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Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

We all want to live in a world where we can make a difference ... That's why Spider-Man fights the good fight. Or Captain Marvel. Or me. Or ... There are a lot of us. And we don't all wear masks these days. Iron Man went public. So did Captain America. Others. Probably because it's harder to keep secrets in an internet surveillance age. But I think some of it, too, is that the ethical paradox can wear you down. No one on the white-hat side has ever hidden his or her identity with less than noble intent: to make the fight about something bigger than us. To represent a greater justice, where the focus can be on right and wrong ... and not on whether the bad guys will exact reprisal on those close to us. And sometimes you have to lie ... because you can justify a lie if lives are riding on it. Even as you fight for, as the saying goes, truth and justice ... even if you're a lawyer who has sworn to live by the truth ... you willingly bear false witness. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Avi Arad

I love Daredevil. I thought it was enjoyable. Okay? There were critical issues with it, and that's why I wear black, some people wear red - we are entitled to our opinions. — Avi Arad

Daredevil Quotes By Charles Soule

And after all, what's the point of being Daredevil if you can't leap before you look? — Charles Soule

Daredevil Quotes By Ralph Fletcher

Poems are the 'daredevil' of writing
because a poem will say what nobody else wants to say. — Ralph Fletcher

Daredevil Quotes By Andrea Bocelli

I was a daredevil before, and after I lost my sight I was the same. I loved riding bikes, scooters and horses. I even learned to box. Muhammad Ali is my hero. — Andrea Bocelli

Daredevil Quotes By Charlene Tilton

I don't have muscle tone. I'm just flab. I'm not a daredevil. I don't like pain, I don't like cold, I don't want to feel exhausted. But the sense of accomplishment is something I've never felt before, in a physical sense. — Charlene Tilton

Daredevil Quotes By Ally Carter

So are you going to tell me what happened last night?"
"You were there. You saw what happened."
"No. Last night ... that wasn't you."
"The last time you saw me I was jumping off the wall, Megan."
Megan's gaze burns into me. She isn't backing down. "You were always a daredevil, but you never had a death wish. The girl I knew was always running towards something. Last night ... you were running away. — Ally Carter

Daredevil Quotes By Joshua Bell

I don't want to portray myself as a daredevil. I'm not at all. — Joshua Bell

Daredevil Quotes By Katherine Paterson

Daredevil nature as a young man. When I read what William Roth had written, I sighed. So that was where my own two boys had gotten the trait that was turning their mother's hair gray. — Katherine Paterson

Daredevil Quotes By Robert Kirkman

The important information you need at the beginning of an issue. Like way they did the old Frank Miller Daredevil issues in the first five pages he always had to state his origins and how he got his powers. — Robert Kirkman

Daredevil Quotes By Ann Nocenti

I want Green Arrow to have fun. I don't want him to be a tortured hero. I mean, I've written plenty of tortured heroes, like Daredevil. But it's all there in Daredevil's origin as to why he'd be a tortured adult. Green Arrow doesn't have that kind of origin. In fact, he's such a clean slate that he doesn't even have an origin anymore. — Ann Nocenti

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

I know this is scary. You're hungry and cold and you want to give up! But you can't turn on each other! Not now! Show me how brave you can be by pulling together! Do it for each other! That's the trick! Because when you reach out--when you extend yourself for other people-- that's when you're without fear! — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Joe Pantoliano

They actually bought me for Daredevil 2, but they have to exercise the option. — Joe Pantoliano

Daredevil Quotes By Daryl Banner

Saving a life isn't just pulling a friend from the fire," he explains, the daredevil playing in his wet,
excited eyes. "It's thereafter keeping him from the fire. Saving a life means saving it over and over. — Daryl Banner

Daredevil Quotes By Pepper Winters

The anger that I'd kept locked up so damn tight for years poured from the vault where I'd banished it. The foreign tightness - the strange daredevil baring its teeth inside me - it all embraced me as if to say 'please never forget again.' Never let yourself merely exist. Fight. Or die. No more surviving. No more accepting. — Pepper Winters

