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Top Friend Ditched Quotes

Friend Ditched Quotes By Christine Warren

I think I'd rather ask how a man who ditched his friend at a club in favor of leaving with a heavily stacked redhead with a mouth that could raise the dead could possibly sound so cranky on the morning after. What happened? Did she
turn out to be a lesbian?" Dmitri sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose.
"What is your news, Graham?"
"I asked first."
"And I ignored you," Dmitri growled, "which a man who did not lick his own testicles for recreation would have taken as a hint."
"You're just jealous. — Christine Warren

Friend Ditched Quotes By Tim Kreider

Because the end of a friendship isn't even formally acknowledged - no Little Talk, no papers served - you walk around effectively heartbroken but embarrassed to admit it, even to yourself. It's a special, open-ended kind of pain, like having a disease that doesn't even have a name. You worry you must be pathetically oversensitive to feel so wounded over such a thing. You can't tell people, "My friend broke up with me," without sounding like a nine-year-old. The only phrase I can think of that even recognizes this kind of hurt - "You look like you just lost your best friend" - is only ever spoken by adults to children. You can give yourself the same ineffectual lecture your parents used to give you as a kid: anyone who'd treat you this way isn't a very good friend and doesn't deserve your friendship anyway. But the nine-year-old in you knows that the reason they've ditched you is that you suck. — Tim Kreider

Friend Ditched Quotes By Richard Price

About Annette from?" He stood up, ditched his cigarette. "What's the difference?" "I wanna know, Chubby. Who the hell is goin' aroun' reportin' my business to the papers?" Chubby shrugged. "I ran into your friend Bobby." "Butler?" Stony stamped around the room. Chubby hooked his arm. "Hey, don't get your balls in a uproar, it just — Richard Price