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Family Albums Quotes By Jello Biafra

To this day, we get letters at Alternative Tentacles from young teenagers who hide their Dead Kennedys albums behind their mirror or in the mattress of their bed. Wouldn't it be better if the parents just discussed this with the kids instead of creating this culture of sneaking and dishonesty within the family? The moral of the story being, you don't hide reality from your kids because then they grow up to be smarter, more aware adults. — Jello Biafra

Family Albums Quotes By Helen Macdonald

Now that Dad was gone I was starting to see how mortality was bound up in things like that cold, arc-lit sky. How the world is full of signs and wonders that come, and go, and if you are lucky you might see them. Once, twice. Perhaps never again. The albums on my mother's shelves are full of family photographs. But also other things. A starling with a crooked beak. A day of hoarfrost and smoke. A cherry tree thick with blossom. Thunderclouds, lightning strikes, comets and eclipses: celestial events terrifying in their blind distances but reassuring you, too, that the world is for ever, though you are only a blink in its course. — Helen Macdonald

Family Albums Quotes By Kate Bush

I spend a lot of time working and with my family, so I don't have much time around the edges to do much else. I don't really listen to a great deal of music. I love music, but since I spend a lot of time in the studio, we probably watch a movie rather than listen to albums. I get to hear stuff, but not on the grand scale. — Kate Bush

Family Albums Quotes By Sarah Silverman

I was always the class clown; I made my family laugh, and that was when I was always happiest. I grew up listening to stand-up comedians' albums and watching them on TV, on 'The Tonight Show' and Letterman. — Sarah Silverman

Family Albums Quotes By Reba McEntire

My goals have changed throughout my life. At one time it was winning awards, selling out concert dates, selling more albums than anyone else. Now, my goals are to see my grandchildren grown, live a long and healthy life with my family and friends and travel the world. — Reba McEntire

Family Albums Quotes By David Gregory

I set up playdates, and I'm a morning greeter for the car-pool line. I also make albums with the family photos. When the kids get older and go on their way, we'll have all those pictures to revel in. — David Gregory

Family Albums Quotes By Harold Holzer

To Lincoln, words always mattered most. Newspaper stories lived but a single day, caricatures flamed into view and just as quickly faded, and even the most flattering photographs inevitably receded behind the thick covers of family albums. But words lived forever. Writing, Lincoln believed, was "the great invention of the world. — Harold Holzer

Family Albums Quotes By Nancy O'Dell

Family photo albums are so powerful in that they make kids feel valued, cherished and respected. — Nancy O'Dell

Family Albums Quotes By Trey Songz

In my dressing room, you'll definitely find some Starbursts and Skittles. I have a lot of candles that remind me of home, and a humidifier for my voice. I also have some digital Kodak albums where I have pictures of my friends and family. — Trey Songz

Family Albums Quotes By Amy Bloom

'Lucky Us' ends with a description of a photograph of the novel's fictional family. I could never get enough of my own family photo albums. — Amy Bloom

Family Albums Quotes By E. M. Forster

Even a fellow with a camera has his favourite subjects, as we can see looking through the Kodak-albums of our friends. One amateur prefers the family group, another bathing scenes, another cows upon an alp, or kittens held upside down in the arms of a black-faced child. The tendency to choose one subject rather than another indicates the photographer's temperament. Nevertheless, his passion is for photography rather than for selection, a kitten will serve when no cows are available ... — E. M. Forster