will be great because it's going to be great basketball. — Chris Kraus

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Michael Sandel

If parents are aiming at choosing children who will be good athletes, or great musicians, or who will get into Ivy League schools, or who will be tall enough to make the basketball team, then there is a danger that the life of the child will bear the burden of that expectation; and the risk of disappointment and the cost of disappointment will be even higher than they are now, and even now they can be considerable. — Michael Sandel

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Pat Riley

In all the research you do as a coach, studying other coaches and championship-type situations, you find that all those teams combined talent with great defense. You've got to stop other teams to win. — Pat Riley

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Shaquille O'Neal

The Spurs are a great WNBA team. — Shaquille O'Neal

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Phil Jackson

Basketball is a great mystery. You can do everything right. You can have the perfect mix of talent and the best system of offense in the game. You can devise a foolproof defensive strategy and prepare your players for every possible eventuality. But if the players don't have a sense of oneness as a group, your efforts won't pay off. And the bond that unites a team can be so fragile, so elusive. — Phil Jackson

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Ginuwine

The great thing about [Michael] Jordan was that he made them want it just like he wanted it. And a lot of times like a lot of the basketball players, not to be getting on basketball, but, with a lot of the basketball players you might have one superstar on the team, and they're not willing to play up to par with the way he is, so they don't make it. But then you have some celebrities on the basketball team, and they don't know how to get along with each other! — Ginuwine

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Mark Jackson

Westbrook: 10 triple-doubles and carrying that team, injury-prone, into the playoffs. LeBron being the best player in the world. But I think right now I would go with James Harden because of what he's done. He's stepped up his game defensively. He's not a great defender but he's competing on the defensive end. — Mark Jackson

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Kwame Alexander

Basketball Rule #6
A great team
has a good scorer
with a teammate
who's on point
and ready
to assist. — Kwame Alexander

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Erik Spoelstra

They played exquisite basketball in this series and in particular these last three games. They are the better team. There is no other way to say it. They played great basketball, and we couldn't respond to it. — Erik Spoelstra

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Don Meyer

Play off your great player ... great teams have a go-to player and they play off of him. — Don Meyer

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Joe Dumars

On good teams coaches hold players accountable, on great teams players hold players accountable — Joe Dumars

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Mark Gottfried

We have a great chance to be an NCAA basketball tournament team if we take care of business night in and night out in our league. Records are deceiving. You can schedule your way into a 10-1 or 11-0 record. I have learned that you're not going to trick the NCAA tournament selection committee. — Mark Gottfried

Great Basketball Team Quotes By Tom Landry

Perhaps the toughest call for a coach is weighing what is best for an individual against what is best for the team. Keeping a player on the roster just because I liked him personally, or even because of his great contributions to the team in the past, when I felt some one else could do more for the team would be a disservice to the team's goals. — Tom Landry