Daredevil Quotes By Kenneth Choi

I collected X-Men, Spider-Man, and Daredevil comics. I definitely had a few Captain America comics lying around in those protective plastic baggies. — Kenneth Choi

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

I'm a master of story. Almost a living fiction myself, so resilient am I! Spider-Man beats me down, I rise! Daredevil imprisons me, I escape! That's because stories have power! He who controls the narrative controls the audience, and you're all the audience, every one of you. As they say, the world's a stage ... — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Skyla Madi

Before my fingers curl around the handle of the blind, Seth whips across, grabbing my wrist. I gasp as he pulls my hand away from it.
"Settle down, daredevil." He chuckles. "You might want to conquer your fears, but I'm fine hiding from mine. — Skyla Madi

Daredevil Quotes By Xavier Gens

I really love the Marvel universe, one of my favorite is Daredevil. I really love also the Punisher and I don't understand why they made so many bad movies on that character. — Xavier Gens

Daredevil Quotes By Felix Baumgartner

I'm retired from the daredevil business. — Felix Baumgartner

Daredevil Quotes By Frank Miller

I thought Daredevil was kind of cool because he couldn't do anything. I mean, he's blind. It wasn't that he could fly. His major power was an impediment. So I was intrigued. When I took over he was kind of like Spider-Man-lite, but I was able to project a lot of my Catholic imagery onto it. And I'd always wanted to do a crime comic. — Frank Miller

Daredevil Quotes By Kim Gordon

What is a star? Is stardom a kind of suspended adulthood? Is it a place beyond good and evil? Is a star a person you need to believe in--a daredevil, a risk-taker, a person who goes close to the edge without falling? — Kim Gordon

Daredevil Quotes By Indu Muralidharan

I have often thought that Walter Mitty had it in him to be more than a hen-pecked loser. Instead of living it up as a flamboyant daredevil in his dreams, he could have chosen to be a responsible man in real life, going about his work with dignity, and people may just have treated him with respect. Did his failures in life lead him to seek solace in daydreams or did his wandering mind stand in the way of his potential success? One must have triggered the other, and then it would have been both working together. An empty life drives you to fantasies of fulfilment, which then form a deadly, vicious circle which can turn you into a cartoon, as it did poor Mitty. Or lead you to ruin like Madame Bovary. — Indu Muralidharan

Daredevil Quotes By Xavier Gens

If I have to made a Daredevil movie, I will take a completely different direction. My vision of the character is much more a drama. There will be a 1st part in the child hood of Matt Murdock and the universe of Hell kitchen. Something in the universe of the first Rocky Balboa. — Xavier Gens

Daredevil Quotes By Prince Royce

Most of my fans know I love video games. I say it in every interview, so they know. But one thing that I like doing is skateboarding, I like jet skiing, skydiving. It's like a huge roller coaster ride. Like forty seconds of free-falling. That's some of the stuff I love, daredevil stuff. I like horseback riding. — Prince Royce

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

The Sons of the Serpent - they want you angry. At the world. They need us all to feel like victims. And it's an easy get, because times suck. Every day is a battle. We all feel like we're on the wrong end of the wrecking ball. We feel at the mercy of forces beyond our control, and that makes us scared. And that's rocket fuel for S.O.B.'s like the Serpents. They prey on us when we're frightened. They tell us our enemies are the immigrants down the street, or the food stamp family next door. They encourage us to turn our fear into rage, and we fall for it because it's 'empowering.' Except it's not. We don't become 'empowered.' We become weaponized. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Richard Betts

Duane Allman was one of the best there ever was ... when you listen to him, you are hearing a truly gifted individual giving his all to the music, and there is nothing better than that. Duane played music the same way that he rode his motorcycle and drove his car .. he was a daredevil, just triple Scorpio, God's-on-my-side wide open ... that was part of the romance and I loved Duane. I have nothing but admiration for him — Richard Betts

