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For Pete's Sake Quotes By Jessica Valenti

As Feministing commenter electron-Blue noted in response to the 2008 New York Times Magazine article "Students of Virginity," on abstinence clubs at Ivy League colleges, "There were a WHOLE LOTTA us not having sex at Harvard . . . but none of us thought that that was special enough to start a club about it, for pete's sake. — Jessica Valenti

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Liane Moriarty

For Pete's sake, the girl went back to work three months after Jacob was born. It wasn't like having a baby would be that big an inconvenience for her. — Liane Moriarty

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Ginger Scott

Nate reaches over the counter to the sink, flinging a handful of water at me, and then flipping me off.
'Can we have one finger-free holiday, for Pete's sake?' Mom says.
'I don't know who Pete is, but tell him I don't like him fingering you,' I tease, my eyebrows high as I push backward out of mom's reach. She tries to fling water at me next, but it's too late. So instead, she just flips me off.
'Gosh, Mom. You're such a hypocrite,' I joke. — Ginger Scott

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Pete Waterman

If you're rude for television's sake, it ain't reality TV. — Pete Waterman

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Anne Lamott

If you screwed up and said out loud that you thought something scary was happening, grown-ups would say, "Oh, for Pete's sake - what an imagination." This is the best way to gaslight children. It keeps them under control, because if the parent is a mess, the children are doomed. It's best for the child to think he or she is the problem. Then there is toxic hope, which is better than no hope at all, that if the child can do better or need less, the parents will be fine. — Anne Lamott

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Holly Black

You shouldn't let it bother you," Drew said earnestly. "That's just babble. It doesn't mean anything. None of you are going to die and you're obviously not dead. For Pete's sake. — Holly Black

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Sunny

We shall see. You have been long away from our people. Your skills may have grown rusty."
"What skills?" I asked.
"His sexual ones. That is how we court among our kind," Vlad explained.
"Oh, well, I'm not sure about the charm, Gordane may have to practice on that," I said, making Gordane growl.
"But I can vouch for his sexual skills. He's had plenty of practice." A low growl, two low growls behind me, suddenly made me realize how my words could be taken.
"I meant plenty of practice on other women," I hastened to add, looking exasperatedly at Gryphon and Halcyon-where the growls were coming from. "He has an entire harem of at least eighty women, for Pete's sake."
Thankfully the menacing growls subsided. — Sunny

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Andrea Lochen

She loved him, and she was going to do everything she could to get him back. She hadn't come this far just to walk away. He was the love of her life, dammit. The man she wanted to marry. The world had reversed its orbit to bring them back together, for Pete's sake, and she wasn't going down without a fight. Fate could only do so much; the rest was up to her. — Andrea Lochen

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Mel Gibson

My whole approach to wardrobe is, throw it in a suitcase and make sure they don't press it, for Pete's sake, so I can try to display some rumpled charm. Actually, I'm just a pig. I've got coffee stains on my pants. I think they're coffee stains, anyway. — Mel Gibson

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Eloise J. Knapp

This is fucking Washington! Who the hell has a below ground swimming pool? It rained 256 days of the year, for Pete's sake! On the off chance I found the blasted owners of it, I was going to put a bullet in their heads right then. — Eloise J. Knapp

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Julie Kagawa

Ooh, Snowberry, you were right," one of them said, wrinkling her nose like she smelled something foul. "She does reek of a dead pig in the summer. I don't know how Mab can stand it."
Clenching my fists, I tried to keep my cool. I was so not in the mood for this now.God, it's like high school all over again. Will it never end? These are ancient faeries, for Pete's sake, and they're acting like my high school pom squad. — Julie Kagawa

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Meg Cabot

What kind of name is Paolo, anyway? I mean, this is America, for Pete's sake! YOUR NAME IS PAUL!!! — Meg Cabot

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Charlton Heston

[President Clinton] boasts about 186,000 people denied firearms under the Brady Law rules. The Brady Law has been in force for three years. In that time, they have prosecuted seven people and put three of them in prison. You know, the President has entertained more felons than that at fundraising coffees in the White House, for Pete's sake. — Charlton Heston

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Pete Wentz

I'm not into bands for the sake of being into bands. I've grown past that. There was a time in my life when I was that guy. — Pete Wentz

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Alyssa Day

For Pete's sake, Quinn, you should have seen him when I was pregnant. He practically set a peacock on fire for daring to walk across my path in the garden one day. — Alyssa Day

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Mitt Romney

I'm running for office, for Pete's sake, I can't have illegals. — Mitt Romney

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Wouldn't it be freaky if the two of us exchanged places? You'd have to go home to my house and make out with Duncan. (Mary)
Ah, gah! Eye bleach. Don't put that shit in my head. You're my sister, for Pete's sake. Now I'm going to have to beat your husband the next time I see him for defiling you. (Zeke)
Oh, pooh. You always overreact to everything. (Mary) — Sherrilyn Kenyon

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Jan Karon

Phillipians 4:13 for Pete's sake! — Jan Karon

For Pete's Sake Quotes By Jodi Picoult

I'm gonna miss you," Brianna says.
"I'm gonna miss you too, baby," Angelo murmurs.
For Pete's sake. It's not like she's leaving on a trip
around the world. She's only headed to homeroom. — Jodi Picoult