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Top Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Victoria Justice

I think we're all just doing our own thing and finding our own paths and I think we just work really hard. I don't personally know some of the Disney girls as well as I know some of the Nickelodeon girls, but I have run into them and talked to them and they're all really cool and I respect them and what they do and I'm just trying to do my own thing. — Victoria Justice

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Lorrie Moore

This was what Dennis had been doing lately: granting everyone permission to feel the way they were going to feel regardless. It was the books. Dennis's relationship to his own feelings had become tender, curatorial. Dismantling. Entomological. Mave couldn't be like that. She treated her emotional life the way she treated her car: She let it go, let it tough it out. To friends she said things like "I know you're thinking this looks like a '79, but it's really an '87." She finally didn't care to understand all that much about her emotional life; she just went ahead and did it. The point, she thought, was to attend the meager theater of it, quietly, and not stand up in the middle and shout, "Oh, my God, you can see the crew backstage!" There was a point at which the study of something became a frightening and naive thing. — Lorrie Moore

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Jhonen Vasquez

Retro looking stuff but a lot of these guys doing these shows are my age or younger. I was just disgusted. I hated being around that kind of thing. Not that it affected what I did because when it comes down to it I was doing my own show. — Jhonen Vasquez

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Jordin Sparks

As far as friendships go, things change even without the fame. People start moving on. I have a few friends that are married and are starting to have kids and I'm like, 'Oh my goodness gracious - that's so insane.' I also have friends who are just doing their own thing, which is cool. — Jordin Sparks

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Kendall Jenner

I'm trying my best with what I want to do, which is modelling. I think I'm on my own career path, and I don't really care what other people have to say about me being in the spotlight of my sisters. I'm just doing my own thing. — Kendall Jenner

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By J.R. Ward

I can't go back, Lane. I'm sorry. I just can't."
He fell silent. And then after a long while, he nodded. "All right, but can I ask you for one thing?"
No. "Yes."
"Just don't hate me anymore. I'm doing plenty of that on my own time. — J.R. Ward

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Elizabeth Berg

I've never regretted doing anything in my life as much as I've regretted not doing it. There were a few times when in my heart I knew the right thing to do, but I listened to other people, or I didn't have the guts, or it didn't make sense, or I don't know. ... There was some false voice inside posing as logic when it was really just my own fear talking. The times I didn't stay true, didn't stay congruent, I paid the price. — Elizabeth Berg

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Jennifer Damiano

I think it's really easy to just get caught up in what everyone else is doing, so I think the most important thing to remember is to be really strong in your own shoes. That is the main thing for me. The one thing that kind of gets in my way sometimes is when I'm a little too aware of everybody else. — Jennifer Damiano

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Joseph Campbell

I think a person who takes a job in order to live - that is to say, for the money - has turned himself into a slave. Work begins when you don't like what you're doing. There's a wise saying: make your hobby your source of income. Then there's no such thing as work, and there's no such thing as getting tired. That's been my own experience. I did just what I wanted to do. It takes a little courage at first, because who the hell wants you to do just what you want to do; they've all got lots of plans for you. But you can make it happen. — Joseph Campbell

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Steve Coogan

It's like aversion therapy. You keep doing scenes over and over again with three women in the bed with you, and we had to do them all in one week. Three girls would step out and another three girls would step into the bed.It sounds like a fantasy but by the end of it, I just wanted to go for a hike on my own in the north of England, in the hills. Because it became a sort of "be careful what you wish for" kinda thing. — Steve Coogan

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Sonya Walger

I felt very unstressed on my wedding day. I'm very grateful for that ... spending the day on my own, being super quiet and happy and just puttering around doing my own thing. — Sonya Walger

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Vinnie Colaiuta

I just want to continue developing as a musician. I love playing. I also want to be more involved in composing, doing my own thing, I hope to continue to be in different situations that I can nurture and that will nurture me. — Vinnie Colaiuta

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Jason Ritter

I knew I really made it when my dad saw me in London and after the performance he had no notes to me and just said 'You are doing your own thing and I am proud of you.' — Jason Ritter

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Ginuwine

I'm very critiqueful of my own stuff, and I kick everybody out the studio when I'm singing, no one is in the studio, it's just me and the engineers, no one else in the studio when I'm doing my thing. — Ginuwine

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By John Niven

I love my children and care greatly for their future. If they decide they just want to loaf around for a bit between the ages of 16 and 25, that's perfectly fine by me. I did it, and I'm doing fine, thanks. Sometimes 'leaving kids to their own devices' is the best thing for them. — John Niven

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Brian McKnight

I am at my core a singer/songwriter a la James Taylor or a la Billy Joel. It's not that I don't want to work with people, but I do just love doing my own thing. — Brian McKnight

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By ASAP Ferg

I see myself on top, doing what I love to do, and doing it the way I want to do it. No rules, just doing my own thing. — ASAP Ferg

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Unknown

Someone: You were pretty good at that thing, why'd you stop doing it?