Daredevil Quotes By Jeph Loeb

The measure of a man is not in how he gets knocked to the mat, it is in how he gets up. — Jeph Loeb

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

Mystic grimoirs, walking corpses ... I'm so far out of my wheelhouse that I might as well be on the moon. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Sarah Kay

I have always been more comfortable with daredevil acts than with the everyday nuances of life. Let me jump out of a plane, speak in front of a roomful of strangers, even trek across Siberia. — Sarah Kay

Daredevil Quotes By Evel Knievel

I'm not only the best-known daredevil on the face of the earth, I'm the oldest. — Evel Knievel

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

Whenever I think I've had an uphill battle, I remember Matt Murdock. Not just because he's blind, although even with his other senses hyper-enhanced, that is a climb. And not because he's become a world famous lawyer despite his impairment. But because being Daredevil has cost him everything more than once, more than twice and yet he still suits up any time there's trouble. Because he is a man without fear.

Spider-Man — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Cassandra Clare

In other people's books, I tend to love the really daredevil-y characters. I love Finnick from 'The Hunger Games.' And I think, probably, my favorite character of all time is Sherlock Holmes. — Cassandra Clare

Daredevil Quotes By Michael Ondaatje

Nicholas Temelcoff is famous on the bridge, a daredevil. He is given all the difficult jobs and he takes them. He descends into the air with no fear. He is a solitary. He assembles ropes, brushes the tackle and pulley at his waist, and falls off the bridge like a diver over the edge of a boat. — Michael Ondaatje

Daredevil Quotes By Lynsi Torres

I'm a lot like my dad: a little bit of a daredevil. I like an adrenaline rush. — Lynsi Torres

Daredevil Quotes By Ben Affleck

One of the things it channelled in me was that experience that I'd had of wearing a big red leather thing on my upper torso in Daredevil with a mask I couldn't see through and an outfit that completely inhibited movement, feeling humiliated and like a fool. I just recalled that. — Ben Affleck

Daredevil Quotes By Charlie Cox

We had no idea that this show [Daredevil] would be as popular as it was, but with the benefit of hindsight, one thing I can say is that I think that was a really, really smart move. — Charlie Cox

Daredevil Quotes By Brian Michael Bendis

The other cool thing is, even with Jessica [Johnson], or Daredevil, I had taken a break from those characters for a while in the comics, so I can enjoy the shows without the agita. I completely love the Daredevil show. I feel no physical connection to it, because it was 10 years ago since I wrote that comic, so I can just enjoy it. And when people connect it in a positive way to me, I go, "Well, that's very f - king flattering!" — Brian Michael Bendis

Daredevil Quotes By Charles Duhigg

Not so long ago, companies that borrowed lots of money were considered risky, appropriate only for daredevil stock pickers. Those with lots of cash on hand and few outstanding debts might be dull stocks, but they were at least safe bets for bondholders. — Charles Duhigg

Daredevil Quotes By Philippe Petit

I was not born into the world of the stuntman and the daredevil; I was born into the world of theater and writing and sculpting and classical music. — Philippe Petit

Daredevil Quotes By Simone Elkeles

When I spot Alex leaning on his motorcycle waiting for me in the parking lot, my pulse skips a beat.
Oh, boy. I'm in trouble.
Gone is his ever-present bandanna. Alex's thick black hair rests on his forehead, daring to be swept back. Black pants and a black silk shirt have replaced his jeans and T-shirt. He looks like a young Mexican daredevil. I can't help but smile as I park next to him.
"Querida, you look like you've got a secret."
I do, I think as I step out of my car. You. — Simone Elkeles

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

Under oath and with God and the media as my witness, I'm telling you that I am Daredevil. Always have been, always will be. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Steve Wynn

If you don't have a voice that forces you back to basics, you're a dangerous person. Or to put it another way: You're at risk, and the people with you are at risk. I'm not a daredevil. I don't fly without a safety net. — Steve Wynn

