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Top Friendship Seeds Quotes

Friendship Seeds Quotes By Jose N. Harris

Plant seeds.
Don't be stupid.
God's not sending anyone else.
He sent you.
To Save yourself.
Be smart.
Plant as many seeds as you can,
for as long as you can.
You never know...
Plant good seeds everwhere.
Plant seeds of love.
Plant seeds of kindness.
Plant seeds of friendship.
Plant seeds of hope. — Jose N. Harris

Friendship Seeds Quotes By George Matthew Adams

It's what each of us sows, and how, that gives us character and prestige. Seeds of kindness, goodwill, and human understanding, planted in fertile soil, spring up into deathless friendships, big deeds of worth, and a memory that will not soon fade out. We are all sowers of seeds-and let us never forget it! — George Matthew Adams

Friendship Seeds Quotes By Raymond E. Feist

Some loves come unbidden like winds from the sea, and others grow from the seeds of friendship. — Raymond E. Feist

Friendship Seeds Quotes By Anthony Powell

Friendship, popularly represented as something simple and straightforward - in contrast with love - is perhaps no less complicated, requiring equally mysterious nourishment; like love, too, bearing also within its embryo inherent seeds of dissolution, something more fundamentally destructive, perhaps, than the mere passing of time, the all-obliterating march of events which had, for example, come between Stringham and myself. — Anthony Powell

Friendship Seeds Quotes By Dwight D. Eisenhower

There is very little that our government or any government can do to plant the seeds of international understanding in the hearts and minds of people around the world. If people by the millions can reach out their hands in friendship and communicate directly warmth, personal interest and respect, it will be a real beginning in the struggle for a peaceful world. — Dwight D. Eisenhower

Friendship Seeds Quotes By Joe Abercrombie

Logen ambled over to him. If you're going to travel with a man, and maybe fight alongside him, it's best to talk, and laugh if you can. That way you can get an understanding, and then a trust. Trust is what binds a band together, and out there in the wilds that can make the difference between living or dying. Building that kind of trust takes time, and effort. Logen reckoned it was best to get started early, and today he had good humour to spare, so he stood next to Luthar and looked out at the park, trying to dream up some common ground in which to plant the seeds of an unlikely friendship. — Joe Abercrombie

Friendship Seeds Quotes By Raymond E. Feist

Some love comes like the wind off the sea, while others grow slowly from the seeds of friendship and kindness. - Carline — Raymond E. Feist