Me internally: I get extremely anxious when I think about doing something I might possibly succeed at because I base my self-worth on my achievements and other people's approval. I am afraid because I know I will never be able to live up to my own unrealistic expectations. I hate making mistakes because they make me feel worthless. I take negative feedback too personally. I feel immense guilt over not doing things that I've been avoiding, which makes me avoid them more. I feel ashamed and inadequate due to how difficult it is for me to stay committed to anything. I'm worried that I'll just end up disappointing myself and the entire world and I am convinced that if I failed I would literally die.

Me externally: idk I guess I've just been kinda busy lol — Unknown

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Gail Ann Dorsey

It's much harder, much more work to be your own artist, and it's hard for me to just want to do one thing. I love doing my own music, but I really have to get into a groove with it, which has been difficult over the last few years because I've had so much great work coming in. — Gail Ann Dorsey

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Hunter Hayes

I started writing when I was around 6. I say 'writing,' but it was really just making up stuff! I started writing and doing my own thing. I didn't really know what a demo was or anything like that, so I started getting interested in studio gear and started learning about one instrument at a time. My first instrument was an accordion. — Hunter Hayes

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Chris French

The thing is, we [celebrities are] all just people living our lives, doing our thing. But, I honestly tend to live in my own little world, and am blissfully unaware of so much. — Chris French

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Jo Walton

See, you're walking really fast now, you don't need it at all," she called after me. I stopped and turned around. I could feel my cheeks burning. The bus station was full of people. "Nobody would pretend to be a cripple! Nobody would use a stick they didn't need! You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking that I would. If I could walk without it I'd break it in half across your back and run off singing. You have no right to talk to me like that, to talk to anyone like that. Who made you queen of the world when I wasn't looking? Why do you imagine I would go out with a stick I don't need - to try to steal your sympathy? I don't want your sympathy, that's the last thing I want. I just want to mind my own business, which is what you should be doing. — Jo Walton

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Cat Stevens

I think I will just use guitar as backing. I'm not doing a traditional folk thing, but a contemporary thing-my own version of folk, if you like. — Cat Stevens

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Shania Twain

I find that the very things that I get criticized for, which is usually being different and just doing my own thing and just being original, is the very thing that's making me successful. — Shania Twain

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Ethan Hawke

And you and I know you're the best thing that ever happened to me, and, yes, that's an expression, something people say, that has no meaning, but what I mean is there isn't anybody in the whole world who has loved me the way you have, not my mother, not my old man, not my friends.
There's nothing preventing me and you from loving each other and being some kinda world-class shining beacon of love except how bad do we want it and what are we willing to do for it?
Now, I know I did you wrong, and I was freaking out and being stupid and I was mean to you. You know sometimes I get all fucking confused and I can't see outside of my own asshole. I'm unhappy. Why am I unhappy? It's gotta be somebody's fault, right? It couldn't just be that I'm a self-centered fuck spinning around inside my own dank cloud of concerns.
There isn't anything I can think of that I really want or that the best part of me wants, that loving you won't start doing. I love you. — Ethan Hawke

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Jennifer Estep

Now, back to my vacation idea." Finn grinned, showing off his perfect white teeth. "Just think about it. You, Owen, me, and Bria, all happily ensconced in a swanky hotel by a beautiful beach. Bria in a bikini. You and Owen doing your own thing, Bria in a bikini. Did I mention Bria in a bikini? — Jennifer Estep

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Jean-Luc Bilodeau

I don't think I could ever have a desk job, so I get to be mobile. I'm on set. I get to walk around kind of doing my own thing, being independent - it's just a really good vibe. Everyone on a film set is very happy, and they all love their jobs, so it's a cool environment to be a part of. — Jean-Luc Bilodeau

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Blake Lively

My mom is a huge woman of worth for me because she's been my idol my whole life. My mom was someone who juggled everything. She had her own career, she raised five kids, she was Superwoman ... and she was never satisfied doing just one thing because ... she probably just had too much energy. — Blake Lively

Just Doing My Own Thing Quotes By Conor Oberst

My main thing is just to keep writing. I've been doing some songwriting that's for my own record, I suppose. — Conor Oberst