Daredevil Quotes By Melissa Rosenberg

The Daredevil comic book was the first comic book Marvel had ever put out that was an adult R-rated book, so I started with that. When I was creating the series, I just started with that tone, and that edge, and it just kept going. — Melissa Rosenberg

Daredevil Quotes By Jon Bernthal

At the end of the day, it's a show [Daredevil ] not about a superhero, but it's about a man. Hopefully, that's what we're doing with The Punisher, as well. It's an enormous honor to play this character. It's a character that's quite iconic and very important to a lot of people. — Jon Bernthal

Daredevil Quotes By Jon Bernthal

You've never seen anything in the Marvel universe that's as grounded, as gritty, as authentic, and as raw as what these guys did last year [in Season 1 of Daredevil]. What an amazing place to bring this character into, to attempt to up the stakes and to make it more dangerous. Hopefully, we were able to do that. But as far as those movies, my concern is this show. — Jon Bernthal

Daredevil Quotes By Caroline Sunshine

I try to lead a pretty active lifestyle. My biggest hobby is traveling with my family. I love to travel to new places and try crazy things. I'm a bit of a daredevil, so I have done things like zip lining, parasailing, scuba diving, and reverse bungee jumping! — Caroline Sunshine

Daredevil Quotes By Joe Pantoliano

That's another reason I did Daredevil: I didn't get killed off in it. — Joe Pantoliano

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

When most dullards hear the words 'the theater,' they envision a twelve-screen multiplex where disaster porn entertains the culturally witless for 90 minutes at a time. Pfaugh. The word 'theater' has grandeur. Power. Back to its ancient Grecian origins, it means 'the seeing place.' A stage upon which actors and actresses use fiction to show us truths. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Megan Abbott

This sensible, sensible girl. A girl who knew how to protect herself. Never a daredevil, never stunting without a safety mat, without spotters. A girl for whom instability was the ultimate enemy. Who'd never known divorce or slamming doors or slamming fists. A girl whose home was a peaceful sanctum, even the basement padded. A life that had to be made safe because of the risks she put her body through. She was the most dangerous thing in her own life. Her body, the only dangerous thing. — Megan Abbott

Daredevil Quotes By Jon Favreau

I don't know that a movie like 'Daredevil' did better for having Ben Affleck then 'Spider-Man' did having Tobey Maguire, who was a relative unknown at the time. — Jon Favreau

Daredevil Quotes By Frank Miller

It was said Daredevil grew up in Hell's Kitchen, an amazing name for a neighbourhood. But that opened a Pandora's box of all the crime stuff I wanted to do. I borrowed liberally from Will Eisner's 'The Spirit' and turned 'Daredevil' into a crime comic. — Frank Miller

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

Right now, I've got the weight of several worlds on my shoulders. My best friend is living in a cancer ward, and there's nothing I can do for him. The Serpents have hired the Jester to spark race riots with faked news stories, and I don't know how to smoke him out. My enemies are hiding all around, watching everything I do, and I can't find them. For the first time in months I find myself in the familiar, paralyzing grip of overwhelming depression. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Nicola Yoon

When I was younger, one of my favorite activities was imagining alternative-universe versions of myself. Sometimes I was a rosy-cheeked outdoorsy girl who ate flowers and hiked alone, uphill, for miles. Or I was a skydiving, drag-racing, adrenaline-fueled daredevil. Or a chain mail-wearing, sword swinging dragon slayer. It was fun to imagine those things because I already knew who I was. Now I don't know anything. I don't know who I'm supposed to be in my new world. — Nicola Yoon

Daredevil Quotes By Linda Howard

He was different from every other man she knew. He was capable of loving; he was at once a laughing daredevil and a hard-hitting businessman. But most of all, he needed her. Other patients had needed her, but only as a therapist. Blake needed her, the woman she was, because only her personal strengths had enabled her to help him with her trained skills and knowledge. She couldn't remember anyone ever needing her before. — Linda Howard

Daredevil Quotes By Malcolm Gladwell

The first person who throws the rock is a lot more radical than a hundredth person.By the time the riot has attracted a hundred people, you don't have to be nearly as much of a daredevil or a hothead or committed or any of those things to want to engage in a riot. — Malcolm Gladwell

Daredevil Quotes By Alastair Campbell

The day of the daredevil reporter who refuses to see obstacles to getting the truth, and seeing it with his or her own eyes, seems to have died. — Alastair Campbell

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

New York City is a tinderbox. The Sons of the Serpent - a white supremacist group with a twisted history, deep pockets, and long reach - declared it a combat zone. As they have many times before, they're unashamedly ginning bigotry and hatred into violence and bloodshed. But this time, they've gotten smart about it. Instead of parading through the streets in hoods and robes ... they've gone undercover. Dozens upon dozens of them, hiding inside the New York justice system so they can control the law. Control the people. And as God is my witness, I will drive them out and strike them down ... no matter what the cost. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By Walter Isaacson

This is a book about the roller-coaster life and searingly intense personality of a creative entrepreneur whose passion for perfection and ferocious drive revolutionized six industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phones, tablet computing, and digital publishing. You might even add a seventh, retail stores, which Jobs did not quite revolutionize but did reimagine. In addition, he opened the way for a new market for digital content based on apps rather than just websites. Along the way he produced not only transforming products but also, on his second try, a lasting company, endowed with his DNA, that is filled with creative designers and daredevil engineers who could carry forward his vision. In August 2011, right before he stepped down as CEO, the enterprise he started in his parents' garage became the world's most valuable company. — Walter Isaacson

Daredevil Quotes By Leah Raeder

You're angry."
"Wow. You really are good."
"And guarded. You've been hurt, but you still crave connection. Understanding. So you throw yourself into risk in a calculated way. You're a paradox: a careful daredevil. — Leah Raeder

Daredevil Quotes By Natalie Dormer

I don't know if I'm a daredevil, exactly, but I do enjoy a good challenge. It's the only way you grow. — Natalie Dormer

Daredevil Quotes By V.S. Carnes

He felt, rather than saw, her chin lift toward him. But instead of pulling her hand from his grip and turning away, she tightened her own fingers and unceremoniously, unexpectedly, threw herself down the incline, dragging him with her.
Dragging him with her! — V.S. Carnes

Daredevil Quotes By Deyth Banger

Okay.. I can't decline that I loved 1 season of the series Daredevil and 2 I hate it. — Deyth Banger

Daredevil Quotes By Drew Goddard

Like everyone else, I love 'Born Again:' that was a seminal work for me. Everything Frank Miller did on 'Daredevil' is like the Bible. — Drew Goddard

Daredevil Quotes By Ann Nocenti

The things that churned inside Daredevil were deeply religious, somewhat guilt-driven traces of the messianic, with his powers being a compensation for and driven by the vulnerability of being blind. Green Arrow is not driven by dark forces. — Ann Nocenti

Daredevil Quotes By Melissa Rosenberg

When I was developing the [Daredevil] idea, we were really doing something closer to what was in the comic book. By that, I mean in terms of civilians in the street knew that superpowers were an everyday matter of fact. When it finally ended up at Netflix, they really decided to land it in the Marvel Universe that exists in the cinematic universe. That changes the story entirely. It was no longer about the other, which is what that metaphor was. It's really more about the character herself, which I love. — Melissa Rosenberg

Daredevil Quotes By Avi Arad

At the same time, as you know, unless you are a comic book reader, Daredevil is not a known thing. — Avi Arad

Daredevil Quotes By Franz Kafka

But then - I was just following him in reverie over mountain and valley - he jumped with both feet onto the middle of my body. I shuddered with wild pain, utterly uncomprehending. Who was it? A child? A gymnast? A daredevil? A suicide? A tempter? An annihilator? — Franz Kafka

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Millar

Guess that's thirty-one pieces of silver you've got now, huh? Sleep well, Judas. — Mark Millar

Daredevil Quotes By Melissa Rosenberg

I've really been very focused on Jessica Jones. Our series was well on its way to being created by the time we even saw scripts from Daredevil, and Luke Cage didn't even have a showrunner hired then. Jeph Loeb [Marvel TV boss] is the master of the connective tissue, but each series exists in its own world. — Melissa Rosenberg

Daredevil Quotes By Evel Knievel

My life has been being a daredevil. I am Evel Knievel. I am a daredevil. — Evel Knievel

Daredevil Quotes By Evel Knievel

I am a guy who is first of all a businessman. I'm not a stunt man. I'm not a daredevil. I'm - I'm an explorer. — Evel Knievel

Daredevil Quotes By James Marsters

I'm really interested with the way light plays on images and one of the artists that really reawakened my interest in comic books was Frank Miller and his treatment of Daredevil, and then Wolverine and, of course, Batman. — James Marsters

Daredevil Quotes By Ann Nocenti

I walked the streets of New York; I would feel the presence of Daredevil. I would see him up on the rooftop. What you are doing in your life, you start to see in your book. It all starts to merge together. — Ann Nocenti

Daredevil Quotes By Mark Waid

You're not perfect. Sometimes, you can be a real jerk. Not on purpose. Just sometimes. But no matter what, you are a man of integrity. That is your defining characteristic. You can't see this, but it comes off you so strong that I have watched Avengers be intimidated by it. Be inspired by it. Your integrity carries a weight you can't imagine. It has meaning. — Mark Waid

Daredevil Quotes By ASAP Ferg

I used to be a daredevil on BMX bikes. — ASAP Ferg

Daredevil Quotes By Elden Henson

I know of the Daredevil comic because it's so iconic. — Elden Henson

Daredevil Quotes By Claudia Gray

...beneath his youth and his daredevil attitude lay the kind of decency that could stand up to the ugliness of the world. On Pamarthe they called that quality bedrock. A warrior of bedrock was one on whose loyalty a kingdom could be built. — Claudia Gray

Daredevil Quotes By Lucy Rocca

Maturity has much to do with self-discovery and exploration of self, but I think for those of us who have lived through and emerged out the other side of addictions, the need and desire to understand ourselves is particularly strong. As a regular and heavy drinker, I thought I was outgoing, flirtatious, bubbly, a little bit of a daredevil, something of a maverick. — Lucy Rocca

Daredevil Quotes By Skip Horack

It's the originality of Pauls Toutonghi's voice and vision that makes this such a remarkable novel. Toutonghi is a true daredevil of a writer, and this fantastically hilarious and affecting book will have you on the edge of your seat. — Skip Horack

Daredevil Quotes By Evel Knievel

You can't ask a guy like me why [I performed]. I really wanted to fly through the air. I was a daredevil, a performer. I loved the thrill, the money, the whole macho thing. All those things made me Evel Knievel. Sure, I was scared. You gotta be an ass not to be scared. But I beat the hell out of death. — Evel Knievel

Daredevil Quotes By Gary Paulsen

And he's never met anyone like Harris, his unruly daredevil of a cousin. — Gary Paulsen

Daredevil Quotes By Vera Farmiga

My personality is just innately even-keeled. I'm not such a huge daredevil. Which is not to say I'm not a passionate woman. I don't know, maybe it's my physiological makeup, but I don't like the feeling of anything in my system, other than a glass of wine now and then. — Vera Farmiga

Daredevil Quotes By Debora Geary

It's like parenting. The hardest, most intensive time comes at the very beginning. We still love those babies as they grow into daredevil children, recalcitrant teens, and parents setting eyes on their own babes for the first time. We just get a little more sleep while we do it. — Debora Geary

Daredevil Quotes By Jennifer Ellison

I used to be such a daredevil but now I'm much more cautious. — Jennifer Ellison